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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dan Kelly - Shaved Heads At Jim Kelly Golf Tournament

Dan Kelly - Shaved Heads At Jim Kelly Golf Tournament

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Until we open up to WB in live London welcome Dan Kelly then there's Jim Kelly's brother and it's time for the annual Jim Kelly. Celebrity golf tournament Dan thank you for taking the time to be with us this morning. You are very very luck and thank you very much -- You know I guess the hard thing -- for all of us to accept those affected Jim hoosiers know well enough to attend. Unfortunately. -- each. Why would they give out here today and he but I spoke to yesterday he was still trying to. Figure out how to get out is by just -- absolutely not you got it. Stay in the hot global will be taken a lot of pictures and video of this. So there is -- late today. Yeah I'm sure you know there's always. A great turnout at celebrities for this who's here this year. That's saying you got the usual. Yeah marine Chris Berman and you've got don't go partly. Whether it's WW out -- where I remember -- on the way. Well wolf word yesterday reluctant here today. CJ -- Eric words. Watson goes crystal -- -- hall of Famer. Kelly data systems former running back -- Just they still a lot of -- -- to each other celebrities here OK -- you the golfers teed off already. No this cannot say it's like -- that. Like prior cheered me. -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know of teaching their children -- shape it's deadly losing if there's so. He ended up shaming incidents -- -- -- -- -- got into golf courses raising money for camp by camp -- -- Massa who did this for for camp good days. Yeah. -- fortunately it was in the -- first started treatment that is make that oxygen and and you may be losing your hair in the first thing I said that members. Which use shape here has -- tour. I'll read it do for yourself I literally kicked off that today at 10 o'clock and shave my head as well Leo first cars so Obama. A little operation and so on but I don't do it but it's for a great -- -- we already have a bunch of us sponsors that lined up to donate money. Conferred great cuts. Okay the golfers. They all get teed. They -- get paired up with one celeb before they go on on the greens -- -- -- -- -- of -- golfers who have signed up. That's so weak. Their union slumber in the foursome plus a celebrity. Witness a run here at cherry hills golf courses -- 27 holes there's -- a great sponsor -- -- very supportive in everything we do. What you should get at all and before any rain comes I would think to. I I think so it says that the nation well let's go work. We're keeping our fingers -- Now a few as did Jim shaved his head and your shaving your head this morning. Don't you think ferry -- I mean a lot more raisers today. Well we. The words he surged gross and that's body care out here shouldn't people and so. You see a bunch of people walking off site course so it looks a little differently than when they came out. Yeah you'll be able to recognize you after 10 o'clock this morning. Well gonna have to put some country you know my -- Short of its sunburns. OK -- nice to talk with the UN good luck to everybody they have a say it's nice. You very much say about it like -- Everybody know how much Jim appreciate all the prayers and thoughts and well wishes and that is so much appreciated. You know and we have to say to how thankful everybody is here that. You know -- sharing so much to social media and lending kind of all of us in man that I think that's kind of resulted in so many prayers for JK. -- -- Chill out and we'll keep on -- to handle worry about the outlook he thumbprint thanks for joining us this morning. That's Jim Kelly's brother -- that's the annual Jim Kelly's celebrity golf tournament this year development camp -- good days and special time.

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