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David Bellavia & Patrick Welch - The VA Crisis

Jun 2, 2014|

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    I'm downtown with a brain knew Tim. Harper center which officially opened its doors at 6 o'clock this morning and Tim brick colts the director of business development for Tim Hortons is Whitney wanted to. To look hours have you been putting into this restaurant. I did you tell event and it took the whole beginning started back in January early this year and I could take normal numerous numerous hours each week. Leading up to this moment. Cause who has been literally every single week multiple days we've all been involved this not just our team that's important side but also the Harbour center team. And whatnot so we've constant conversations meetings feast days. I'd just you you name it we've done inaudible worked together and don't make this happen. Your office that is in Rochester. Correct my offices in Rochester and actually died very interesting piece I've my office one of Iowa receives the best smelling office that I can never. Voted. Every bit of our coffee in the US is actually roasted right in Rochester in my office happens or resign at the roasting plant in Rochester. Ty and I can tell you every single article authored as being roasted are should be root right here right now and after roasted at my office. And it's that is very interesting. What is it about this Tim Hortons this is like the signature Tim Hortons isn't. Yeah I would say that this this is I'd definitely very unique. Opportunity that we had the a league yet with the harbor sinner I can tell you actually kind of puts a stake in the ground say they'll. We don't buffalo and that's that's we are where we're connected and as every says this is a hockey doubts ports down I mean we connect with our we connected everybody within the buffalo market and a lot of arsenic he draws one to bring that it's important zone on board and a you know we will Stanley was totally bought into this in absolutely sent Plattsburgh it does make it happen and anti tonight we did it really quick within ten months. From thought to reality and it's not at all like any other team where no not at all like anxiety. It's unique from the minute you actually walk up to the front of the restaurant we have unique symbol and signed itself Friday entities are old or it's fresh ellipse sign in some roles with the Buffalo Sabres him. Possible with their collars and in their image. You walked in the door and you don't even the seedings everybody has a seat in its number two. Never do over Gordon Neal Horton wore number two so everybody sees number two. I did you take a look at everything we around the entire places UBS's who's very complex if you meet these high ceilings of the raptors everything's all happening here it is open air and it's all free flowing it's just a great apartment via. And the the China and pretend it. Yeah I can tell David the only it was one of the things that they wanted to do and wanna have some specifics. We have cost to meet China just like when you're ready you that your own home you want the plate you know yeah I'm paper. You know it and you really sit down with a nice. I China login in the EU with a fork in Europe will sit there and actually eat office in a China plate. And I can tell you again go back to a unique symbol and a callers with in the harbor senator. That's what we have all the China. Okay you're a guy who would know what is it about. Buffalo Indians and their coffee. I write the live eaten briefs importance I mean isles area now I walk around with two words on my shirt. I feel as if on the super girl walking around buffalo and I'll tell you they look at me in Sydney which which which to your front. Now on the original a work for the corporation and bell immediately tell me which one they go to innate you know what's really special is it actually tell me it's my tips. That's what I really love to hear from the from the different guests that are out here in buffalo they tell me about your chance. How many cups to copy Dietrich today. You know I cut back to two plots. That's parents and a lot of copy these last several days leading up to this yeah I got it I'll tell you what I'd be able alternate know me I can't believe black coffee. That's part of what it's my veins is what we do multi national corporate team that we have here everybody that's on board every with an armor senator I think we all my weakness right now. Congratulations that's a beautiful job yet. September cults he is the director of business development for Tim Hortons.

  3. HarborCenter's John Koelmel

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    This is Susan gross life as part percent of the new Tim Hortons which is officially opened today it's the new kid on the downtown black. And it's an opening in a big way outline out the door before they opened at six a steady stream of people ever since I'm standing with John comella president of Harbour senator. And just what is it about buffalo Indians and coffee. Donuts. Hi I could talk hundred of them don't as a moderate coffee guy myself about a few too many donuts over the years but. Tom always amenities that. The interest of people aren't there were mourning for their company property and it's a great decision as you sent a nice Crowder. When I arrived in front sort of this morning they were already outside news they're shaken hands and keep people healthy and keep more insult. It's been a great responses to marriages have asserted falloff. All morning aren't so far. What does this represent today that not just the opening of a team Martin's. Odds the beginning of the match after a it's what all of us Donaldson just all of us are with senator but this community it's been waiting horror it validates a sense of anticipation and excitement. I'm we can now look forward even more confidence it's for real the doors are open. The doors will be open officially tomorrow on the ring says someone six weeks from now so. On it's game time it's really happen and it's going to be a great right and tons of fun. It is a full service Tim Hortons but clearly it's one of the kind helper radio listeners. Visualize. Where we're standing. Policy are we to you know take the walking tour is here you're coming in the door rubble for small visual ride you'll see. But a blue and gold stood to Morton's logo and thoughts you won't find that. Are anywhere else. You know in be Borger agreed to work with us or creed that uniqueness was of the radical reforms to walk in the door sees the big murals of the right near route. That honors him and his legacy is employer as a person not as a businessman. The dramatic weight down. Stand in line for a couple coffee memorably walk through the year where we random mural that chronicles on the opening of the audit. We'll religious or not only about building but to of this area itself. And regulators through line some donors local special blue and gold sprinkles and special crossing ambitions of the normal tasty treats. The warden and the brick just intended to create a different look and feel and some back in history but a step forward toward into buffalo. What kind of reaction to be getting this morning a Harvard buddies been terrified that first and foremost a weight lying losers are devoted closet drinkers are used to doing that. Never once assured we will move and replace our. And as we've got all week long we're those who have gotten in earlier helped us break in the ranks it's all smiles everybody's rivers. Now this is the opening today the rings tomorrow take this through you know the rings 716 when you see these openings and then. Leading up to an area I guess next summer. Well as you just referenced we'll have more formal. Are glad I regarding reports and more and some that are sexist will be an later this afternoon towards my members real. There's our as a reader for the statue unveiling but it Margaret across the street here and no further honored him. Odd that Salma sets up tomorrow morning were officially open the ranks. On sixteen you reaching to an arsenal's front. On trees and proper tournament. And it's season that's solved tomorrow night and Saturday night races aren't staples names are sold out. House or senator from prominent senator Russell agreed France's roles are rude and hockey. Out of tournaments continue all week long ECC employees their first game Sunday night. And that season nor formal grand opening nets or is there a week from today yup on the rings a little pomp and circumstance and it gets a chance to. Walker wandering not to in the fertility. And then register and it is a point 60 come on line. Notes for a counsel Paul we're doing a week from tomorrow all that we threw. Some retail announcements of multiple in the weeks ahead. Reach openings and next morning. The whole telecoms on line come summertime so all. We're sort of like a lot of out of Russell out there and look forward to. In addition to ensure we deliver excellent seats in it and it is gain as you are saying. I'm solely so sad you know a little bit and adrenaline rush of news sports and a metaphor. Odds of what we're will be here are seven days a week and that's the beauty of this project is trustees and summon guarded embassy. Who witnessed this morning hundreds of people thousands of people everyday that are. We'll be down here experiencing all the awful and outside the waterfront congress has to offer. So that's the real stuff that's the Rosenthal who of the city. The World Series last did you com I was frankly you're out of 43 north related immigrants almost all of the map. Rinse them off Tom normal after 10 o'clock mostly due to several days. Baumgarten was rich in its arsenal while it regrets and sort of causes internal audits on this forum. I'm on or use sort of on a daily basis for a I was pretty early victories all I pass on the end and that. Very good well this is big doing around here today Jan thanks so much as the opening remarks British. Studio. And is harbor senate president John Caldwell.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Among our top story Israel the end of sergeant -- -- Afghanistan prisoner ordeal. But don't become something of a Washington ordeal. Fully Obama administration. Listen on top 41 controversial issue in the deal to free sergeant -- concerns whether the administration broke the law that called for -- congress in before the release of terror suspect prisoners from Guantanamo the other the issue of releasing such people and all of national security advisor Susan writes. Because it was the Taliban that had him did not. Mean that we had any loss of an obligation to bring him back she was on CNN's state of the union but we did was insure that as always United States doesn't leave a man or woman on the battlefield Tom Foley CBS news Washington. Let's talk about this now decorated Iraq War veteran David Olivia is in studio and Patrick Welch veterans advocate in former county veteran services chief. And David let me start with you I'm Leah bird -- release over the weekend the united has led some in congress to question. What happened to the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Well there's up a couple of just glaring issues problems that we have -- first ball the president actually has no authority. Outside the declaration of war there is no declaration of war against al-Qaeda we don't have the declaration of war against Taliban. So we cannot have a prisoner exchange because there are two parties that are of the Geneva convention. Acknowledges as to fighting sides. Without congressional oversight so what Susan -- just said. You know go figures completely ridiculous the second thing is. Everyone wants to see you know soldiers commit missing in action POW people return home. While this administration talks about the importance of leaving no man behind. We just closed. The MIA recovery center out of Schofield barracks in Hawaii. This was the hundred million dollar budget that was responsible for tracking down our our those we left behind in Vietnam and in the Pacific campaign. This administration just cut that budget completely. Undersecretary -- -- can't say that it's so we leave no man behind but we just basically close the chapter on Vietnam and the hundreds of people that we did thousands of people that we never recovered. And the third thing is we want -- or go home this family. And now it's time for him to be accountable. For his actions and he should face UC MJ investigation. John McCain in these other heroes that were POWs. Never voluntarily chose. To leave their -- they were taken prisoner of war in the commission of their duty. And this young man made a horrible decision but like all soldiers those decisions have consequences OK Patrick Welch. Maybe you can help explain what David just begin to talk about. Horrible day of the disappeared no one knew where he was -- me without saying he went a wall. He just simply disappeared before he was captured then correct he walked away from his post. -- mean there's no question about it now what his intense work. We will hopefully find out in the future but he in my view based on the information I'm aware of he deserted his position. And he cost Hawaii so. Many many. Of his fellow soldiers you Arianna FaceBook posts from -- gentleman who claims to have man there who listed the names. Of all of the people who were killed in action trying to recover this man. And if in fact he did deserted his post he has caused a great deal of grief and consternation amongst his military -- -- so via the US exchanged hands for five Taliban prisoners from gitmo. Is this a dangerous precedent. It's it's dangerous it it doesn't even. To -- this. This is we're we're out of the bill were not even in the ballpark of a precedent this has never happened before. When we did exchanges. You know without the NBA -- we decided to return prisoners. This was a pity that this was a situation where you had one side in the middle of a peace negotiation. Now what is the incentive for the Taliban or any al-Qaeda person. To now go into these areas and kidnapped soldiers in Germany in Kosovo. You now know that you're gonna get a five to one ratio. You know you now have the incentive to take these people live it we have -- a marine in Mexico right now he's the Mexican prison. And you know what is the into -- there's now an incentive for. You know these terrorist organizations to go to foreign countries that we don't expect to have you know hostility -- -- anywhere else get a guy at a bar grab them. And now try to make an exchange. I mean this is the very definition of why you don't negotiate with terrorists. Also written her at least five guy is from the Taliban are pretty bad guys. And what's to say that they don't slowly drift back -- terrorism and make life miserable for Americans and they'll listen to country or universally well. They are dedicated geologists. And they're single goal in life is to kill infidels. And to think that your gonna put them back in and I think was Carter that negotiated this the space Carter. Is an ally if you will and I put ally in quotes because we truly have very few allies. In this world and they will be back out they will be planning they will be directing. More attacks against Americans. We're talking about the bird don't release with decorated Iraq War veteran David Sylvia and Patrick Welch of veterans advocate in former county veteran services chief. David let me start with you on this segment regarding the prisoner exchange for the release of -- -- -- set off the -- This is going to blow up. I'll -- tell us about what -- first of all look I mean a lot of good people. Get do you lies and TW lies and kill people they're good people who made mistakes that still accountable for those mistakes. On the -- -- were were very glad he's with his family. I believe that while some families because of -- -- actions have to visit their sons and Arlington. I believe the bird -- should be visiting their son in leavenworth. And that prison this he should not qualify for POW medal I don't wanna hear anyone call this kitty hero. When you are what's called dust one duty status whereabouts unknown. A lot of five for example we have a mother here and Williams -- lost her son. When Dakota Meyer received the medal of honor. Her son was behind enemy lines he lost his life fighting the enemy close quarters. We didn't know where his body wants his body had to be retrieved to bring them back when you get a gust one. You fight. Like cats and dogs cop Keating remember when Keating was overrun. Keating was overrun because all of our assets were trying to find this punk who walked off his -- We lost people -- cop Keating because there wasn't enough security and drones and everything else to support. That fight. I mean you could literally connect all the people that have died and lost a limb. To this kids actions are truly want come hell or high water he's gonna count for that. And that you -- that UC MJ has a policy for that that's desertion and that's not honorable and he should -- he should atone for. The Obama administration Patrick Welch if you wanna weigh in on this -- to the Obama administration had to expect criticism likeness and do you feel they've got to be prepared to have some answers when this man as introduced. Well of course they do way I think this administration. It has been replete with. Instances where they just don't get anything done and it seems like they don't -- know what they're doing. From one instance to another I don't think they think very much through. This man we should not ever have negotiated directly with the Taliban even it's if it's through -- And we should not have ever released these five Jihad lists. Back into the fight.

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