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Erie Co. Dem Chair Jeremy Zellner- On Grant Vs. Kennedy

Jun 1, 2014|

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Look at local politics here this past week on Wednesday. The Erie county Democrats endorsed Betty Jean grant minority leader of the Erie county legislature to take on incumbent state senator Tim Kennedy. Both candidates are out there circulating petitions now there will be a primary. And that will be a rematch of the last time the C was up Kennedy basically won that by about a hundred votes certainly a small margin. -- -- is here now Jeremy is the chairman of the Erie county Democratic Party thanks for joining us sir. I'm great is it unusual to deny the endorsement to an incumbent. And go why did the party do that in this case. Well it's certainly hasn't been done in awhile. I -- And it was. Overwhelming for our legislator grant to get the endorsement -- the I think you'll 53 -- -- -- and I think that spew a lot of reasons. But she overwhelmingly did did -- What issues did they site. I think that what. Our committee is tired of I think the voters are tired of -- people saying one thing doing another flip flopping on issues. On all of what you will you all think whatever it is -- when Betty Jean says something she knew that and chief follows through that -- you don't have to wonder where she's going to be on the issues and I think those are the biggest thing. Senator Kennedy is seen as more of a moderate to moderate to get the endorsement. No I don't I I think it's exactly what I just said Dave I think that he has said things and not followed through on them for a long time. And I and I think that our party leaders are just tired of I think they believe Betty Jean grant carried the values. More steadily you know and then Tim Kennedy has in the past and I think. They wanna change. When you say the values you mean party values right. Yeah I I think you know they've seen Betty Jeanne stand strong for women's issues stand strong for education. And strong for health care issues over the years without waiver and I don't think you'd -- -- -- -- Some of the criticism and I know you're ready for this one infect your news release that talk about the endorsement even brushed these critiques aside. But some of the criticism out there is that she was more of the insider candidate addressed that. Well I think first I think Tim Kennedy came out that nobody viewed as a party. All candidates -- Kennedy associates himself with the the worse party boss we've had thirty years in our communities Steve Stricker. And he makes no decisions without talking to him and that is another reason why Beijing got this endorsement is because our organizations trying to move away from the bad old days. And trying to pull things together I think the huge. -- you know huge endorsement for Beijing would put such a majority showed that. You do see a primary though obviously. Absolutely at both candidates on the street right now sufficient what you said. And I think this will be another heated contest and then middle BR Italy won on the streets. Do you think there's a risk of the primary. He then there's always the talk during primaries about unity. Who does does whoever your candidate is come away weakened by the primary process and maybe give the seat to a Republican -- is that not a risk you worry about. I'm not worried about that because it's such a democratic district and we have two very good candidates and whoever wins this primary I know I'm gonna be behind them a 100% whether it's -- your community or legislator and as -- going to re electing a governor. So I'm not too worried about -- in this district. A -- you -- the governor I have to ask you real quickly what do you think about yesterday's working families party convention. Where the governor basically cut a deal with the the more liberal. -- group in order to get their endorsement and move ahead with the unity. Well look at are you see a lot of posturing going on by different organizations. You know when it comes election time I think the governor has done a lot for labor. I think that some parts of labor one of them do more and I think -- just came to this conclusion yesterday that. I'm certainly Andrew Cuomo is a way better candidate who organized labor than than his opponent and I think it's the end of the and that's probably what difference. All right great stuff thanks for joining us we thank you -- You two that's Erie county Democratic Party chairman Germany's --