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Ny Daily News's Ken Lovett- Gov. Cuomo & the Left

Jun 1, 2014|

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Let's go off to Albany can -- this year he's with the New York Daily News he is there Albany bureau chief. We are talking about the latest involving Governor Cuomo and before we are done we'll also look at this time adjusting to. There is a challenge out there supposedly possibly maybe. For lieutenant governor. Kathy vocal so challenges all around Ken thanks for joining us. Talk about the working family party's convention held yesterday. And in the end the governor basically struck an agreement to get the endorsement. What did he pledged to do in order to make sure that he's got there chunk of the ballot. It was a new rockets conventions. That kept a very. High elite tenth of a difference a week. The governor basically. Went back on the number of things he had been holding out and agreed to move forward. In order to get this endorsement from -- tiny bit influential liberal working families party. First and foremost. For the first time he's added so we need to change out the Senate Leadership right now the senate is controlled by the Republicans. And a small handful five breakaway Democrat. He says now that that now working despite an ad on the air right now. Touting bipartisan successes since he took -- less than a lot of the stuff that they its collection and them he had achieved together. But that despite that. He then it's time Brad to bring the senate back to the Democrat since. And have complete democratic leadership he said that at the five breakaway Democrat. Do not. You know form a new coalition with the mainline Democrat. Bill will be primary -- five. So that is a big threat to both the IDC in the Republicans. On the issues side. He has led despite earlier this year saying that they've dealt with a minimum wage issue of the stated agreed last year to raise the minimum wage. They've been 109 dollars an hour by I think the end of this year discarded -- fifteen. Natalie says he's gonna push early next year. To raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. And -- future increases to inflation so every year that could be an automatic increase depending on the inflation rate. A top of that he's let some localities. Raise the minimum wage even more based on coastal living issues another idea he had previously opposed. Top of all that. He's gonna push for the women's equality agenda including the ten point. In terms. Strengthening these states abortion because. He's going to and more money to schools in need and poor districts a whole host of stuff. Before he reached this agreement. There was a lot of opposition people out there the working families party and others saying he just wasn't liberal enough. Talked to him about that the dubbed the the ground swell as it was within this party. Yeah no -- there's no doubt the governor had a problem mothers left Pete he has governed since taking office says he promised he wouldn't. Really a centrist Democrat a new kind of New York Democrat and -- He you know this fiscal policy is looking more conservative more centrist then. You know and social agenda against same sex marriage and -- and couldn't because. That those were more liberal more progressive. But that wasn't enough for the working families party. Now the truth this -- the governor is in -- -- the other working families party have threatened to put up a woman made. -- school law professor that nobody had ever heard of really the most inside of insiders and most insiders never to bury their. But. You know maybe -- would shape up a couple of points from his -- reelection victory that most people are anticipating. But he wants to wind up and you score he didn't want any kind of problem from the left and it was important for him to get this divine. And so he's really moved. Way to the left now as he had come to a reelection year in which. He was going to position himself as a centrist who can work with both sides of the -- he's gonna blow up a central campaign theme by doing it. And down the road will really and of changing state government if we have say a democratic assembly which we've always pretty much -- from recent history. And then now a democratic senate. I guess what I'm asking is are these big changes or is this cosmetic for the sake of getting the endorsement. Well I mean some of -- big inning looked many of businesses and got a complaint certainly about minimum wage. You know they they were to be opposed the last time I can no you know to come right back into another one that I can be happy about that. A bunch of the issues it's going to be interesting it depends how hard he actually. Campaigns and how hard. The senate then and how many seats the senate Democrats can pick up because right now abroad to be initiatives including abortion provision that we talked about. His push for DREAM Act to provide. State. Financial assistance to the kids of illegal immigrants. You know who -- in college. You know the -- campaign public financing system all those have come and been blocked by the senate. So the question there's other votes he's been there even if it turned Democrat and that's gonna depend on how many seats they pick up another part of the deal supposedly. Is that the governor of the state party and the union that would make up the working families party. Have agreed basically this set aside ten million dollars to help the Democrats with their campaign after. Last time -- talked I believe it was right after -- poll came out from a guy named bill Samuels and we'll have more about him and -- Oakland a minute or two. But that talk to me about the threat from the left that the conventional wisdom and you just touched on -- moment or two ago. Is that he just wants is a matter of pride a really big mandate. Quoted the lack of this party of the working family party's endorsement. Have actually hurt him and maybe possibly helped -- best Reno. They've probably heard him I didn't look at the not having their. -- -- would have cost them percentage point you have the latest polls show. That -- to working families party candidates as much as 24%. You know. It could pick up 24% that candidates most people think that extremely side but but again as we talked about the last type. Even if he would say he was gonna win by sixty say -- with a sixty to 62%. They get. If you -- 678%. That takes you to the -- the lows of fifties and that -- big desperate. You're still gonna be rob after they don't know likelihood but for a guy who may have national ambitions it sends two messages -- that. You know he couldn't win his home state big and too -- and this is particularly important in the democratic primary. Nationally he doesn't have the support of the last. Asked to Reno yeah -- Reno has said if he takes upstate New York Western New York. Akin to the way Carl Paladino did four years ago. He can then add in Westchester County his base and doesn't need New York City doesn't need the hardcore liberal base. Let's assume that there is a working Canada families party candidate. Pulling off some of those votes disaster -- math work. I don't think you would have been enough to give -- a victory it would have been very. You know I think she would have come -- but I don't. I just don't think the members of Al -- there's a big scandal ironically. The governor has given Republicans by doing what he does did. I think the governor has given Republicans an issue. Also the backing of a minor party. Now they can say he's a flip flop there. On the flip flop or that he's you know he's declared war on Republicans -- -- that a bipartisan ship steady soldiers already delving into the argument we've already heard. And even more consumer calling for an investigation. That he traded. Leo political favors for the endorsement. You know that's unlikely that you know politics but but these are all the arguments you're going to be hearing moving -- Earlier you mentioned the ultimate insider the lady who would have perhaps spend the working families party candidate. She's a Fordham University professor her name is in this is not one but it is her name zephyr teach out she even made fun of it at the convention saying. A skinny young lady with a funny name. Here's what she said the Rochester Democrat and chronicle after all of us are heading into all of -- asked her if she would still run. Even at the convention worked out the way it did here's what she said. How are you wouldn't take this fight it. Some movement want to oppose. -- -- I would love. To do seek the democratic. Nomination. And I will consider whether I have sources to be able to. I'd prefer. It part of this part. I'm -- bullet that working -- party and Democratic Party. I'll have to think carefully over the next. I think it's good to see whether I have it pass it yet. Some of the earlier polling said that if she ran or someone ran as a working families party candidate. They suck up votes from Cuomo what happens if she at least rise. Two primary Yemen run as a Democrat. I -- I doubt he'll make it went to the ballot that. -- there's already questions about you know you know whether or not she has residency enough by the five years needed. Nobody knows who she is you know about the reality is the governor got the endorsement from the nomination -- he's. Shot but it came at a cost because what we did see him. You know even though he got it became would a lot of today came. Basically -- a split party it's split the working families party and a lot of people are holding their nose. So even though he's carrying the working families -- -- working family members who don't. Working families party members who don't actually pull the lever for him they'll put pressure to leave it but maybe big over the Green Party and vote Sally Hawkins. Coming -- we'll talk a little bit about one the other possible challenges out there again coming in from the left. A guy named bill Samuels has said that he might primary Kathy local for lieutenant governor stick with us can we'll we'll get than just a second more to come. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave -- Ken Levin is with us on the line the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News we're talking about. Opposition to Governor Cuomo coming not from Republicans but in some cases from the left the progressive movement. The working families party held their convention yesterday they did ultimately after some sort of arrangement in deal give Cuomo the endorsement. But at the same time we heard earlier this week. That they another room group of progressives or at least a person representing them wants to challenge -- -- call for the lieutenant governor line. Talked to me about that -- what's going on there. Well. Bill Samuels sees the you know wealthy businessman. A democratic gadfly. He wants to challenge local map because of anything my whole goal is done that's because he's also upset would be governor. Every so often you know Samuels says he's upsetting threatened to around so far he's never done it. -- expected now that the working families party supported. Cuomo -- this same -- little follow through. So that it. The convention kinda short circuited that. Yeah he said last week that he would make his mind up after the working families party decides what to do. He's good while he wouldn't rule it out even stay indoors if they back Cuomo he'd rather not be out there alone. And that's the reality is we swift blowback from a lot of -- female Democrat who says. You know they they don't know why he would try to deprive. The party of its -- -- -- woman lieutenant governor in 35 years if they win. So. There will be pressure on them just to you know to step aside and then I'm sure they'll use the argument that the governor. Need all these promises to bring progressive issues to the food to the -- You know a lot of people though especially the working families party convention if they just don't trust the government to follow the -- But the unions -- them New York City mayor told the Lazio was a darling. Of the left of the working families party. Says that they believe them and that basically that you could feed the fire. When she first ran there actually -- most recently ran for congress Kathy local had the endorsement of the NRA. Cuomo of course is the guy that signed the safe that. From what I understand she is also in the past said some things. About being a little more pro life in the typical Democrat. These two issues were the ones that Samuels said are worthy of bringing out possibly a challenge. The only really didn't from my that I spoke to him and others didn't really go after that -- Others have. And those interesting to see if he had Democratic Convention. Not just actually took a week before. That to them the woman who nominated. -- vocal was. Melissa mark -- -- New York City a City Council speaker. And she is extremely liberal and too bad afterwards about backing vocal because of her experiences on the NRA and -- and other issues and she basically said mark liberated -- said that you know I. Hopefully now that she's running statewide. -- Obama on the issues much like Chris -- him Gillibrand did -- Went from represented a more conservative district. Upstate New York for the house. To be coming in steel and US senator. I don't wanna just rehash the conventional wisdom that he wants his mandate. But I really wonder why any of this matters. Couldn't you just told the more progressive wing to pound salt. It's not as if they were about to vote for rob best Reno. He's a powerful guy with a lot of support all the polls say he's going to wind anyway. Why did this come to this sort of ahead without him just basically telling them to go away. Because he really did now you know he's looking nationally he didn't want that issue on the left he wants to incredibly huge victory but he also. Government brought a challenged from the left even though he got hammered pretty hard the F -- the convention. And a lot of people from the -- still don't trust him. Without a candidate out there -- -- deep pockets Mallon who won't be you know a full board drumbeat you know against him. From the Liberal Democratic Party but certainly. Makes him look desperate a guy who was up thirty points. You know having to basically help restore to get the endorsement of a party that have left some 50000 I think registered voters. And who really the last time around I think brought him in a 170000. Or you vote. So it's not exactly like he's doing you know win big but it's still couple would could be a couple of percentage point -- 45678. And he wants to make sure that doesn't occur. And does that then made the Hillary question. Does he want this mandate still because he has designed a national stage. Well I think -- desire on the national stage consuming Hillary doesn't run. But the other docile kind of sends a message to Hillary Clinton. Because much like Andrew Cuomo Hillary Clinton as those kind of fashioned herself as a centrist and if you remember in 2008. Would he ran through you know nationally for Pratt and it. It would be bill liberal wing of the Democratic Party that comes out to vote in primaries that really rejected power. In a surprise and and and went for Barack Obama. Who -- The -- -- source of the kind and this kind of sends a message that you know that that's still in play that same argument is still in play that. You know beat the you know it is being happy the overwhelming. Makeup of the party but it is really the most influential liberal -- And made plans to flex their muscle so really Hillary could watch this and he'll get a little nervous as well. All right great stuff can thanks for joining us. It. That's Ken -- Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News coming up next we'll talk about the crisis said the veterans administration. It's hard line -- news radio 930 WB and. It's 10:30 good morning for the WBN newsroom I'm Alan Harris is what's happening. On CNN's state of the union national security advisor Susan Rice responded this way when asked whether these. Yeah this is negotiating with terrorists to arrange the exchange of five Guantanamo prisoners. For sergeant -- we bird doll what we did was ensure that as always United States doesn't leave a man or woman on the battlefield. While the US soldier who was freed in Afghanistan apparently five years in captivity and Selma take into an American military hospital in Germany for a valuation. It's not clear how.