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May 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a terrible place and I. Wants to -- There is the Molly -- -- -- -- days sandy beach and I'm just thank you -- have a movie ticket buyback program. For movies that you don't like Bob May mean people of purchase advance tickets you buy it from a -- -- opposite through an hour and a half -- that's that's an excellent idea that. Thank you policy of that are humble funny that we actually. Actor video factory -- -- video rental days we -- that if you can narrow it didn't like you we would give you a -- Another film that's good no question that it's a Harden. That the clip at the beginning with of course from the new comedy. A million ways to die in the west which I did see a few days ago and I'll be talking about in great detail later. A -- like it because I wanna see it every wanna I wanna see that you're seeing Uganda not like him but well I am current. Leave part of a class action suit against the film because while it does suggest many ways in which you can die in the west hit it's not a million. I think. It's an open shot case I've got to make some real money. I don't lawyer yes now big box covers -- we have the big four day holiday edition we yes XDAX men days of future past was King of the Hill 111. Million dollars over the the four days there are strong opening but not as strong as X-Men the last stand in 2006. We. We have a lot of here blockbusters like Spiderman and -- -- in this everything that I'm very well. But not this -- in that avengers. Area are just unbelievable. Box office records. So far this year the film had the highest. Grossing opening week and he's still. Captain America which I think would surprise a lot of people the reviews were very good for X-Men and the audience polls were very favorable. Overseas it's during -- -- well it's did nearly 200 million dollars in its first weekend at number two. Angela which I saw again. Nothing surprises me here at the big bad monster God's and that now he goes in the theaters everybody's got to see it. This one -- -- man comes and knocks them off the top perch. That's what summer's -- you've got one big 800 pound gorilla every week -- sure. But the rest of my family hadn't seen God's Hillis and they dragged me out too good to see it again if I liked it just as much for the second time. And a big fan of -- and 38 million dollars in its second weekend that was a big drop. From its opening weekend and it's got a 156. Million. Here so far overseas it's done 168. Million but. It has yet to open in China and Japan and understand Japan. Being a little nervous throughout the -- out exactly Tokyo's taken some real hits from God's will over the years so hopefully. No buildings will be lost in the opening that film. At number three home. And. Adam Sandler is the latest. Comedy. Blended. In eighteen million dollars terrible reviews this is well yes. But only by the people who watched people opt out. Who didn't see it thought. Seems fine to me. This was the lowest. Opening numbers for an Adam Sandler comedy in eighteen years. If you wanna compare this to the last time Adam Sandler teamed up with Drew Barrymore. They did forty million dollars. In just a regular weekend this was you know an extended holiday weekend. Sandler as long rain has box office champ is is steadily. Falling you know a year by year. There was also. Another statistic that had to be of some concern to the filmmakers and to Sandler himself the majority of his audience. Is now. 25 and over. He has not found favor with teens for the most part sell all those teenagers that you know rush out to. See the latest Judd Apatow flick and -- that excited about it and sampler. At number four neighbors. Did seventeen. And it's not 117. -- just bear that neighbors in its third week. Did about the same amount as Adam Sandler is a new film in its first week that is pretty significant. At number five the amazing Spider-Man two wounded ten million dollars it is now 187. Million here. Overseas. It's just doing amazing business. It's not nearly 500 million oversee all around -- -- -- hit overseas and number six million dollar arm. Parodies steady predictable second week another nine million dollars it is now 23 million. Frozen frozen frozen we're all about frozen what's gonna it is broken yet another record it is now the fifth. Highest grossing movie of all time it is currently at one point 22 billion dollars at the box office. It's a second highest. Grossing Disney movie behind the avengers. It is now also all the highest grossing animated film of all time it passed a Toy Story 3. A few weeks ago. To give an example of how big this movie's been all over the world let's just take Japan. A country that's his wife is much smaller than now -- the United States. It's done over 200 million dollars. In Japan. Has been number one. Not. 443. Weeks or four weeks. It is the number one in Japan for three months alone. There's going to be a lot more frozen in are coming along down the pike as well they're going to do Broadway musical. Based. On. Froze in. A -- -- well who did the voice of the lead. Else in the film. She also starred originally and we get out and she's a big broad way performer. She said she is absolutely interest in the Broadway musical Kristen Bell has also -- she would want to do broadway's well when this comes to Broadway. There's no word yet on when that will open if you can't wait for that yes and if you need another frozen fixed. What he would then what are you to -- not nice. Oh copyright and threw an arena and Mary Lou we'll start up in September. Where it will tour around the country before heading overseas yes. Roseanne. On I like the worst on the ice shell I university and I had kids. So I've seen a lot of on IE -- was Greeks. On Irish are not seeing his old state. Singing there are worst things I could do while she decides whether or not to get an abortion. Is one of the most bizarre. Things I've ever see about that about testing RIQ before the break Bob. And Angelina Jolie plays an evil sorcerer -- in the -- Disney film beneficent. As a little girl. Why did Angelina want to be when she grew up to you want to be an eight. Funeral director be a veterinarian. Or see John is that. The (%expletive) up. Well I've via a good trade floor Brad -- everybody wants to be Johns I'll talk all eggs were born 9875. Right now movie -- -- -- of some that are valid through December 31 one -- fourteen. 25 dollars and governance and source pizza pub and grill. On Miller sport or on transit -- expiration date total value 43 dollars and general content as strolls applied will be back after this movie IQ question Angelina Jolie. Plays an evil sorcerers submitted as they film I'll look for some Melissa. Elephant as a little girl what did Angelina Jolie wannabe when you grow up a sex symbol. Know the answer is hey -- funeral director generally yes she did. That's why she married Billy Bob Thornton -- you know these creepy when he was asleep she could practice -- I wake up -- and allowed him comment still adamant bombing fluid for others. All right let's say big bullies Experian a million ways to die in the west I'm looking forward this is Maria. The trailers look very funny and separate part with money guys' souls who I'll let let let's do something I normally do not do just to put your mind he's been on one leg when he and I know I know you you get worried about it I'm gonna you know like it. Yeah not like and you're gonna feel bad now because I -- I forget. They're great responsibility that I have -- -- moviegoers of Western New York. Hang on my every our way -- hanging as we space and this I look at it that week and based on what I egg cell I will let you know first off yet. And I saw this. Earlier in the week with a packed. Studio audience -- absolutely. Not an empty seat. The audience. -- yes outlawed yet you laughed and laughed and laughed and applauded at the cinema -- Loved it. She thought it was was just Graham indirect. And hoops -- -- and where hoops I'd. Darn it just mentioned that title of this movie her. And she will not be able to to stop giggling and if anybody hot (%expletive) like that yes if you start Lin Cooper giggling. Forget about it she's gone she's gone. -- -- I thought it. Kind of trailed off. As. The the show went -- I thought it started pretty strong. Family Guy can be pretty good I thought that I get a little bolder -- tedious at times I thought tuchman prone to good job is the Oscar host head. I thought was and that's I was just crazy about it for my money though the best thing that's not MacFarlane has ever done. Is a cartoon shorts that you can find on YouTube in which he shows Bob Dylan backstage chatting with Tom Waits and -- -- That -- is a ride it. For this film though we've got Seth MacFarlane leading man. He produced this film he wrote that he direction -- -- -- and and by starring and it. I mean he is wrong. And center he never leaves the screen it area he has gathered a really outstanding. It's all around him. Charlize Theron is. The the sharp shooting gal who. Becomes involved with them. Amanda Seyfried plays his fiance. -- niece says is the gun fighter who was out to get them. Neil Patrick Harris. His character has a mustache that's his big. Character trait he not only has a mustache but he has a mustache shop. With accents are not caring -- -- establishments which is called of course must luxury. -- -- The best. Couple in the film for my money ago was. Geovany -- Who plays. Virgin. Who is engaged to his girlfriend and it's very excited about actually getting married so they can go bad. He is girl whose fiance is Sarah Silverman. Playing. The most cheerful. Saloon -- ever and I'm. She is devoutly Christian. But then they've both agreed well this is just her job they are going to wait for marriage. Until the may have sex. So lie that she is cheerfully vulgar is only Sarah Silverman and can be. -- -- Why all these. Looking enough NA. Gay young. Ralph Bellamy all blend like I or your play. He he just does not have. That. Stood on a character he -- a -- a lot of the times he reminded me. Bob Hope. In one of his period piece films like Casanova is big -- and movies like pale face persona pale face where. Everything about the film is very much of that error and is trying to be as authentic as possible. But he's just being very glib toss in -- one liners like you know -- standup comic work in the OK corral. It's kind of like you know. Bob Hope with four letter and thirteen letter words is kind of torture getting here and although he has -- A trump and ask you are. Wait people. In this film and get real little to do other than just kind of stand around while. He delivers rifts that you know should for the most part be getting little she should be getting a little on. Rim shots there. The film really does lack the heart. And the relationships the character development of -- which for me was a complete surprise I did not address Seth MacFarlane film. To have that much real emotion. Running through it this is very much a joke machine. And it is -- eighty airplane for instance where. Joseph -- yeah but the jokes. The jokes are not as varied. And as rapid fire. As they would be an like airplane you know the movie runs two hours now and many of the jokes are kind of circling. The same area if you light that diary a joke well don't worry there's going to be -- I want I. It's -- day they really kind of gold back around to the same areas again and again there is also the frustration. Of the fact that a lot of the funniest. Pieces and the film. -- stuff. In the TV commercials and the trailers you've already a lot of the biggest belly last so yeah that odd thing when you see the film with an audience of seeing something that's really funny but to laugh because -- are -- his -- 42 times on TV. I think it's and -- -- kind of significant that the movie. Is being released. The same summer as the fortieth anniversary blazing saddles you can't help but be reminded -- out again again again the setting. The the songs are great and even -- hunt that used for the opening it is just like the blazing saddles -- But -- -- forty years year. Blazing saddles is still very. Legitimately. Outrageous there are still shocking. News in blazing saddles. -- -- is shocking in junior high school kind of way unless you find. Severe diarrhea are. And sheep genitalia gags wildly outrageous then. Here ego are this is the one for you and if you don't like this don't worry tad too is coming next. All right I like kids in the summer. Will it help. Lines with relish romance true to lying -- I like them. I ordered back -- Marmol we show under greater -- Arabia. This is Michael Savage here listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on W. The heat and. We're back with a lovely show errands and allows those enemies that'd be too big movies hitting the big screens are intelligent woman weighs on the west nexus mellow pleasant starring Angelina Jolie yet. This is. Apparently. The decision and Hollywood. Has -- that every. Fairy tale. And children's movie needs to have an origins story coming from saying all but you don't know the whole story that's is what happened. I think it kind of kicked all the soft -- in some direction we're all army the musical wicked oh. Paul Harvey had you know it wicked but -- votes yet. But -- wicked. Wonderful musical still playing on Broadway. Just carried through the wicked witch of the west. And follow through what happened to -- four -- he did -- odds. Cell. One producers in Hollywood who has really. Jumped on this -- -- -- had tremendous success with it is Joseph -- Somebody who not many people are familiar -- that the Hollywood name but he is the guy behind Snow White Huntsman. Alice in Wonderland. And Oz the great and powerful. The beauty part for this sort of film for producer is. You're taking a Brandon game whether it's ultimately personal -- which is about that everybody know and you're able to put out an entirely new one. Film around it. So this one takes on. The classic Disney -- Melissa and from sleeping beauty 1959. Animated Disney film. I've got to say. I've got. Put the brakes on that right there on the big Disney guy I'm a cartoonist I love. So many of the Disney features I know the Disney history well. Sleeping beauty. Is not one of the big Disney movies talked to any -- And felt pretty much say he actually from these kind of -- they really don't watch sleeping beauty the whale watch. Pinocchio or lady in the tramp or Peter Pan buried in Snow White sleeping beauty. Is one that was such a disappointment in 1959 when he came out. That. Walt Disney severely cut back on the animation department after that after sleeping beauty. You started to see Disney films like 101 dalmatians and sword in the stone that had that sketch year pencil lead type looking animation to it. And the moves in character is not. As you know -- As. The wicked witch of the west from the wizard of odds with the -- is a major part of every kid's childhood. Beauty is something you know all of but he does not enormous. Not played here in trying to build the film around. This character. Is that they've taken Angelina Jolie who looks great in the in the makeup and in the costume and this sort of recover them but that well this is true true. And -- essentially. Give her back story and try to make her. More well rounded they they try to you all are gearing down not quite not right but like -- a year ago. At one point in the film the beginning -- -- the classic scene where Melinda send. Gives young sleeping beauty when she's a baby either currents that will make her fall into a coma at age sixteen. Okay. But a little later in the film. When the baby slightly older and I was a little fairy god mothers are kind of neglecting feeding her bottle. Legislation. Steps and and -- the -- she hangs around the kids so much to make sure she's okay that. Aurora sleeping beauty actually start to think maybe she's the fourth fairy godmother that she adds. The film never quite seems to decide whether -- consent if you hope. Warren. One critic even talked about being at a screening of the film. And two thirds of the way through the movie heard a little girl. Ask your mother isn't a lot of isn't good or bad or a little kid didn't even have a field from watching that there. The film is directed by -- Robert Stromberg this is his first film as a director. He has been a special effects specialist. For years since this movie. It's all about the special effects very wild colorful outrageous special effects if you -- Alice in Wonderland and Oz the great and powerful looked a little cheesy. This is like those films on its Errol it's big bold and wacky looking. There's very little humor in this thing he gets very dark he gets very violent and gruesome. Several people were surprised that this was able to get a PG rating in stead of pre PG thirteen and essentially may be a little too scary for very small children. On and there is also. A and feminism alert over point 44 feminist to complain about here. Just like the wicked -- situation and Oz the great and powerful. -- -- Turns evil in this movie she becomes -- vindictive and seeks her revenge. When she's betrayed by a man operates her hard she is a woman score and she's not just evil cause she's all powerful and evil. How many bond movies did you see where the bad guy. Well it was because a girl broke his heart and he was so upset he became evil now this is only like you have a woman -- evil well. The only reason no woman could get that upset is because now. You know how late eighty's are when they get into arguments would look out oh sorry that's kind have. Crappy direction journal -- IE. Either this film is is visually. Interesting if you like that kind of. Why. Old over the top CGI. Stuff. But character wise. Performance wise and all that it's a little disappointment for -- Out of Bob has trashed innocent sleeping beauty will take a break condos right and -- third this as the movie show. The bully show us they -- of those cinema mummies and these big movies they're big screen this may not -- as well as the million wasted on the west but. Everyone's talking about. Chinese puzzle ball gas which is of course the French film. Retro trying to -- by the French film with subtitles this is in fact the final chapter and to decrypt teaches Spanish apartment trilogy. Which started -- not a bearish as -- gonna put that down in 2002 and Russian dolls in 2000 icon died for that one. And this is supposedly the last in the series unless of course. That's an excellent money at all bets are off. Stars Romaine jurists and Audrey -- too. I would tell you haven't had to. I do not know but I would be glad to do mr. Taylor -- to a tattoo she she starred -- not homily that was her big breakthrough -- years ago -- -- -- -- island true -- true -- I'm -- I would -- watched Fantasy Island achievement on it let me check the paperwork just. Audrey Tautou is in fact a little bit of tour commissioner is in the official listing. This is all about. AAA writer. Xavier Russo is the character and in this film. He. Is running into conflict with his longtime British. Girlfriend that he has to kids where it. She's planning on leaving for the USA. And he's worried about being with these kids he has also just become a sperm donor for his lesbian now who was about to have. His child so he moved to America aggregate of the office to be with the kids are sure it was that the opera house or in a drive through about I don't tell you yes -- guys. He he wants to stay in the country is a work visa so he marries a Chinese girl in name only but there. His French ex girlfriend who also has two kids moves in and start a relationship with them just when the -- an -- is investigating these men are home to make sure it's a real. And he left to tell mister roper daddies get -- I got -- -- young -- and Christie wants and his wacky hijinks and sue. This is kind of modern family. Meets three's company with subtitles. Interviewers have found it a big lead but satisfying. If you bear watching this series of films. The one that a lot of people liked about this news that the majority of it takes place in New York City. And it's always interesting line of foreign film maker films and classic American city could you get to see. Their view of whether they think New York City is like as opposed to Mara our vantage point yes tons. Puzzled next Ida Ida. Little wacky hijinks ensue you know what I Qaeda. No this is a polish drama. That has gotten just amazing. Amazing reviews it's won not awards that many. Film festivals around the world won best film Tron film festival British film institute. Takes place in 1962. And it's about. A young nun. She's a wannabe now -- she's in practice to be it. She was orphaned as a child she is now eighteen she wants to take her Rollins. But to the -- you're saying that she should. First visit her only living relative. And she finds out a lot about herself. During this visit that for one thing she was not Catholic shoes actually Jewish her parents died in all the wrong. And yes. It's just wacky wacky fun. The the lead actors a lot of people have compared to the army are -- Very subtle film very underplayed short though eighty minutes. In black and white although it is actually based on the trailer it's not really black and white it is in. Silky silvery shades of gray just -- beautifully shot film. And this the second movie this year. That that has been released that is not in widescreen. Like grand Budapest hotel for some reason this is done in the old. Four by three ratio which really has been used since about 1957. -- seems to be making a comeback. I SR grand -- of this hotel and widescreen would've you know. I'm sorry -- -- -- for smaller story it is in fact. Just general offer both sides a year ago favorite film of the year so is rarely I love -- -- -- -- -- dialogue like a brother about it let's go to the movies -- all -- David is ever going to the drive and tonight we're going to the driver and and the new release shelf. Every boy's dream endless love. Yes yes this is a remake. The 1981. Regional where that great raider actress Brooke Shields. That was the novel that from the late seventies actually had a very good reputation. The film version in 1981. Of -- did not yet it was fairly savagely. Torture reviewed -- -- by by the critics there. The big question when a remake of this sort is. Did they improve upon it whereas the last one was bad is this one also bad no. From what I understand this one is in fact. On awful. And as we know god awful a little worse than they absolutely. Are. Spot. Sounds like a fine line film. Classes taught by friendly and somewhat free ski instructors. And just to make sure everything is maintained properly you have writing ideally. State of the art computer controlled system. Which unfortunately. Override is possessed by the evil spirit of the owners dead wife. Not on solve she uses the club to enact her bloody revenge and not on the beautiful members -- that if you ever wanted to see a rowing machine Ron mock the conduct spot. Is the movie for you our I -- don't sign up for deaths however this -- -- -- Whoopi Goldberg presents moms maybe a man who -- -- -- -- responses I had -- -- -- fabulous theory yes yes she's take about -- did not yes and I think I didn't get on stage rather -- often got an idea. Loretta. Mary. Egan is the feature on this documentary project that Whoopi Goldberg had been talking about doing for years and years. Majorly made we started off. In the black vaudeville stage which was also known as the shipman circuit. Back in the day. And she eventually crossed over and you know you'd see her on and Sullivan -- Douglas -- places like this. I think possibly because of her age and that sort of thing she is able to get. A bit bolder audits and her subject manner than many other people or able to as far as talking about poverty in and for Donald Ian welfare and alcohol and race she was given. A lot of latitude. And if you're not familiar with her work just. Really. Really a funny woman her material holds ups well. She was married young and divorced. She married -- rather a much older man. Early on in her life and she complained about old man often not. She had no interest in them as it turns out. She not in particular day and a male companionship. And -- life continued. But you have a lot of vintage video clips and recordings. As well as new interviews with people like Eddie Murphy Joan Rivers Kathy Griffin climbed copy and on that talking about. Her career. The biggest mystery though to me about this documentary is why. Why there's so many interview clips with Arsenio Hall. -- can't imagine he would never met her but for some reason there's always all over this thing. I loved about moms may -- is that -- she was an original there was nobody like every hole. Or. All of -- -- -- he's actually it was all as the azeris rumored romantic though no. By the African country has. Bounds line are wraps up all -- and is a wonderful we got to move is that we'll see you Monday at nine a month goes straight and -- thirty W via. Local -- -- never has to -- to be used.