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5-30 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes I'm doing can I am doing the show the same time of a multi tasker is a beach and governor of sandy beach. Now somebody may say hey they wanna have a gun buyback program what's wrong with that a strong it's inherently dishonest because of the way they sell. Here's -- -- solid we wanna get guns off the street. -- these guns and they're getting will not be off the street I guarantee you that the what I'm thinking of guns on the street on thing of guns of people carry. These are these will not be guns of people carry these will be discarded remnants antiques ancients non working whatever fill in the blanks okay. They also tries of that that is dishonest right there these are not street guns and also they well -- they'll tell you that it's it's safer. After -- -- by the that's ridiculous as a result is no evidence that any gun buyback program made the streets safer because of what I just told you. So they sell -- are on the fact that if it if just one of these guns had been used for -- blah blah blah blah blah. You know you can make that case for anything. You know if only this frozen lake of land somewhere ignored by everybody because my husband or wife could get into an argument and he -- -- without. Leg of -- and she could be hard. I mean that actually happen once this reason uses as an example. So are you gonna blow -- -- buyback program is ridiculous. It really truly yours but they're doing -- in Niagara Falls a week from tomorrow so I ask you two questions does it work and the second question. Is they're paying a hundred dollars for our quote assault weapons. It is illegal to sell assault weapons of New York State now. Not -- unless there is an exception for these programs. That's illegal. -- so I'd like to know how that works. Here's Nancy -- article Motorola calls. After running a gun buyback program last year the New York State attorney general's office and city of Nairobi police have Niagara Falls police department. Will offer their second planned event of cash for guns 10 AM to 1 PM June 7 that's next Saturday. In the former Niagara Falls police department headquarters a 520 Hyde Park boulevard. The buyback will -- 25 dollars for non working or antique fire arms. Fifty dollars for rifles and shotguns. 75 dollars for handguns. And 100 dollars for assault weapons payments will be made by debit card. The police superintendent. And the policy as superintendent. Which will provide money for the buyback. Last year's buyback was excellent if far exceeded our expectations -- del potro. What we try to do is provide a safe outlet for people turn in unwanted farms. Guns may be submitted no questions past. But must be unloaded. In place and a paper or plastic bag and -- blocks. Farms must be transported in the same way unloaded insecure to me about your box in the trunk of the car which is that that's good advice and -- All guns working or not will be accepted and people may surrender as many as they wish. Is open to all with the exception of licensed gun dealers in active or retired law enforcement officers so the reason I'm on our rail against this. Is it gives you false sense of hope security and safety it's dishonest. It's there to provide a goal for the city officials who are going to be on the 6 o'clock that's the only reason they do. Everybody wants that globe we did our best to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys and it's faulty. That's the point it's phony now if you like though those kind of phony platitudes. Then -- -- asked if you. Think if you think that I hear what -- doing this. -- a little fun thing. What is -- its next week -- next Saturday. Yeah and it's 1 until 1 o'clock in the afternoon in Niagara Falls. You know after a gun buyback program I'm sure that may be at midnight -- one. You can walk down third fourth Fifth Avenue no problem on a street I'm sure because all the guns will be who will be absorbed by this program. -- getting guns off their left. Who wouldn't who could resist the fabulous prices that they're offering for these -- And who would always still haven't gone already have seen -- you know a sane mind would still have a gun. It's just as dangerous as it was before. So they're selling you something that inherently is this August. Let's go to. A Gemini -- -- -- -- -- -- If you want it removed political organization these gun buyback. Operations. They should just give the precincts where maybe. Central station offer these rewards through these dysfunctional weapons all the time. So at any time you find it under discover -- in Iraq. You can take it and turn it and get the money fort not. Just when Byron once again. Picture on the news and the other thing is that. The people that participate in these things are inherently -- Because. If if they really want to get to -- off the street. Put in a box in the garbage man comes down the street and your Tuesday make sure you throw it in the back of the garbage truck and let him crush it up in the air it'll never be seen again. So if you really just wanna get -- you're gone beyond. Just throw it in the garbage. -- well -- -- -- help local Democrat. Well I hear you I would recommend to average truck -- but I know what you're saying and I hear your frustrations and his mind. Now and it's awesome it in the garbage sharply as you know what I do I purposely. I don't put guns are obviously. But even paperwork I'd make sure their destroyed magazines are our -- ripped up you know why because I don't want people want to trash. Look here's here's a magazine Bob O'Donnell throw -- white trash is trash if I put out political table or something fine -- it. But I I don't wanna do that you certainly don't put guns ash no way no -- -- shape. But I'm just saying that. Don't you get tired of being taken as a joke. When dice here or Byron brown or whoever the face of the latest gun buyback program might be. Stands in front of that camera you're being used. You really truly are as far as the people turning the guns and they wanna pay you money for for that old rotten -- it doesn't work anymore. It's inoperable whatever. Go or I'm just thinking that obvious -- -- part of that fascinates me. Because they must have a loophole they wouldn't be able to do it because it's illegal to sell those yet the solemn out of state. He can't sell them to other residents and though I didn't know you it's columns via. Both -- -- -- when they have one of these things and and houses on this the use of the state attorney general's snyderman. He I get more I get more. Emails from snyderman and my money's write me letters. I get four or five -- T national tournament. You know he's cracking down on his -- stand or. Of this -- that the other thing I was just he's -- might delete list. My delete button is nearly worn out from snyderman emails that I get every day you guys get him to get now. You don't -- how come I get I -- you don't preserve a producer and usually when I get Uga get a lot of junk put enough from them I get. 510 days sometimes just depends on what's gonna. Yeah all the thank you all for you undermine the minutia of of those videos of the outgoing email from the attorney general's -- is -- amazing. I'll take a -- will be back -- mark -- don't you think gun buyback programs work. Good luck to you if you do vote if that and what you believe in the Tooth Fairy -- And -- that does -- work are you safer I don't think so who works for the politicians at election time on today but as far as being safe on the street don't come -- will be back after. A quick time out while I mentioned summit. Because I don't Waller goal and think about all week and Hillary Clinton has a new book out right I told you how good Democrats are one thing positioning. They've positioned the opposition to the bad guys and and when they do that and every time the opposition brings up very legitimate issue. They're painted as hate mongers bad guys don't care about the floor they'll bleacher grandmother all that stuff you know it's it's that's what they do when they're good. Hillary Clinton's book the first excerpt. It was being quoted and our newscast now. She says I'm paraphrasing but this is post. I won't get into a political mudslinging campaign on the backs of dead Americans. She's talking about Ben -- So she has positioned anybody that wants that asked career. About Ben Ghazi. As just a political opportunist who's willing to use the deaths of four Americans for their own political views. That's what's called positioning. And that's why I don't like politics at all. Because that's the kind of stuff that goes on. There are -- legitimate questions will be asked about been Gaza but now when their grass after this it's all going to be because they aired their hateful people. That's all they just want to win an election they don't care if they do on the backs of dead Americans and that's. -- -- -- -- I just had to Mexico's drug mean. Okay the a big police second gun bag of buyback program and Niagara Falls. One week from tomorrow. And it'll go from 10 AM to 1 PM. And they're going to offer 25 dollars for non working or anti firearms fifty bucks for rifles and shotguns 75 for handguns a hundred for assault weapons. Which is strange to me because as I said you can't sell assault weapons in New York State now with the same effect unless they have. A loophole for government entities buying them okay and that's where it is. I don't like it as simply because it's it gives false hope and it's inherently dishonest it doesn't make the streets and say for. I guarantee most of these are not street guns that none of them broad street John's. Used by thugs they were not in and somebody's waist band or somebody's closet. And that's the way it goes but they'll of the publicity they heated up don't think. Let's go to stand in Rochester stander on WB yen. We'll get through things we're gonna. Many years ago I was that your honor and 1 candidate morning I was over crowded house. Without our hunting them down whoever has yet to locate and you have one of the okay to mother stood up where did it go right there he got up like a common and usually an -- Bambi -- -- -- that you're on. Oh man Wallace bed. You think about this program. -- -- video now I think it just another way. On both sides you know that area important for the guns and have done people and the anti gun people. As they don't care where you work and I cannot another way of just being in the public limelight -- -- agenda forward and keeping it alive so. That his -- -- I don't an unnamed yet much for the uninitiated a billion dollar industry and where the biggest gun dealers in the world. Weapon usually any. -- know they're trying to tell you that doesn't go until the person you know it's good. They we got a phone records did. Well my yeah my take on this though is the fact that the FRA. I've been an NRA member for a long time. But the RA isn't telling people who don't have guns go out and get guns what they're trying to do is protect the people who do have guns already -- use them for legitimate purposes so I don't think it's a both sides issue here but I do agree. That that that this gun buyback program is designed to just keep anti gun type of thoughts in the headlines. Edits Edison set at county. -- out there is deceptive. It rarely is it gives a false sense of hope. G the -- must be safer because I -- the -- that work. They're turned and I don't want -- there was going to be aimed at me thank god they got that 25 dollars instead. I mean that is. I don't believe in just scaring people. Now you're not scared because. You know you -- know something about guns. You are not scared because you know that it is not going to change with his gun buyback program but that's what they try to do they try to scare people into believing there's a benefit from something like this. I guess. That some people are vulnerable. I've always thought that the biggest problem. That we have as a gun owners is ignorance. And I'm not trying to be negative negative on that ignorance -- assembly meaning a lack of knowledge. And that's what it is the country was based. On with fire arms at the beginning without farms we would have a country now we have an overall long time ago. But the bottom line is if site if if somebody maybe an elderly person. Whose husband died and and there was a gun in the back of the closet was there for fifty years doesn't want it there anymore. That's -- wants some fun -- pro of that but don't solid. I mean I don't want the government to sell it. As a safety. Issue it's not it's a publicity issue you know how they have disclosure at the bottom. Of all the television ads and we have to do would verbally on -- every commercial and god help us to run a contest. The verbiage of the disclosure is more than the contest is -- but the bottom line is they should have to run a disclaimer. Saying that this in no way shape or form improves if you're the streets as far as safety is concern. Or your ability to get -- one piece. Has nothing to do -- that these are not gang bangers guns these -- not guns that were wrote. There were going to be used in a high east or talked and always -- in the shoot out these are guns that were totally. A district disregarded and in in the back of -- somebody's closet in the bottom about a drawer and haven't been used in years and years in fact one of the categories is. Guns that are antique or non operable. So basically what are they buying on a non operable gone. Piece of metal. Or -- a composite depending on the -- -- -- basically. And a door stop. If the government doesn't work if it's not operable they're buying a door stop. That's what is becoming a much safer going to be thank god goes not operable guns are off the street. I was worried as somebody who's gonna show me about must get. Those antique guns you know that cap -- ball stuff. That's rarely I've always been afraid of that. When I see somebody dressed in in a really weird outfit and he's ramming this this this cleaning rod down into the gun and he's putting a ball out there and man -- run or else I'll come on -- I don't like to have my in in my intelligence -- I have so little of that I need to -- guarded zealously. Okay but you're having your intelligence. Absolutely insulted if you believe that the gun buyback programs gonna make you safer. Don't believe that for a second they are like that sound -- they use of complex when it was a child. On the kid shows -- -- -- I don't have any childhood audio on torture and have begging -- cookies and we'll be back -- -- the police are holding their second gun buyback program in Niagara Falls away from the -- Yahoo! are all safe now. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB ES that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- -- their toll free line is 1806169236. Aggravates it -- but I am asking if you believe gun buyback programs work do they work are you safer. And if you ever wire rail against them. It's employee because they're dishonest they rarely are there dishonest. They're four appearance only they do nothing to enhance public safety give an example -- what they are. We're familiar with medical trials -- a new drug is going to -- of the tried. What they do is as they take -- group of people. And they give a half of -- The -- to see how it's it's gonna work okay is seeping get a license the other half. They give a placebo. The placebo. Will have no affect on you at all health wise not -- -- -- make you you know less healthy nothing but they have to do that. In order to have a fair and balanced look at the drug. Now you'll think you're getting a drug. So you your thinking that okay I'm probably going to a -- improvement in my health -- but it you're not it's a placebo. It's four appearances on it that's witnesses. That's -- this gun buyback program is it's a giant placebo. It's not going to make you better is not gonna make the streets safer. But it's gonna give the impression that it could. And that's all it's necessary and I guess it depends on what kind of person you are if you like government. What's that expression as sunshine up your way you understand the expression if you like that you know like this. Because if you don't care if it's a fairy tale or not you ought to believe. I want to believe that that non operable gun. Is going to make my life safer. I believe that that antique gun is going to make the streets a little safer to walk in if you wanna believe that and believe it. But don't expect me to believe it because I don't and I don't think most people do but there are some that go along starry no well. Every gun off the street has to make it say for these guys aren't even from street for crying out loud the price of dust on them and rust. It -- Chicago at the dust and rust buyback to at least that's their catchy title. And those of this money is coming from the state attorney general. So it's taxpayer money being used. To snow. While from the New York. Let's go to. Who's next somebody's been calling for a long time line for that's. Cheektowaga this is Jeff Jeff you're on WB yen. I can't be allowed agree agree with you 100%. It is a very able. And if you wanna get a ground legally. You can do that you hated the -- There -- all over the place. -- straight that are that are turning in things that are on I mean. I have got a -- writers conduct a Christmas. -- her -- so it -- marine never an. Army. Red Ryder model little Bieber red -- I love it. As part of it is that the assault -- -- there's -- little polish air because just in New York station did some sort of revenue. Devin have to reveal little ball because you couldn't seller to anybody else so bad there has to be a little -- as a consultant to the voice. All right there. Are inherently. Something where. I thank you thank government. Yeah it has to be a little poems say fact because otherwise they'd be committing an illegal act. But pay attention now seriously if you do have an automatic and on on America radio semi automatic weapon. And it's classified as an assault weapon. And storage and transport of the way you're supposed to if you if you're going to solid. To this though buyback program because -- -- -- be stopped by a cop on the way you know I would also do. Here's a -- also do besides. In the trunk. Totally unloaded packaged up so it's absolutely -- no threat to anybody. I would also write a note and put it right on the right on the package saying what it is and where it's going. So that if suddenly your stop for some reason. And they have a little probable cause and they as she opened the trunk. That notice right there so that would not then I think that would that the fact that it's being transported and safe manner. -- without ammunition were evident that directly no no magazine and it. And the whole the whole package and away from where he could reach. So you do that and put an -- -- -- pretty safe but if you stopped. And did in this assault weapon -- even use the term isn't registered. Then you could be in big trouble. Because they're supposed to be registered. Now if you took that same gun instead of selling -- -- the gun buyback program salute to your next door neighbor. 95 year old guy who's never committed a crime. In big trouble cause you can't do that and okay it's on to the cops know that this is one of those no questions asked things which I always find amusing. Because one great place that dumping illegal guns. I mean think about like this if you have a hot gun it's been used in some kind of crime. Means that line get your money for it and then they allegedly destroyed them. So there's no chance of that gun is going to be used the information for meg gonna go ballistic. And information a serial number information or fingerprints or whatever can never be used against you. And you only -- the -- going at the cops will do it for you. How good is that. I mean now that's what I call public service. Will be back tomorrow Beijing company under -- and I'm thirty and it's getting damn hot in here again. In Rome then what's going on this heating cooling. A selling Jerry Seinfeld on a will be back -- -- more of this on his right and I'm thirty WB. We're asking the gun buyback program in Niagara Falls a week from tomorrow. Doesn't work. And are you safer do you feel safer -- -- for those of your questions let's go to -- in -- -- on WB -- I can't -- your your funny guy and you're -- thank you. During three pronged approach here first of all I agree with you 100% he's been saying that for years. The gun buyback program is not incurred the gang bangers to bring in. There weapons internment. The good part about the program in you don't have to offer any money toward. Is the program where people haven't -- they don't want -- anymore they don't wanna go through that capsule. Bringing it -- -- -- bring it what do I do it fit. I have to answer questions -- return it and Joseph citizen who wants to get rid of a firearm can bring -- somewhere here you go this is the date the time and the -- were not asked any questions. Turn it and it's out of my house it's out of harm's way. And an amnesty program essentially you know jar and end -- -- money for. Let's say you're your sense -- -- what you're saying makes sense. For the purpose of it by by not offering money Florida making -- an event then. The faces don't get on television for that -- yours will work just as efficiently as there is but they prefer there's. Well here -- -- culture when we have the BBC check program sponsored by whatever political social. When we have a hazardous materials dropped off what the purpose of the gun buyback. To save lives. So -- -- -- whatever. How many more lives would be saved -- saving and improperly installing a baby seat. Should we pay people that when they commit to get the BBC. To make sure that that light is not going to be. You know we're not gonna lose another child -- ABC in the proper way or hazardous material Dropbox so. Something doesn't end up. Killing somebody because that's. Disposed of improperly. People lineup to get rid of and they have they checked. It's Fayetteville -- do the right thing that's the people they don't care. Are not the people that are coming to these things soap opera money is the political joke and it's costing you and me much. I'm going to you know your USB ecologically thank you very much that's exactly right first all would -- or Chelsea those are not easy to install. I -- did not require Obama nor were we gonna Wear them one on ones though born. But Tony -- been through that that's not an easy thing to do you got to really know what you're doing and installing SE to make sure it's it's a huge pain. The guys this bug but it's worth it yes as you said if they had experts or people who knew how to do it. Of making that available for free that that could save lives. In the hazardous waste thing is right the gun thing is -- publicity that's what it's for. It's to get their faces on television owns the op Ed as I said it's a placebo it's an appearance it makes you wanna think that things are safer. But they're not so because of that it's dishonest. And I don't I don't argue I would rather have something I don't agree with but an honest. Opinion. As opposes something I do agree -- that happens to be dishonest. It depends on what you want you want straight knows they wanted to tell you -- wanna hear. I mean that's basically witnesses and so it doesn't that doesn't work out who let's go to Franken is not a lot of frank you're on W via. Eight the program repeat but I'll like to know what they're getting it to your program -- -- or Iraq. And danger and I know what you pressures sort singer and I'd never heard roars. Sorry that you you know soared buyback program would be very valuable. Oh absolutely you know this -- bogus. Bogus program -- direct it all out shortage tell you -- bring -- you're you're tired it actually got civil war. Must get your revolutionary -- it. And we paid top dollar from the states. You know and in -- I think if -- is now I'm prepared to get there. The picture in the paper and a ticket that are out there -- shot -- politicians. Won't let that weapon itself would that solve a darn thing. And admit is that it's a critical element but -- -- it -- -- and pay. They're getting paid. To bring a weapon they worked it doesn't do anything and it may try and apparently at a financial weapons at all. It will -- -- a bit probably get -- military pick the local up Hillary for crying out loud. I love what they show what the other card table with six at 6 PM those Italy and anti aircraft guns in there and a bazooka as well. It's -- I don't think army armament museum but that this stuff up right. It just shot at a laughable thing because it is predictable every year. If you roll out this program and what makes me sick it's it's archaic. Dollars they're paying predicts that the that the bulk. And got nobody here anymore and -- ideology that opera how much more garbage strike are there out there that people are -- -- yet. So it -- into the 75 dollars and people are critical of either rock or whatever I'll sit there and a joke. So ticket ever happy and happy eating our -- practically -- it's. He. Lacked goals and eight errors that -- court. It's that according please cite history. And going to need it or we call the elements -- -- -- Already stupor programs itself not a. At first though some of the money start from the attorney general's office which of the Secretary General which is our money. And and your right they don't make the streets any safer these are guns not even on the streets. A you know -- they make you seem like -- disarming gang bangers with this program. But essentially grandma. Israel is something that was just that gathering dust in her closet for all these years and we're paying -- is supposed to be thankful that the streets are safer. While -- wasn't gonna use of the go on -- rob a 7-Eleven items I do that. Oh absolutely it's probably got that we're probably -- drop from could be the Second World War by her husband who served. It's presenting their run like. Now that he and the weight issue go to one you know at this -- and -- -- -- procedure turned -- -- you dollars -- gonna supplement current starter -- Her -- up our security. I think if if they want us to bring in things that though we haven't used in years that there are non functional I would broaden my ex wife. -- Just my caliber of czars as -- so I can I would your prank by a no I like straight talk really do. I'm like straight -- whether it's Roma a doctor a politician or anybody else I want them on the streets open and idea I would make my decisions based on what you Tellme. And when I believe but they excelled this as a safety program they sell this as. Something that makes the streets safer. And because of that they know it doesn't make the streets any safer really doesn't. And oh yeah Billy the example is the first -- level here non operable guns. So what are they buying what they are paying the money for -- non operable gun. A non opera bill or Nancy gets 25 dollars so one of these what are they spending 25 dollars in -- money for -- door stop. -- doesn't work is not really a gun is that piece of metal piece composite whatever they gun is made -- 25 bucks for that. Fifty bucks for rifles. Rivals -- very seldom used in the robbery. Or mugging shotguns 7500. Dollars for assault weapons as I said. There must be a little pole in the New York safe. That allows them to buy the assault weapons -- hundred dollars because you can't sell assault weapons and New York State now. So if you wanted to get ready your assault weapon you have to -- Somebody got to stay. That's the way it works. And I'm just say no wonder how they got that loophole there I guess it's okay for the law enforcement but not okay for citizens. So that's the way ago. The show is next. We're going to buy -- I have a popcorn buy back program. On newsreader and ability to Libya.

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