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5-30 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- the -- and then Nazareth and no luck ladies gentlemen viewfinder and more than amusing -- Hillary Clinton was married to Bill Clinton -- disgraced himself with an intern in the White House has named her book. Hard choices. Find that a little -- -- to -- maybe difficult choices would have been better. You know gut wrenching choices but hard choices knowing -- -- Well I'm learning all kinds of things that I am learning that a cowboy. Players hockey did you know that the Lone Ranger. Plays hockey a long range of one of our heroes I heard -- story Chris does this arts and I heard him say the Lone Ranger goal. So I guess all right it was on the guys that won a silver had a have a kind of footwear necessary to negotiate nice to be pretty different models. Going to -- give me a new coach and get media a good really good goalie Toronto. What do you think. The Lone Ranger girl I like that I want that wanna hear earn it. Hillary worked hard choices that -- just amazing now. I feel like an idiot today I'm not that that's much different than most days except today it was a double. OK I -- I can I get -- the Entercom executive elevator. And I'm about -- and coming into the building. And I what I do was I rubbed my fob I love saying that you know how many people get the rub their -- before -- -- big show you know. So I -- I usually rub my club against the move a little device that says it's okay to let him and and on the door unlocks right. Well I put my key is which is where my club is a -- my -- up against the the reader and nothing happens. -- -- -- -- This is. When your -- doesn't work well wasn't quite that dramatic. My club -- work because my fob was at home. I have keys that that sets are almost identical. Except one has my father and in my office ski on the other doesn't. -- took the wrong one that I got to stand out there and and hope that an -- employee. And we have been thrilled not to let anyone and that's I don't Parker. And I hope it's not some intern that doesn't know me or euros as somebody that -- aghast. Yeah I know was that one of -- GR people and they recognized me which was great there are times I wanna be recognized and when I don't have the keys to get in. That's one of them. So not only did -- of the keys in the building and of the keys again in my office so I'm not amend the lunch Rome. -- at a match at a real good scenario. There are biting this morning there were biting this morning. A sandy are today's somebody's birthday and if I tell you this you would know this person by her tabs. -- are always. Robbie rod. Yet out Robert rock happy birth video casts -- I don't know how old she is it doesn't really matter yet she has the body of its way he's -- -- and -- -- that -- After -- you know Iraq in order she puts like candles on Arabs. Elton John is saying that Campbell is on arrests I've had -- -- it's fabulous that she did you like I Metairie a year before I ever saw via. Because it's not something she shows up -- in her class. Although one day I went to see her -- and he into a video. And she was leading a class and that's the first -- -- the took the error. Would think -- -- observation would take place before a year. But there fabulous and that -- that I doubt she's seventy. No -- she might have well -- manager Kate that's habit at the the first voice -- matter was. At the -- Erica place yeah and -- -- she's a great person as very good at what she does obviously have Ebert did you Robert rock. And now here's the deal IE I understand. The Tony you took my advice and on the way home last night or sometime between the end of yesterday's show on the beginning of today's show. You took my advice and went to Tim Hortons and got -- fabulous frozen hot chocolate now give me your which I'm paying for by the way give me your review. First of all -- -- picked up nick after school and I said he's has been anywhere we -- -- so we have to make -- stop -- Tim Hortons is what you have to get and so while Maggette. It's called frozen hot chocolate and -- guys targeted. And -- and how to take a couple of steps all. My god -- brain freeze within ten seconds is -- -- it looks good too they got the whip cream coming out of the top of the spotless or how hot -- I wanna turn around and go back get -- I'll be getting some more tomorrow yeah house or you know you're given a thumbs up nowadays it's -- -- drive so we can be unanimous means Chris if -- ever near area Tim -- and it's hard to live in Western New York without being near its importance. Then you should get one. What you think I'll check out this weekend I'd good remind me to -- to pay off -- give united percent which uncomfortable. With us and all right let's see what else is going on a lot since lots of stuff is going on they did a feature. I'm because factor in game and that -- rate because one of the best times that I remember in my life. Kevin DeVine at that time was a salesperson is -- -- sales manager -- is different. And he was getting married now is invited to -- and play I don't like. Hopefully he's gonna get dressed. But I went because he's fine. At at you know they always have a favor at each place at each table favor. Usually something you don't really care that much about it's a little net with them omens and Anderson -- who plays. At each place at each table with the -- And and everybody was was it it welcome to have to have fun. And is the most fun I think I've had in years and years and years because everybody was playing a medley of their favorite hits as anybody can instantly play because -- You know only because the lessons. And it was just great time just a great time and I've remembered at all these years I don't know how long Kevin's been married but. It's. A long time now and the memories are still fresh neat yeah so -- -- zones because it was his it was. Nice job so they via a -- talked to the zoo people. Down there. Analysts say what else is going and let me tell you this. It'll be out cold day in hell. That I ever by a seat license for the permission to buy an overpriced ticket. So I can go to a stadium back. And far. And allowed just yet. Gotta be kidding me and cars has got to get real -- -- his head is in the clouds. Maybe maybe uses too much hair a process. As is always. He. Reminds me of his hair Abd Al big boys remember the big boys will be out in front via the fast food restaurant and they always had that. They had it was the big plastic. And argument big big classic guys he fits the bill. It's not like AE what's the matter -- you don't -- noted in San Francisco. In no stadium if you -- see between the forty imported got to pay 80008. Hopefully we're not San Francisco -- I don't know. Market is seen -- is in the Golden Gate Bridge anytime soon coming in is there a part. Station at at via. At the it's her office and -- that really angered me I don't think that's going to be successful and. All let me -- as a -- Ralph Wilson's not that long ago. He said that the ticket. That they sell for the bills in buffalo. Are relatively. Good bargain for the rest of -- and he's right but he said. And about wheat field that's what the market we will be able to afford. And I thought that was a -- a nice things for Ralph to say a good thing for Ralph this day. I'm now if Ralph we're here now he might be interest in NC licensing. But that isn't the way he talked before but if you really think about it this is not our subject today. The taxpayers end up ponying up a big chunk of a billion dollars some way shape or form so you're asked to pay for that. And not just to pay for an inflated ticket price. To help make the profit margin little big bigger for the bills but you're asked to pay for a licensing -- so you can buy that ticket. Imagine going to all I don't know -- going to let's make any the ball is going to -- say before you come in Ramallah spend any money to give us money. There's an entry -- Yeah one of McDonald's that may be awakened by his big Mac we need twenty bucks from -- that will allow you to buy -- big Mac. I'd say take that big Mac and do it where the sun don't shine. I would take a break so I'm sure in the future will be talking about that but I'm very -- seat license I think it's just extortion. Is what it is. And keep in mind the bigger markets did it have a huge corporate pace. And and corporations by eight. Tickets for NFL games and and use them as entertainment -- write offs you can't write it up unless publisher in particular. Group. So you just wrote you're paying for the stadium. You're paying for the right to a seat and -- paying for the seat. You'll also be -- I'm sure for overpriced refreshments and parking. So welcome to the NFL experience. Will be back after. And of course that things are easy for you things -- easy for -- things -- is -- for all of us except the cameras police because as -- According to the cameras be have to answer some of those calls that you would dread -- Japan on the badge. Another great police department we've always said that. But sometimes the people that live within the confines of the analysts police decide that to be lawless. That's when the cameras police have to be called an election and I've got two examples right here. From the -- be this happened on Monday may nineteenth. A motorist on interstate 99 the reported that a teenager through a slushy -- car. At the police responded could not find the kid that threw the -- so that's what we're getting that we're getting slushy streets and in in an amorous right now. At a red slushy so -- ever -- car that's not a good thing we don't recommend throwing any kind of beverage or cars or -- I'm usually -- article of especially vote. Leave leave the -- a moment that's that's a call the the cameras he's at a follow up article looking for maybe it's a slushy of fingerprints. A red -- you might leave a little red residue in and CIS would you're getting -- -- that she'd ever done she know exactly that are now you think that's bad. We hear about this one in employee of remains this is a may 21 the crime never stops and hammers. An employee of a mainstream grocery store reported six teenagers and of the store. About a bag of potato chips opened it up and dumped it on the floor and then ran out why it. What's going on here food part we got a slushy now we got a bag of chips on the floor. At least I think that's -- -- material right there -- will either be a little swap. I'm thinking he measurement Coptic yours ago and really -- hop on -- off. I'm a member of a a better dollars yup -- we dropped some chips on the Florida -- arguments that -- a problem and they would chase the kid over the fence. And then wrestled him to the ground as they haven't found because they always -- which you think -- be a little more polite when dealing with these. Oh and lying on the ground. And -- it went in just a well prepared imposition if if if you're program on the floor and thank you very much if not I'm going to jump one. A lot of the chocolate common alleles don't know there are. But that those -- two of the things now here's another one. And sometimes. The crime reports are so on usual. That the cop probably doesn't even believe it OK now let's. I mean is this may be the first time that this has ever happened just listen to this could be it would be in the Guinness book or workers. On Tuesday may twentieth on interstate 219 -- A motorist reported that a driver. Cut in front river and as it was passing made an obscene gesture. Vote I don't ever I don't remember ever in that as you're driving -- -- somebody who's driving like an idiot. And and you gotta get items they get by them as you go by yourself frustrated did single digit goes up. Why well that's pretty remarkable and unusual -- I bet that hasn't happened burial and Amber's. -- Hard times. The hard streets of grammar and some. Of my Chicago exactly. Now John -- and -- feel like John Lennon. Some of his artwork is going for sale. Drawings palms and froze for his in his own right a Spaniard in the works. They've been owned by the publisher of for many many years and now some of them 89 pieces of them. Are going on sale the drawing one of the drawings were -- thirty years later as a cover The Beatles released free as a bird. Written by Lennon and 77 a nine page manuscript. A Sherlock Holmes parity titled -- sing girl large experience of miss and Duff field English. Is estimated to bring fifty to 70000 so John -- and a still getting -- a big money. For anything that he touched except the local. -- -- If you don't go and sonoco and to have access to. Below -- you have to show like the issue org if you had over five yes but I I like him now. The idea because they sent us water. Where easily bought. It could very easily but he's ever bottled water over your or your best -- I'm just saying you know you can always have water that's that's the topic yes. Susan Boyle Susan Boyle after a push -- hard to believe that. Her groundbreaking performance was five years ago -- Britain's -- down. Yeah five years ago analogy she's 53 years old guard to a 21 day. -- -- And it starts -- October 8 in San Diego. In tickets are on sale June 9 she says I didn't have the confidence going to a report this I didn't have the experience -- can hardly wait. And I'm very excited about it that was one of the. Most magical moments I have ever seen. When she stepped out and she. Let's be honest by anybody's imagination -- from -- Did not look like the kind of person that would that was going to be well received by the audience -- the judges Simon Cowell right raises eyebrows. The the woman on the panel gives a -- god. When she opened her -- And the angels nine. It just transformed it was like you know it was. It was the reaffirmation. Bet you don't have to be physically beautiful to be a beautiful person. That voice came out of there it's like I got goose bumps. I I haven't on my computer. And I watch -- couple times a week where pop up there as there I know what's gonna happen and I know what exactly. But it's great it's great so she's on tour America we're glad she is. I will be back tomorrow beach company under Israeli about thirty we are WB yeah. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight -- -- WB's. Heat and. Tiger I don't -- got to feel Massa newsmaker of the bill was Susan and John of the morning or Tom show or my show they're all available on the matter and that. Simply go to WBN dot com and there it is and listen at your leisure. Let's see what is going on a first of all I promise of Brent lacy that I would mention the great show she does on on KB radioed that the fifteen when he. At 1030 on Sunday mornings is all about food and this week's show featured Joseph -- one of the owners of Scotch and sirloin. -- -- owner of singer farm that trolls grows garlic and tart cherries. -- is that with -- farm natural -- I thought it was something else on start but that's nice of buffalo perks burger with previous a lot of the things -- all food all the time. Yes she does something going on now Brenda is -- about burgers in asking about top beings and things like that so. I replied. Of course the other the murder capital of the world is Randolph New York just those who you know the RNM restaurants on mainstream right at the expressway they cannot. You cannot leave your life without going -- And getting a duke burger. She asked that question who has the best cheeseburgers in Western New York and believe me I've eaten cheeseburgers and almost every place there is to eat cheeseburgers. Nothing touches that one except me of course when I go. So check that out meanwhile let's say you know what's going on today we're talking about I saw this. I couldn't believe it. Once in awhile users know come on what are -- doing this far. -- you vote yes that is as yogi says its schedule all over again and here we go it's another gun buyback program. For those of you uninitiated to -- gun buyback program in order to gain. A little time on the 6 o'clock news. And short card table with a piece of felt covering and some really nasty looking weapons. Every once in awhile the city of buffalo and now the city of Niagara Falls to a gun buyback program. They get a grant -- get some money from someplace and then they -- guns that are guns many of them in name only. Many of them inoperable. I'm certainly no not of these were used in in recent heists and stuff like that. But that's what they do and they buyback as many as they have money for. And then at the 6 o'clock moves they show it morals -- the field lots it's the biggest scam in the world. It doesn't save any lives. It doesn't take guns that would have been used for bad purposes off the street no no gave us in the gang members there flashing gang signs as -- were in line. Idea to turn him a deterrent and their little plastic guns not the case. OK and so for all of the and and this is appalled -- there is so Great Falls right them. -- -- -- Byron brown he gets a -- facetime on TV but it's useless as a useless program it doesn't work it doesn't help I mean. Much you thought that those weapons were really going to be used for bad purposes which you know bode they've never shown any indication that they -- and I know it doesn't say in this article but it that we know in the buffalo program. That it's no questions asked I know it's no questions as in Niagara Falls through. But in buffalo specifically window that we turn of the -- they don't do any testing. They don't do any ballistics testing. Anything like that it's no questions asked. And so I said being the Smart -- that I am if I just committed a crime. And I used a gun in the crime. I would go there and sell -- to the -- Because it's no questions asked him and they destroy the guns allegedly they just I've never seen video of that which in fifth you'll be concerning the man. And showing what they -- ever seen them actually destroying the -- something and if a bad ass. And I just committed a crime with a gun. And I met the gun buyback program and turning it and because now after they give me the money that I'm going to get for it. They're actually you know I'm rewarding my criminal activity they're going to destroy the guns so that will never be used as evidence against me. Is that a sweet deal. Now I don't know if any gang members are crooks do that I'm just thinking in my warp the mind that that's something they could do you know. It's not too bad of an idea this was the legs in Niagara Falls will be a lot safer. It's different all the shooting seemed to be somebody gets shot shot in the -- shot in the leg maybe eight maybe they just need to you know weapons training. I've been a good -- well that's a good if people are stable I don't know how long -- of the sites. But anyway so -- and -- gonna have won there. Now it's sunny and -- pay attention you gotta pay attention. The buyback will off firm 25 dollars for non working or antique firearms all right so those are going to be news. Fifty dollars. For rifles and shotguns. 75. Dollars for handguns. And 100 dollars for assault weapons payment will be made by debit card. Now it's only want to answer a couple of questions for me all right having just read this. I'm Niagara county is and what state that would be New York's New York State. New York State has a very stringent. Gun all what's -- call that would be -- act the safe act. In the same effect it says that you cannot sell. Assault weapons. You can't sell. You can't -- so I like to know if you can't sell assault weapons how they're going to pay a hundred dollars for assault weapons I'd like to know that. Now maybe you're assault weapon was always registered. But even if it was registered. I don't know if you can sell as a as a citizen and a solid but now if we if we had to say back in front -- -- there may be a little asterisk in there below last expo you go to the gym and was the exact cause a lot of analysts and -- -- A lot of big asterisk and almost no little restaurants but anyway. It -- if you if you had a copy of the -- active front view there may be a little last search it says except on government buyback programs. But if if you have an assault weapon right now and you wanted to sell it to your neighbor you can't it's illegal. If you wanted to sell it to anybody you can't it's illegal you'd have to sell an out of state it would have to go out of state. But here at last I checked Niagara Falls is in New York State. And they're saying would give a hundred dollars for the assault weapon. So it's not that works to be -- -- -- first of all I'd like to hear from you if you think big gun buyback programs work at all. What you get is junk -- you get our door stops base. Okay. They're not going to be used in crimes so -- it's a little feel good public's. Public display of how the government's trying to protect you when indeed it means nothing. I'm like your opinion may be believe -- In 0309301806169236. Start 930 participants are open to all with the exceptions of licensed gun dealers. An active or retired law enforcement officers. And if it's them it is there is no questions asked. It's foolish will be back with more would be each and so while. Killers like she's out of behavior that story and that's those of some guy callers -- -- some guy column was upset that I didn't take a series -- tone with the -- story you don't understand it if he threw that and he had an elderly drive -- -- he swerved and then hit some kind of a landmark her house could come across a major damage and you know there's. There's no quitting network to -- story is much more -- Russell made and it's called for those of you don't know what's called Lamar I don't know you know I know that was hard when -- get about job killers such as we should all be aware of that I think this should be a killer slushy it's a month. I empire -- he slushy buyback program and -- knows -- -- -- I think this should be a picture of a slushy -- day around circle at a rail line through it now -- -- assault by 7-Eleven and they have it was a bought out their -- and farm so there's a lot of seven elevens around there and I know many view. And if you're going out there and your putting your face and a slushy today as it's going to be warm. Nothing like no warm day in cold slushy but please refrain from tossing your slushy. Toss it in your mouth. Toss it down your elementary canal but don't trust that a motorist because. Trouble consume lawlessness. Lawlessness the crime I hated -- -- -- respectful and law and order. All right it was a better -- that better thank you very much. My god can -- -- the emergency room what happened he has -- on his face are you wasn't expecting -- -- out what's next banana sweats. I'm just saying -- While Mexican open -- be throwing spotted catch your. We can't have back to larger English where they eat a lot of that I still have that -- by the way spotted Dick. Paul once put a picture of a camera spotted act on his website. And I just thought. I was in England on my animal but I never heard of that in the auto was. So I went on guts comments on my sister Beverly can cause an issue appreciated. And -- hook up a but I still have the camp. And I don't know if it's expired analysts expect spotted it expired yet because you brought that in and I remember looking at the date as we we've -- about opening up -- flying an army air would have been a breakthrough show the debate -- -- and so you think it's expired I don't -- bed. Spotted -- -- them into whatever it is. All right we're asking about. The gun buyback program and Niagara Falls it's a week from tomorrow. Yeah it's a gun buyback program article by Nancy Fisher. In the Buffalo News. They're doing it for the second year in the gonna pay money I have some questions first of all doesn't work the answer is no I can answer that -- for you right away but the second question is when they list the guns -- gonna pay money for. It was the hundred dollars that they will pay for assault weapon. Well first of all. Assault weapons costs a lot more than I'd and and if you wanna turn and final urge your business your gun. But new law. Unless there's an asterisk that says except for government buyback programs prohibits the sale of blow vote what they call assault weapons. So holiday buying them and at what you're transporting. Your assault weapon now there in the article explains how you're supposed to transport firearms. They should be in me about. Bag -- package unloaded secured in the trunk of your car and that's good and that all works and always recommend that safe transportation and legal transportation. But if you it stopped. On your way -- a gun buyback program. And for some reason oh I don't know you governor expired played your tail lights out whatever and they have some probable cause to look in your car and they're jerk. By your -- assault weapon in the trunk. And I'm just wondering if if you don't have it registered. That's an illegal weapon in New York State now. And you're not allowed to sell. Now as I said maybe you can sell it the government buy back programs which are not allow themselves than anybody else so I'd like to know how this is going to work out. Matt has coach who Tom in buffalo Tom here on WBM. Yes in the -- -- my biggest complaint is that when me. I bet he's guns. They don't check the serial numbers he would but he was stolen or lost. That's true or use that a crime. You know or for the ballistics tests for use in a crime. Exactly and I mean there's people out there that you know date their houses were broken made up of good collection on you know the old guns and happened. These people get rattled by its own back for -- buyback. And has no questions asked. And of the buffalo program I know they they allegedly destroy the -- so. You could knowingly selling guns to the police that was used in crime and they'll destroy -- -- -- man and not a good idea of summarized it you know. You know there at night you very much. About like this is seriously. It's so transparent. But they do -- they keep doing it so what does that say. They. Either they don't understand that everybody knows it's a joke or they don't care they just want their time on television. Because they'll be enough facetime. For them to show you the weapons that were turned in today in the streets of -- and that's the biggest load I've heard many years. With the counting on is there is people who don't pay attention to anything in life -- and they're gonna it makes it look like they're doing something and they get votes and you'll get if. Plus one done. Was used in crime this was worth it when -- hear those kinds of statements wanna I wanna -- to be honest with you. Because it when it does is it's just insults your intelligence. The guns that are turned in our not are not. Used in crimes. Of although they could be here as I gave -- a loophole where. Because they'll destroy the go -- for your their guns that were in the back of a closet may be a dad died or grandpa died or whatever. And they don't you want round or there they don't even work. They did not functional. Or they just don't want a morale because they're afraid of guns and whatever but it doesn't do any real value to -- to fighting street crime. By buying these guns it's it's a show for the politicians. I'm sure that the the mayor up there in Niagara Falls. A week from tomorrow night maybe around 6 o'clock you'll be on the multi annual show he'll show you these guns that and show guns. -- some of those guys look like they came off of these town hall and in your local town square they look like you know those big canons they use the use in the civil war. They'll turn and everything. A cigarette lighters that are shaped like a gun. Maybe bubble gum guns. But the point is they do it for their own gratification and -- It doesn't help the safety of the Paul. I'd also like to know how it works when you're not supposed to sell an assault rifle. How -- by an assault rifle. You know exposes zealots anybody except out of state accepted wireless as a loophole for these kind of programs. We'll be back tomorrow between government industry and I'm thirty W via.

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