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Made in WNY: Kazoos Part 1

May 30, 2014|

WBEN's Brian Mazurowski takes us to Eden, NY for this installment of "Made in WNY"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's been called the only all American instruments. And it's made right here in Western New York in -- and that the -- new factory in museum Kathy writes works for the museum and says it's been that way from the very beginning. Well legend has it that the factory was owned by mr. Richardson around 1950. It was this sheet metal plant for teammates -- -- tackle boxes. And -- approximately around nineteen sits sixteen ministers rocket MacIntyre came and that we believe. -- began that it was -- -- because to mr. Richardson redesigned his presses it we've been making almost continually Epperson. And they're making those two -- on the very same machines ever used a hundred years ago.