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WBEN's Brian Mazurowski on The Kazoo

May 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- that introduction let's welcome WB in reporter Brian zarrella he's good. He joins us live from home. But considering the fact that you're in the week you virtually -- of the radio stations we can understand. Hi Brian. Right here aren't aren't here and there aren't you -- understand you know we we heard you plan to do is Lou earlier on your reports and we think that -- you anyway we'll get to that in a minute. But her stellar listeners about the -- who factory. But you visited this week it's part of all summer long made in buffalo series tell us about it. Better because you'll factory is in the lead and then that your arrival along the main road and even. You might miss it if you -- course needs it's that -- it's really tiny it's just the storefront and then a very small. Little shop in the back and it's hard to believe that out of that little factory. Comes every single medal could you figure c.s sold everywhere and -- stamps which could -- and even in the New York the all American insurance and it's made a right Derrick he -- that little factory that Serbs and the air from the very beginning how. Because zoos today make. Do you know. I I can't think of the number off the top my act but they. Every single concealed and I'm not I'm not lying when I say every single metal could do they -- comes out. Of that little factory sort of principle on the world they don't make the plastic into the -- sea and -- -- -- shop in the front there. Has some plastic is -- that arm may buried in the US somewhere else. But they don't make those ones so your plastic could do not eating presume that all the metal could -- that you see army. And this ship their products all over the world. Picture of all over the world -- people from all over the world. -- you -- -- -- that is -- factory I was surprised if you make maps. The United States and they had to move to the second one because there was so many. Push pins -- notes. On the first man. But it basically when you calmer because new factory you would -- and then choose the map where you're from. Anders are on the -- US and all around the outside of the map. Our little notes and little piece of paper and lots of people all over the world. Okay machine that is true factory. Now I don't know what they made the trip -- dispute could -- factoring that certainly a long way to go to Utica new factory. An awful lot of people from all over the world stop in the next annual factory. Because we could do well it's the all American electorate and -- -- that right on the package. It's a world wide economic well. And it miss Brazil is pretty important to the town of -- too isn't it. It is it is very important and I was being told when I was out there this week. Then it's really important for their children to know about because -- factory that's one of the things extra. They like to teach. The kids how important this new factory is eaten because of race and business. To all of the year shops all the restaurants. Along main street and route the other places and even at its army. Talent its that the -- onslaught of -- who stands and see when you drive out there. So when people come out to work it is doing its. Now they're short drive. So if you're out there to see because -- factory. You're probably gonna want stopped for lunch somewhere you might wanna pick up some food snack alongside the road. So it really dry -- some business for the town to meet demand how cool is it to say. You know you're from each New York it's such a small little town box. It's a home under -- view -- -- all American -- Okay do you have your presume handy -- -- with you right now. You don't want to have my -- come on Brian. Brian come out. At your desk. Okay this. -- -- We're going to go to explore what this see again. Or insult yeah. Plus we may have a little -- before you get in here. And that is that there might I made myself. So it sounds better than any recruit who you felt it that's why. All right guess what was just electric fan I've got it right here that would -- -- the -- -- -- student. I just -- decided to put it through the dishwasher first and -- and -- Support the portrait dishwasher or is that right or. Older. The news. You figure your -- something or about two box. It's not a lecture to law eligible to ask you -- -- the cost those and that's you how much is because you cost. I believe -- dollar more if you wanna make your own but it sure about two dollars for the extra two dollars that anyone can play the all American instrument and real -- -- just out forever they were telling -- are people who pick. Resume doubt that the addict. Some of these old barns and then you -- -- there are about a hundred years old big kick and then. They're still going and inside because you in that top park. There's a little membrane maker of flat stick out and the little ring right now. And they used to be made. Well what I've told a Houston native got. That little member and it -- plastic now. Not sure why they had six that they told me that all the action even. Got together and decided that we don't want our people using our guts to make remembering the -- You can have -- in my. Okay we'll let you go. On that note and we'll look forward to your reports next week so far folks Brian has focused on Salem news sales hot dogs and -- today. But he could -- factory town in Eden. And I knew two of his new artist Joe Cannon is downplaying 128 different musical tracks all mixed together again. Do we kind of -- you -- into the.

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