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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Stadium Talk with Erie Co. Exec Mark Poloncarz

Stadium Talk with Erie Co. Exec Mark Poloncarz

May 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking on the WB inline find this morning with Erie county executive mark pulling currents about stadium issues and stay in ownership mark thank you for joining us. The morning. Now if if you ever feel like. Firemen putting out a fire every time there seems to be a new development with respect to an owner or stadium site with the story. Pretty much in it usually does it. It's not so much underdevelopment and it's a drummer and then we've got to put doubt it's just one of those things that occurs people care about the Buffalo Bills. We worked very hard for this new leash. That we're only here to vote for him people are worried about what will happen in the future. And I understand the issue. Clark one of the remarks you made yesterday that really intrigued me and probably a lot of other people close. When you said you knew for a fact. That there are prospective owners. But none of us and media have reported on and that some of these prospective buyers. We'll want to by the team with intentions to move it out of buffalo. Well like you know there's individuals who contacted my office in the past I don't know what they're actually gonna put an updated. What we've done in the past who's sent them to the Buffalo Bills organization. Everyone wants to know exactly what's going -- -- I can tell the people of the westerner and I don't know exactly what's going -- -- and may have more protection and the general public. And I don't know exactly what's going -- Amber's. Really for individuals who have a good idea from the perspective. Bidders are those of the four trustees that mr. Wilson struck. Starting that. Wolf from -- so what I wanted to basically look the public know it's. Just because he three or four names in the film in the news doesn't mean those are the only tree or names of individuals. Or interest in pershing between. There's there's them unfortunately -- being in some ways a lot of I won't -- desperation but. So people are are are taking this too too much heart there like every day that they're worried there. They're they're thinking only about the Buffalo Bills in the longer -- the focus a lot of good things that are going -- our community -- feel confident we're gonna have. In order that we can work within the stream will be here for a long time. But -- and I am not spending every moment in my day focused on the Buffalo Bills. And I dealing with a lot more than most average people that are already in the people who are were really spending. -- in some -- I think too much time focusing on this it's out of our hands. Were passing -- information perspective voters so Buffalo Bills and that many technical premiere. We talked earlier this hour mark with a writer at the sports business journal about the the balancing act between renovations. And discussions on a new build. It for for the Buffalo Bills and he mentioned PS -- personal seat licenses as the new model in a state -- age for generating funding for stadium projects. What do you weigh in on those. On paper pistols we ought to keep. -- sell the current week's world there's a 130 million dollar worth of work that's being done at the stadium right now. Which roughly forty that is coming from the county sixty from the state and you're thirty from the Buffalo Bills the personal PS cells being used. On the Buffalo -- portion of the we were able to do the -- without personal reflections. Now it is the sort of ignore all of new stadiums. -- there I was gonna read yesterday about it local media to ask you what you expect he -- part of -- stadium match first up. When you know portability stadium. But everything has to be discussed on the table he can't take off. And it wouldn't shock -- eat it with new ownership well you know we're gonna -- over the stadium I would like personals -- -- to help pay for -- costs associated with a people in this community some have indicated to me that they would support yourself and -- groups -- they would turn overseas and tickets and they wouldn't buy tickets. I really don't know we've. We've discussed that has been working group that far maybe polling. People were actual season ticket holders see they'd be willing to or just the result of the article the stadium. Remember too big yeah we still don't even know we're going to be over the stadium. And a media walk around at Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday and saw the changes that are going to -- -- many of them were shocked they didn't realize how much was being done. A good it's coming election at all -- I think people. When they -- walking and to the stadium and for the first pursuit game the first regular season game are critical while the music or not not our father or grandfather well -- state. Quick question about the sale of the team the remark -- you say you know this whole thing does not consuming your life. But that you do think about -- it does weigh on you let me ask you this. Are you personally worried. About the high bid for the team coming in from Canada a bid to good for the -- trust to turn down. Listen but I can't sit here and think about it every moment every day I've got issues that I can do and county government weather shall protect services wrote our budget. Insuring that our our -- gets done. There are issues I'm worried about -- yesterday. It was announced a lot handles corporate commercial for two billion dollars. That's that is substantial amount of money -- in Los Angeles. But it was much higher than it ever -- -- -- -- franchise so the question is -- -- -- should go much higher amount than anyone expected. We really won't know until. An excellent view on current ownership group. Announces that they chosen a new owner I've spoken to mr. Brandon I've spoken to mr. Clinton and they know my. My request -- my wishes which is to. Pick the owner of that and keep the team in buffalo. I don't know that the decision that the to trust he's gonna end up doing if they had that getting a bit that's so much higher than anyone else. I don't know what -- say they can turn it down they may have the fiduciary duty to shut that. The best that we can -- show any prospective ownership group that we're moving ahead. Keep the team down and then one final thing that we remember this is the only -- -- in New York has some strong supporters and the governor and senator Schumer. Who wanna keep the team here and I'm sure they would put departure that they can what are the other -- to ensure that the NFL doesn't move this -- All sought I'm not saying actually you're worried about the team league. It's something that that we have to deal with which is ensuring that we put in place that things that are necessary to achieve your long term and that's what we're doing right now. Hit it two billion though for the clippers and I think it's such a staggering figure. Everybody in any professional sport should be taking notice of that you agree. I agree Evian earlier this year the Milwaukee Bucks sold for 550 million dollars let's say around that with the stipulation that they stay in Milwaukee that was a substantial. We were expecting that the insults somewhere in the vicinity -- 300 million potentially billion dollars digital hired. I don't think it'll go over two billion because. Not Washington Post media market. But it certainly could go both of -- in dollars if some of the stretch them with regards to recent MBA sales an indication what is your keep but I. Mark we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. -- --

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