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5-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Muslim candidate Obama brought. -- for the sport. Yeah I don't know you're not. And an end. -- system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- you're the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover yeah. You don't do something like they're being told. Yourself and it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Oftentimes talk radio is serious stuff and oftentimes talk radio of the present but. Passengers are hurt all day today is the fact that dumb. And dumb to TO. Which Kerry -- just an open is coming. There. Now but you know all I hate to say -- because Jim -- didn't make it anti gun but he still probably a total hypocrite but I gotta battle. Dumb and dumber is cheaper than therapy. I mean I haven't ever fans have watched that movie and it makes me laugh it's likes upshot it cracks me up every time. So I hope that -- and number tool is as good as dumb and dumber one. Ever so in moments that I have forgotten about. Bet I was able to re live having bought the -- pretty dumb and dumber. -- -- guys I've just put that out here. If your woman laughs to dumb and dumber you know that that's a good sign right there. Now it is ten minutes after six who's ready. Ladies if your man laughs too much the development over probably got to get out of that one anyway. We are with you under is ready at 930 WB -- -- hourly. And amid become yesterday that as neo. Conservative area. Politically it. I often feel like. The law only used person in the world. And we haven't had a convention. In fact I don't even think as much as I wanted to do various. I have not yet set down to write the conservative area manifesto. Which I'm dying to do when I get time. Could have got a lot of vacation time coming -- so on vacation I think that's one of the things and go to do the conservative area manifesto. Because. It'll folks ever since then -- -- And frankly ever since. The dawn of the day of Obama and the clintons and the Hillary's end issue rumors and the policies. I have been increasingly. -- -- here. Of the accelerated rate at which our freedoms are in grave danger don't use the word grave I mean great. I'm not given to being a drama queen in my professional life. I said that from my personal but I have given to being met in my professional life. But what I use the word grave I mean grave. And I made the comment yesterday that what surprises me the most. Is not. The overall assault on our freedoms. And basic building blocks of American society like the constitution specifically the bill of rights. What amazes me is the accelerated. Rate. At which you are being enslaved and and trapped. By government and you don't even realize. Because the population is kept. Frankly distracted and -- -- with bread and circuses. And politics as a word is a boring word. Others. You say politics -- a party watch the people flock for -- You say hey what are you gonna do. When a cop -- Richard Doran says I -- coming your house. Suddenly you might find you've got an opinion from people well does he have a warrant now. Well that now he doesn't come -- Q that's the right answer. First I'm concerned. And one of the mentality is that. Drives me crazy. Is the go both -- horrid -- group rhetorical workable holes. You know. People like that wanna hear them on other talk -- Not a violent man. In that case I kind of make an exception. Or broker or an awful hard. No history teacher writes -- what separates separates that the United States from other countries. And you need to stand up for that every chance you get and every opportunity you have. Whether it is the Second Amendment and New York safe. Whether it is the First Amendment whether it is the Fourth Amendment whether it is equal protection under the law. Folks every single freedom you have. Is either under assault or is going to be under assault. And they will always bring out a dead body. Too emotionally make the case as to why you should surrender your freedoms. All right politics by emotion government -- geologic government by your rationality. Anti motion only. Without any sense of reality. At what are the problems zoos and don't -- disagree. Or agree. One of the problems is we have a political class in this country that we were never supposed to have. We're supposed to be a citizen politician nation. You farm you go off the congress for a couple of years to four years you come back. And you go back about your business. Although interestingly many of founding fathers actually were career politicians at the bottom of the ball. But. And I'm not sure whether that was a myth of American politics because I think our our founding fathers were Smart enough to know that they were laying the ground work for political class by not putting term limits into the constitution. Although all I would -- George Washington probably. Could have been president for a third fourth and fifth term. -- he wanted to quit you wouldn't live that long but had he wanted to. But when you have a political class. When you have a class of people. All they do is govern. All they do is make lawless. All they do is talk with lobbyists. All they do is look ahead to that next political plot. That next pension they're gonna get that extra free health care option they're gonna have available to them. And they're willing to do any thing including Shirley you and your freedoms. To protect themselves and bears down the line. -- to enrich themselves and bears down the line. You're setting yourself up in my humble opinion. For disaster. And when I look at the future of this country frankly I think it's bleak. I think it is bleak in terms of freedom. And I think it's bleaker in terms of the population. Because much like the war on drugs. Where we've spent billions and billions and billions and billions and we've accomplished absolutely nothing except. Adding misery why the war on drugs and not drugs themselves. Well it's a relative thing. But I submit to you that the war on drugs has caused more misery than drugs themselves. I can't prove it it's an opinion. I submit to you bet. If you believe the war on poverty. Was a failure. Because all it did was create a dependent class that is now an intergenerational. Dependent class and that's all they know. They don't work for a living they know every gimmick game. Every manipulative tool to take advantage of every single social program that is there and frankly can live better than you working full time job when you've got that situation going on. And you say well this doesn't make any sense. We keep throwing money at this problem and it's not getting -- We failed to apply the same. Rationale where the same metric. To the war on drugs for example. As we do to the war on poverty. Never quite understood that. And getting back to it. I wanna know. How. You. Describe yourself politically. And whether. You think you're the only person in the world feels the way you do. Now nobody on this planet is gonna believe with you on every single solitary issue. You may be very that somebody will love them respect them. All of them. But. We're gonna agree 100% of the time on everything. Now you will not. But there are certain commonalities. Among them an appreciation of freedom and appreciation of -- fathers and appreciation of of the bill of rights. There're certain commonalities which I think. Are uniquely American political loser. And I never thought that it -- here. And actually described the future of the country in my opinion is pretty bleak. With an all out war being waged. Against freedom. Government -- year. Never thought we -- That be having this conversation. Now I put this up on my FaceBook yesterday. I made an offhand comment bet politically I feel like the longest person in the world as a conservative Terry and but it seems to have hit a lot of like minded free thinking people. That was based out of emails I received yesterday and I asked as a -- on the year now how about you. I used to be a Republican but changed to a conservative a few years ago. Is there any other way to be conservative option is there any other way to be then conservative. I think not. Now Rachel who invented the term conservative area and I didn't make that term up. But the first time I heard a couple of -- -- big ego that's me. We are -- it but that is not always a bad thing as an original conservative area and we are unique. However yes Tom we are -- in our conviction. Interest. Our former Republican says -- more independent that can stop them conservative and I'm a vegetarian. So I guess that makes me a bad dependent very nice very very very nice I'm glad. There's so many other words I could use its use thrown one more variable into the mix. Brad says he's just plain weird Deborah says are more robust than you think are there. Michael says he's pretty much on board with my politics. Tom says speak up don't be afraid be part of the discussion whatever the issue. Michael I'm with you brother. Karen I feel that way to -- Jeff yet more conservative area. Let me just ask you wrote -- what does that mean the -- a bit of it could be expression conservative or the pop -- if nobody cares that I've got a lot of other things -- to get into. But. I real I also realize we're kind of at the beginning of a vacation season so I don't wanna come off as being too harsh. But how do you describe yourself politically and is it lonely place. I think being a conservative Terry and is a lonely place I think being conservative is lonely but less low -- a service area. Because you have certain values that you sheer probably 95% of them with your fellow conservatives. Our let's find out what's happening in the world traffic and Alan Harris. And AccuWeather for tonight it is going to be partly cloudy the overnight low 52 tomorrow mostly sunny 74. Were holding -- 66 degrees at WB and by the -- Saturday. Yet it -- -- this week for summaries and myself with sunshine and patchy clouds and 75 the high temperature which which means thunderstorms all day with you know and from -- probably thunderstorm warnings and -- That's just the -- life goes right. Somebody actually said. Earlier today. On my FaceBook page and yet despite this post that she just didn't care. Let me -- we find that let me find it. -- and I'm sorry to to leave dead near here but I have to. How do you describe yourself politically and it yet is it a lonely place. And somebody said that they are unknown interested. Now I asked the question what is interest in the U. Because. If we have reached the point. Where people hard this disinterested in their own future a future. There all the political freedoms our own David -- freedoms. By extension you also are on interested in any freedoms your subsequent generations your sport. May enjoy or ceased to enjoy. And I have to tell -- that's very disturbing to me. Because we had generations of Americans. From the revolution all the way through to the president warts. That have fought in some way shape or form for what they believed to be the United States of America and what we're always told -- the cause of freedom liberty and justice and -- Robert George we're talking about nation building and putting democracy in place in Iraq. And if -- that. Easy to give it up. In the United States or to be -- interested. I think that kind of actually buttresses my point. As far as the future being bleak I don't know for how many people she speaks. But this this kind of stuff may just for the hell out of here. And and that's fun for you. But I can talk about the voice. But I won't all right it is 624. Now all ELE in a bread line before -- do Boettcher. It is 624 news radio 930 WB EM -- 30930. Start I'm thirty and L 180616. WBE -- by the way. Ferry gardens sending your very garden pictures wanna put him up on my FaceBook page Tom at WB EN dot com. Yes. Well I wish I had seen the Edwards showed an interview on TV last night. I -- gal I know I I wish I'd seen him and -- have a chance to catch the replay and I got busy today without the things last night I was strapped. I was not a lot of research and something else. Medically. And I just lost track of time by the time it was -- the time I was snug as a bug in Iraq. Now I made. Just I missed that. I missed what this vote had the site. About the NSA spying on Americans and everything. By the way on Drudge there's a story. I don't remember seeing this earlier but inside this from The Washington Times inside the ring. Directive outlines Obama's policy to use the military against civilians. This goes all the way back to work 2010. But again folks I'm simply being alarmist. I talked about the future of freedom in the United States being bleak. How to describe yourself politically and is it a lonely place at just expand. The question to the something local. Because. You know what else I think is a lonely place. Folks I don't -- here. Any more. About prospective suitors. For the Buffalo Bills. Until they buy the team. I don't want to speculate. I don't -- -- taped. I don't. -- -- Donald Trump Tom Golisano already this week and -- where we gonna put the new stadium. What we wait until there's a new owner this is a rare occasion right find myself in complete agreement with -- -- executive mark of cars like thank you know. He actually sounds like the voice of reason. On this one. Let's wait until there's an owner of the team that lets think about a stadium. 8030530. Am I the only person in western new York and again we get back to that whole politically moment because this -- smokes. All apparently this is going to be about politics how much of your money is going to be set aside taken from you set aside to build a playground for somebody with more money increases of political. Anyway you look at it -- political anyway you look yet. So watching your life news political in the final analysis 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB -- They want to get back to it would buy the team and get back to me when you figure out three spots the new owner is considering for a stadium that will do -- show. That most -- Seneca mall site really are we gonna put a ground round there -- frankly ground round saying -- I've never found anything like it. Here is -- press on that WBN's Chris you were on -- And better late than never -- There I was dialogue. Yeah I cannot be a little bit were crowded -- how well -- -- alleged dispute that little bit but anyway. I honestly don't remember the call that don't don't be alarmed. I'm. You know what percentage. The Jews actually left very that's. We talk about the exodus from Egypt. I don't have any idea. What it. And committee is that that is based upon what. -- it's. OK I needed and that is relevant to explain to me why this is relevant to what we're talking about today. Well because I'm missing the connection. Well I think that there's a major change that happened that you'd -- 1% of are really. Concerned and active. That they can get water to people a couple of them and say you know -- airport just sort of a formal election. If you did get to the people that are somewhat appropriate server blows. That's what you want just one time widget mumbled just one I. But the poll numbers of people would actually turn out useful for these kind of election. If you can I know where. We're outnumbered by the Democrats -- it to people and there and you really care. We may be able to do something because nobody wants quote. Okay now let me get an OK time out. Let's let's just say let's just make a wild leap of judgment year against all demographics probabilities as statistics let's say. That rob -- no. Beats Andrew Cuomo and as the new governor of New York then what changes. Well. At least it's a start maybe we can only opt for a you know it's that bad -- -- -- let me know all the party lines that are you know it could reliably conservative -- go find somebody that you think. They've got to do something based on what they've done on the path -- -- -- jacket just. Let me rephrase the question if Astoria no wins do you realistically seat and -- safe going away. If we put enough pressure on their local the ability of local. It but OK okay will will know that out when we see the results of the election involving mark marked -- not to. Yeah I didn't complete the deployment I can't believe me. And -- a bit elated at. Well. I about a -- I want will will will -- about how successful his strategy is soon enough. And my guess is I -- the -- my guess is he will be reelected because people are gonna go into the voting Booth and they'll say the other -- Know that -- for him. That I -- I in the era where I'll show what they've done. Today my primary primary and. There was some talk about a much or what's gonna happen. In my my pointed at W take large numbers and take several by getting water to people. Because -- -- actually like it that -- kind of elections the turnout was so well out here how many good work on number. -- -- order to people that double or triple that. What -- normally go vote. At all what are we can make it should. And earth shattering change. Well see here's a bit -- -- going to. Proceed here's here's the problem. You know. When people who think as I presume you think yours and as I know I think. Go and offers they have such a reluctance. And eight Q so -- vividly about using power. It's discussed. When people like Andrew all ball or Barack Obama -- -- -- to an office they realize that power is to be used and quickly. And as much as possible must be -- Now -- you know if he's governor Esther -- no. Unless massive changes take place in the state assembly and the senate I don't see NY safe going away as you put it the only thing I can say is we will prevent NYC two from going into effect which I'm convinced we'll go into effect. If Cuomo and I expect him to be real is reelected. Well the -- that variable and -- now. It it it's a start but unfortunately and I know every every journey starts for the first step I got you. But I wanna just -- a -- -- manager George Pataki. Yeah I think that's -- I mean it's like. When your guy George Pataki and I voted for too by the way when he goes in office yeah we got a so called death penalty in New York State what to do. And -- how many people old yet not. And did things change was there a dramatic market change in your life in New York State. Under a moderate Republican by the name of George Pataki who any major and stunning upset defeated Mario well. See and that's what that's that's what I find discourage. To me. Everything starts and your school board and your local election they're the ones and not moving up eventually. They can't be just the brand you've really got to pay attention of the people locally. So there have been -- -- move into other commercial. Okay now a question gets called the Peter principle you rise to the level of your incompetence I'm living proof of that but I also wanna ask you about the the but the Buffalo Bills -- And every day now it seems a new possible water is brought up by the media and another possible stadium location is discussed. Do you join me in saying get back to me when there's a serious bid made and somebody is actually the leading guy who's gonna by the team. Our premier. What loyal what's at play here it's a distraction Barrett. But Politico because. They can put something drought among Arab way all we're concerned about the belt that you can probably out of -- You know I -- Sanchez. It. The stretch and and you know and on the front page. About. Well see locally I mean nobody. Believe me nobody outside of Western New York except the very very -- give a rat's ass who owns the bills or were they play football it's irrelevant to their lives outside of Western New York -- a lot of people in Western New York I'm planning -- state. You know go bills and take the sabres were few but that's another story altogether. It what what do you think is being crowded out of the news by irrelevant speculation about. The owner of the day possibility. Of the bills and the location of the day possibility. For the new stadium. Laughing I think it would display. Because. You know want smaller and grow our lovely body -- Jordan Schumer. They -- bit of a political football. For votes in Western New York like. You know the whole ability to Arctic the whole thing it's just a joke there is no money people wake up there is -- -- -- -- -- them we're gonna collapse. You know it's still there are schools there's there's no -- -- that demographic horrible. Schools are gonna collapse you know they're they're just nobody coming. And you now these people taking money out of pension system than the other very well. Government. -- And there's nobody out there's nobody lap 100 no I think one out. You know I let the little -- -- you can pressure but what do you do -- -- -- war. They're -- -- -- bank -- actually being -- income for you are gonna come back. There that nobody. You know and -- -- can't grip on its other gonna go bankrupt allowed Detroit and growing. Well that we're gonna have a situation where of course I'll go to the federal government and the taxpayers of the entire country will be on the hook for the contracts made by New York State politicians but we'll worry about that twenty years from now when it becomes a crisis. Well ever -- call now one more thing for you Chris in this was kind of the Genesis of -- whole conversation. You describe yourself as a conservative I have to ask you what it means to you because -- Conservatives. I relate to a lot of what conservatives say. And I'm gonna generalize like it did with libertarians before -- and I imagine a world without stop signs. To me conservatives are part two focused upon what other people do with their genitals in the privacy of your own home. Well give me the derision -- evolve and -- well maybe you can sort of well what are very. Slept but today but it got well where there are bigger than to watch our lives period all privacy issues that are ridiculous. You know and it had -- again -- start small all the way up. So merger to a bigger and there's too much money involved and because of all concentrated. That's rather big people go all the lobbyists don't make things happen while -- Shrank the damn government and take the. -- mean that's silly tenth amendment now. No assurance. And while that I was sarcastic. An open. Net change and be done early is political will be pretty. Cute. Stated that. Wants -- part of the which -- now it. Does matter. And Republican. 10. Here are opposite from the apple while. And which control. Who actually get the opera and it represented an -- They could potentially change but it's all art world attorney general well attorney general should be. Appointed by wherever. I don't forget Chris it was only -- time out time out time out time out it was only until relatively recent times we actually had direct election of United States senators we set the Washington. Think about that for a moment. Bar and well. Blog about the problems with a concentration of power and become their requires directly elected now I met states in the legislature. -- out Hollywood legend -- America. Represented a mandate right now it but the problem is that the city that all the. Well I have to ask you one more question Brothers are similar conversation Chris I I really image seriously all the calls they could have taken -- that I took yours. The you talk about the local legislatures. The local legislatures are gates are as a vacation week -- slow week former. Are all of the states are all we almost every single county in New York State. Has gone on record against and why safe including very chaotic. Now you have every single local legislative body. Just a few exceptions saying. We don't want NY say OK because they felt pressure at the local level yet what has changed in Albany despite all of those proclamations by legislatures and how many rallies in Albany what is changed what and why say it. Not that and the only thing and and Chris this is a sobering thought and it's a great achievement by the way. The only thing we can hope for if asked to Reno was elected is there will be an NY safe to but I think you're -- -- I know you're not. If you think it's gonna be repealed given the political makeup of this state the demographics of this state and the downstate power grab. Or or org our grip on power that is held by Howard downstate brethren. I -- understand that. Italy lightly but a well but it but it got him by and it and again about NAFTA being. Cute -- you know activity as well doctors neighbors we don't -- The form and get. Maybe it's different for you but when I get off the -- I do not talk politics that's my rule refused to talk politics -- bars refused to talk politics in the neighborhood I refused to talk politics with anybody when I'm not work. And I understand that part of the problem. And I don't you know. In my case I have to I'm gonna probably make an exception for me because it's what I do for a living it would be like a math teacher teaching math on it and his off time. I gotta get away from I escaped from otherwise it would suck even more in the year. All I know but it again them and they assure. We don't talk about things anymore we talked about Johnny kicking the ball and that getting a trophy. And watch him the house wired and I'll autograph -- have really taken a look at what's going down. And lighter -- to me. It doesn't have to be organized by the parties to -- get I'll talk to your neighbors with -- Brandon and and again Obama up four and a -- that lets you don't want. You really understand what's going out and then you know there's obviously some -- spoke education has long. Chris -- my luck I'd take ten people to the voting place on Election Day they'll all vote for Cuomo that's my luck. Hey I'm I'm glad you called thanks very much Chris good stuff good stuff you don't call much but that was good thank you. Why you -- but let me get in there every walk of life in -- Well out no -- thank you very much. Yeah well I I had not looked at that. I had not actually looked. A meat and it really is pathetic but it's true. If asked during those elected governor the most we can hope for realistically use there won't be analyzed safe to. A good -- Apparently liked the low earliest guy in the world politically. All right 030930. WBBM. All right it is. 86520 at WB yen the year well what is generating more -- than anything else that I this is I know you guys in summer -- I asked -- pictures -- sent me earlier today. Do you well how many pictures of -- gardens I have gotten so far tons. Tons and tons of -- garden pictures. It it. Let me know how much attribution you want -- -- children first and last name I just have an issue at bat because a lot of -- weeds out there so I'm just gonna use kids first names I'll respect why -- good reason program. But some of these very gardens are absolutely out of this world. And. No no not I I had not heard a fairy gardening until I started doing the -- permission wears out and I would over I saw their ferry -- And I am absolutely astonished number one. At the popularity of fairy gardening now what is very gardening again teeny tiny little people. Are not real people there. It'll sell people are little tiny teeny tiny statues of people and then little teeny tiny shrubs. And you set up this whole little world. And they're called third guards. And it's really cool and some pupil tiger a lot of effort at your very gardens I've yet to do I hope I can find the time. But I don't wanna get a couple more these pictures up before -- take about a eager tonight because some of these are simply astonishing and astounding to me. The effort into which you you put in the Europe -- guard. Yeah well all all due respect. Two. Living creatures. I don't hate a lot. -- that's a very strong word -- -- were things. I genuinely. But there is a -- ground covered call what you real to me it's a week because it's undesirable. And I put it on my FaceBook page Beckham well for a memorial. And it's called -- week. Now if anybody knows. Who invented the worst spread bishops week. If they are still alive. I would like to stop that from kids. But if it. Don't let that stop that from continuing folks that's stuff I talked to gardening experts about it. I have been told literally it is impossible to do away with -- all you can reasonably hope to do is keep up with its Brett. Yikes. Yeah bishops we'd look it -- everybody wants some. Adults don't. I would even give it to my worst enemy series. All right -- thanks for the calls thanks for your interest in that Peter Crist earlier and everything we've talked about since then and of course a very gardening. -- -- Go buy some little fears all right I want to thank Joseph -- for another job well done thanks to John Sherman as well. And I will leave you with two teeny tiny little words. But they're very important to know yourself. --

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