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5-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Computer -- up. Happy birthday to my guest Peter -- retired out of town a lot of police captain now with -- actually one of the founders of the law enforcement against prohibition of the website was elect FaceBook page it is -- LE AP dot CC's. Sometimes -- people dot CEC. Is where you -- ago -- dot CEC. Just for those who. Are perhaps not they're quite so technically proficient because I'm such a -- with anything mechanical. My friends realized with a hoax that would be. Peter is -- and Peter and I are on the same page I have a very revolutionary. Argument which really should not surprise anybody who knows how I value liberty and freedom and I believe that drugs should be legalized I believe the people should abuse drugs -- not anymore but I believe people should become alcoholics. But I also believe. That the war on drugs is demonstrably a failure. That. It will never be one. As Peter pointed out early in the show victory has never been defined. And it just gets worse and worse and -- you know Peter we have a lot of calls coming yen and unless you disagree I'm gonna recommend. That people check out a couple of movies number one of scarface with -- which you know. Number two is scarface with Paul Muni and number three is Serpico with Alpa chino. They hit it perfect selections exactly because that -- sure the other effect super cold by the way. Is that a member of -- but is very much on. Well I guess I would be if I got shot in the face after being set up by my coworkers. Right there exactly. Costs and that's -- 10 -- it would you have this kind of volatile. Would capture Alter arresting people well we're going to put it this way. I I came on the job in 1969. The drug war really started being pushed forward and execute -- -- had -- -- three. So I saw that whole change diapers came on the job. The senior officers are retreating immediate pull somebody you'll reviewed by the little lead to carry it up about mystery about the -- that was the way we did it. And and that all changed in the mid seventies. Okay. The the acoustic thing about it was by the time I was on the job -- for five years I realize. Very clearly the that there was only one aspect of all we're job. That no matter how vigorously -- or my brother and sister officers did it. It didn't make any difference. And that was drug enforcement of giving the example we have in the -- of -- this series of post burglaries one -- proper shoes would catch the -- For -- watch idol last forever but for a while there wouldn't be any house for. And we would take credit for that we would say we took that that person off the street and we made our community better. No matter how many drug rest we made. Nothing ever changed the only thing that changed was the faces of the people we you're rusted. Nothing else changed the drugs were always be available they were before we didn't make no matter how which we -- if you prefer to see apple invention movies. They've made it took -- a huge draw -- to New York City deck in the mid 1960s. Maybe -- won't admit drug -- what was called the French connection. And the other one was a smaller won't be staring Alpa -- called panic in needle park. And that was about the shortage of her when it was up the streets of New York City for about a month and a half. After they made its huge drug -- you know much to what they see used in that huge drug arrest. I do not. Now I in the how Holmes of heroin. Nine pounds not tons nine columns appear when we've made to won't be automatic -- shortage on the street Pickens sixties for Baltimore. We're seeing -- this stopped by the Tom Knoll and there's never panic in needle park there's never shortage on the streets. That's what we've accomplished. With forty years of this policy being affect. Peter in fifteen seconds or less what happens to street gangs and drug cartels if the United States wise is up and legalizing drugs. They become -- funded the same thing that happened we decided to course. We legalized alcohol we have off for five year period and all of -- of the mobster -- to be illegal drug as a Soviets appeal supplementary income. There are two types of people that are involved in the criminal enterprise. One are people -- -- and they're going to be criminals no matter what the laws. The reality is that the vast majority of the people that are involved -- ministry of trade. Are not which you would classify as criminals. They are out for two minutes. They're kids were gonna wait to college and so little sweeter browser -- you there to question or doing this polish people -- wonderful example. Migrate Opel Walter separate -- it was my great uncle because my grandfather's rubber. I knew him as being the ace mechanic. That kept the seal test ice cream trucks on the role -- the garage pursuit of this Irish god blesses. It's going to him okay when the untouchables came on television not -- understandable but my parents were born in 1904. So they were sixteen years old -- pulled missions started and they were married to each other with my sister being born. In 33 -- prohibition ended so I had two people. I could talk to a ball what this was like what we -- watching it on television about the untouchables and user interest in. During victory of time I've learned of my uncle Walter. Old Pro Bowl pick in the 1920s. -- and he used to take rides across that Niagara river every once in awhile to supplement his cynical. And pick up some blue and forget -- reconcile. When prohibition ended he didn't block start Robin -- -- just -- -- -- -- fiction destruction to seal does a sprinkle. Is that opportunity that we had given him to make a little extra box had ended because now the almost controlled by religion of our. By the way at Niagara county sheriff's. A guy named Barack Carlin I Chris Carlin I believe he wrote a book about crime on the Niagara frontier specifically Niagara county and there's a lot of that book devoted to the prohibition era I definitely suggest that I think the book is called protecting Niagara I'll look it up online let's go to -- Oops sorry my dad let's go to chuck on that whatever line that would be Joseph with Peter Crist. Hello -- and come -- question for Peter. If Tom thanks for taking my call and happy birthday. Peter Crist figure. I'm not make you a couple of times -- the -- trucks with the western media Peace Center. All okay -- Yeah -- a client and recently we we passed a resolution. Supporting the but don't let certainly assembly on this planet. And the assembly with crystal peoples stokes. And in the us senate by senator -- to legalize marijuana. Right. -- the the regulation and taxation act. We touched on this earlier I do not support the legalization of medical marijuana because I think it ought to be legal for everybody. I -- adults. Yeah yeah I hit an acoustic thing happening you're always up there and dog Vermont. And I'm doing presentations a rotary -- to what I would walk into the club people which seem to be -- here we just to decriminalize marijuana here in Vermont. And -- -- congratulations. On that you know we did get New York State in 1975. Give -- a -- thirty years of let me know which worker. They like to be the smartest people in the Roman Vermont but then again Ben and Jerry's got a hard to argue with that logic. And then I said to them but I do nordic gradually you want another -- you just passed it or not. And then issue legalized murder. And I would have people look to be shocked she wouldn't legally -- go I situation did your governor signed legislation. That legalized. Physician assisted. Suicide. They'll before he signed that law if proposition had assisted somebody in committing suicide. Deposition could have been charged with at least manslaughter. Which would about a murder charge. But few people in Vermont understand. That it consenting adults what to do something together even if one of them wants to die and the other one is willing to help them it's simply is none of the government's business. Topic for another day and I have to add this anybody who thinks that in New York State in in buffalo physician assisted suicide does not happen on a daily basis you are not in touch with reality it does. Don't call it that but it does. And what we should do know is make -- -- so that we can at some regulation to control. It sorts out in the open and not being hidden. Behind the doors at the hospital they. Amen and I could tell stories but I will not because I don't want anybody to get in trouble. Let's go to Ghana in silver creek got WB Ian -- -- final call with Peter -- golf. How did -- pleasure listening to you variant elegant tweak that that man. I wanted to tell you I'm eighty. And done and Kathy and I take right chipped -- and that -- I had cancer eight years ago. And I never kept quiet and believe me and then bank. And it drink once in awhile well excitement that same old. That a lot backup gave me to pitch connections which had to be blanket and panicked. So I kept them like I would take any medicine doctor -- -- eight years later. I don't question addicted to them I am doctor -- me content stepped. And both pitch conditions. OK don't keep quiet and I take up to being on -- how is that different -- than ten. I'm not really a billion schema. I tried this spot and it Kinect -- -- like a mini seizures like -- And so I have to keep pocono my try to correct pickle myself. And then Atlanta argument so I have to fight the actors together on which the dogs don't even really black Kmart. Donna understood to suggest and I'm not a doctor item were running short on time I need to suggest that you go to -- pain management Doctor Who gets its. That's that's alike and say Peter comets. Yeah that's I would make exactly the same thing there are certain people -- vertical profession that are still. Understand that their jobs so they're patience that you get to see those people out -- and those of the people ritual for. I understand the problem and that is one of the old release of visual work. That the -- whole concept of things you know it's. Here here we're talking about a person who's eighty years old. And worried about which drugs that makes them feel comfortable. I mean I don't care what she takes it makes her feel better. As long as it makes her feel better she likes it or right it's over she can't have. On it to -- your struck down the prime review by this words of addiction but you know these things will happen. Up Donna thank you for the call and good luck to please look up a pain management specialist. -- dole won in Amherst. And I think he's a terrific doctor. Peter I want to thank you very much for joining us on WB and always a pleasure and and I hope that people are gonna listen up online at WB Ian dot com to both of the hours plus the twenty minutes this hour I hope to see -- soon and there have a great 68 year on this planet -- Wolf thank you very much -- wanna take you for sharing your audience with me I appreciate your turn to speak. It and also old fur I order one more time it's -- dot CCL make your real easy for everybody out there. If you just type the word -- LB AP into global we are either the first or the second thing that pops up so you'll see the law enforcement against prohibition. And it's even easier to remember than that typical dot CC. You know eight united type in Miami Raymond. First and comes up as a picture a human orphans so yeah our top -- a look at always a pleasure -- talks. Our Peter Crist joining us on WB yeah. What are refreshing treat to talk to somebody. With a brain who gets. Not did you guys don't please don't misunderstand me but it here -- there he was in the trenches he gets. Let's find out what's happening in traffic and -- slow spots Israel. Already and AccuWeather tonight rather uneventful partly cloudy the overnight low 52. It's sad that in late -- deciding jeans or shorts jeans or shorts and then I decided I had to -- to rebel and with the shorts bad decision for the drive home. Up for tomorrow it'll be sunny and 74 degrees to 66 at -- like thirty WB in just a reminder. When you hear a Tom Petty song. -- eight Tom Petty song. As a musical bump. You'll want to call don't do it well but you wanna call 6449875. Tom -- is coming very late in December. And I happen to -- really big companies music a lot. And I think it's just a tribute to a vetted by the five he's still on the road. And stole two and I just think it's terrific but he can still find the nimble -- in his fingers to play with great dexterity his acts. Sorry it's just -- joke I've had about Tom -- for years I've never believed. His rage I've always thought he was like thirty years older than they said. Anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the Peter Crist as much as I enjoyed speaking with him. You know it kind of ties in to calm. What I said yesterday. -- -- wanna pick up. With vet because it was. I can't comment. And sometimes I find that the offhand comment -- me. Generate more interest. In the show I've prepped for all dialogue. -- I'm honored. Appeal that don't get me wrong. But it's always tragic comical to -- off a sometimes in front of the computer a look things capital research this and research that. And nobody cares and they make it -- -- -- comment -- -- Vegas take off. Don't give -- all I'm honored and I'm flattered but you must see some irony in that if you've ever had to perform. Now. The comment I made was. Politically. Sometimes I feel like the loan latest person. In the world. I did not point this expression. The expression was actually coined by one of my regular FaceBook contributors. Her name is Rachel wells. And Rachel coined this term and the minute I heard it I said good grief that's me. And everything Peter Crist has told us over the past two hours and twenty minutes. Is exactly in line with the philosophy known as. Conserve battalion isn't. Now somebody said on my FaceBook page top. Three -- made up work become a libertarian. Mayor remind you that at some point in time all words have been made up and the process of making up new words is known as the allergy -- watching a new word about making up new words. Conservatory in -- So lonely place I think or is it. We're gonna pick up on the other side with the lenders radio -- thirty WBE. -- -- -- All right I have tickets for Tom Petty there like September. Seven -- 9644987564498754. Tom Petty. Would love to go to that show I'm still debating whether to let take the Hall & Oates concert -- off. Joseph -- has admitted that he's taking a Hall & Oates concert days off. And that Joseph you do realize people will talk about both of us. I'm used to it it will be new for you -- -- -- really don't order videos. Out of your church. Anyway it is 533 who's ready at 930 WBE and all that you know if it's kind of funny though because. Well I don't -- go down that road right now. The office in common I made yesterday -- not affect offhand which may have offended some bad. Sometimes. Politically. I feel like on the loneliest person in the world. Because I just don't deal all. Which. Frankly -- confess something to your. Is kind of a feeling I've had my entire life. In every situation like I'd just don't be -- I don't fit in. I was basically an only child. -- is not there is actually going some. I have. Two Brothers one sister. And there was a minimum of nine years between us so that's kind of like being the baby of the family and an only child all right they're four. I never really fit it I was always expect -- of them a real little brother. So. Politically now as a grown up. Kind of I kind of have carried that with me the -- you. Because. I'm certainly not a demo. I don't think I ever could have been a Democrat. I really don't. I'm really not a Republican although one time -- watched. -- registered Republicans. At this point I consider the Republican Party to be decomposing it just doesn't know it's dead yet. And as a brand of hate to use that word that about wanted to think of its debt. And I heard Michael Savage last night talking about the Republicans wanted to bring about dynasty guide to speak at the GOP convention. Because apparently the Republicans want to commit suicide. Republicans understand something the new generation. Of voters. Is OK year. If somebody is gay lesbian -- or transgender. Are right. All you're going to do is give your critics an excuse to call you whole fault. One -- Seriously. And frankly. While I respect the guy from ducked out of state. -- certainly has a right to his opinion please don't get me. For the Republicans. To open themselves up when they don't have to. Is beyond. And I think is just further evidence that. There's little distinction between Republican Party and the Democrat party I know that's the case in New York State and increasingly so. At the federal level. And all I can say is when I think of any politician the image of a street prostitute comes to mind. And the expression that I think works best -- years. Nothing against street prostitutes by the way I don't mean to offend you by -- regular politicians but. The expression the comes to mind is they would sell their souls for a day old -- And I really believe. I don't think there's an easier person abide that a politician. Now we can go to sub sets. We'll talk you're not a Republican you're not a Democrat. Argue -- liberal. New rule. Are -- a conservative will -- you libertarian well kinda. So the expression the word. If we want that label it would be. Conserve a terrier. Well why not just go libertarians. I'm -- simple fighters. When I think of libertarians. I think of a world without stop sites. I know that that would be a disaster. You have to have some stop sites I get bet I know I'm simplifying it don't get -- wrong. And what I think about conservatives as many people define conservatism I don't fit it. Because. IE was one of the for. Acts people. To come out. In favor of gay marriage who was called very conservative talk show host. -- also very strongly believe. In the First Amendment. I strongly believe in every part of the First Amendment. I don't want a government religion I do not want christianity. Declared the official religion of the United States any more than I want Judaism or Islam. Has to be declared the state religion of the United States. No horror what I prohibit anybody in the free exercise of their religion. And I don't mean to -- wants this -- -- but. Let me just give an example of a conservative Terry and viewpoint. I have nothing against homosexuals. Or gay marriage be happy life is too short be happy. But if my business servicing your -- Is culture to my religious convictions. Then. You ought to back off. Because the constitution guarantees me the free exercise of my religion which in this case might very well prohibit me. Religiously. Philosophically. And spiritually from having anything -- homosexual way. -- -- -- To me that is the perfect American position. Free exercise -- of and we will have no state religion. And have a split zillion times what I think well why I know that's a good idea. It was good enough for the founding fathers it's certainly is good enough for me because I'm a pretty sure Thomas Jefferson's IQ was -- will hire them. I could be wrong but I think James Madison Thomas Jefferson Ben Franklin all of those early dudes. Were really Smart I really don't think that you possibly. Could've asked for a better assemblage of intellect available in the country at one given moment. Then we had at the constitutional convention. And in Arabic the drafting. And resolving of the bill of rights. You know we were very blessed argues that work to have such absolute giants of intellect. Form this country. People who I think god. Since then. We've gone from James Madison and Thomas Jefferson to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Or if you want to say George Bush I'll go there to. I don't think he was -- stupidest people said that. I would also not put him in the same league with James Madison. -- which by the way thought to have been the smartest American president in history his wife was Dolly who lit -- the cupcake company interestingly enough. Now. The covenant made. Was politically I feel like the loneliest person in the world. As a conservative area. Because I say that the people. And the Republicans get all pissed off that made the Democrats they -- and have never been big fans among. At least not my professional life. Republicans used to be big fans of mine until. I'm talking about the establishment Republican people until I woke up to the fact that. A philosophically we were not harmony be they were dead and dead people are kind of a drag to be around. Stick up a whole place. Via a conservative sometimes got angry with maybe because of some Obama or libertarian view. Point to particular on one's personal conduct as a consenting adult behind closed doors. I don't believe -- morality police that are more than I believe ensure real law. I don't believe the law of the old testament should be enforced any more than I believe the Sharia law should be enforced. Because we don't have a state religion. And there are matters. Between consenting adults. That are best left to consenting adults which frankly are none of anybody else's business. For example. The show we just -- in additional legalizing drugs and I said drugs I didn't just say pot I said drugs. In addition to legalizing -- I would legalize prostitution why consenting. Adults but shot but I'll. Haven't you heard about the child sex trafficking industry. Okay what part of consenting. Adults don't to understand. Consent to. Even if -- of majority age consenting is the keyword. Of course you don't believe -- because one side has not sent it. It's not a real biblical concept regrets. But for some people. Do you really want the government. To be the as Peter said earlier. The morality. Police. And I've made the argument a million times. That. The so called a drug problem. Is not a criminal justice problem. We ought to be throwing people in prison. We should legalize that. Not only should we legalize them. But we should come to an acceptance of the fact that a certain percentage of the population no matter how many or -- put on the book no matter how many years wanna put him behind bars. Are still. Go to engaged in the business and engaged in that consensual personal adult conduct. We'll -- what message does that send the kids. I don't what message does that send the kids that you can buy your football game. Or hockey game. Because 10% will abuse. Were supposed to say no. Let's -- all air sales. Now I know that second half -- he can get a beer legally but that's when you dip into the -- -- here. Not that anybody does of course because that would be wrong. By the way speaking of up. Matters relating to football. In this again gets back to that sometimes politically I feel like -- the longest person in the entire universe. In my the only person who does not here which -- of the day is for the Buffalo Bills. Already this week Donald -- Tom Golisano. How many locations have we heard about this week so far. It's only Thursday I'm sure tomorrow there will be another -- and another location. You know what. Whoever's gonna by the team is gonna by the team. Let me know then. And what you wanna start talking about a new stadium let me know that. Until that it is all speculative. Why not just do news stories on who's gonna win next year's Kentucky Derby. -- nobody notes. Nobody knows all there are favorites. Sure. Horse racing like every other sport has its devotee is who were well aware of the up and coming horses. I've never been a real -- Not to -- beat paired in a derogatory way of those who follow horse racing but this just what. Baby no three on I thirty is via phone number. Do you know. And I don't watch -- oddest year. This got a lot of response and FaceBook. Do you ever feel. Politically. Like you -- the loneliest person in the world. And here in New York State especially which is a solid blue state and always will be a solid blue state is just gonna get lower and lower and lower. I guarantee you. Then as time goes not. You are going to feel even more alone and alone that alone if you would describe yourself as a conservative area and libertarian or conservative or god forbid it Republicans. It is I I have to say what's encouraging notes. Taveras is the number of people are contacting me saying the Republican Party is basically. Dog -- to them at this point. Because you -- And that's good. That's good. It 030930. Is the phone number 8030930. How you'd describe yourself politically and is the only place. Because minus. I have the failure. I often wonder if I'm the only person who thinks the way I think. Sometimes. It's what I think about my last thought before fall asleep by the only person in the world who would say I'm a conservative area. The only person in the world who tries to understand what the founding fathers tried to do and -- -- It is being assaulted. By power crazed people in Albany. And that Washington. Who are. Basically taking out bear vengeance. On freedom liberty and the constitution. Like that mad men in California took out his vengeance against perceived wrongs from women. It's almost like. The United States we'll show the United States will take -- vengeance. I see a perfect analogy leader. Go three all right thirty. How to describe yourself politically and is it a lonely place. Sick for some people. Loneliness is a place you don't wanna be. Politically and physically personally socially. I really don't care about -- most of my life. But. The political thing bothers me because we're not talking about just me. We're talking about our country. If our country is lost if freedom is lost if America as a constitutional free republic is lost. We're your kids -- ago. Where will they -- ago New Zealand. It's 548 it's a long flight 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. And AccuWeather -- today it will be well partly cloudy for what's left of the overnight low 52 route tomorrow mostly sunny and 74. Still 66 to that news radio 930 WV. The -- By the way sent me pictures of your theory garden Tom at WB EN dot com Thomas WB Ian that come. Because I think very gardens are really cute answer to a lot of you and -- I wanna see your pictures right Heidi describe yourself politically Republican Democrat. Libertarian liberal conservative conservative area and it is a lonely place. They'll be so easy for me to become endemic or in this town. You can make you know the doors that would open up to the political jobs like it just drift into -- this is done. But I can't go there. Right here is Mike in buffalo WB and Mike talk to me. They are you don't so I am a Democrat OK but. A lot of operators as conservative. Liberal I'll stick Democrat because I don't reflect very straight and and so and so -- And it in things like that and -- -- my son or recent. Other and are you know say like. Marijuana. Smoke to -- for it should be legal. They should be illegal. If you on or off their books are about that -- at that point if you -- alcohol right out in -- as such it's been a year. -- -- at that stage bad -- in do or die and fight and buyers. Are words how can you possibly make it legal. But -- look at -- why you should not fall out salt marijuana. You're Phillip Paul are there and watched. Let's go out -- -- about -- Well I don't forget that the cops also backed off because I think about the era 1969. Same thing with the Monterey pop festival you've ever watched the movie of Batman to cops made an overt effort to be cool. Wanna bet there was a lot of help our great -- there was a there was very little if you -- what's out. -- difference and you tell you. Not a great start trouble. Think that was -- -- month. Are or. Are. -- right so you're you're worried Democrat but yet your views are not strictly Democrat leaders. Okay but for whom okay for whom did you vote in the last two or three presidential elections. First -- Obama. Shaq or -- Obama is short -- -- All we have to continue this conversation after because after the news if you wanna hold otter if you don't it's -- to leave the decision up to you because I've got a break here because. That I find one of the most fascinating things I've heard all day. Well that in effect the company's 95. Which I made up.

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