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5-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Peter Crist. -- -- -- Our guests and yes we have a former police captain who says legal. It's drugs he is part of a movement an organization which started small which has grown exponentially. Leap dot CC LE eight CC. Law enforcement against prohibition. And I frequently reference that site on my FaceBook page. As I find it to of their arguments -- held a lot more sense than those put forward by chuck you bitch Schumer. Article the flight attendant baton -- they proceeded to. Called Republicans -- party -- against women which could never quite understand. But in any event folks Peter Crist is witnessed. We're talking about. A different way of looking at the drug problem because I don't view it as a criminal justice problem. I view it as a medical issue. A health issue mental and physical health issue I don't think we should be throwing people in prison over drugs any more than I think we should throw people in prison over cigarettes or alcohol. I it's it's a fruitless exercise and there is never ever ever going to be an end to it and folks ultimately. This when you look back on things was one of those watershed moments where people said we've got to do something it. If that means giving up our full and to stop short of the Peter before we take some calls and we've got some hate calls if I'm on that's -- we have some web -- disagreeing -- that's great divide my toes at 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WBE and does it ever concern you that because you are basically arguing against a multi. Billion dollar industry kept that way because of illegality. Are corrupt law enforcement which can be bought off in a lot of cases with a big old slice of bread. Do you ever worry that you may be shall we say. Set up. Do you ever worry that they may bring the whip down on you. In such a way as to make it look like your Al Capone. Well I spent twenty years walking up to occurs in the middle of the night knowing that if they had a gun I was going to be dead. Okay. There was my job for twenty years in here and I understand that I don't I don't. He ignored act. I mean I live a very straight and misplaced it it'll be kept a lie if they're gonna make something up they're gonna get these results and -- is sort of the lies somewhere along the way. But if they want to do that that's part of the risk you take I I have something much more important to be in the furor of what could happen to be for speaking against this issue. And that is I want to have a country that I honestly believe in the word. -- And I have my own definition for the word liberty in here so I define that word. Liberty is the right to be. As stupid that -- you choose to be. As long as you do not harm another person or another person's property. Now what they say that the people are trying to save laughter they think are just trying to make a joke and I tell them I have dead serious and I'll tell you why. There as a phenomenon that I have noticed the -- history. And I call -- stupid. Crazy. Genius. If you look all -- history you'll find this phenomenon playing out. There will be a standard way of doing things and then somebody in that group of people wolf think of a different way of doing this thing. And that person will be labeled as being stupid. If they persist. In their addictive the we've -- label them as being crazy. -- the rest of us figure out that they were right in the first place we don't call them geniuses. I've got a couple of other quick little story again. And I would imagine you would meet growing up together and having this other friend named China. And I haven't seen you for a long time. And you say to be what's terrible too and I tell you man we used to think he was Smart but I'll play -- time is stupid. He wasted the last two years of his life over on top of the -- over there. And you're ready for this he thinks he's got to catch light inside -- -- ball and light the world I mean how stupid can you be. Two years later we run into each other again it should be what's -- to. And I say do I thought he was stupid he's crazy he's out of his mind he wasted four years of those -- now with the stupid like the world the clips falsely. A year later we ran into each other before you get a chance to say lol I say to you to cheer about time. -- yes he called like cited last all these little like the world. Stupid crazy geniuses who was the were old history. We need to protect the stupid people well I agree and I just want everybody to understand. That I -- you read that at least 95%. Of the stupid people aren't fair act stupid. Okay. They're never gonna be geniuses they're just stupid but here's the problem we don't know we're told the whole thing plays so which ones are going to be the geniuses. Sort ordered to get the benefit of the geniuses we have to protect all the stupid people. He's always talking to a friend of mine the other day if he said he was that he's an -- in the city was -- a conversation with a religious person. And dispersant said to them well eight is where it is America is -- -- -- atheist America and he's -- took them. I'll tell you something you're right to believe in your religion. Comes from the same place that my right to be an atheist comes from. -- If you take away my right to be an atheist so but he can then take away your right to believe what you believe it. And we have to protect even the people we disagree with us. As long as they are -- other people -- other people's. Al someone once said the only speech you have to be protected its controversial speech because on controversial speech doesn't. Protection. Exactly exactly as it and that's what we are about that's what this country we spoke about was it counselor. And and that's why would the nation we are this YE. Where I was -- to a world that you still have power lines and an apology stupid crazy people in front of the simple soulful. Well by the way for those who didn't figure out. Appears story about Tom catching -- light in a glass ball was kind of a metaphor for Thomas Edison who didn't do it sitting on top of the hill but in -- laboratory in Menlo park New Jersey. For those for whom American history. Which was boring. Where some would make the -- argument that I don't have time prevented it. And it was you go to some telephone calls Peter. Peter Crist is my guest from -- law enforcement against prohibition. And we go to let Tom in Allentown on line one Tom thanks for holding and then give us your was sure argument against what were -- You're welcome no argument. And its sister reality caught I'm glad mr. -- lake towards the name com. Well actually that was pronounced Crist received. Or how it felt but anyway. It never actually heard of beanie is Timothy Leary. Yes comment in it but yet burned out. Well up Morton Downey junior with whom I spent the night along with Timothy -- sir he died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes and a little bit too much boots. Well and who who -- dealt with ulterior Morton Downey junior I have as they questioned. I like mortality with what you get people calling these controversial I like visual. Morton Downey junior was a great influence I had a chance to spend time with him and Timothy Leary and guess what they both died. Well aged two otherwise but either way -- Morton Downey was a smoker he -- bad PP -- the time the -- I think that -- did more of these conditions and booted -- to -- there for a minute there are no laws against alcohol alcohol ignored here is addicting as heroin OK I didn't think. -- -- -- -- Okay you're absolutely. -- 100%. Wrong. -- addiction rates for a whole draw looks. Is roughly ten to 15%. Of the people they use those drug use will become addicted to them. 85 to 90%. Will never become addicted because addiction is not something that is caused by -- draw big. It is called it is something that we bring to the drug. And readers respond to work -- -- or not and I have a quick question for yet but the caller how do you pronounce the word. CHR. I EST MA apps. Very good report that it would report look at why -- -- -- -- little correction could you significant order one pronunciation for my name and I'm trying to point out that there are urged to. Well people pronounce my name eighth hole all the time I got used to that so. Not top what what do you are you gonna buy that -- what what he's saying about the addiction rate for all drugs is roughly the same. No within. And mr. -- -- -- that. And that time in my life I've 57 and -- your little younger and it kind of highlight I. Before -- -- news that is about a certain programs and other. I got to the point line for whatever reason I was dealing with a lot of women and history. Okay. I never -- would be out there for the -- reportable heroin or crack yet. Thought or corporate. Well wait and open it up thing to do with addiction rated as it with the availability. You that you understand. I mean -- if people are gonna choose different -- to -- I know people that don't. I don't people that don't use any drugs at all or altered their couches despite taking long walks I know some other people that paint. To Alter their taxes some people use drugs. Were all different you know its its it always amazes me that we have this added to the world saying. There are currently seven billion human beings on this planet right now and every one of them. If you need. There are no -- that -- saying that means we have seven billion current variations about -- species it will mean is that today. I too we shall -- one model fits all of them is just wrong. It is that the case we have to be a little bit more realistic about this you we have governors at what's been a hundred million dollars. But later when problem. Well here what you gonna do differed. What happened we've been winning. We do ya think Einstein came up before and there's that old definition of insanity that he came up with a that was the first thing -- came to mind when senator Chuck Schumer said we need 100 billion dollars to fight the -- of heroin which again I found comical. And then I realized that a 130 million is going to a football stadium and I thought priorities. And it's just. I'm sorry but I have to laugh at stuff like that -- would drive me absolutely blank blank crazy. And it just -- -- the -- -- he's -- -- the little person this side of the genius is a person opposes same thing go over all I'm serie. The side of insanity. Is a person who opposes same thing over and over again expecting different results. And we have been doing that with this drug policy. Every time we have a problem we we come up with more harsh penalties that it worked before. But when are we -- for some reason to go to work. This is not a ball to draw if anybody wants by advice of their aboard drug use I'm gonna give you the best device shipment got. Stage drug free and you could stay the world is a beautiful place to look at with clear on all I used so don't use drugs. This is not -- drops this is about eight free society. And -- a free society people were allowed to be. Three they are allowed to do together what they choose to do together. What I was mentioning that capped by -- the corrections officer from the -- the bad day at I -- by the way when you -- to the -- -- developed during the bad up. How many prostitutes and pimps -- did you work. And he paused for second said the world long. And I should mean interesting you know why because in -- bad prostitution is legal. The board and anybody who thinks that sex isn't a drug and an addictive behaviors should really check out a little more TV. One of the few times I'll recommend TV or listen in my shirt anyway let's go to traffic right now -- -- Harris and that I can actually -- rather quickly answered simply today tonight it'll be partly cloudy 52 the low tomorrow mostly sunny 74 gorgeous -- 66 right now and Israel at thirty WB the -- Peter Crist retired -- Taiwan police captain is. My guess -- with an organization called the law enforcement against prohibition. He believes as I believe. Bad drugs should be legal. Neither of us want people to abuse drugs. I don't want people abusing drugs but that goes across the port tobacco. Alcohol. Sitting in front of a casino machine is also a drug. Quick draw is a drug. Ansari anyway a look at it it is a drug with similar. Body chemicals when you it it's why do you think people sit and play it for hours at a time when they're losing. Anyway let's go to sunny in Lewiston on WB -- -- you were on with Peter -- welcome to the show. They depend on first normal appreciated disabled Vietnam War -- Their -- are Christian camp and Chris. Ogle and you'll. Oil legalizing all drugs. Stop the quick babies from being born which got the operators of serious boats. -- -- Eighteen Wheeler trucks complete admiration and killing people in this property. Because investigation. Of the results of -- Accidents indicated that the people weren't the influence of marijuana or another mind altering drug. There's an easy answer to that Peter -- tiger. While the easy answer is how are we stopping that from happening now. -- -- -- The the answer is how are we stopping that from happening now I think you've actually illustrated the futility of the so called war on drugs. Why would that would suggest that they respect you you're -- your ideas in your thoughts. They would stay. Number of personal I never did any drugs and lived in Niagara Falls because of -- -- it -- whoever caught. Using or selling that using but selling. You -- district disappeared. If you were caught selling trucks. So glad to grow with the -- went to the service I never used them whenever you do well in the service that was an employee. And it never used -- since I've been out of the service right so. As you know it could it be that there will continue to enhance and if drugs are illegal and -- -- -- more of endorsing your side. Study are we talking about all drugs you -- you haven't had a drink you haven't had an aspirin you haven't had a pile of all or Benadryl. As an injury -- but I think it's. I get the didn't visual record driver walks. A lot of it is remaining. A play that I could remember bullpen simulate that it is -- it accountable and you know a two part question if if jobs became legal to which are using crack in -- -- -- -- Oh wait at all at any. Productivity. In their values today. Are diminished from what they were 4050 years ago and then maybe -- be. As one of the things he's seen as forty or fifty years of what's failed policy that hasn't accomplished anything that is so there was -- accomplished. Drugs are cheaper and more plentiful in America today than they were beckoned seventies and the sixties which is what you're talking about. I I graduated my school -- 64 what is services 65. The first time I saw illegal drugs in my life was when I was in the service of the first time I was introduced illegal drugs. On -- sunny I gotta -- Peter I've got a break sunny I have to break and we'll continue this on the other side by guest is Peter Crist retired Tommy Pelham police captain. And bell one of the few guys -- know who's on the job retired we actually got a chance to enjoy some of whose retirement of lost a lot of very dear friends over the years too quickly after they retired. A news radio 930 WBE. It is probably laying up is a guy thinks that what the world really needs is -- travel on will breeze tribute band and everything would be better again. But that's probably gives me we're joined by retired out of -- a lot of police captain Peter crest and inviting your phone calls Peter by the way is joining us on his 68 birthday. And I gotta tell you have bets it really it's always a -- to talk computer. And hit. When you listen to his arguments. Folks. All gonna tell you is. When you hear me talking about the Second Amendment. And when you hear me say it. The Second Amendment once it goes expect the First Amendment to go that you find out about. The administration getting -- reporters computers the IRS politically denying applications for. Our conservative organizations tax exempt status is. When you realize that the Fourth Amendment search and seizure is in doubt and -- equal protection is even in doubt if you're familiar with what the administration has tried to do in Hawaii. There is a two thirds of all out assault folks on freedom in America. And I don't know what it's gonna take to wake some view up to -- Mike great awakening was and why say it Peter Crist has also been a major influence and in my life and I describe myself. As a conservative area and and I have to be honest with the audience and I've known Peter for like over thirty years now Peter -- Marxist. But they absolutely hardcore. And just just so we don't get everybody upset out there I'm not talking about -- I am talking about old -- So as cultural -- she used to say a I would not be a member of AD organization. It would have someone like me as a member and throw -- is my fundamental political philosophy. A comedic genius to always had that streak of cantankerous. I don't know what you would call it a personality -- running through his veins. Which I frankly and dear to Baltimore to me. Although I just saw him late in life occasionally on late night TV. Peter Crist his his organization is leak law enforcement against prohibition leap dot CC do you go to my FaceBook page check it out. If by you think some friends of yours who don't usually listen to -- need -- to show. My show is on line every single hour of it is on line every single day same thing with sandy beach same thing with Buffalo's early news interviews and there's a lot of times I wanna hear like Elway capital eleven understand in the middle a great show and -- -- to tell -- of the beginning -- -- And -- go back and listen to a online. Because I have no life. And drugs are increasingly hard to find anyway 436. Little humor there at vendors radio -- thirty WB EM. The war on drugs. You know what I find interest in Peter is people that I call myself a conservative Terry and people talk about the futility of the welfare program. And billions and trillions of dollars we spent on the war on poverty. And the intergenerational. Cycle of dependence. We have engendered in this country we recognize that the war on poverty has been. A disaster. Yet the same people who would look at that as a disaster and I do by the way look at the war on drugs and say well -- that's being well spent. And I just I shake my -- and absolute disbelief at the logic and consistency. Yeah absolutely and I I can just imagine if I had proposed this program back in the seventies. People would be called me an idiot right now we've been doing this for forty years we decreased our prison population almost tenfold in that period. And yet we still have the same problem that we had before which drug should depict the problem with not the savers they actually worse we're fighting more more received. Methamphetamine be manufactured all over the country a little. Garage in some places -- stop like their hair awareness proper and up in the midwest and all over the place what do we go to realize that maybe. Maybe there's something in the policy. That is creating the problem that we hear of where it if you go and and hit I wanna remind people a little bit about our history. We used to have a thing in this country from Bob made millions of dollars. And they employ children the -- did to make this money and they -- was called the numbers racket. And it was all over the nation in the two games were make -- -- the other -- we tried to were rushed to the way we arrested everybody we could caught it was solid numbers -- do it. Never touched it. And that all of us us. -- numbers -- disappear. Period. Well because we changed the name we decided let's not all of the numbers -- anymore let's call a lot of. That. And somewhere from his grave Dutch Schultz is Sam told you so. Exactly and I just point out that's what we've made -- numbers racket legal directed to solve our gambling. Problem. Wouldn't put up big dent in our crime problem and we don't have thirteen of fourteen year old kids -- numbers for the mob anymore. Another example because I hear people say to me if you legalize drugs what you're saying in the role. Cage and their right to what kind of a message it sent to the children. I remind them I'm a cigarette smoker I have been a cigarette smoker -- forty years. I remember back -- a cigarette smokers were completely control. Were I would walk into your. Stationed there to do we show and I wouldn't ask if I could smoke I would just desperate ashtray. I can get on an error playing. And fly all the way from New York City to LA smoked and all the way the only thing that separated the smoking section from the rest of the plea was a curtain. Eight that's when we were control you ask any cigarettes smoker. If they feel couldn't dole and in America today and able to argue these fields. Barely tolerated by the rest of society. And I use that -- my point because Tibet so it's perfectly legal. But it's not that dole should just because something is legal does could be weakened don't want it. It means we accept the reality of what were able to do what were not able to do and do the things that we know work. When that that was done earlier outlook all the disabled Vietnam War -- we have veterans today who because they're being denied. Pain medication. Are out by a drops off the streets because they can't get it that the aid because in the aide tells them how much they need and it doesn't work for them. This is not a sensible way to do business and it's. Disposal long way back effect it's rooted in the drug war because -- in 1915. BP is that person narcotics act and when we did did that we changed the relationships of doctors and their patience. I just sort of tell everybody case are not aware of it that prior to 1915. You could buy underwear to mr. as a rule book cataloged. Well Katie that's how available was in 1950 -- this year -- narcotics. We did the prescription they had to the doctors. And it changed the relationship between doctors and their patience because now rather than doctors being medical advice to their patients. Now doctors were the ones who control the actions to the drugs so they had power over the patients. And for something that had power for forty years let me tell you power's pretty civil. And also look at the survivors and you're just joining us -- we're talking about another strategy. And fighting. Work at demonstrably does not work and yeah we like to pretend it if we just throw money at a somehow the problem is gonna going to go -- didn't work that way in prohibition of alcohol and it will never work with drugs that are currently considered. Illegal. Let's -- to deal in Akron on WB -- with Peter Crist bill hello. I I don't and he got tired. There and I just from one well finals but management shall respect and mostly guys actually -- Magistrate that a government pushed this side are now because. They -- slept for six and they want the -- the morning and I'll. But but but bill would give the government is not sick. We should legalize drugs we have people in high political office in this country who based on some pretty reliable information. Were Coke dealers in college are right. And somehow they managed to a lot of well. Become shall we say it very prominent politicians. Throughout states and even the federal government. Yet I don't hear any of those people making the argument that I'm making that drugs should be legal. So who else is making the argument bill because I feel like Peter and I. And a few others are the only people who were making any sense on this issue arguing for freedom and liberty. -- I eight yeah I understand well hey guess who's working and try and all relate so. I don't give up to Toronto would it would be doing in Toronto all -- -- -- On all -- and everybody talks about the crack. Few people talk about alcohol. -- with rob -- thank you very much bill. Any further comments -- You know created. It's did you see the image at a bar throttle because one of the things that I liked about. It supports all -- face on the crack addict doesn't. I feel bad. From a guy and when everybody else was mocking him and heaven you know make him the butt of jokes -- sincere -- -- this man doesn't medical issue what I make fun of theirs. Exactly that the my point is that what you Richard cracked edit the people people gathered images in their heads. And accusing not the mayor of a big city look at -- -- Serbs still began a runner on this piece of give you another example in Chicago. Two judges went. Fishing trip together and -- one of the tape -- to the to the place that they were staying in the given that they were -- and he -- the other guy dead on the floor of the drug overdose. And bowel the other one that followed your results are charged with possession feature two sitting judges they're using illegal drugs. This is the depth of drug use of our society we tend to hide it like we don't we don't get over it or which just is supposed -- And then we as you pointed at the beginning of the show we demonize these people like we do not demonized alcoholics or we do not demonize people who -- addicted to electronic gadgets or or gambling third. Christ. It's it it amazes B word we had Bill Bennett was a drug -- he was dealing with this gambling addiction. Yes well yeah thank you thank you very much you know it it we've all got something I don't think anybody is perfect I don't think anybody is flawless and I've I've talked Peter before. About you can take the most beautiful women in the entire universe and what you get to know them and talk to them they've all got something. You can take the most gorgeous guy in the world and everybody's got something. Well it's interesting -- one of the things that -- last the current president in the last two before him head and Cameron was marijuana tubes. Now -- I know bill didn't inhale. It you you have to understand that in most states if I -- issue would joint. And you don't inhale and you pass it to somebody else you're still guilty of drug possession. And that if we have a 100% perfect in sportsman of our drug laws in this country. Clinton bush and Obama would never have been president because they all would have had drug convictions. But yet somehow they can do something in their -- realizing it didn't destroyed her life. And that made them become helped them become president EP because of a way to solve things and other people to be doing that now should be interest. It's observed there's nothing rational -- this thank -- stop it doesn't. Work okay that's the first thing. Secondly is to create all kinds of problems in our society when it comes to morality. There were four groups societies they can deal with morality. They are gambling. Church education. And health care system it should never be the criminal justice system enforcing morality. Will we see morality and police enforcement and Afghanistan and Iran and Iraq. And Saudi Arabia we'd say that's wrong that should be doing it and yet we're doing it right here where. We are talking with a retired Tata a lot of police captain Peter Christo -- the telephone calls. At 8030930. -- kind of up to join us on his 68 birthday. 8030930. Start 93180616. WB EM I probably won't make it to 68 but if I do I might not even have to brain cells to rub together it was in the theater my goodness he's still going strong. 446 -- news radio 930 WBBM. 66 degrees right now tomorrow's going to be gorgeous -- 74. It's WB eat and buy hourly and Peter Crist is my guest and back -- the call this is John on line one and it showed John -- on with Peter crystal. Our door and I was just. Paula while some laws or the Netherlands. I happen to -- over there were few days or call in the navy and it was my understanding that it's some of the lowest crime rates any country in the world. It would provide needles for. And the arch in the morning for the -- and at the marijuana shops and that prostitution streets and everything was pretty much legal. If they -- what I brought up this topic people told me that Amsterdam. And the Netherlands in general have changed and they've gotten more restrictive true or false. All these they -- up to regulatory system but they haven't gone to what we're doing by any stretch of education I just sort of point out to people. That marijuana is illegal in Amsterdam. They show us that they don't arrest anybody forward in the allow people to solid tip they used to reason for -- being news. At the root of a lot of this problem. Is the international drug control treaty that the UN controls. If that we at least by the way are in the process as an Ngo non government organization of the UN. We have proposed an amendment or change to -- off. Treaty here and there is getting some interest -- people talking about it it I just pointed out because sleep is just not. Right guys like -- about where you're -- an international organization we get chipped in Brazil we get chapters in Europe who get chapters in Canada and other countries. We we have broaden our base where people go to the web site. I think we're the most telling thing is is at the top of the first page is a thing called you could collect everything which speakers. And just go look at the speakers and the listing of people and their background we have. Senior federal judges we have. Deputy chief. Police for -- at Los Angeles TDs or our board of directors our current executive directors -- retired major from Maryland state police. We have you name it in law enforcement we have them it -- As speakers. And this is not just a couple crazy people this is of people in the comparable progression. We know what our job is we know what we are good yet. And I just sort of partial government to try to drop but it later. But there's an old quote from Benjamin Franklin. And it's goes something like this bones that are willing to give up there liberty. For safety. Deserve neither. Eight men gave a frequently posted. Quote. From mr. Franklin on my website and by the way for those and -- real history of the guy and the 100 dollar bill. On his personal life was I shall we say quite storied especially when he was ambassador to France -- move. Are you deserved quite the Arab man about town to say the least. I pity you wanna -- the first segment at 5 o'clock animal called a very. All right Peter I just hate to keep getting your birthday and are we gonna pull what you people -- holds a drama Holbrooke is gonna go to your already after the news on news radio 930 WB --

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