Made in WNY: Kazoos!

May 29, 2014|

Hear the extended interview with the Kazoo Factory and Museum's Kathy Rice, that talks about the history of the Kazoo in Eden and the instrument's global appeal.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well legend has it and history that we have here in and -- That the fact it was owned by mr. Richardson around 1950s. It was a sea battle plan for teammates don't and it's tackle boxes. And it approximately around nineteen -- sixteen investors rocket -- came and that we believe. -- began that it was a -- because to. Mr. Richardson -- his presses it we've been making almost continually ever since. -- mr. Richardson made the -- zoos. He employed probably. Local. Young people from this area to work and the machinery. Around two 1985. Mr. berg asked talent that came in and purchase the kids do. It with safety features and the machines. And advertise but it gets trapped and there again and we have been making. This is that going. As far as the kind of history you beat you shopped him. Factory that was here when this weekend come placing them how long you've been. Selling -- -- zoos indeed we've been selling the -- from the very beginning probably starting around 1960. The where sorted because who's of course the traditional. Submarine shape is due. We made at one time. Trumpets. And you goals. Now we make many many -- to -- beginning around nineteen. About 2000. If tractor his suit with airplanes locomotives. And of course to celebrate our corn festival we can't afford to eat it suits. People when they come here they can -- there aren't -- yes we have machine specifically. For the visitors to -- happened museum. To make -- old because news. Normally there's eighteen steps using our presses that are approximately a -- five years old. But this small machine was put together. And that shuttle has four steps. And you will come away with here -- submarine shape as you see machines over a hundred years old can you tell me a little bit about them and how they kept running out for so long my they are built driven prices very very very -- Take a lot of maintenance and Malia. Gentlemen here have ballots here who are able to maintain the belt driven presses can tell me a little bit about the the people who are working in the factory now. When that partnerships there. And 2005. The stripper gas -- the factory to suburban adult services. And they are the group now making his news -- cares about fifteen when he each day. Five days a week making -- wonderful -- news consumers it's much more than just. Tiny instrument I mean this time -- time you point out a mass of people from all over. Come to -- to see those -- absolutely we have people all over. As our maps will sell the map is of the United States and all the little sheets of paper around the actor from people from all over the world. -- come out to this small community it's very important that the children out in this area realize. It how important this is who is so -- small community. We can't visitors travelling as we just had a group now walk through. From other countries small family groups we also have -- large tour buses that come and we -- guided tour is the tourists themselves are free. The only charge is when you make your own -- consume. -- The answer and it might be one of the only instruments that you can go from a guy having a little kid play to all the way to being in or mistress that's very true very true apps. What is the -- factory Nina mentioned that how the map shows that kids surround sound and what it means that all these people are coming what is the consumer factory to keep zooming museum mean -- Well when you coming to a small community. Produce. Area -- area it certainly brings in visitors to the zoo. But it also brings in people to staff and all the little. Greenhouses along the way to purchase -- and flowers are little. Restaurants here in town are wonderful staff at. -- it's important to head for the hills community. What does it mean for the kids do to be made right here in Western Europe via Western New York. So why how many how many things are made in Western New York. In that way I certainly we've known them monster in all the sauces that are made out there to actually have. A small instrument that is very reasonably priced it's only a dollar 99. The horns that are hand shattered her about 1095. But the prices. Really reasonable and so everyone could really afford to get there -- do you make metal can -- only here yet. How come medal is so much better than the plastic lasts forever and it's a traditional -- we always -- keep that going. I think it's very important and let her. Those twos ones on media Casey said -- dug up by people on annexed it a hundred years ago discipline -- yes absolutely that little remembering all hang in there. As long as you don't get it in decide that -- sanitized it and throw it dishwashers and.