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5-29 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How's that I have several rambling and other stadiums citing possibility. And this could be at the site of the Seneca mall as the cynical mall is no longer there. Obviously. But that site now yes it is close of the -- as you can see it. But I think it's it's an awful suggestion. They're going to develop cynical place anyway but it depends on whether via. The stadium and be involved or not. -- god Tom Golisano as partners rumored to be. From video that same company that owns the gallery yeah -- His name is Scott conjugal. And we'll see where this goes but I'd like your opinion as to whether you think that would be a good site I don't think so. And is Andrew Cuomo kind of hedging is Betty took all the headlines. Right away after the pass to grow wealth and saying that we would do everything possible as a state to keep the team here blah blah blah blah blah. And even though -- favor private financing. It's not going to be totally private we can almost take that to the bank and now he's saying yes we're so excited about private for -- set a Iraq is again the headline without paying reject. Another I wanna pay the Jack -- just say air and a 130 million dollar facelift is going on as we speak in fact today the press is viewing it. And it's got like six years before they heavy lifting on the reallocation -- Again so left so basically. At the very least we're gonna spend a 130 million dollars was for the next pictures and it might be more it might be more. Let's go to O'Brien in buffalo O'Brien's phone pooped out last -- but he's back on welcome back O'Brien yes. There's a better that's a lot better and what it got worse than okay well this is kind of a bigger question but why should we pay for something. Taxpayer -- -- when it should be -- organically through. The fan base. Investors and let them do. I'm a big football. But you know the built last year here I'd be just fine with. Think they've done studies that is. That that they use in small markets do not. -- to appeal. -- revenue -- And so there's there's really no need forum this stay here. Some sort of question is why isn't it is done organically. And let the you know what defense they -- they want it or not. Well the argument you just made is totally correct. It'll actually unfortunately. These decisions aren't made intellectually there are made emotionally. And the question is not whether the bills bring revenue into the community. Because we know. That it's a loss leader we know that. It's the other side of the coin that they that they depend on and that is what it brings to the city in terms of -- recognition that sort of thing the thought in the country is that if you have an NFL city. An effort and a -- team in your city but your first class organization you might use that to try and draw businesses here. That's not a good sound financial decision but that's what they think. There -- OK I understand that but they are still have a problem with. I don't report you know I I expect figure that you know the electoral votes and just back corporate jet market and you know it's like to. Yeah I -- you but -- it's always the universal -- of I don't have children a lot of -- personal tax I don't drive a car so why do I have to pay for the road tax. There are certain communal expenses even if we don't use them that we have to kick him for unfortunate. I'm. I'm a presbyterian dogs -- just target. What I had to sell your saying Brad Bryant Gumbel and me you're not the only one thinking there's a lot of people think this. And eventually. I think the NFL's gonna have to face the reality. Of the marketplace when the funding dries up and the invitations or fewer but for now it's still fly and I but I think that will last forever thank you -- back on uniform there thank you. As a -- and made absolute sense there's no question what Brian just said makes cents. But that is how business is done Thursday. It's not like that only as we said before if we lost the bills on models but if we head. Financially. It wouldn't be a blip on the radar screen but emotionally it and that psychologically. That would be huge. It's like your year you were just starting to make some ground making little headway. People are not talking about is being as much of a loser as they used to. In us if we suddenly lost the Buffalo Bills and they moved somewhere else. Then it would be seen as a huge blow to us even though money wise it really wouldn't and he. But as I said. Does the fact is if you have an NFL team. You're one of them very rare number of cities that has that you're considered a winner the winner. And you and and it's used a lot to try and -- their businesses. Put it in your your travel commercials of Iran and -- And make it make it a selling point for your city hey we have an NFL -- Without that yeah we have the medical coroner. As terrific we have top flight scientists here we have a lot of things to be proud of VO rich products here. We got Delaware north nearly got some really good company's top flight good people it'll actually will stack up against anybody. But that won't count. The only male count as we lost its name that's what now and a I don't know I I don't think. At this I think at this time will be devastating. Much like many of the padlock on. On the steel industry here. When the last steel plant closed I mean that's that. It doesn't Novak and if the team ever goes. We never -- another NFL team and telling you right now. -- take a break -- return. A senate -- do you think that's a good location I don't. Car if you wanna covered stadium do you want dome retractable. Would you prefer open there in 130 million dollars right now. On the stadium is being spent while we know that in six years from now. The of the getaway causes and animal like a -- -- for exaggerating of course. But the -- -- the ball the bottom line is that a lot of money for a very short time knowing it's going to be obsolete will be back after here's a clarification. What I do at home medical equipment store commercial. There -- 5079 Broadwind appeal to kind of give -- little idea where it is in case you don't know where 5079. Is. Such is between the two banks and that's easy to spot. But then I have to differentiate between big chain. That sells soups breads muffins at all that that's -- Paris. And the subway shop there a subway and it's habit that a business long time they're good -- the as the nor. So they got an Arab and or so I try and differentiate sometimes it -- Remember remember this that Madison. The young girls who had to choose between the sun dried tomato -- And the other menu selections will be found that an heiress. Dinars which will be a medical assistance. Act it's. Again that's where he gets subsidies have you guys that are heads of the -- from there yes I -- -- it's good start was stakes sales Hezbollah got it goes forward if you're ever there Chris Dodd had panera has been up -- -- you're you're panera but not ignored -- had the other medicines until. Submitted online. -- opening -- not the ourselves yes -- -- there I've been able poise is actually like I like -- -- but that's so there I tried to history and now I I went with Craig Matthews one time. Now -- sheriff in the mountain division. And he says you gotta love this. There's subs are great nine at one and they really are. I don't live anywhere near there are so why you don't often but if I said. So that's it the American aura. Tomato to model what -- and making me hungry again now and you gotta get that remember. Tim Hortons frozen. Pot. Now frozen chocolate to the deliver -- it is so good. And it's got. Whipped cream at all and his -- tops that as a as a cut out circles again what's on there but what it allows it to do is the whipped cream comes up. -- and it's actually sticking -- of the top. Of this frozen. -- drank today it's not hot it's cool but it's fabulous and it is did. -- for is that -- now yes and I'm buying Chris I'll buy you want to know next time is up next time. Get one I'll reimburse both the view of what you your money -- -- Michael Mexico. It's true I tell you in buffalo took over here on WB yen. Yeah I like that site -- -- -- -- not only because I disagree with you about that the highway because that recovering from the city side. 400 accent on the Seneca street you can go -- And I'm took -- -- very easily and right there on the Orchard Park well. And I actions anywhere from recorder of a mile long so that can handle quite a bit of traffic volume acts and actions -- accept that. It right at the stadium. Our guys -- you you're still that big current road would serve the purpose because. I know that even even when the bills applying and Orchard Park that today you know experts -- is sold out game. That sometimes traffic can be problematic all the way up to us through it. But. Incredible. If you go back at what comes out what they could signal that it's too late come out. And they actually -- so called a recorder about how long. What about the other side of the what about the other side of what we used to be the is on the mall in that city streets that you think they would need widening aren't. And you know this is only the trafficking. -- personal web -- -- just like at the same thing. That proved too much they actually -- permanent -- Pippen out. In -- actually I'm a little bit happy that he's behind double sonic. Two to bring in my. A lot about it at the apartment -- Space now that would be. Partly because you happen in that cycle. And and if you look at -- outside that I -- that they're nothing but also a lot of our attention. It -- like the idea at all I loved you don't know I'm not. Short time Sunday into a year out that not treatable if -- off for me to get into this thing burst that cannot compare bat that -- and the amount. That's true. Are. Going to going to charge you up as being in favor of it and that was -- is okay thank you look I'll appreciate it. The town thing and somebody suggested the central terminal well first of all the downtown thing. Even though the games are primarily played on Sunday. And there's less traffic downtown. That's still a lot of volume off for the downtown streets and yeah I know we've got the of the various roads the 19 -- and it and a and the Kensington and or whatever but I size I think they'd be overburdened remember when them that's pearl was going to come here ever. And they gave out numbers and what they expected during them during of the daily. In the daily business that they would do downtown. And we did the numbers that we said that even if they were like three people on an average to a car three. It would be 5000 cars a day. And we didn't think downtown could handle 5000 cars -- -- without. -- infrastructure change and they -- -- of course it's just an apartment around. Many of the writers. Usually from above and goes get all bent they think that. The the biggest evil was probably the double. The second evil was Hitler and the thirty was a parking ramp I mean that's just an event. Bargain around so we don't -- no more parking ramps it's not the way we want ago. But you got to realize. That one of the reasons. Then two a bit malls became as popular as they are now is convenience. People wanted to drive get out of their car and go into the mall that's the reason they don't wanna park a long way away. Even with shuttles it's different bills on time. And so Kress so let's say we have some more Facebook's why don't we post the couple yes we do. This is from Michael says cynical occasions just a bad idea for gonna do this we need to do right building downtown on or near the water. And give downtown the economic benefits. Well if you looked on -- five down there. As you know we've been going by a three years and years and years -- one time it was a vibrant with industrial stuff now it's kind of light. -- -- some nice parts to a true that's a little bit away from the actual downtown area but it's it's still walk around the water. I think it might be easier to get in and Albert downtown itself. A makes me nervous I just don't know if there's enough room down there and of course. When they come up with these plans they come up with these grandiose plans of we're gonna put this -- and that -- they never think of it's like throwing a rock in I'm going to be yeah. Well listen. I'm going to be just like the tongue fu master. It's like throwing the rock into the water and the and the ripples. You'll fall it's the same thing there and if you really think about it. OK let's pointed down right here within your -- -- -- the ripples go and how far open ego and how much access you have to ground zero. And you'll find that when you're dealing with those kind of numbers there's not a lot of opportunities. Not a lot. The concept of a downtown stadium political concept of any stadium near the water critical which got -- right location. Will be -- more Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB again. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 their toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- got a front page article believe bubble and those are about Tom Golisano. Could partner up with a developer of impairment. Name on Jules and and and make a deal to buy the team and perhaps provide us -- a stadium. And we're looking at these numbers. And the numbers don't -- -- listens to me because. Of the location is wrong. First of all they're talking about if we build it there. In the senate co location where the -- a mall laws we could have up to 200. Events a year now 200 events a year is. More then no one every two days. On those doing the math there I hope they're better construction costs and they are estimating events. Because I don't know what what they would call an event how many people would have to attend an event. If they had the V will run them off. An event every two days so I don't see that as lightly. We've had one caller say the pay. The roads will be fine. And -- she detailed her thoughts on the -- but most people think it's not a good idea. Put the cynical mall location sewage on -- John on WB and thanks for holding. -- -- -- -- accurate location read this. I thought the reason we're having a doubt a stadium and -- while. The belt downside growth. And I I didn't I think the -- placed forward be on Broadway. From certain still more or go into the city. There would be ample already -- too -- to get the fire Al. And bring the people and it doubt combo for. Number of I'm envisioning it in my mind. As to where your target about OK so you you wanna do something that would help. Invigorate downtown buffalo and you go Monday might be the -- how about. A -- getting people in and out of a site. I think you've got to go our way out your quick result you get the more I'll get that 33. -- elm street -- or ninety. Impact and that's what the media -- out -- bring people off or are they let your knee. It's they both offer you our. Don't keep up the truck they look at me. That's right but the reason we're building a statement filed or was there now now now. Yeah they did they've said for years and years and years one of the biggest mistakes they made was letting UB go out to Amherst. And they don't wanna make that mistake again so here's an opportunity because when this stadium is bills coming up for a long time hopefully. And god mom was there -- saying and a where where were putting it in the in the mix thank you very much. -- Jessica that -- to try and invigorate. Downtown. I think is not a bad idea and I think I mean it's something workbook and others say one thing that would be beneficial if they didn't plan on some days. If they play during the week look at the number of people work -- -- a lot of people in if they could segue from much after work to a game. In my room Monday night but I certainly cannot Sunday afternoon I'm sure there are some people who work there on Sundays but most of them would work on a regular weekly basis. Then that would make sense totally because they'd already be there. They're their cars would already be there as well Soviet upon -- -- going back and forth of the game. It might be a nice things go I told you 1000 separate Cisco used to go to raiders' games. And that took the -- out there. And the Bart stops at the stadium that's one of the stops and so that was terrific -- I didn't have to take my car and get on the Bart Gordon again. Get out of the game get on -- Barton go to the Bart station which was near where I lived in these day. So that that's nice when you have that kind of convenience. But so whether it's so applicable here or not I'd have to actually look -- pregnancy much space they need. And what would have to be done keep in mind true. The the structure underneath the city in many places as ancient. He might have to replace some of that stuff so -- you're looking at the water has to be delivered from point a to point B. In storage has to be delivered from point eight appointees of his a lot of things that. They've done that you don't see with the just the guy OK Chris a couple more FaceBook please. This one comes from does he says I kind of like this idea I think access will be easy because of the nine -- to 400 to nineteen and route five and there are two hotels already there. It's worth looking into what Ali -- two hotels are there. And they go they want to scenario surprisingly some drugs drive that area a lot but as a yeah there's certainly enough businesses around or another please this is from Saudi says I like getting a location as long as it's in Erie county. I don't prefer Seneca plaza a edited to be out of water for. Well that's Erie county of course. So Woodward is the waterfront is another story. I like the idea of water like the idea if you have a rights set up. Of a city stadium if the setup is right but whether we have not who knows but let's -- to -- -- in -- more Matt Iran WB yen. The good lord they -- at a -- that. The -- especially that I absolutely do I got a group moving the stadium that I have worked effort you're doing fireworks. -- then going to gain from I -- of my entire -- placing your. And down I think you need to structure in place. Where with the improvement could -- very viable statement. -- got compliments from the stadium people at Soldier Field people Baltimore stadium saying it. In our global flows stadium visit with a little bit of improvement he could be could have been great. We'll talk about the the covered stadium I understand recover from the I think it says November December and January may not -- -- -- a problem is we're winning games I mean to duplicate New England. And the final aspect of yeah the players stadium but it that we get leaders around there the -- -- -- they can possibly do great. Typical great -- thermal energy each the entire second welcoming the alternative options to keep it open. But I'm not I bet that it shouldn't be moved. Well I I first are like the stadium a location as well and and a -- infects and notables such as Bill Polian. Who certainly was executive of the year for like three years of being developed says that this is while the best stadiums now and and they're improving at 230 million now. I think it be easier to upgraded from that. Then build a whole thing from the ground up thank you. But you know as usual you can have what would you rather have. Brand new car. Right off the show Rome. Or this car that's. Thirty something years old but. We've captive in good condition -- it's like -- helicopter helicopters are. Always in India. A spiral of changing out parts for a new parts so that even though that helicopter may be twenty years old. It's not it's one Euro helicopter. They changed this part now when that part then in that part than strict. Many -- regiment on helicopters so that at anyone time the helicopters practically brand who even though it was actually purchased years ago. Well you know me if I -- choice between 67 Bonnie and GT -- As something that's out right now with the GT selling special so what you do is that maybe find an angle that with further upgrade. Would make our stadium special. Besides -- obviously something something. Along the lines of competitive with. I don't know if we'll ever be competitive -- Dallas or Washington because there -- bigger. And Mason and more revenue. -- but the bottom line just something different something unusual there's a reason why Fenway Park is so popular yeah. But how many families either I mean you've got better and -- -- event that's drool. You'd be hard pressed to find a third. And that's the whole point those -- national treasures or recognized in time. And -- I'm -- fought off all kinds of attempts to do other things to them to keep the field plus baseball. Has a heritage. With the country. That the national football it doesn't happen the national football -- enormously popular and more popular baseball but it doesn't have that that heritage of baseball. The country grew up and baseball grew up remember as popular as the NFL is now it has and it does not have that heritage. It -- Montreal 1806 concerts manager of the six are 930 that is Beecham company yes whether Tom Golisano and Scott Congo get together. On this a Senegal a cynical place location formally the summit mall. A day it's the a start or Congo and his group impairment. Are going to develop that area whether there's -- stadium there or not. But it might be mixed use it might be mixed use Willis oh with a stadium it depends on where this goes but there's a lot of things being floated around right now and it's important -- orgasm but I just don't going to be a good idea we've had I think one person. Think that the Seneca mall location would be good location most of you do not. You either wanna stay where we are. Downtown some suggest that the central terminal area I don't know if that would worker not but very interesting cross section. Let's go to Bob in -- -- Wanda Bob you're on WB again. I think I don't. I'm totally -- keep in the stadium we have I mean we've got so many millions into it already. And now I'm I'm just not seeing any really great construction anymore anyway you know it's like. I think Seattle -- work about their second domed stadium. I've been in the Pontiac Silverdome it's nothing. As to what we have. And I and that got -- inflatable roof on top of that I'd I don't want. I mean I think that's tacky and junkie. Yeah I mean word anybody go to better score boards I mean it looks like the NFL owners have been searching to have a shiny is Bobble on the chain. And it seems like were at a point of diminishing returns now and it an especially you don't wanna build a bigger will have more blackouts. And that I thought thing on the news about some school in Texas -- high school they had this huge stadium built and the whole thing has fallen apart they can bring you to. I even think it's been used wants. Yup that's right sixty million dollars -- drain. And then like Q what you were talking about like downtown with the sewage and everything like that that's the -- of the city's water lines are just. Soledad that's even more millions and billions trying to get battle at the upper right. Yeah I met says something the public doesn't see that would cost a lot of money it's a downtown ideally. In a perfect world is a good idea but. Here I'm not really sure about all Bob thank you thank you very much so Bob says let's keep doing what we're doing now does make it better. Because you do get to the point of diminishing returns okay. Yeah other area of the digital. As scoreboards that they have at the stadium and in Dallas pretty impressive. But what do you do you build a bigger one. You build a wraparound that what do you do. They've already go onto luxury suites how a luxurious -- They've gone to -- licensing what you say that that that's going away so yeah it's pretty much fizzled out I haven't heard and terrible idea yes horrible that would be the day. Unless it was a seat in heaven that would be good day I would buy a seat license. The concept of me buying a license so that I can spend money would view. Is so ridiculous. I can't tell you but there -- some people like well I'm gonna say keep in mind. A lot of the NFL is corporates rose you've got to recognize that. That. -- companies buy sweets. And boxes and you know luxurious seating so that they can show moves that their customers in their own employees who do good job for the company and understand that. But I'm thinking that they fell. That -- pay attention to the NFL and not just trying to make it bigger bigger bigger all the time because. I think eventually. The bubble could burst I know that sounds ridiculous in 2014. And most of us made an obvious here -- one when it does have a but I think it could happen. Let's go to Bob in Grand Island mrs. Bob number two nobody on WB again. Although -- -- hello multiple teams want to I'd like you idiot nobody has said what's wrong with its stadium. I think it's perfectly fine. Are what what we should do is improve putting a dome over I'm talking about is free standing bill. Separate structure that would protect. The that the stadium from the elements. And provide. Provide an environment. Where people wanna go to eighteen game. Yeah I've not seen anybody propose that and because that we don't know what the cost would be but whatever the cost would be a probably a hell of a lot cheaper than a billion dollars for a new one. Absolutely. I also wanted to -- If you don't know who -- what you do with the old that's out there in Orchard Park rock. -- -- on the device the bulldozers. And the wrecking ball at -- Ralph it would break my heart and it really would. I. -- oh yeah I'm sure that your blog -- -- vice. All of that would that would destroy me 'cause right now. Today the media is touring. Via the -- the Ralph. And looking at the progress in the 130. Million dollar upgrade right now and were upgrading it knowing that in six years. It's possible. That it could be torn down. Six years is is when we get pass the the heavy lifting on the relocation clause of the yeah. Of the lease and I'm thinking OK so it's a 130 million now. It's gonna last six years I guarantee they'll come back before six years and ask for more. But the bottom line is is it the Connors crazy. To put this kind of money into this right now and as I keep referring to the fact that somebody who should know about this Bill Polian. Who is you know fabulously general manager -- -- have great great things. And was recognized by the NFL has a great executive. Said that this is one of the best stadiums and they -- in the in the and maybe you can make it better maybe get creative mentally you're clever. We make it better and more unique and yeah a more of a shiny Bobble by putting something different. As part of it rather than something bigger shiny year gaudy year. Or sheer number you know on talking about I don't know what -- this OSHA did. Maybe they should have via a contest. We have confidence all the time what to name the team things like that about how to make our stadium shine. Above all others with something that hasn't been done it. Just because it hasn't been done it does mean it can't be done. Just remember you could be the person that comes up that idea. As I said I'm sure somebody said the Jerry Jones you know if you -- if you make a scoreboard goes from the twenty of the twenty. You're gonna get a lot of publicity on -- people are going to and a mega high Def. You are going to it's going to be fabulous web -- suggested that to want to have to be other things that would enhance a year of a day at the Ralph. That would make the national. Press ahead. This is fabulous and they came out of buffalo this original thinking we have a lot of great thinkers in this town. It could be a really cool of the bills kind of fed that out there and see what people have Tuesday may be selling well. I'm okay that about wraps it up and we'll see you tomorrow morning and nine on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. Which we never dreamed could be used.

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