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5-29 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back the -- -- they all kinds of people are talking inquired whispers about what might happen this might happen he might bid he might not -- he has Landis though he might partner with somebody else's got the money. Whatever a lot of talk about. The Buffalo Bills in the future owners of the Buffalo Bills and future stadium sites and and Andrew Cuomo kind of I think hedging is that a little -- so here's the questions of Seneca malls stadiums idea like that. The the published reports in the Buffalo News. Say that that may be Tom Golisano. And 01 of the principles from pyramid there. Are talking about them putting something up in the senate Kamal a make that a accommodated. Some of the senate animals died as site -- no longer exists. You think that's a good idea I think that ideas terrible. Simply because of the thing I always make fun of traffic. But -- days it be legitimate. And if Andrew Cuomo came out so enthusiastically. About it at the at the beginning. Well yes we're going to do everything possible to keep the team here where love the bills. And now suddenly he's morphed into oh yeah as we love the bills in this private financing will be a great thing. So I'd like private financing but that's certainly no guarantees from asking if you think he's hedging. Also what kind of stadium do you want you want open air. Chris is neighbor down there was senators as -- Joseph Maddon labor covered stadium where you don't matter I want icicles in my Naples in December that's what I -- Because I can't afford refreshments are so that'll be the next best thing. And go -- it's part of our heritage we liked the snow. But yet they do have problems selling out the games in December usually by December. The teams already on vacation they send the uniforms in the play last couple games that that that might change but. Are covered stadium there or do you want open are covered and if you want covered. Do you wanna -- Omar retractable. Why I'm feeling like -- I'm going to a sub shop. And in subway where they ask you to make 101000. Decisions before your -- actually arrives. But if I had a choice. I think is now looking at the taxpayer dollar what's involved. I would say if you're going to cover it make it at home run retractable because the retractable. Damage is. That on a nice day. You can open the roof. But there's only eight games a year and I don't think anybody's -- -- going into a dome on a sunny day but they they were depreciated on a bad day. The only -- the only reason to have a retractable roof in my mind is so that you could have natural grass. -- -- euros in Annapolis. I don't know if the bills would be happy with him and what if or even if there's I need to have. A grass field when Tuesday's turf is just just as good. You don't get the complaints though like we UCL an Astroturf right and things where there was basically. Cement underneath that -- so we don't get that anymore. But I do think maybe you would have a better -- you know. A better turn out on a stormy day in December. We have a covered stadium than an open stadium there was. Allows allows more more and gives you about a wider demographic to be able to go to the game. Instead of the young twenty something year old that you know just going out for the par. You know drug and about that and about I mean in the in this article. -- -- Bob McCarthy article. The stadium could serve a variety of purposes such as hosting as many as 200 events for a year ago there a lot of they smoking. A lot of baseball getting to -- 200 events. Plus five. If they came upon current events. You guys of these got a Biggio gonna happen -- -- -- line one would be home because it is anonymous line one Islamist him enough. Let's go to Chris in Clarence Chris you're on WB yen. Yes you are -- -- -- Chris and plans relative. I supported -- is -- that the mixed used aspect but what I think -- the city gentlemen what he's talking about Orchard Park. That's the take a couple of years of -- of that age but what they've built. The stadium. Right next to our current stadium then demolished one. When -- -- that was Parker rarity what district they have to feel out the opposite. I think standard that the -- to match. What problem that followed. Downtown you know already outer harbor that they got to treat this thing like it's the Olympics are coming. And that means they'll build new roads new bridges you know new infrastructure. Like they didn't Salt Lake out loud -- that in -- Olympics and that should viewers this. Transformed because they didn't have for the roads and bridges so threat to my opinion I'm down I'll buy it but nobody to be talking about. The current current footprint on our part in Tibet say. A couple of hundred million. Well the first time I ever saw that I was reducing the bills games for radio on would win and -- Kansas City. And Kansas City has exactly what at that time exactly what you're talking about side by side stadiums. Our current via a parking lot that serves both. It made a lot of sense and what you're saying makes a lot of sense does nothing inherently wrong with a Orchard Park as the location. Elbow what kills me is are spending a 130 million dollars right now affix a little one. Chris. Thank thank you very much yeah right now. Right now and real time. The press is though walking through. Ralph Wilson Stadium looking at the at the progress being made in the 130. Million dollar renovation. And here's what we know it's probably not going to stand up beyond the current lease. So I don't know if they'll be using pretend to use it for something else is an awfully big -- -- used for high school's sports. And their college and -- we -- happy we have UB here and everyone is one good year but well it's not Ohio State week we couldn't fill that stadium on a regular basis. So to me my mother and father taught me to hate waste. And that's the reason -- at one time where it 400 pounds because I would eat everything on the plate but in this case. In this case -- really does seem simple I don't wanna get biblical on it but to spend a 130 million on this knowing that. In and what six years right now because it was a seven year window before the penalty phase. Went away of any major consequence. So as as say six years and spending a 130 million dollars or six years and there's no guarantee that 130 million dollars would last through the six years okay. And then it's gone. As god god I'm gone and then instead of that. Taxpayers are gonna get part of and hopefully very little part of -- may be some of the billion dollars. So I don't know all the people that that are are coming forward now all have have something of an exciting to talk about. Several of them have land they'd like to talk about. And let's hope this thing gets together and and gets done because there's a lot of cooks right now -- a very small kitchen. -- because if they actually ask the people of Western New York what events and things that you would want to. You know go into a new stadium if if it's built what kind of things you know I've always said in and likely you've talked about with the what they do in Milwaukee with the -- offense and have an -- of one -- Belgium and yeah maybe that's type a deal that if you build new -- -- have that type of well. I think you'll find many times that the people who are going to use something are never consulted no I mean. Except for here where where they put the microphones which in the middle right here the workspace. They I'd I demanded that. I said if you're gonna give us a workspace please put something right in the middle that we can't put a book -- or a newspaper or so. 'cause I like a bigger challenge I don't want to sit down and total comfort. -- I -- show I am an all time okay will be back with mark on there is great and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. All right or asking basically the latest. Of the latest player although none of the principles are really saying too much. Is a bit maybe Tom Golisano low hook up with a gentleman from hermit. And and relocate the of the bills and into the stadium and things like that in the Seneca mall site is. That is being bandied about because of the pyramid apparently owns on that site. And I'm asking if you think it's good site I think it's a great place for some things but not a not a it's NFL stadium. It and if Andrew Cuomo sounds like he's hedging his bet TO it sounds like that to me is he hedging his bet. Regarding any kind of help that the state might -- he was so enthusiastic. And it's -- yeah we knew what to do whatever we can and the bills -- the only team to play in new -- blah blah blah blah blah. And that's fine and he got all of that positive reinforcement. -- from the voters. And now he's he's not backing away but he is -- this private financing to be really good. We didn't know that I -- favor private financing it forget it. Are covered stadium are open there and if it's covered do you want adult Omar retractable. And remember. The irony is that while we're talking about this. The press today right now is that the Ralph looking over the progress in the 130. Million dollar facelift. And that's only going to be temporary. Let's go to Randy and all of them -- -- Iran WB yen. Martin candy hello Randy. -- first -- -- I'm not a proponent of the relocation of the -- site. And been an advocate for our retrofit of oh. -- will send what 7325. Million dollars. As of and an upgrade to an epidemic which archer upgrade people just they committed flop but a lot of it is necessary for just about maintenance. -- having said that. I think they'll be infrastructure is already in place. And it's a perfect location with regard to that if you think outside the back. I certainly am in favor of the covering the stadium but I would be in favor more of a retractable stadium specifically. Because if you don't quote sixty to 80000 people have quoted -- You have such great violation consideration people don't like I do. You're gonna have to purge that building where the multiple bottom outside air to air change just do this he'll probably increase. But today and in those stadiums now they have retractable do they have to open it to do that -- or is it done in the weather close. I'm saying they can't make -- in the optional see in the worst case scenario. You're gonna have to violate for heating and cooling cold and chilly but we need to take -- -- the advantage of the natural environment. You can open at and you sit on total energy Cotchery gonna have fetal life essential violation systems. And when you close -- stadium you're gonna have to bring in a large volume of outdoor air -- conditioning either heat or. Well if baseball if baseball were going to be played -- -- I think I'd be much more inclined. To see which are saying but baseball is not being talked about as him being part of that. Because for one -- we have a great baseball stadium Kansas. Oh. They paid a retractable the aspect there really be considered in -- then in the valley can cost. I mean if we are able to take advantage and opens. Stadium with a retractable. Application then we did -- -- violation if we black -- -- to a picture go home. -- we're gonna consulate you have to run violation systems and the great store great deal of -- -- will be -- outdoor air will be necessary. To purge about the because there's skill levels because it only -- 6080000 people have to purge -- pressure. -- that in addition you have the bad. -- that area there heating cooling. You could think outside that vacuum -- which -- for supplemental energy cost in -- thermal storage for -- she cannot actually pretty cool water. Poppy great anticipated he would that there's so when he saved potential from -- -- conservation. That could take advantage of -- about -- both worlds would be open and. All right Lotta Lotta things to think about endo thanks for a charming they -- appreciated thanks so much. Although one thing I you have taken a consideration you know part of a -- and I'd go home. And you all get all agitated and sweating up the buffalo journals you know they get you in that. Make you wanna -- mood. But -- -- an -- around this season who knows if they'll ever be around again we don't know OK so that would be part of it tonight as some who know what they're talking about on the stadium site we're talking about now. Said it would be mindless Bob McCarthy's article above -- -- it will be modified after the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. In the high 60000 seats have the ability to expand and it's Super Bowl criteria. And it could -- conventions concerts and exposed. But when they're talking earlier in the article about 200 events a year. Put up ten mostly tan -- ten. Not 200 to show OS-X. Because everybody talks grandiose. Numbers just pie in the sky stuff. 200. Is only 365. Days in a year when last projected suddenly appear. And so at that think that there would have 200 events. Great social and yet. Restrictions is the time that you can use if it's during -- -- and you can now be on every human spirit because like 2440. Dollars before game job is that that add 200 is supposed to be an all while number but I am going on and come on 200 events a year. Now maybe. They would have vote like a convention center where they have different sections. Where you would only need part of that it has nothing to do with the football part. Maybe either hedging their -- like -- that but I can't see. The whole stadium being use 200 events a year I don't see. I I don't at all. What what what they're doing downtown. With a Google project they're getting some some quality things but it's not 200. Can tell you that. All right or we come back we wanna talk to you basically. The senate Kamal side do you like that as a stadium site. Is Andrew Cuomo hedging his bet. He still enthusiastic -- he say how excited he is about private financing well I'm excited about it Joba let's say it. Covered stadium -- open air and if you want covered do you want dome do you want to retractable are you so man what you don't eat any protection. -- mother nature. Rashard. Game went out I shared. Bring bad -- there without covering the offense still will be back after service. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine. There -- toll free line is 1806169236. Thank you -- -- Calumet they did they have solar system in my house and -- one of the advantages that they never even mention the commercials when your washing your car. Because the whole whole house system okay so when you washing a car a you can you can still drive it if you want to which you don't have to. It doesn't legal soap spots that the -- guys really cool especially if you're doing like both cars have the same time that they blow. Thousands of water over your -- you have holes. A really long most. You're the one with the -- -- well thank you thank you saying this I do of the flexible walls which I got last year. All right for me it thank you were 803930180616. Active users are 930 you like the Seneca location. Of the of the ball suggestion first of all when they say there might be 200 events come on come on line. Is 365. Days a year that would mean that there'd be an event. There at the most two every two days it's actually less than that. In less time. You think there's going to be an event every two days c'mon -- happened it just simply isn't going to happen. And so at least be real -- -- should be realistic are Chris a couple of opposing please if you would this one income. From Amy she says there's just not enough room at the -- mall location that stops came our way -- -- a couple of banks and insurance office are all right there. And you probably don't have the -- down some of these places or maybe some residents is just never enough room for parking. Well that's true and you know it's funny -- this article one of the things that they mentioned as being a plus I think it would turn out to be a minus. The key component according to of one of these sources is the existing network of superhighways. Already encircling the site. I'm now keep in mind I think because of where they are. You can't lying cars up ready to exit off they -- these superhighways. -- for an NFL game you got to find a way to get them off that highway. And line up on some less traveled street or new street or whatever -- can't back him -- fair. My god you know what it's like if we have a storm what it was like go for Barack Obama throw away can you imagine. They say this stadium might be sixty -- 60000 people has probably 30000 vehicles. All trying to get to the same place by 1 o'clock on Sunday. Of actually the most Sundays less traveled day I'm sure at that time of the day. Is it doesn't sound right another one dealers this one comes from -- that she says it supports choice it's too small traffic is going to be huge problem. Counseling is getting ridiculous that we keep talking about all these new proposals. We don't even have a new owner yet we don't know what he wants -- that's true or she wants under. Seal -- owner. When medical. I think -- you don't want to -- diversity. As you know I'm heavily in diversity. I think in new female plant owner would be my favorite. I think he opted by the bills I'm expecting. Are there are there have been a billion women I bet there are. We don't know I don't know off the top. All -- -- -- -- a lot of money. I don't know if you got a billion but she's got a lot don't shoot the bills if you don't think so builds lawmaker -- -- show men. Ayers yet that's right Chicago let's go to Dominic and see Dominic thinks Dominic -- on WB again. Exit out I want to talk about your battle -- an area where it about a prototype -- -- import all of that and it. It's absolutely phenomenal. -- -- -- liked it because I was knocked out by at and I'm glad I'm glad your enjoying it thank you know. Yeah odds -- become all about the stadium opera all I want to say about Andrew Cuomo I would -- there's going to be no public money. Although I just want to say I think that yeah because there's let it be public money involved you can't really aren't a whole thing with private sector money. Com. And second thing is I think it should be in downtown op well because I I want to Cleveland sport to a ground game -- any other ball game. Everything is like -- -- -- you can pretty much they have a walk where were you could walk through that baseball stadium apple bought stadium and the best stadium. And I am I I think to be really cool in downtown CEO -- stadium in the baseball stadium and and respect and are all in targeted plays. And video rock and roll hall of fame is within walking distance to they've they've managed to. Took -- -- plan that very very well. A guy like the idea of of having a lot of things within walking distance of each other. Of their gambled downtown I think would need a lot of infrastructure their cars in and out because. Even on a normal work day it's not that great of course these games have been mainly on Sunday. But it thanks -- thank you. I talked about why Tim Hortons might Jim Martin's -- don't have -- -- But that she that frozen on chart. This week to try and you've got to do with tonight. Don't way because I want a reaction tomorrow OK Ali by at -- OK okay I'll treat you. It is phenomenal. And so I'm -- governor now let's break that -- -- now. It. It's not and I got to stay focused on the stadium -- not think about the Tim Hortons frozen chocolate but I saw a commercial for this morning again like I need that commercial with 5 in the morning -- them come get it it is good good good. Anyway we're asking if you liked the so far. Not many people. How nobody thinks that the -- mall location. Is a good one. I don't think it is for. Various reasons which you've outlined and apparently most of you don't either. There are some businesses there already. They intend to develop that further whether they're. A builds on our call on her arm. Have anything to do with the bills they're gonna develop but the they talked about. Moving this and and and making it part of a package Chris about another -- quote from our FaceBook. This on comes from Markey says this is typical Western Europe we just keep throwing good money after bad were talking about improve in the old stadium and paying for now. And then we talk about spending new money out of -- 130 million dollars and the reason or bring -- operas today. Today right now the presses touring the stadium to see the work in progress of the 130 million I keep in mind. Dad today in six years from now. That's -- and a bit heavy lifting part of the relocation clause. Greg gets eliminated there's still a relocation fee but it's not like it is now. So what they're doing now. The most will get out of it is six years that's the -- at a 130 million dollars now. Maybe because these numbers are kicked around so much. I'm Chris Everett and his sports will have -- during signing season yes -- -- -- sign for our fifteen million dollar signing bonus and the whole conference is 873. Trillion dollars it's ridiculous but what does is it wears you down. You begin to think that a 130 million dollars isn't that much money that's the sad part about it is you -- the numbers yeah it really doesn't mention -- And and because it's it's we see it all the time we hear it all the time which you gotta wonder. I don't care how much money I don't care of your state he can't throw a 130 million dollars down a dark hole. And expect nobody to to be unhappy with that. And keep in mind when they first appropriated this money what the bills said. Yeah we're gonna need this in this in this in this and we're glad we got -- 130 million dollars and then they said. But it really -- on notice that much at the stadium -- The equipment is a big things you don't notice while that's nice yeah that's nice I wanna spend 130 million and not even know artist. You know determined movies it's up on the screen. Meaning they put the money and in a movie but you can see it's right there it's up on the screen you know that that money is well spent this is an up on the story. They'll be some things up on the screen but most of it probably not that's what they said at the beginning. So let's kick a 130 million in now in six years come up with a billion why not the party goes on forever it's called. The national football will be back after just reminder in -- you know missed the show. Any part of it can be heard on the man the WB and dot com John ensues is a newsmaker interviews or on demand. You -- some of those Tom Barley shows on demand you can listen to that you listen to me it's all available WBN. Dot com. Were talking about they've proposed stadium. That might be part of -- plays and the best way to remember senator -- the former senate mall footprint. And said can be used free around entertainment might be multi you know as well out of out Nevada and they're saying. 200 events a year now I don't wanna get stuck on one small aspect of it. But that's that's more than one event every two days and if it's a 60000 seat stadium. It's only brought -- good point how many. How many events would fill that venue if you were actually filling the seats of the was gonna take place in his -- let's -- it's not Manny. Not many at all there are many acts out there that are even playing. Stadiums this size. A 60000. I don't think of two off the top of my ahead. And that would be The Rolling Stones a Metallica. You know well you know you don't know until it happens often times are surprised by the turnout. Of what I'm thinking 60000 is heavy lift it now. I was I was on the stones on the stadium -- 80000 missile. And this still forever there on the Viagra torn. They each had to change the logo on there on the stage and went from the Flaming Lips while you. A but the bottom line as. I'd view I view the feel. You feel that the Seneca moll location would be a good stadiums I don't I really don't I think it would be horrendous. And is Andrew Cuomo hedging is a stadium that. I'd love to see private financing rules. But he's got all got probably cream off the top. When he said how much in favor is he's gonna do everything possible keep the team here whatever now we're hearing every everyone's wallet slips in the private. And I have a finance immigrant I'd favorite but it seemed like -- polo club. Hedge on that one and are covered stadium are our red dome retractable what do you think uncovered or would you prefer open there. And them concerts. Know who you think could fill a 60000 seat arena right now. That as code to mrs. Brian in buffalo O'Brien -- WB again. All right well. The first person I think that that -- a bigger question here which is public finance. But for taxpayers. Or or equity. -- being followed by it if if -- that before that fiery. Why individuals who like all I don't like -- Our parks built all this are. So old why don't what they. It's I think. I'm sorry Brian if you wanna call back would be evident argue bug your phone is digitized thing where we're not getting the winner getting -- Though whole conversation -- like call back -- which of them was. Well yeah like sometimes you don't know I think on the stadium in Dallas Jerry jones' palace. Think the taxpayers have to come up with 350 million the rest was privately financed though. That's that's what a good chunk of change still even though it's only partial. Off of it but it's probably the biggest deal is stadiums and they and after -- If the vikings owner had to pony up. Quite a bit of money too because the public was in no mood to finance a new stadium so if he had -- he had a pony upside. You know what they're finding now is the this is changing the NFL is very popular in case you didn't know very popular. But they taxpayers are getting -- simply because first of all the NFL has run out of places Toronto. Another words there and most of the markets they should be and -- BN -- LA. In his question about LA all the time. But the bottom line is there aren't mean there aren't major cities saying come to us and we old bill -- the stadium will give you whatever you needn't. The tax free for a thousand years it's not happening as much as the used to because it's kind of matured. It's it's gone to a huge growth spurt I personally think that the NFL eventually might even implode it is it is. It is doubling over on its own weight. But they want it who knows what we get the NFL in London it seems though likely that that would happen they've been wanted to go international for years although and they did the European league that folded. And then work. While yet because they didn't wanna keep while putting up the money well there's already one city that is struggling to keep its team. And they really have no place to go on of them Los Angeles as Jacksonville. They can't support the our jags down there. Now what you find out is if you're if you're winning you can support almost anything. If you're winning and in the playoffs every year but the bills have -- while -- thirteen years I think it's thirteen -- thirteen yeah thirteen. Years. And that we still support them and we still love them but whether we want a pony up back kind of money and that's another story. OK let's go to Charlie next in Lancaster Charlie here on WB yen. Where a cynic I'd now like this either. Like to see that a stadium doubt how but I keep going back to the central terminal I mean how many stadiums -- this country actually have a training just pulled her up for the stadium like they're coming up I think -- be such a cool thing. Element you know race that -- Lancaster and I'd go right over to Dick -- Well they're trying to turn these quoted a substation there and -- to. Rights for the stadium I'd suspect -- -- -- anything to do. While the concept of a concept. Via the concept is all right I have a feeling -- them. That would work I really don't I don't I don't think you'll work. It's it's questionable whether -- work I think you need a little Space -- breathing room. You need infrastructure that will allow traffic to. To come in and leave. And it is fairly decent pace. I think that the senate -- would really restrict that. You would need all kinds of runoff areas off of the throw away two -- get cars in the staging area to get into the stadium I can imagine. The way it is not mean they just plop the stadium down and now it would be an absolute nightmare. There would be no way and -- that should be able to get to the game without being in line for several hours trying to get off of the yeah. Off -- the highway and in the parking lot and after you searched and in all that's offered to get to your state. So even though via the people proposing this think it's a good idea that a key component in the Bob McCarthy's column. Is the existing network of superhighways already encircling. The side he said that they would need state assistance to convert a little use rail spur. Near the site to what he -- Buffalo Bills boulevard providing unique all interstate access to the proposed football field. Through there we go pie in disguise. Wi-Fi. I don't like to build it comes whether it's sometimes we'll be back tomorrow featured company under Israeli and I'm thirty W via.

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