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5-29 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All along is BJ governor and I am happy to announce today's show will be. Without the assistance center laws just to make college area has shaped his Tony Caligiuri man beard. And is now clean shaven and looks like a human being. My hands are clapping together as I no longer have to persuade him or trying to bribe umbrage David. -- Here's a deal coordinate with Tony or what I'd almost seventeen years now implement seventeen years. Every day he's got that beard I say hey shaved the beard off I don't know I can't it's far it's quite charmed -- -- -- to bribe them okay. It take for him to -- enough. -- from 97 rock. Catch sizes you know on online and then what happened you shape that just like little was Seaman yeah here in mark to -- implement channel apple in my -- I -- -- the -- So -- getting your mother that's a pretty powerful trio there yes it really -- -- looks a lot. It really doesn't and I think yeah -- you have to work with the look. At now. The funny thing was was seen he looked on Samantha -- face when I knock him out of the bachelor picked dropped. She had the look of total confusion because she -- only senior with a beard and that's that and suddenly it's gone she doesn't understand what happened no and then now last night we have the T ball game. In -- teammates because I'm you know assistant coach. They were all confused affect head coach believed that that was me. And -- zero coach please grow back. I used to have a one time a mustache. And once Amanda Beard -- and sideburns long hair but when I had a mustache. I hated it because I would do this when you'd you'd put your -- up under your -- And it billion dollars could touch -- a mustache and always bothered me yes let's vote gets an -- which is nice in case you're hungry in your you know you're not near a Burger King -- also to make a call when you can call a few crumbs and your hand and you're. All the -- people that are birds and on your shoulder and peck away at your upper left. That putt on -- had a -- in the I'll go to the -- thing that people don't understand though. Is when you shake your head like -- okay how cold it gets in the winner if I mean it really does you would not think that your hair will give you that much insulation. I just says you know by my head and Angie and he's like I mean it just doesn't she doesn't even -- ski pants when she goes down -- bill. Organized she won't let me shake my head anymore it looks good. -- -- like -- like that it looks badly -- up Chris looks manly to and people all in the picture yesterday are saying. Is that -- -- we thought they were talking obviously about Mike Roberts I know there are talking of progress that's right where you surprised Chris but he postings my daughter was found -- because I had on hand out. That was the only tax amendment out today how big mistake that to a view that not even calls but could that picture of a -- with a three of us. Nice picture of -- came up pretty well yeah. We got a lot of great responses appreciate Paul Cambridge's. Response -- to you as one of the smartest man his -- maps well I think Paul Cameron said that casinos and eventually. I'll be one of the school. It's a matter of warcraft remotely be accused of a basketball we're quick diversion it. Aaron let's say garage -- concert a little like this are really let's do this giveaway right away shall wait. I rise to its Rod Stewart and Santana. Both a top notch groups -- talked -- -- but a Rod Stewart fan have been for a long time in fact. When Maggie Mae came off. And I was on KB I played it incessantly. A lot of freedom and two -- have done some fun things on on the radio and I've I've played it over and over again because it just hit me. It was just so good and that was the beginning at first in his first major hit a rent rods book last the last year book. Parent magazine story and Santana Saturday -- Saturday at 730. At the first Niagara center value is 84 dollars general content rules apply. Our call 64 point nine points and -- random caller will be chosen for the tickets. Meanwhile lots of stuff going on here there and everywhere. And its slide. Some of these suggestions as to where the new stadium should be. Make more sense than others. And you know what how I always make fun of a certain thing. Whenever a group or community. Doesn't want something they don't want something to happen. They'll always say traffic will be a problem always I mean that's the first thing you can have about the middle of nowhere. And that they don't want you to build it or they don't want to percent of their business their Amazon com. We're afraid of being increased traffic. And now of the latest suggestion as to -- bills stadium should be I think would be a traffic and -- -- now I know you know I'm no traffic engineer. And I know they would have to add to infrastructure. But I can't think -- the worst place if you're considering traffic. To set up business with a new -- of a new stadium and the senate Kamal. Now keep in mind where the stadium is now an Orchard Park. A long run off from the threw away you can go down to nineteen or 20 AME you know back streets is a lot of ways to get there. Bob a -- drain off from a throw away. However the senate Kamal. Would be a nightmare you would have to have all kinds of long run off roads to get to the stadium. Can you imagine would just normal exit which wouldn't have obviously. That what the traffic could be on -- Sunday. I mean and because of -- is such a major arteries are getting from point a to point B I think -- -- -- nightmare but. The ability of family I guess that good controls -- -- is that Tim owns that facility there and they're thick saying it would. Would include a fifteen acre footprint for covered stadium. Sources say it may or may not feature retractable roof seating capacity in the high 60000. Range. So -- That would that's where it would be AM there already are in charge of developing that area but I'm thinking. When I lived in Boston. It way and I and I have aired twice for four years each soil of their total of eight years. When I would go down on the senate to malt from buffalo down to my home. The senate Kamal was always a point where weather started. If there was going to be a severe as say lake effect storm that's where it would start right there. It and that you would see him buffalo OK not bad not bad not bad as soon as you got to the senate -- bad I'm and that's where it has so I'm thinking. Just anecdotally. From somebody who has lived here a long time. That that would not be a good selection. At all on -- and and begala -- apparently. Is. Is -- been talking to visit a gentleman. And Scott's. Conjugal. -- does a potential partner in buying Vietnam the bills. It you know it's it's funny because a lot of the potential either buyers or partners own land. But -- what's his name -- dropped out. You know. From -- -- dropped out he's he said no he's not an interest in buying the team but he his interest in selling Milan -- a idea I'd be happy to sell my two thirds of an -- I don't know if you couldn't fit the whole stadium in there about maybe you don't -- yards will be good we -- premium seating and of course -- licensing. So we're gonna ask you a couple of basic questions the first question. Do you think the Seneca mall location. Is suitable for the new stadium yes -- -- you combine a million times. Like this on -- -- I was happy I was unhappy when went out of business because I was so it was a good place ago but anyway. Do you think that's good location and my second question is is Andrew Cuomo hedging his bet. Of the I brought that up recently a couple of days ago when it first was brought up. About a new stadium Andrew Cuomo hope strangely enough is running for reelection. And also strangely enough is a weasel. Said. It will do everything we can't make it this stadium and hair blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I've been I've got to do everything within state power. And then he's kind of converted that -- oh yes we're very excited about private financing. Well guys attacks -- I'm excited about private financing to but I think what he's trying to do with almost trying to do here. Is that is greatly cream off the top of the cake. Get the benefit of during the election season. And I I like taxpayer money to be spent efficiently. And effectively and whatever and if you can get private financing that's fine but it seemed like he jumped into the pool right away to get the publicity. And now he's kind of hedging here and there I'm not as bad as Donald Trump mean WB is -- zone trump when it comes of that. That kind of an act. But I'm asking if you think he's hedging his bet and other words he's not and there are as deep in the pool as you thought he was. 80393018061692. B six and start 930 on your jaws hanging down maybe you should get one of these laws that their dollars it's ever did for only 29 dollars. And yes please and what what do you like of the group policy is we got. Cream cheese bills -- -- and salesman strawberry lemonade and chocolate chip candy bacon loves it and write the word -- -- and -- -- -- bacon if you have opposable thumbs would be best ever conscripts. -- bit ago. Let's say let's take a call for some king if you think the Seneca mall location boo will call the senate mall occasion because most people aware of that as. Is a good idea or not I think it's terrible location to be honest -- and that maybe a Tom Golisano is partner. In the trying to make a deal with the for the bills and and some kind of stadium situation. It Austria Montreal 18061692. B six directory and the reason I think it's terrible idea. To do -- there is because. Of the location. Of where it is it's just not suitable for a stadium. They're gonna have lots and lots and lots of traffic on on a Sunday afternoon. Let's go to a talk on the cell -- Todd you're on WB again. Good morning gentlemen logs. I think it's a horrible creature you don't have an auction what you're saying. The bigger picture for me is. Understood -- diet pyramid and I think he's a criminal. If you do little background in him. Keep up Iran Guatemala Rochester. Has filled with anything that he says he would do. AM at one point they had broken pipes. And issues with the building -- would not allow in the inspectors and officials anybody in the that building that you only one thing he did. -- expects the water -- and that a lot of men in just find it -- about an hour or shall annually per inadequate stuck. On what he had just done. I know we were cited for some violations. Yeah everybody is scrambling of course -- whether they by the team and -- they love to sell the land. Because that seems like rubio windfall but so you think for a lot of reasons it doesn't make much sense to go to the -- mall location. Bono and honestly a little -- disappointed Golisano even consider this guy. Is a partner because the issue really. And encrypting individual. Well I'm sure they'll be a lot of public scrutiny. Because. The spotlight is on Wednesday. First of all when they investigate the suitability to buy the team. That there's a lot of -- lot of questions arrests and and -- Let's hope we get down the road and get some suitable people there -- -- good location and thank you thank you and I don't think that's it though. When I saw that map that was -- the problem was it was a -- as far away as but he via. When thinking about Batavia with well because closer to Rochester. I mean it's you know and then it's as some think it's a good idea anything it's closer to Canada. Hopefully not in Canada and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Leave there and I got a map on I don't look that up call up at the our would be good idea to have tea you know our -- trail named after him. You know how they always have the nature trail and the natural history trail I think rob Ford Coker or -- sports media exit. That's really good man they already have that in Denver it's a mile high ho -- yeah thank you learn and it. Our local or if -- -- a good idea. Let's go to two guys who deeply asleep and -- -- Tony what do you think this -- while location does that make any sense at all the. No it doesn't sound like in -- -- -- handle the traffic and that alone I think. Races and out of my mind yeah I had it can you imagine what the through it would look like on a Sunday. With a sold out stadium the 60000. With a sold out stadium. Outlets as to people when a car. Aren't the main way to get there will be a -- way no question about it that's 30000 -- I mean. All trying to get the same place at about the same time they're not too many places in Western New York really that can handle the traffic now I didn't get to rural areas right I mean if you go east voted the east of this area there's some places between say here and Batavia. That might be suitable to go further down down on the -- a beyond Orchard Park. But is not -- with the Orchard Park location on and we gotten used to that mayor Greg knows how to get there what do you think Chris. I live like two miles from there adding to be huge disaster both the a major shopping centers and radio wegmans and tops -- right there. And on Sundays traffic for those is pretty -- now there's a boast he sent around around there and I know the steroids right there but once you get off the Droid you're talking basically about Orchard Park road senate street and potters road down around it and I don't know how -- you're gonna get into and out of Eric. Third not huge I mean I think you got two lanes any side on our department potters as just one lane each way -- -- have to be a map out would be. But if I -- entrepreneur Chris 87 days a year parking and Chris is hard what are your -- To -- a -- -- -- during talks are sixty for -- she got a big guy like that. Will be back tomorrow we want to know do you think that these chemical -- location is suitable for a new stadium and his hand Cuomo hedging his bet. I think you skim the cream -- -- -- as well everything possible. Where are normally for the bills and now suddenly saying things like. We -- they would love. Private financing also what I but I'm not gonna women Brad Pitt lookalike on this -- will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of an awful -- WB GN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. It's really unfair to hear a commercial a joyful ought to just -- for the BBO. First Ashis classic. Classically trained news magician -- magician a musician. As she -- sure Rex ever to the -- instruments there's a bigger now she's classically trained. As a musician. She's a conductor. Our news she is very attractive and now -- the first however murder voice she has got a great voice too slow and overall it's fair. I have nothing and she has an all Georgetown won a major towns very lovely lady through very very nice she's not a magician wanna get that straight. -- now we're talking about whether it's a good idea. As -- conversations coming up about whether Tom Golisano will partner up with Scott conjugal. For impairment. And that make the make the bid. That would include the senate -- mall area for a stadium site. This -- area is centrally located but I'm thinking it could -- about the worst idea I've heard a long long time. For a lot of reasons we've gone over some I'm asking if you think it's a good idea. And also the infrastructure -- it would be incredible. -- as far as runoff roads from the through way and and improvement of local streets down around there there's a lot there will be a lot to do and if they didn't do it it would be a disaster every Sunday. And is Andrew Cuomo hedging his stadium bet. He -- Andruw is running for governor occasion did not hear. And was all in front of us a look oh will do everything we can keep the bills here bill's ability implies in New York State Bob Bob blah blah blah. Ended that was that and so you immediately registered and in your brain as governors for bill's staying here will do everything possible. Now we'd like keep an -- on the taxpayer dollars well as you do a but now he's hedging. Now is hedging Wednesday as we're very excited about it. Private financing will be great. A our governor via prior financing we don't need -- details that it would be nice if we got private financing -- -- favorite bachelor who wouldn't. -- less taxpayer involvement the better. A but the bottom line is it seems like he grabbed the headlines and now he's doing the back up war of well yeah I'd say that but I think he's learning from Donald Trump. Who gets the big headline and then Carolina. Eases out of total minutes time. Bob McCarthy as an article in the government a buffalo and those. One of the most successful. Shopping mall developers in the nation's got your console is exploring a potential partnership. We have a Tom Golisano to purchase the Buffalo Bills in conjunction with a 700 million dollar development of a long dormant west Seneca plaza. Could include a new stadium for the team. Our sources are saying -- nobody is commented publicly. I'm his family as long run in the pyramid their company. Bad bills and -- manages. Facilities like malls include in the gallery up. I you'd offered no comment Norwood Golisano but the Sosa said conjugal starting about a potential partnership with Collison now. And conjugal revealed volumes about his complicated plan called a vision for -- place. A -- -- 55 acre site west Seneca could be -- to include a fifteen acre footprint story coverage stadium. Sources say may or may not featuring a retractable roof. And seating capacity. In the high 60000 -- well first of all if they're considering. A covered stadium. To me it doesn't really make much difference. As to whether it is a solid. Covered roof obviously are retractable because as far as I can see those eight -- of those eight Sundays basically. During the season. I would enjoy the game whether the roof was closed or open I don't see the real benefit -- I assume -- -- extremely more expensive retractable. Unless you're using it for something else it was a mixed use and say it was baseball players a lot of games. Where might be raining might not be raining whatever but that would be a tough sell because we have a good baseball stadium now. In some of the things that they're looking at. Four Seneca place which is the 700 million dollar. Development though for the property. Mixed use two hotels theater twin hockey ranks community center. A quite a senator retail restaurants green residential unit that's underground parking. They would pursue that -- without the -- stadium component. This is all from the buffalo -- so that's it's a generalized. A lark. Number 20 mixed use stadium stadium be built on about fifteen acres of the 55. On Jules a conjure wouldn't say whether he would join a bid to purchase the bills was said. The site offers some of the best highway access to an NFL facility and I think that that's. One of the Dow poised to close the highway. What are you should build that you know like over the highway why not -- -- -- yeah unit somewhere off. Have you ever have you ever tried to go. Got on to all hamburger or whatever during a bill Sunday good luck to you. And sometimes just trying to get two of the southern cheer. Down as he got on Westfield is something like that. On a Sunday it's it's a nightmare and it's -- got a lot of runoff now I can't imagine. If oh yeah there it is there's the stadium put on your clinker. Now I don't think so I mean that'd be doing that you'd be in Rochester when you turn your -- -- -- I'm an autograph makes sense public involvement. Tana west Seneca may be asked to float bonds to fund infrastructure. And propose community facilities including hockey ranks. In aquatic center. The state and county can be asked to participate raising serious questions among elected officials -- I don't know I'm I'm I'm not even lukewarm on this site I think they are much better sites. To be considered -- this including decide where they are now. To be honestly we come back we're gonna talk to journalists senators who he thinks. I've talked to view -- -- -- -- 93010616926. Start -- it is reaching governing or asking about the I would hear a lot of about these things. From time to time and solo things settled down targets chosen. I'll vote future potential sites for new stadium and I -- something to think about. While we're doing this subject right now in real time. Donna Ralph Wilson Stadium. The media is getting a tour of the progress on the 130. Million dollar upgrade. -- -- You know good that you can be listening to me and you're here wig. And they'll be looking at taxpayer money being spent 430. Million dollar. Advancements in that stadium while we were already acute method to curb and thinking about the next. I mean I love the bills I want the bills and stay here blah blah blah blah blah but that seems like that -- horrific waste. Like if we knew it was going to be another one. But still did this in talking about. That's like getting you for her birthday you buy your wife a make over knowing you're gonna divorce there. The day after your birthday it's like not a good expense -- on talking about. Would you -- -- event. Absolutely you want to put some money into a long term rock project and it's my stomach when I think about -- tiger in thirty million dollars the bit. The presses is -- it today right now. Right now. And it's not going to be announced. It's code to a John -- senator John this will be on your neighbor what do you think of the Seneca Wallace they site. You -- it sounds good on paper always look at logistically -- could liberate you and Mary scripts are assuming. On it's it's a matter justly or certain important and -- all -- Of the ways that the debt alone I think it is ridiculous spectacle I don't think of any wrong this stadium we have now. I don't I never at a bar haven't appeared here and and did you vote. Are important you know we have boys were really need a new speech I -- -- -- apple -- -- all week. -- -- -- Exactly and that bill -- Bill Polian agrees -- by the way go -- and agrees that it's one of the finest stadiums in the league and as you say. Anecdotally none of your friends are people a juror -- hang with a bit. Let's say it's the stadium and he's replacing. Absolutely. And you know. You know I mean it was reported to home. Well -- like putting a normal Lambeau Field. We don't winner. Was at the greatest comeback ever which then I. Wonder if it was no one -- the spot windchill. Didn't get it all ends -- and it took part were altered Brett will actually have there so it's so. Well on -- -- bar overall according to be over thirteen wins in more. You know we might. Complain about them so. Then won't that the two other occasion. We got into that caught a toll on our. Yeah that's good that's generally been the number at the approximate number. That you were talking about. -- -- -- good analogy Julia and -- away from what our government or corporate and it -- out. I can totally. And are moving the team to -- on only in that building UST yeah right -- -- all parts of yet because of a lot of other trying to do a word about making it in there were making money from the L. Are right well said John I like your passion to thank you very much shows so one of your neighbors there are Chris probably. Says the same thing that it I had covered stadium question mark because he out of a good point. I think this is personally what may but I love winter games -- and bear watching them. I'd I love not and and the -- there's fewer and you're winter games that we see. Because most new stadiums. Just simply don't. Don't deal -- -- games they're covered and at sawgrass. If you favor covered stadium if we did would you cut would you want to retract a polar permanent cover to a -- think the only advantage that would have. See I don't see it except an emergency like some major storm. He's saying I don't wanna go to regain 'cause it's too much -- I think people go to a game go to a game but if you're having a major storm or blizzard I can understand. I think there's two reasons why I'm against India -- -- are you wanted to you know I don't I I think you should be a dome I've been to playoff teams in January it's -- you are in favor of recovers yeah I want covered stadium I've gone to that is a sense on playoff game in January is no picnic is now a lot of fond. And that's how many times we've heard about December -- not -- now because people don't want to go while. In the cold gold and is more cold and smelled beyond yes and of course. If you think about it at this location what I just say in the last great. When I lived in the town of Boston and live there twice for years each of their eight years. Every time I would get to where the Seneca -- laws that's one has always start. Right this year. So if you thought it was bad in Orchard Park is probably even worse there as far as when the snow kicks up that's where it starts snowing. First my secular reason for being in favor in the public don't stadium is the the uses that you can get out of it. While you are you can do other event yes that's I think that's a positive especially -- -- money you surprises me the bills get all of the revenue from this stadium. Four other activities were there aren't a lot of other activities held down. And I know you have high school playoffs. And you'll see a lot of concert ZUB -- -- concerts have disappeared and there you're used to -- to all accounts -- the statements of heroics on them. And it was great concert but maybe the venues too big. Because you don't want expensive -- -- -- you don't wanna have votes -- 20000 people at the Ralph for concert. It would look pathetic okay 20000 people of course in in the -- an arena. That's great for you don't know it's there for first. -- okay Chris what do you think he'll be in your backyard do you like the idea of via a cynical mall location or he said you didn't think it would work because of the on. Because of the traffic and whatever but your friend there -- -- -- said covered stadium we don't -- stink and covered stadium do you think we should just go away and tougher out. I would die like Tony would favor covered stadium only because. I just hate the idea of going there and sitting out in the cold I think it keeps certain people away snow covered seats yeah it's insane in. You got all these goofy rules -- -- two in the NFL where you can to bring in. It's a Soria got -- warmer than ours are in size so that -- you outside in the cold. But your ability to deal -- it has been hindered like it hasn't been in years past data like this and how about it as a jobs opportunity deal and not just for building the stadium not for maintaining the stadium but at least once a year near of -- -- and December. They've put -- -- call for people who shovel all the seats. It's -- That's you know former politicians and whatever is in the on the with a show I think that's a good idea all right what we come back we wanna hear as well a few ever covered stadium. Or an open air stadium and if it's covered you wanna dome audio on her track double -- Austria and -- trio. 1806169236.

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