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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sen. Mark Grisanti - Medical Marijuana Compromise

Sen. Mark Grisanti - Medical Marijuana Compromise

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Never forget join us and be grateful for a day Friday Saturday and Sunday may 3031 and June 1 brick fest 2014. Tackles on my mind and buffalo -- that's not a war. -- -- The TV -- news -- 850 traffic and weather together. Every ten minutes you're dealing with Iraq. And during our doing a veteran -- -- -- -- US ramp this instructional and on the and that's what caused the slowdown for most of the morning through their. That's going better wish got a lot of traffic on the thruway westbound around at Genesee street around Walden. We still a problem on Ohio street with the construction is going on their re doing that road and we're number one lane has some spots -- -- coming up with five. Overall though it's of particular right at the moment that we obviously a much traffic demand and on Arista we call it. They've got a lot of coverage still but we'll get some some degrees today high 68. Partly cloudy tonight a 52 tomorrow sunny 74 and Saturday. For Greek festival via island festival sunshine had to -- 75 million warmer. On Sunday and another -- -- partly cloudy and 56 right now in buffalo. Top stories out. Is making its way through the new York state legislatures state senator mark usually about. Is co sponsoring. Piece of compromise legislation. We are scheduled to talk with the senator coming up. We've been concentrating much of our news coverage this morning on the big summit of the White House today it's on concussion. You have a kid hockey football or other contact sports. You will want to hear these stories. We can fund our interviews we did but if you will this morning they're all on our homepage at WBN dot com. The buffalo school board held a special session yesterday made little headway in launching the search for a new school superintendent. Devastating fire a big one. Do what street on the -- -- buffalo overnight the skies lit up. And a good picture of David on Buffalo's waterfront last night at all lot. New York State senator marker -- is with us on the WBA -- line a medical marijuana bill has passed the assembly it's now making its way through the states senate. And senator -- Sonny is co sponsoring a -- senator good morning thanks. -- ordered -- ordered a real good could they -- Medical marijuana legislation clearing the legislature this year. Well you know it's it's it's it's possible I mean there's a lot of support for the legislation. You know recently there were some changes that were made that would make it. In my opinion a more stringent and the most regulated. This waiter. Her ease some holes are mesa air but you know it it it as the regulations and errand -- would be just more transparent nation and I think that. You know the main factor here has two components. One of them any oil which -- You know the panel which report you look applicable -- and actually recently state that it does help or not seizure disorders of these young children. Well rabbits and -- the church seizures. And that any smoking aspects which we prescribe. Totals over 21. It's very tightly regulated. What types of condition -- are telecommuters Cornel pharmacy. We're -- prescription -- and -- console. Regulation put in place certain right now certainly help committee and it goes well the committee -- earners we may see. It'll cost factors are at the global alliance lots she would that would be an -- -- it's not a committee rules before. Do move more of your colleagues in the state senate seem more receptive not a medical marijuana now this is being ironed out and why has stateside have been so stubborn on this issue senator. Well I think you know I don't know I don't know what's being stubborn I think that. You know there was a lot of different versions of the medical marijuana volatile -- the one on one bill was up there legalize marijuana there's inaudible altered to not care of the strict regulations. Arbiter in this particular piece of legislation -- -- -- as this piece. Is sponsored attention or care that actually makes some changes and -- -- strangers. Although people have -- -- -- I do believe that perished. I'm not all. Was to get before -- for a vote and then after that you would typical governor's office and received the governor leaders and -- beetle in the governor -- In his watchable pulls away. What she can do outside of legislative approval. Regarded medical marijuana. You know we haven't seen a full details and other worked -- and it cost and achieve cabinet measure what the company he can do on his old went out the assembly erupts at a. Are you familiar with the Conte family -- Orchard -- senator Wendy condi whose daughter and a suffered debilitating seizures and -- Sudan a big part of this in in getting you do attempts cosponsor this. You know she has an orders others around the state but it also -- a -- what we had a hearing. Appear Albany and that's a character talking. And you see these young children that are wheelchair that -- -- seizure right for a view of the last thirty minutes. I was literally in tears I mean I don't think anybody. Should were one seat at. And had in the end it in the actually realize what these pair herbal natural. You know I would. I would venture anybody's it is not seen it you don't wanna see it but there are videos out -- YouTube -- -- devastating effect of these heaters. And I are in particular part of the national art care at the -- So doesn't work. Aren't I'm no longer worked not cheaters or sometimes 34 under debate founder sometimes true sometimes true every other day. And just see the bodies of these young -- tight not. And and gold through that you could see the pink. It's thirty minutes I saw one little girl. And if it was just painful. Watch and there's no reason why anybody should typical whatever in the state. Senator John -- Francisco doesn't like medical marijuana period but he says he's willing to compromise. All these proposed changes -- is all the stuff being run through him. -- know he's and he's he's been he's in charge of the finance committee. I'm also one of finance committee as well. I was I'm not on the health committee but there are some changes that are -- I think their -- Saturday for Cisco was a very Smart individual. You know he looks at things. You would not be in the position it looks at things you look there's. If there's cost factors involved it -- to make sure any loopholes. Arnold but he also returning. In mixture there was no loopholes that are out there are some of the legislation. And he's very good it has -- and I -- you know I think that what he takes a look at it. You know he's gonna have to make up -- -- -- I can't speak for camera -- as to whether or not they feel that this is something that which. Senator how soon can we expect a floor vote comments. While we're only here for -- or three weeks -- we sold it can happen not any time a couple of on the committee are staged what it can happen any time law. You -- next 33 weeks. Senator we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. Our interpreter sure there YouTube New York State senator mark or sunny.

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