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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CBS's Peter Maer - Pres. Obama's Concussion Summit

CBS's Peter Maer - Pres. Obama's Concussion Summit

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Peter good morning thank you for joining us any idea who holiday people who invited Louis event. Well adept at 200 -- sports officials medical experts you're talking about the primary care doctors and and researchers. Parents like the woman that that you guys spoke to and young athletes themselves. This is going to be I think really interest in gathering. What it's going to produce beyond what the White House focuses it expected. Keener interest in this very vital health issues is hard to say they are going to announce the number of multimillion dollar. Initiatives. The NCAA in the Pentagon with the idea thirty million dollar study on. Concussion and other brain injuries -- exposures among college students. And in the NFL is is pledging. About 25 million dollars over the next three years whose support youth. Sport's safety. Now you mention this will certainly elevate the conversation it already is just the fact that they're having -- today but. Beyond that I mean will there be any measures anything that. You know sustainably can take from a. Well one of the things that -- report that was issued a last fall called for was. A national database there's a real it's hard for me to believe this but that the more you get into it the more use the the complexity of of this issue of concussions. That that there's really -- knowledge gap an information gap. In the medical community itself and of course subsequently among them. Sports teams and end of both the college and the pro level about concussion. Again I find this hard to believe that they are going to initiate. A national database on this. I think what it really comes down to is just new rules in an abundance of caution. You know embodying and and some of the you know some of the things that go on on the field in both college and pro sports. Are really glamorize the young kids and as our medical correspondent doctor -- the -- who told us these are developing brains. And you know whether you're a little kid or herb you know kid in high school or college or the pros that you can't see what damage can be done. We know a lot of moms and dads with Q George dealing with these kinds of problems I think it's encouraging for them to know the the White House is taking an interest and listen with. Some 200 people invited it sounds like this could be an all live event. Well it's it's going to be you know not for the president himself he'll speak to the group and then. We do have kind of a rainy day here but he's supposed to go out on the White House South Lawn where they're going to be doing some drills that are targeted to us -- deeper. We're young kids to will be brought under the White House grounds you know the president has really weighed in on this Sunday in a highly personal way. Last year he told an interviewer with the new republic publication. That it. And then he also went on and in another interview this say that he wouldn't let any out of his play pro -- Yeah we were called -- called those remarks Peter we're grateful -- you could take the time to be with us this morning thanks again all right good to be wicket of CBS White House correspondent Peter --

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