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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Colleen Brennan- A Mom's Tale of Athlete Concussions

Colleen Brennan- A Mom's Tale of Athlete Concussions

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is after all sorts of attention in pro sports. Concussions among young putting studio guest this morning Colleen Brennan she's an Orchard Park mother whose son. Is dealing with the effects and after effects of concussions -- we appreciate you coming in this morning thank you and your son is Ryan that's correct and should have graduated from saint Bonaventure yeah it's absolutely heartbreaking it was a very difficult week for him to sit back -- NC all of his friends going up on stage and he's actually been out of school sense August 30. And so he's been down almost eleven months now and suffering with post concussion syndrome posttraumatic vision syndrome. And this stemmed from actually came from a kick to the head in the back of the head. That injured his brain stem I'm September 25 of 2012. And the crazy thing about concussions is. They can regress with you know repetitive hits or more injuries and if you get more than one concussion. And this kind of snuck up on him and by the end of August. It was just unbelievable what occurred after that and what happened after that first hit. How did he react well. When he took that kicked to the brain stem he went on conscience and his tongue also went -- And from what my research has shown that happens in 10% of the people who suffer concussions and that then becomes a more serious. A traumatic brain injury all concussions actually our traumatic brain injuries -- range from mild to severe. And unfortunately the tests that we had done locally kept telling us that his memorize his cat scans were normal. And so that the diagnosis was never. Correct to begin. With regard to his injuries and then. Beyond that he had more hits he took repeated hits after that first -- what he he continued to play after taking of a break for a few months but yeah he did in that the one that really. Kinda sucked him into the spiral was he was playing a game in late classic with the south buffalo rugby club. And he's really just ran into the chest of somebody didn't even hit his head and then he began to have more problems with his vision he had. Started complaining of the Asian and in being tired in he just really was in itself since the spring. Of 2013. And this thing just spiraled into just a real nasty or deal with numerous symptoms. While I know it's been a struggle for -- and he'll be telling us more throughout the hour Kelly Brennan is in studio Orchard Park mom her son is and. In studio with -- is Colin Braun and Colleen as an Orchard Park mom who's experiencing a mom's ultimate nightmare. She has -- son is 22 years old men around him he was to have graduated from saint Bonaventure university. All of us. His life is now on hold while he undergoes treatment for concussion that Ryan has suffered while playing rugby. Colin thank you for coming in -- Rob Ryan suffer those concussion playing rugby but that to time no one actually knew that it was a concussion. Well we didn't get well in the hospital he did say he had a concussion. But when I see a proper diagnosis it was more than that there was a secondary injury called a post traumatic vision syndrome. And also this led to it's called post concussion syndrome now from what I understand about post concussion syndrome is it doesn't always hit immediately. This thinking just creep up on unit can happen any time as one of the crease he thinks about concussions can now. This happened when and how long ago September 25 in 2012. Now if going if it goes untreated. Goes to continue to condition multiply does it get worse if it goes untreated you know. I I would have to say that there's a very good possibility gas. If you're not treating the injury how does it -- -- I mean he wasn't getting treated at all four for his problems other then. Maybe for the emotional upheaval trying to help promote some medication and that was in the answer for him. He's being treated now that -- brain center in Atlanta Georgia and we found that from a mother on FaceBook -- sign posting desperately looking for help. And we got down there and they are able to do tests it accurately diagnose. In. NTELOS what needs to be next. And then they're producing measurable results and they have health and significantly since we were able to get their -- before Christmas. We started to assume ankle little miracles week at a a little Christmas near -- and helping us restore his eyesight so you're going back and forth and to Atlanta exactly. Nothing like that is offered in this area and and we need to keep them going their because they are helping him. Is is one of the biggest struggles keeping him positive and and keeping him thinking it. He's gonna get better absolutely I think right now where he is that it's hard for him to see that he's gonna come through this okay and we do have great hope. Rate now they're working on some issues that directly related to damage to his brain stem from the kick it into his -- And he actually has some serious I issues that they're resolving. And has made great progress so far so we need to keep them honest path that is showing us progression. And yet keeping positive is important emotional upheaval McCain with this was just horrible. Note was running and wearing a helmet -- all those -- there isn't asking is because when you see professional rugby. That's a wild game I mean. They don't Wear helmets. -- the right that's track and no he didn't Wear one to begin Lance and he did get one after he started does anybody who plays rugby in believe your son play it and did anyone Wear helmets I seen a couple he. And there but not really easy don't. Not like a football helmet her hockey helmet not a science and in rugby they seem like -- -- either rapper leather mr. Harris and little county we just don't believe. -- -- asked why with the game I mean that is so rough -- mean that tackling and hitting so Rauf. You'd have to wonder why some of those guys and the players didn't get more protection. I agree you know I really don't know the answer to that I no idea was nervous not rugby to begin with because it is a tough sport -- A sport rather I used to be a cheerleader in the NFL's life seen the hits I've taken one myself in -- -- in the injury. But I really don't understand it notes -- -- -- out you've got a benefit that's coming up the Sunday however Ryan. -- be telling listeners about it it's actually going to be taking place at the iron workers hall on in west Seneca from two to 7 PM. And the whole purpose of this is to just keep Ryan going to McCarron brain centers so that he can continue the treatment that is helping him so that we can get him his life. Do you have a website that people can look at. Well if you go if you go on FaceBook -- and put in Ryan's relief benefit and that will take you to an invitation some information on what's going on there. And we also having give give forward blanket somebody's able to help us. It's a cash treatment there's no insurance coverage on this no reimbursement on it right now -- Ryan -- relief benefit on FaceBook you've got. Okay our justice Colin Braun and she's an Orchard Park mom. Her son has something much more serious and a common concussion and ninety -- been going around and around trying to get answers in your friend again in a but now hearing about this White House summit today is this encouraging to you yes it is I'm so happy to see this because I really don't want. Any any other child to go through this I wishing it would just go away yet and I know Ryan -- -- the same way. I called a faceless injury because you can look at Brian -- know he knows he's intelligent he's creative and you would never know that he has been through so many horrible things icons like being in. Boxing ring with Mohammed Ali with no gloves on you just take one hate you get -- get another hit the symptoms just. Just coming at you from nowhere in the unknown is just horrible. But these -- this is getting this kind of attention to they might elevate. -- -- The dangers of concussions and bring it to more people's -- and absolutely and people need to know that just don't just get one opinion if you're not getting answers and you're not feeling better. By all means continue to get second opinions we got fifteen different opinions. And our in the hands of doctors that are world class in their treating him in -- helping him and that's a good thing. Telling Brennan is with us this morning a local mom. Who's 22 year old son Ryan is struggling to recover from concussions that he took a severe concussion. In September of 2012 a life changing event it has been ever since. Elena how is Ryan doing now I mean what's -- regular day form he probably can't work. Well no he actually stays in his room about 90% of the day. He he's you know fully intelligent -- you know able to block short distances he can't really do much exercise of and then that. For almost eleven months now he feels terrible every day went the way he describes it is extreme fatigue. I mean a sensitivity to light where he has to Wear sunglasses all the time even in the house. He can hardly watch any video monitors your TV screens and when he does it mean in my burn images into his eyes or his brain. He has nonstop ear ringing in his years at one point he he insomnia is brutal. In also the vertigo at one time he was without -- for one entire month and we had two trips to the ER where they really couldn't help -- Other than and the second trip they gave him some medicine to sleep which it should've done a month earlier and you -- crazy symptoms just way too many. Well Ryan is suffering from what it says here post traumatic. Concussion syndrome TB RI. And it makes me wonder is this similar to. What these -- National Football League players who have suffered concussions are now being afflicted with -- something called CTE. Is a similar thing. Well not I would say it's related -- in the in the sense that that's something like a long term repercussion. Of severe traumatic brain injuries. And you know certainly. It's a scary thing to think about. And that along with the possibility of blindness or other life threatening things can come down the road with this which is just horrible. To have. Hanging over your head when you're going through something like. He is getting help now -- your -- center in Atlanta every found. Minor miracles I think you're you called a little miracles and some amazing doctors and and coach Dan Rashard from the NHL. He's he's one of the guys who's in our corner just helping keep -- positive and encouraging us that they have helped people. Who are struggling with the same symptoms that he has. And it might take some time in a lot of therapy and rehabilitation but tonight he's on a road it's on one. But we're seeing little little miracles. The fact of the White House -- has taken an active interest in this has to encourage you to wander and possibly think. That. Finding it effective treatment might be speeded up now. Yeah absolutely. The Center for Disease Control costs and a constellation. Of cognitive neurological physical sensory. And Psycho social symptoms that's a lot of symptoms that can come with this can affect your whole entire body. Can affect your heart your circulation. I'm your ability to watch your posture. Just so many things in the the emotional upheaval the sense of loss that comes in this in your life has turned upside down it's devastating. And and the treatment is -- not cheap and insurance does not cover that's right that's right -- your on your own and and you're having a -- Sunday for us and telling listeners again about that. Well thanks to my nephew -- Argo in my sister Kathy -- Snyder they. I put together a committee for Ryan's relief and they have been outstanding just rounding up people and businesses like -- power. A Friday electric can go on and on about the people just jumping in to help in all of my friends on fees put in such as the iron workers -- -- local sex. In -- west Seneca New York from two to 7 PM. We have a band called impact volunteering their time on Kelly Wallace thanks for helping us on this and and everybody has bought tickets to this it's it's all to keep my son. Going to the -- brings center so that we can get a -- flight back he's a great kid he wants to tell others about the dangers of concussions especially seek immediate how open. And gets a kick second opinions and know that even one content concussion can cause -- Or a lifelong impairment so. He's got a plan to tell people about what he calls a repercussion as an RE AP ER. That's how -- his experience has been that that's. While while we wish Ryan all the best we really do and you -- Kelly thanks for sharing your story this morning. You're welcome it's coming Brennan from Orchard Park Ryan's relief benefit. It's Sunday you can find more right searching Ryan's relief benefit on FaceBook or through -- get it now button on WB EN dot com.

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