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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dr. Elad Levy MD- on Athlete Concussions

Dr. Elad Levy MD- on Athlete Concussions

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Concussions what we know and what we still don't know about them there's a concussion summit today at the White House. And doctor Elam Levy has been at the forefront on the subject he's chair of neurosurgery UP director of stroke it -- health. He's also a neuro trauma consultant for the National Football League doctor Levy were glad you could join us this morning. It you know you said US before that awareness. Is the first step to getting things to change when it comes to concussions is a White House summit when elevate that awareness. Oh without a doubt that this is very high profile that's open has long overdue. It's something that's much is. Doctor -- we've also of them tried to help on our listeners. Determine what is safe and what is on -- when they go to of these sporting goods store to buy helmets for their kids who are involved in. Especially hockey and a football have you done much research into the health situation. I and the one thing I will say is there's no such thing and the question who. Comment there's definitely. That are safer but not in question prove that what I would tell parents. But -- by exporting goods equipment. Don't on the helmet people spend money on sticks. And other -- full equipment. Up but don't. Don't airports but it Mario but -- -- You've also said to us in the past that sports will not -- the same in five years the way they are played now. Still think that and and house now. Without a doubt. Already we can see that their transition to remove it and it's football practice for example the pop Warner football league. There's no practice. Repeated injury repeated it which occur often practiced at least two long term consequences are retreat concussion and jury. So already -- legislation removes some contact practice. And it. I can't -- he stiffed Al the white football or penalty short rest -- any hockey and football. Five years from now. Regis contact that had will all walk -- hours. Doctor Levy a minute ago you mentioned when it comes to mind element. Don't it's ramp. -- we're looking at some research that indicates the most expensive helmets. Might not be necessarily the safest. That is correct sometimes -- April Brantley at -- hear it from market. So it's important to duke are urged -- of people. Who who -- -- bridge store but it general. You know that higher and -- and to have a lot of the city he and the resurgent built into the outlet. Is there a feature in them that you should be looking for. Are a lot of church I have conscience. A key element. What some are at this first injury or -- than. Actual where it. -- -- -- -- That's parliament have all you later absorption certainly impact the -- several layers of technology. Before it gets. But the reason there's no question who felt like it because the question occur whether -- awfully. The brains. In an outlet for example that its sudden acceleration deceleration. Players were very fast. But there and act which forces the great article we stopped or world trade and that there rotational pitch here or jury or. The sudden acceleration. Deceleration. Forces. That. Slot short -- all the rain inside inside the school. For example we -- go to school or put it at. In wrapping up its output at its -- -- corporate art art -- -- that he had chosen act. But the -- it's scrambled. And that's an acceleration deceleration injury and that is now arguing they were echoed that that suffered a sudden stop for an indirect. After moving very quickly. Wow what an impact doctor Levy thank you for the time this morning we appreciate it. It that's doctor -- Levy joining us on the line plays -- of neurosurgery UB director of stroke recliner and reasoner a trauma consultant for the national football -- WB and who's -- -- 657. The Wall Street Journal report on my point team. The long anticipated deal for apple to acquire beats electronics has been completed. Hi in headphone maker received three billion dollars most of the cash the general Scott -- tells us about Apple's end of the bargain. And the up or get beats -- business the upbeat streaming music service and also against. These two co-founder -- Jimmy I find his longtime music industry executive and the rapper Dr. Dre and tech giant.

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