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5-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the EU with great -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For those were. I don't know you're not. And an -- -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying side of the world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You going to do something. They're told. Yourself it's alive it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Thank you Joseph thank you everybody got to get a -- movie roles and I just can't help myself. It is at nine minutes after six news radio 930 WBE and let. Let's see we have Elizabeth in Amherst and Elizabeth says son at one point thought it was a double and -- 666. It was buckles. NN this is it mom who's dealing in real life in real time -- based on who is mentally ill unfortunately I'm presuming that Elizabeth that is not involved in the Hunger Games franchise and does not have millions of dollars in her command. And cannot set up -- trust and permanently institutionalize her son. Plus he's over the age of eighteen anyway which would make his consent necessary. Unless of course he was found to be. That's the -- danger to himself and others -- in such a way as the doctors would fearsome kind of malpractice lawsuit should he do something bad. This. Situation Elizabeth. If you know somebody some of my callers today and to try to urged lenders that they seem to be going after the parents as they usually do you know it's somehow the parents fault and my point with mental illness -- This kid's father -- spent every single minute of every single day with his son and his son would still be mentally ill just like his -- bill would have gotten a brain tumor or still would have gotten multiple styles have been been born with multiple sclerosis. -- -- -- They don't know what nature or nurture but it'll. -- -- bitchy. And a lot of people I skier in Elkhart had been warned about it. -- are -- -- are trying to create different large are not create but support different -- for the severely mentally ill. Dead. That steely mentally ill over here about actually hear what how -- Kenosha. Where there aren't too low BM. Actual damage that they had no clue that there could -- So -- means of the elevation go to appearance. In or different propriety be -- culprit the people. -- and you don't get. With -- there's another issue here to government can only rob citizens of so much money. And our government in its infinite stupidity has decided that. Well here I go again but has decided like Chuck Schumer. We need -- up 100 million dollars of taxpayer money to stop the score of heroin. Really and that's accomplished exactly what -- Instead of focusing on mental till this which you could actually do something about in terms of increasing the number of beds. Increasing the facilities and frankly increasing the number of people who legitimately need to be institutionalized. Is dangers to themselves and others but all I'm sorry nobody wants to talk about mental illness we've had this discussion how many times. That's something only in America. Even look at people a while I only person. In the -- winner freaking out on the sidewalk to adopt and take it to shelter because they helped adopt. But they could care less about. Good chemistry. All right I am glad Elizabeth I. You know you're right and it's unfortunately it's a tragedy but we live in a stupid country that is becoming an increasingly -- Jupiter by the better. -- like the last two presidential elections. In that are right thank you very much -- conservative Terry does a baby. Here is up Bryant on a cell phone Brian you're on WBM. -- -- -- -- Are beyond our guys. Let you they're. Skull that -- Street and down. And was civil that it should be. Put to a mobile. I believe that these people. On the bubble. That they are very -- -- are already in the girl. It would do. I I need you to address what is the problem because today the problem is mental illness the problem is not guts. Belichick. Do that you gun control. Our own government all of and. Blame the NRA duke do you believe that the MR is in any way responsible for what happened in the state that gets an a here -- A minus from the Brady campaign. -- -- I know that and and you know that so again what is what is the problem and what should be an early going. Organization -- should be actively. You're -- there are caught -- ball. No issue at the next week it -- have any aura they won't go out and trying to promote. Whether you're. -- Potentially. You I know you're in their early yeah a lot of low. Well don't know not necessarily because look first of all New York safe I hit the target it's here it's here to stay and -- Cuomo is reelected and he will be. There will be analyzed safe to. Which will be even more draconian the only advice I can give anybody is -- to -- free state such as Texas or Florida. Oh. Gaza that it does not matter you will never defeat new York and it does see here's the point sooner. The Republican Party in New York State and the Democrat party in New York State. Are -- -- tangled and get your enmeshed ports one upon the other there's no difference. It's a daisy chain of corruption what is so hard to understand about that. Well Portland that that would be more freedom to former -- or there's this should be. He's only. Or all of my personal -- I don't want to. -- people party boycotting they're getting out of New York State and say that this is why -- governor Rick Perry from Texas was in town well out here in buffalo but in New York City to get businesses out of New York State. And a heat is one of the Smart people who called out Governor Cuomo on his welcomed today and -- New York. You know the -- work conservatives are not welcome. And look at the handwriting is on the wall as far as I'm concerned in New York State. And I mean unfortunately. For as gun friendly as Texas may be. You're still gonna fight idiots down bear who support the war on drugs. I you're you're gonna find other restricted measures down there which are antithetical to freedom it's like pick your poison. All of them but I live learn or accomplish -- they -- steps or. You know that you urged either. It's such an. In the art in -- lot. Yeah but here's the problem Texas has seventy no income tax and usually has a surplus at the end of the year. Was blessed ever heard about that New York State with an income tax and fees and taxes and regulations on everything. And people get what people get the kind of government they deserved and I'm I'm I'm through feeling sorry for the people of New York State pick and frankly for the people the United States because they are doing exactly what they deserve you lot of Barack Obama to change America well that you -- -- you want a fundamental transformation of the country well done you've got to hope you're happy with what you're gonna get. Because it looks like it's smells like hit it walks like it it looks like it it's called fascism thank you. Well I appreciate I appreciate the call I I sometimes I gotta tell you. I sometimes feel like the -- guy in the world. It's very hard to put it into words and no I'm not I don't want sympathy. -- talking about intellectually. I see things. And -- point things out there are so obvious. Yet they're never going to change. And they won't change because politicians are career politicians. -- bit not I'm doing the logical. Or Smart thing intelligent thing but doing that which is to appeal. To the biggest number of fees. That's how we govern. Government of by and for the feeble mind. -- a senator actually getting up and saying you know what the war on drugs is a friction. Disaster. Never worked or probation it doesn't work now that we need to start talking seriously about legalizing. The hell he would raise among the feeble minded. That individual would have almost zero chance of reelection. Unless of course he or she was able properly educate voters. Which is not impossible. But good luck here's calm on WB and hello Tom. -- hourly hey I love your show I love you you're right on -- Well -- -- thank you so much I'll tell you what I've I've been bought -- today. Business men out here for about three or four days. Every other week. From Syracuse I had an active part of alcoholic brother who I didn't expect and so like this from -- thirty years. And you know what. Legally we won't do and I can tell you personally. Were I think in the long gone only from my order. When you've got to -- Rightful luckily never any handguns have no idea where it. No idea and it's obvious that obviously is legal because it can't of the background check. Governmental institutions he spent in jail. No wait to legally get it done. Well that's given California passed three different background checks. I know I know. The problem can't legislate. Great like except for our people here what can we do. I think what you didn't feel lonely man what -- were -- I -- a console so. Where experience just like you. Wouldn't have to get something to get the rest. This country better guys that there's a lot of people feel like -- I know on our. Still it's harder to shoot at practice. I don't I'm not -- don't don't kill people deal which people -- people and that's true hope and turned me. -- that liberals up here in New York State I would -- understand. -- like -- ever night. Let me tell you that. Let me let me give you -- I wanna pick this up on the other side of traffic but Rush Limbaugh analyzed it. Better than anybody after the reelection of Barack Obama. You can't beat Santa Claus and his -- people believe that the cookies are coming from Barack. You think you're gonna vote them out. His -- out right now Hillary is going to be president. And deal with it. Let's find out what's going -- traffickers -- Harris and AccuWeather Joseph just to you know not only have one screen I can't keep a Miami email you sent me something an hour ago I just got it now as I've I've got -- one computer screen it's that. All right but it did solve the problem of the computer blinking out but now -- have one screens on which to get email -- FaceBook devastation blog and also do Twitter. -- -- -- -- AccuWeather -- tonight it'll be partly cloudy 52 tomorrow partly sunny 67 right now we're down to 63. That news radio 930 WB -- -- wager if you want to -- -- just got to me and headphones are at a novel idea once you just a leader of the brick. I I know let's go fashioned communication but -- this and I love Joseph. I'm jealous of -- But we're not gonna go there. Let's go to a Tom again who's from Syracuse but comes here in buffalo on a business. And unfortunately. Tom New York State is never going to change and even if rob -- Reno pulls off. The biggest political upset. Since dead people voted to put JFK in the White House in 1960. It equal to change. I know I agree with the I didn't say it. Hello Mike hit my wife I -- or extra points lead to 28. Two government moved out of New York one in California one of Baltimore the other tours around -- we keep telling them mu. I can say that. I'm from Syracuse I love New York State but we are taxed he -- in a Communist. Buffalo, New York I love it I'm out there and I'm mark. They were at their disposal -- -- at all like currently yeah he's singing dancing and young and it won't stand it. I'm from upstate New York Western New York guy but I wanna move -- get out of this because. Where these shouldn't let people who just don't care. -- -- don't care they just wanna listen to the party line whatever it is an XXX. It's. Well. Unfortunately it's an increasing virus disease malignancy. In the country. And I hate it there is no place you're ever gonna -- that is going to be utopia. No place looked as everything is about Texas that I would find it oppressive. And ominously when and how -- you want freedom for this but you don't want these people have freedom for that. Which will make you but as popular is -- have -- as swingers club but a dissect. You're not gonna find perfection on this earth but. Just a basic respect for basic freedoms and just to tell the government to get the hell out of our lives. Anybody with Elvis. That's that's what women and believe me comic until the area where it would get. You make a difference I listened to Erica I'm out here I know what other people do. In -- to go to electric differently. Well you are you're very kind again and I really appreciate that it means more to the then then you know because that bank because I honest to -- they also -- all going to be. 10 o'clock at night. And I just think to myself. Does anybody care. Does anybody really care fundamentally does anybody know what time it is does anybody really care I think he's that. That I put on dumb and dumber and just -- out as -- fight big about this stuff too much I will go bonkers. -- -- All it is 645 news radio 930 WBN -- on a Wednesday already hot there today. It's good to talk as the Germans would -- Sounds like password but it didn't just their -- in mid week. I've ever any other details other than I have to Tom Petty figures to get away land. Or where. Is there like. Brilliantly this summer all right. Well I do not have time to go into a corporate site to get the information in the middle of uglier radio sugary FaceBook did everything else in doing so. I got to Tom -- thing is to give away. And caller nine at 64498756449875. I would love to see Tom Petty lives I think Tom Petty is amazing. Especially considering he is 95 years old. Little known fact about Tom Petty to try to keep it under wraps but there. He's 95. How weird Roy Orbison look younger than Tom Petty even in the Wilbur these days. I love Tom Petty please understand right -- his music is just incredible. Very simple but so incredible -- right it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was gonna take that they -- What day is I don't know I don't have the Joseph you can't -- that they're. -- he's come out of that there. September 7. September's. That's very well but I know what did -- we we try to eco friendly here but sometimes you can take things too extreme. I'm sorry I do a radio show element in the middle of a million different things go it will foresight when I'm on the year and getting happening now I draw the line done. By the way. Folks. The things that I warned you about. -- during and white states early days. I said folks. You must understand. The Second Amendment is only the First Amendment they're gonna go after. Because once the Second Amendment becomes a question mark the First Amendment becomes a question mark. NSA spying on reporters. IRS Campbell hello. Point proven. -- on Tom I said the Fourth Amendment would be under attack search and seizure. It is. -- -- equal protection is under attack by this administration. Congratulations fundamentally transforming America fundamentally changing America via Obama administration is floating this trial balloon. About having a race based -- a justice system you have two different justice systems in Hawaii. One for native hawaiians. And another for everybody else. -- equal protection clause it's obviously racist. IE. All I can say folks is a whole years ago I hate to steal a line from Rush Limbaugh but I hold you all of -- All of this stuff. Would be coming down the -- And it would act of ice off the show I think it's happening accelerated rate more so than I have ever imagined. It's just it's it's it's graphic. That's all I have to say it's absolutely breathtaking. The fact that. I hold US. Hold -- it would happen and it's happening. Once you regard something -- is a granted rights of the people. As disposable. As yesterday's newspaper. Wait a newspaper is. What we do except it's ancient history by the time you get a IQ when you get it. That's that that's a newspaper for those who don't know. Anyway. They may seek to talk to my neighbors about what I just said feel -- -- but. The other thing I was gonna say is. I got to folks it's it's mind boggling. It is absolutely. Beyond. It beggars belief. The degree to which this is happening the speed at which this is happening and the apathy. My fellow American citizens who get what they deserve. And folks. Do you really think. Do you really think. That if the left these so called progressives. Were in total control of government and -- are they getting there. That they would think nothing of rounding up Americans and doing away with those like me like you. Who dare to question. The ever growing. Incursion of government into our lives. I suggest if you think that's just crazy talk. The real crazy talk comes from Barack Obama's buddy Bill Ayers who once suggested that in order to achieve the progressive agenda. Twenty million Americans might have to be re educators or was eliminated. I forget the exact words you can look up Bill Ayers twenty million Americans. -- -- this stuff on my ass. My nether regions forgive -- it's out there. We have to do is find it I point to the direction it's up to unit -- a little work. DL what are of the Tom Petty tickets he's coming to Darian lake September step. Is piggy maples of Williams felt. All right well done very well done. Still trying to figure out and take off for whole notes. I'm there -- -- -- they -- I might take off for all notes at a special invitation to ago. I like oats because I'm told -- news. To say all right what game I would like to give you -- happy ending. Because that. In the words of my great grandmother. -- me love you long time. Folks. It is graduation 2014. I have to ask you this question. What is your advice to the class of 2014 -- -- high school or college graduates. And that if you wanna be holiest of Shakespeare reference from Hamlet what is your -- your own kids graduating this year. -- to buy and own self be true that -- speech. What is your advice to the class of 24 -- end it I'm looking back on that. Looking back got it. You wish. I know I try to get this topic off the ground earlier. I have to as I wouldn't it's there was I mean to get the -- about the route earlier for happy ending. I was expecting all those calls to come pouring and -- and it was but it wasn't because I think it's vacation week for a lot of people. You wish when you would graduated somebody had told you what. What advice do you wish I'd gotten when you're eighteen or 22 and what advice would you rule the stage version give. To request a 2014. That is my question. And now to return to break early so I have time to talk to your pessimistic and do it you know rigid format would you deal we'd. Get the calls covenant -- and get to you before you have to sign off okay. So two topics me leave you with happy ending and number one news. Your advice to the class of 2014. And which bit of advice do you wish somebody had given you when your graduated meter high school or college. Plastics. 641 news radio 930 WB at 80330. Is the -- number 803930. Start at -- on the -- ball at 180616. WB -- It reminder every one of my shows kids -- -- shows and Buffalo's early news interviews may be hurt at WB and we archive at all. And if there's ever an hour missing it is part of a -- and spears. Me. The story about a quick bit of Hawaii my first thought -- stepped off the airplane and looking at -- this is even an American state. Now it really doesn't it. I'm perfectly happy with a 49 state flag why you want to military pro for pars on concern. You could have done it before Obama but that's another story altogether he could have been your king for life. Anyway. -- it let you folks there has been tension between Paul Watson's. In America and am not hawaiians. In the Hawaiian Islands for years. About time we get into it now look the messy trial MA SS IE. Where race riots and why this is not something. Score. Forty -- kind of star of the flag. -- let's go to up mark on WB on mark what is your advice to the graduating class of 2014 and what do you wish you had been told. Well I was actually told that as a young child underground I was probably five years old. He told me -- the things that you don't you wouldn't like that you regret we get older. I'm for seven years old now I've lived all over the country on a pretty much I got I got through my bucket list by Paramount. -- They're pretty sure bucket list. And I am about Iraq on. Low right bull is the most fun thing you did or doing one and L. -- you probably about a year ago. Of course the most educational experience my -- our work and they're being -- I'm emergency art. -- -- -- -- They're actual conversation at the time whereas I think it was bicycles and cars are currently motorcycles. And I thought about. -- -- what you got -- bucket list -- your your advice then to the class of 2014 would be. Make a bucket list and then live up to. Well I'm glad I. I let the record -- each of those pop. -- well you know it it it's possible yes it's not easy no. And there are no guarantees but ultimately you have corner -- While not as bad that it got it it was the best I ever heard when I was a child. And I still haven't -- the -- you'll just be content that. I hope we don't get into a maturity compass because I have my twelve year old trapped in this up fifty year old body but you know what I. All right all right thank you very much Terri live -- live your dreams to your bucket list right that's fair that's fair enough figure out well. No yourself what you wanna do on your life because there are no guarantee tomorrow's. Sorry sorry to break the -- Class of 2014 there are no guarantee tomorrow's you don't know that you go live to 75. Don't put things off the two really really wanna do do them. Are what is your advice to the class of 2014 and you wish somebody had given you what bit of advice when you. Graduated -- you have -- binding commencement speaker for high school. We did double faults. 803130. -- was a congressman from way back when. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB at 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. Did not go to my college graduation. Never really felt a part of UB. Lived there are just there to get a piece of paper. Not saying I didn't enjoy it not saying it didn't make very good friends there with number professors. But I just didn't really feel like it was. I drive through UB I don't think of all it's my old school I think I'll Wear my papers for a 8030930. -- 3180616. WB -- let's say what a bit of my advice to the class of 2014 would be. Never. Underestimate the ability. Up power. And your government to screw you. And your rights. Where ever and when ever it pleases. Never. Ever. Underestimate. That power will do as power will do. And that freedom. Has to be maintained. By constant vigilance. At it is to be expanded and not contracted. That's what my advice would be. Because a lot of folks. If you don't have individual freedom and liberty. Hell else matters. If you've got somebody else making all your decisions for UBS in Albany or Washington. You're decisions really don't matter that much do that. It till three all thirty. Start I'm 3180616. WB what is your advice to the graduating class of 2014 year college or high school. And you wish somebody had told you what when you were eighteen or 22 years old. Here is that in the Williams bill WB and Tom give me some advice. Offers rewards that are graduating did everything you want the way -- -- saying go get it done while you can't. Our I wish I would vote but you know children come along. And you have to change your priorities it would do what you wanna do -- single and a watcher Mary concentrate advocated. I don't need to get personal but what what are some of the things you wish you had done that you can't do now all having been married. -- Are you just go out and ignore it -- occasions now by indications are planned around my children. What's there to entertain know what could make them happy I would of walked the senior guard the places. You know more or -- adult. -- up to -- top. Thomas sought to let you enjoy the time you have when your children are small enjoy a cherished those special moments. Because early on before you know what your kids grow up so fast it's ridiculous. What that's why -- so it also. Who live in the moment occasion like you said there might not be tomorrow or you might not live to be eighty. I would put on the table twice because in my heart conditions. I got to be eat three times for me Nanette did you see Jesus. Wait -- -- did you see Jesus. Oh. Yeah -- Away your there are. You serious. I was waking up again next thing you know. Was told me to Waco by woke -- -- was -- but then the doctor gave him. Global OK you're. I just felt this profound sense of peace you know liked it was like the deepest sleep you ever -- kind of -- I didn't have any religious experiences. I'm gonna get -- Well it -- they gave -- -- ignored people addicted but the other piece of advice is expressed what you have children. Once I realized that I could be gone and RB. Take every chance she get don't put stalked off. It's you can to enjoy them. To enjoy your spouse or your brother. Just insure every day I don't put a little things anymore. I used to do and I try to -- my wife or you didn't upset over little things it's just spoke well. What about the banks -- take care of but he enjoyed every church secure which are little forms. Parrot and if if you were looking at a graduating class a sea of beaming young inexperienced faces in search of wisdom that would guide them through the storms gay old sand that tornadoes of life. What else would you add to -- Off on the place where you can live where you want it enough people -- -- deal might. -- on the late stage yet also like -- -- as -- have been. Freedom they don't even they don't even obeyed the federal regulations for the the Department of Transportation. It notes the elements of the summer. They'd probably keep your money we we wanted to do we wanna do. Well good good for the state of Montana plus the big -- don't talk which is an advantage in certain legal proceedings. Indeed indeed thank you very much. And political. Yes it is 803 audit thirty kind of an accountant restaurant tiger -- I'd -- exactly what's gonna happen everybody's gonna call -- at the very last second. I'll let it this year something. Actually a couple of things that. People have been shared with us on my FaceBook. Get rid of the boyfriend and go to college. That needed to come from the right person in the right way. Somebody else stage a single. Ashley says her -- would be. Do what you love because you don't wanna be miserable later in life and travel a lot and see the world while you can't. All she is soul right I met. Travel a lot sees the world while you can and when you can't. Because there are no guarantee tomorrow's what are the problems it's is that is basic social economics. Sometimes you might be able to afford to take that trip to England. Try finding a friend who can take a trip to England with the they gonna happen in most cases -- Baylor student loans. Somebody else to study harder. Austria after all this is this has come up a few times on FaceBook learn a trade. Instead of college. Life is not fair and the world does not owe you anything all eight men Tibet. Gay men Tibet. Beth says don't stay in New York friends can visit. What -- three yet oh somebody says oh Rachel says I go to Costa Rica. And it's the year there's a couple of -- Ole Ole Ole Ole. All OK I love this one disagree -- and the sure. Michael says it was different back then talk with your mouth. Not with your phone's. More often. In other words human human interaction instead of constant text. I would also like to ever be sure to shut off a speech to text if you're doing a radio show. Anyway they gave thanks for all the calls and everything and I was kind of weird and awkward week thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John German. And I guess I'll leave you with the two little words. And then we get in trouble you know. Yourself. Yeah.

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