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5-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And -- would right. There. Hold to. That end. For a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. Al-Qaeda that rush. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. -- -- -- -- -- Was -- Tom hourly about it even -- this. I think it might back -- it's live it's local guru is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and -- news radio 930. I was gonna open Joseph that you're gonna clean up. Up the intro used the first hour get rid of the first part he dumb and -- stuff that we put out at five. I gotta wait till six all right and then the building on lockdown -- right. That they view original here for ten minutes after five. -- is very BMI of thirty WB and Joseph just 10% that's all I ask -- it is whip might be that's probably met the good expression we use wet my -- What Bob expression you know. The godfather -- I don't know what is speak with 10% never -- methodology. Got. Younger. Vetoes Vito Corleone -- track. Maybe now our job -- through. You guys did not watch enough good old fashioned gang movies I'm just say. -- they at least you've seen scarface -- which you. No. I suddenly feel old scarface with Paul Muni. The public enemy -- would James -- Edward G. Robinson whose last movie was -- -- and -- Rule this hurts it's painful. All right it is at ten minutes after five -- or the united thirty WBP. And met and I welcome. Looked folks. -- -- -- Feel horrible. All of the families who lost loved ones. To insanity and insane person in California. Killed six young people -- forever altered the course of their families the victims families. Three of the victims were stabbed to -- -- immediate. Where the Brady people. National night control. And it. Just -- to the people or shot. I guess the difference between. Richard about Martinez the father of the final victim and key is where he is saying. The problems are the problem is guns and the NRA. I would be thinking why didn't like it might get a gun to defend himself. -- -- make sure the got a pistol or FIBCA. If that makes a lot more steps. It even if we had no guns in the world. Ponder there's. How to chipped it may blow up the Oklahoma City federal built. Did anybody. -- campaigning as fertilizer. There's a guy and -- Michigan who blew up a school. With them. Up until like -- the worst act of domestic terrorism in American history. Bath Michigan look at up I put my FaceBook page. Did the parents stand up and talk about dynamite controlled they banished the NRA. -- guns now. -- Hit it out of the way -- actually knew about that Beth Michigan explosion there's little boy named. Saint spelling of my -- was killed of that explosion. And that's only reason I ever knew about it. Other than that it was one of the on talked about. Events in American history how come because it wasn't done. You can't outlaw insanity. I wish we could -- And -- your spectacles your message to Richard Rada. And let's just -- we just hear the part of the speech Joseph. We're tries to give the audience to go along. Not one more not one more seat might take would be not want more government incursion into our freedom. Not one or screwing of one of our sacred bill of rights. And I find it tragic comical. That we just got -- celebrating. I'm sorry -- wrong word wrong word commemorating. Our fallen soldiers and they've known as memorial -- And dive for bigger more intrusive controlling government did. I thought it was a war for freedom. Well we've ever fought a war for free up. More for more control of your life. And -- -- -- are we ready now. OK I guess we're not ready. Hannity just whipped it out like that and I can't get a stupid sound -- 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. Here is. On the west side Dan you're on hello. Here's his computers don't freeze up whole new hello you're on damn -- I. You know -- a -- that bothered. As unassailable because you know he's. Going to be treated it it is. Slow. If you aren't the problem well we got out so we're. Urban. Populations that you're politicized thing and when we hear of this guy we see what a ruthless. Our campaign but -- what you. Because of course you -- -- think that's given everything you heard it all all it -- end up. And so it at all basically. That says it's demagoguery. That's an RPI. Control. Gone you don't obfuscation. -- A political. -- -- political gall. Now you -- urban population are you -- it could you explain what you mean by urban population. Well I'm where you sit there. You know. All the time about -- say it's even in the small arms and also. All of his campaign. It's you know that's a fair bet it's certain parties' willingness -- at least. He people. There are. We're all -- what we are. Completely. -- track are you trying to say that the very people who are most likely to be victimized and crime victims should be the very people did most support the Second Amendment so they can fight back. When the thugs coming to their whole is that what you're getting -- because I agree with that statement. Yeah and I make their way you know all -- -- the media got or how are we really good illustration well. The media's. Help -- out on the there always -- there as a guy but there let me. I spoke with a bottle scarcely over eighty people yes it's and the city did not the the end and or anybody else at odds are one of their single story -- cycles. -- -- -- -- You you are correct and I'm gonna give Obama put up a link to that on my FaceBook page because you're right it happened in New York City some guy I was upset I think it was a domestic situation. And he bought a whole bunch of gasoline and basically and -- -- policy napalm but he used it as an incendiary agent and roasted people a lot. -- maybe yes. Yes and there and the and the and the coverage died out and look very look. A lot. There's one of those. After hours on regulated clubs for which New York City hitherto have been very famous or infamous hunting and your point. You know I mean the real story here -- -- you know and and -- is because it's so. So weather go into it you know and it's in its origins in the -- You know I mean there are capable of conducted themselves Pettway and an average download our new battery -- -- about. You know it. Gonna get much playing in the league. And that does and that is we're worried about it. But what is your message to this man I I find look. -- you say he's unassailable. Without sounding like we're -- more or you know calloused and evil people let me take the heat for being callous because. Actually I practiced the -- on the philosophy when I garden of -- he's -- Which is actually moving any living creature like gardening out because I don't wanna hurt her killer I guess that makes me -- are herbal person. And prone to acts of violence. We -- elementary we only thing we love them and you know we don't we we can't put a rest amber we've just 000. -- Do they. But we can just keep I. Inform people about what. -- in there and -- well. You know and a -- so much but well people. Are so well that they've -- -- acre. They don't understand that there quite -- there is -- the political principle it's a democratic. I'll bet it's part of what may. And that's that it yes. And I -- People don't. That they got no -- Well he looked -- it a try. To try to they try to explain to -- indoctrinated public. Why you have to fight the government incursion into your -- hole because they will never stop which is one of the reasons I support. Legalizing. Drugs in addition to the fact that. The war on drugs has been a complete and total failure and always will be. -- Do it. It's great growth with organized. The first being that. Thank you can't close this -- this is why did did -- allowed another call this week. -- know you are allowed another call this week. Well. Your team is finder you just leave off the mr. just -- ET. And I was called that well before Tony Soprano. Yeah off weren't -- -- -- here they are all questions -- current affairs because. You know government overreach has been -- at all. You dare write this and you got to stand up for a baby you got to stand up for -- you got to stand up to it. Some big time ambition involvement of the truck you know I was my -- friends. Worked so well and -- voted Obama could pick -- Pulitzer people like but well I voted. Republican votes I'm. Not because I thought they have much of -- -- because I think it was. Voted for five are still a charismatic figure send us. I like these 1930 German references for an -- swelled up. I'll make. You rich preacher. I think the first call poll out on -- dud fired to create 2814. Or thirteen otherwise known as -- safe. Exact same tactics that you Vermont and glad I'm glad you called folks. This always plays out the same way. What part does start to understand that -- one of the things you'll know it's time. You'll know it's time to get the hell out of this country when you see people. Arrested. When you see people start to disappear. Who question. Authority who remind you of your freedoms and your rights. You'll. It will be in the air it will be palpable. Because at the end of the day folks -- your politicians are any better. Or Morse at the five and the ones that Argentina. Under a military went the way back when. -- -- -- -- -- Which ought to be legal let's go to traffickers Alan Harris. I play a little more about the fire referenced by Dan which I have forgotten about -- which is just a great example. So similar by the way in motive -- here's AccuWeather four. The rest of tonight partly cloudy overnight low 52. Tomorrow partly sunny 67. Threat will be good for sitting in the bed with a mild cigar. And maybe appears like my one beer for the summer. I -- I'm just not a big drinker when he -- music. I did that I said it was vice let's just not a big -- anyway yeah it's 65 news radio 9:30 WBZ -- I missed the part where I said there was a sick. I missed that part of my life aren't anyway it is up by 22. So -- wider than previous caller talked about is -- -- why did this insane kid in California kill six people. Revenge. It's all -- I -- well back in 1990. 1990. An individual named Gonzales. Who. Was a Cuban refugees. Dating I think a young Honduran girl. Gotta fight with her she said she didn't want anything to do with him. Short the young Honduran girl read Jack did it mr. Gonzales. Who then went out. Bought a glass containers of gasoline spread it on the stairway -- only entrance and exit to the club. An illegal club called Happy Land by the way. And killed. How many people you think he he killed. On any. He was -- He was charged with 174. Counts of murder two for each victim. Now we tried. Pleading not guilty. Because of mental illness or defects but the jury did find him criminally responsible. Now I know that the liberal mindset is against fossil fuels. So maybe this would be. Rallying cry bet. Against fossil fuels. I'm not trying to be insensitive but it doesn't make any sense. Bad people will kill. Bad people insane people are going to find a way to harm other people with or without guns. And the star it's simple fact it's simple history. Let me ask you something that the Germans exterminate all those people with guns. It is some but not. It is up five point five. That news radio 930 WB -- I've got tickets to giveaway. -- be around. Confidence. Anyway I have certainly had -- -- Brad Stuart I really do. Pair of tickets to see Rod Stewart and Santana. It's unfair implicit -- on frankly. Saturday this Saturday may 31 at 7:30 PM first Niagara center. Value of 84 dollars general contest rules apply I'll play caller nine at 64498756449875. One more appear to give away eight Amaro. I would be stupid to give -- tickets Friday because by the time you get here we be close to -- on the -- house and that it happened. It is 530 former producer -- 930 WB the and that man that. -- -- is -- master control dodger manager calls -- And we've been talking about that the father of the final victim the so called virgin killer out in California. And you know I -- I just keep trying to imagine. Being in the situation he is it. And there is just no way. Even as a professional. At doing that as I can get tired of purple and take a political cause. Win. My own flesh and blood has just been murdered. Just couldn't do it. That would be such a devastating. Any of grief. That. I probably would not be able to work. Much less given political speech. I guess we all deal with grief in different ways. This is that we haven't been ready to go -- And we play it. I know it's a lot to ask okay but I do a lot of Twitter because I went to the mandated course -- Gave -- an audio thing to play but -- of Twitter. Are -- here is. Richard Martinez. Who again I wish nothing but the best for him and his family but. Dude I'm not gonna allow your loss to screw me and our countryman. Out of our rights. If you agree that the people in Washington to hear. That not one more. Persons should have to tidy. Because of this ridiculous situation. Than when I raised my hand I want to -- so loud. That they're gonna hear. Are you with me. Not good enough one more time are you with me. Yeah. Not when -- are not one more. It's another situation to which you referred earlier was -- he spineless politicians and somehow the NRA is responsible for what happened in California still trying to figure that one out because the first three victims were stabbed. You know. It's so difficult to say these things about a guy who's in agrees. But. One must understand that any time you start to legislate out of emotion. And not logic and rationality you make bad decisions. A lot of at all like NY safe. Which by the way it was written well before sandy hook. All -- just wait for a moment. All right let's get to fill in Amherst on WBM -- And a -- itself and it situation I mean the politicized it's it's it's really you know not the right thing to do. -- and I can't figure out why these people. Don't kill them so spurt that gets everybody else along with a group -- Howard before I've heard the term well. This makes things even though it hurtful balance there if you let it all that you take yourself -- there. You know years ago Joseph Walsh. Put out an album called you can't argue with a sick mind. And you you cannot understand the sick mind. Because it doesn't function like your mind and it doesn't function like -- -- You know it is -- -- a little Hollywood connections. I mean pretty -- and today it. They -- arm or whatever it is not -- that you were only hurt or failure or pimp them out on the bachelor so. You know we talked about that yesterday and here's felt his parents could have set him to hedonism two in Jamaica for a month okay. And he could've. Had a sultan whose -- for a month -- right. It would have made a difference he would have found something else upon which to focus as a source of his misery why because he was in Spain and you can't understand it's -- It gets pretty accurate and I want -- much like the way to. Media and that the you know the kid at a BMW will look at the document upload to hit and run should be fitted everybody's drought that BMW. Is you know that it is something stupid are people. Well but the point the point was this this kid first of all he was young liberal can we point this out I have to point this out because nobody else will. And a third and politicize it I guess I'm gonna have to politicize it. You have no idea how much the media has wet dreams about somebody like this being a member of the Tea Party and guess what. This kid was more motivate young Turks follower I put up. An article on my FaceBook page which will explain this kids left wing liberal political leanings sorry but somebody had to say he was -- a Tea Party Rus Thompson supporter okay were you about Carl Paladino person and I didn't see his name on my FaceBook page -- they -- so let's get that out of. And like the American cycle of the movie so there you go. Well I don't -- the -- -- he'll go ahead I talk regular. Teacher held back and it hit the it would it. Well that's a long and old grouch. Well again you're not talking about a grudge you're talking about insanity. A grudge or something you might have. All right you say -- of the pisses me off places up -- the pisses you often. You know we'd get into -- shouting match of for years we don't talk we have a grudge you know saying people have grudges. Insane people. You know I go to your house on a seven on five year. Yeah what you know. -- You can't again if you try to logically understand Elliott. You're you're -- you're going to get no where -- because there is no logical understanding of somebody who is insane. And it's you know I know that the parents are taken a lot of heat right now. The only thing I can say about the parents is it just seems to me that day. The police failed to recognize that depth. Of this young man's insanity and more importantly his actual capacity and will to do violence and others. Well you know I think they would OJ they have to come over -- what Scott Black opponent had a drink. Well you know what that is an excellent point because I don't I haven't seen pictures yet Elliott house. But if your parents buy you 40000 BMW I'm presuming it will be insured and -- side all due respect to my friends and -- court. And I can only imagine the deference the police may have shown to a family of means wealth and substance as opposed to ought to know fill yours. -- Are right now I'm glad you called. -- all right all you have to do in my house just look at the couch. A picture of equipment that's what. I'm thinking about thrown about that I I don't know. A little civilizations are thriving in the couch joke -- Let's go to Tom in buffalo WV atop what is your message for our Richard Martinez. Well I did begin work I think terror. Justice system is completely haywire. We don't have the justice system we have the legal system exactly I mean when doctors are he apologized a couple of years respect for Reitman and as well there's. You should not punish children. And I think that's what his biggest problems they have. That funny yet still think it's a little slap army canceled there. Young goes along way. But that's about I think what you have to understand here is you're talking about a normal person's reaction to normal swaps on the fancy. A normal person's reaction. Do you not agree I'm sure you've seen the video. This young man was not normal in anyway she performed he was obviously insane. Obviously dangerous and when you first I made this point yesterday of forgive me if I'm repeating myself not that I would ever do such a thing. But you watch the video and the first thirty seconds you think it. Well you know this -- good looking -- Smart highly intelligent well spoken and then that the new year cracked is razor thin. And you get the basically the raw laugh and you realize whole week. Well I I really feel that you know. We don't do enough for our justice system -- turn around and let people go I mean I myself. And Iranians. Sculptor handling this whole situation wrong if you do like part of Luther king did. Walked down the main drag tie up traffic. You know what they'll get more advertisement -- -- and they will go on standard around the city -- -- You -- massive Civil Disobedience. I don't know if you weren't -- business. -- Luther king -- it was massive Civil Disobedience clogging the system and using nonviolence to end a violence system and an oppressive system. Same -- Gandhi did in India and which was advocated by -- David Thoreau. Exactly and you know until they do their -- people's. You know he's -- young kids in that there's no advertisement you know they they asked -- all -- time do I have the New York State state farm I'd of course alternatives. And the OS was hit me. Don't you -- your Second Amendment right that's what it stands look at what exactly -- stick percent. What exactly did you bumper sticker says it is just a scope what does that -- -- grow repealed. -- our state great. And I hope it's all the -- WB and so they become educated. -- Thank you all but thank you -- -- -- what. But see unfortunately -- this country -- is being increasingly populated by brain dead thieves who -- at. Acquiescing like sheep as freedom is -- every day cloture cloture to slaughter and people give a rats it's. Exactly I turned drama city -- -- long time when they first started -- I think you know it amazes me. Crawled -- kick in before Obama did you. And you know they didn't think -- about certain and our troops over the vital war. You know forward. And I hit -- -- if you lost you you lost. Put this state you know at all but they're being very Afghanistan war and the Iraq War were both started under George Bush. Right what do double that you carried over and a you know I don't know why I don't know what -- real answers here but I do know our justice system got a cracked down on me. Minor. Kids things and that you know let -- -- -- this fact Q. But this this wasn't a failure with all due respect how this was a failure of the legal system this is a failure of the mental health system. And it was also -- a human error out with the cops who. Were too easily snookered by this young man's razor thin veneer of sanity covering a wellspring. Of violence. Late. I don't know I -- you know. All I know -- I sure hope that -- some good comes out of this certain laptop in bed and I our goal really out to the import prayer. Well all of the parents including the ones who whose kids were stabbed to death that I haven't heard anything from them. Thank you -- Thank you don't think Q8 03 all right thirty start at 93180616. WB EM. Else feel as I do. That just the country is just increasingly becoming. -- putter and stupor dumber and dumber the and move one of my favorite always of course and. People are thinking anymore and they're not thinking logical. First of all they're unaware of our history. They have no clues as to the freedoms we are supposed to have as Americans and four when they are gradually take away don't care. Don't care. I could say the fraud in the boiling water but that analogy has been used until it's blue in the face like the -- So I can't say it. But it's just it amazes me how many of my fellow countryman just don't get it. And just don't understand. That freedom is not that natural condition of most of the people on this. That you know -- rush talks about America exceptional. What it means to me is our founding fathers. Actually sat we have writes. That the government. Is not to be our master we are too big -- masters. And yet. The older -- become. The more I realize. That most people have been brain and kill. With bread and circuses. Here's enough to get by. Here's your entertainment. Have a good life by the way will be scrolling you'll -- And you won't even know. In all the marches of the world. Won't do anything especially when most of the mass media are on the side of big government as the answer. I do my job I do my part unfortunately sometimes they feel like a lone wolf. He has a martyr complex. Now but I'm getting there working on one. By the way I've just used -- fix in a FaceBook post. Get your Shakespeare get out of my head get. Aren't AccuWeather partly cloudy tonight 52 tomorrow partly sunny 67 we still holding a 65 degrees -- yes 65 news radio 930 WB EM. You know up I think we all. Every one of these victims should be more. -- but at the same time as Joe The Plumber and I posted this article on my FaceBook page -- Joe The Plumber anybody remember Joe The Plumber. Okay course Newsday. -- liberal newspaper. Refers to him as a Tea Party darling her conservative darling of lightning Tuesday anyway. Joe The Plumber says as I do. This tragedy. Should not be used. To -- other people's rights or as Joseph puts it you're dead kid does not trump my rights. And you know what he's right. Let's get back the calls on WB and here is Elizabeth hello. -- -- -- -- I'm calm and and I -- here. Yes because this legend says hello. Ali the line and a -- it's not a current issue here -- -- -- -- element. And that didn't realize until I came up earned him a couple years ago how our ability to try to keep care. I hit on a local. Mental hospitals that don't mean anything. And ask. September he actually you're Japan smoking graves expect action as well. He wanted to burn down their house and -- sent home baker. Act. How is he doing now. Yeah it was battered the actor hasn't seen him like continuously. He's doing better but he's still a very sick boy again Meehan and on that -- the first time I've ever turn the way to just. There's enough bad and that in -- help out there for it and if your parent you don't have a right to know. What. If he's over eighteen hit a kicks in and he's got to sign a release. And you know what are you you've touched on an issue that. We talked about yesterday and I've done resilient shares on mental illness. -- don't even know how many of them out over the years. But this get a California. His parents could've bought any debt. Set up -- trust and had him institutionalized. For his entire life. They didn't want to do apparently they didn't wanna do it where they -- in denial. About how sick the kid was. On hold -- Elizabeth because. I we need to hear from somebody who is one of the parents who would be blamed if her kid did something bad. On WB.

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