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5-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I -- the -- and he would be great -- and then yeah. The -- looked -- Muslim tensions -- -- And you don't have food and it's. It's easy to clean up. But the same publicity. We've -- and now let's. Tom hourly barreling back and lucky charm he's alive at this local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I'll put this out. On news radio 930 WVU. I still love and a its hourly news radio 930 WB in John Sherman is called trading and Joseph -- is master control actually every time joke goes in the manager we have to put the building a lockdown. Anyway. Does a compliment Joseph I'm jealous to -- you know. Anyway let's get to the calls shall wait on WB EM Joseph I just like you have dates for the next five years. What's good for me. The firm. Al Franken are. Not getting on a serious note. If you're not saddened by the murders by an insane young man of six people you have no heart. If you believe that such a thing can be prevented that by doing away with the Second Amendment you have no brains. Let's go today. Let Rory WBM damn banks have so much for holding in your first caller of the day what are your message for the very emotional father of this young man who was the last victim of Elliott Rogers sick mind. For all -- street first -- more for its bond between them. And a note now -- identity of all I'm certain. That is yours are here absolutely and even admit -- That's what. You see just you just that I can't even imagine what it would be like can you see I don't I can't think of anybody I even know. -- would be able to. Do the kind of basic. Political rally that he has done before his kid's body was even called. What right let's focus now and next thing. It's like -- say I agree like he or experts on the nightly at the what do manic animate what's lose a child will be like that ought. I might feeling is I think that seat belt to whip up on the or. And. God forgive we are saying result I think he saw opportunity deported -- and I just. Senior -- That. -- You're particular idea that at. All. I see that's why haven't tried again and maybe my fellow listeners can help us out in both of us have been trying to get information about this guy's background. Because he does not seem to me at all to be a political office and frankly seems to be limits Shiite to me what can I say. I agree that you don't so I could see him. I can see him -- -- not -- he won't catapult. But I can see it running for office but if you try to let's say -- some element in the like that push something through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bet on art that that. Like -- at its heart in it -- -- real light he doesn't mortgage and -- -- for the batteries truly Trulia. -- I think it yet this agenda or and and it Wally I think he's using it's something that for opportunity. To do that. And at that that's my feeling so what can look at me -- out yet how -- where you are. No doubt it. This that's I feel like people are gonna take everything I'm saying today are gonna make me out to be the heartless bastard you know the back calloused. Garden toting crazy talk show host that's. And it's it's it's nonsense that just isn't true on the most compassionate person in the world. Truth be told when I'm gardening I I won't move worms and a little bugs don't hurt but seriously. For him to sit there and do what I when I first saw on TV. And blowing it right out in you sincerely OK I understand. -- to say the goal. You know if it all. The government -- -- -- is meant to stop what we get yourself -- got all governments all he didn't mention wants. Job well -- did kill unit at all all well now. I have to tell you though -- did I don't mean to be hypersensitive on language. But Dan I assure you that there are a lot of libertarians and conservatives and yes even some Republicans although on try to convert them into conservative areas. Listening to this program who had mentally ill people and their families and terms like nut job and not case I know I've used them. But we really should try to be. Somewhat more sympathetic to people -- mental illness because it is a sickness I would not work I would not wish it on my worst enemy I wouldn't wish on anybody at the Buffalo News. You're you're right that was an ogle art -- I I didn't mean make out like that but still. This person. Boy was -- Yes Hillary did and -- -- actually able to their -- law operated as a kid in the wall like take -- on the but the couple walks. No well again it can't here's a real simple question how did the first three victims died. Right what would've happened had -- the number one. Whipped out a timber 45 and put three rounds through this guy's skull. If there was so right justifiable homicide thank you right. All right thank remote server -- -- I'm I'm happy to talk to you and I appreciated and you know it it's difficult to chastise this guy without coming office being cruel and heartless and all the things the left likes to say about people who think as you -- But as I've said I I do my own talk show -- don't to the Rush Limbaugh show I don't do the show on Hannity show I have tremendous respect for rush. And I love Sean and I even have gotten the like Michael Savage and and his unique perspective on things are right. I don't think there's much point in fighting among ourselves I really don't -- wish Michael Savage would be a little more savvy to. For such a Smart guy. Because fundamentally I think we all want the same things we all want a freer America we all want a land of liberty and freedom -- opportunity. In the United States and I don't why do. And that is why ladies and gentlemen I keep on using the term conservative Terry. Because. I I I simply cannot identify. With the Republican Party and I have not identified with the Republican party for quite some time because it just doesn't represent me. Let politics do not represented me. I'm a conservative but also a libertarian. Conservative area and the true. For example when they get via the greatest example orders. I think you have -- an absolute right to own a weapon why don't believe that you should have the right to have a gun. Because the Second Amendment of the constitution sets ago. Shall not be infringed. I don't know what part of that is so hard for people like mr. Martinez. And global and local understand shall not. Be infringed. The words don't like that. I just it's beyond it's beyond my comprehension. -- anybody. Could even put this up to debate what the founding fathers intended. Anybody who studied this well. -- want the government to stop people from having guns -- Because they knew that freedom came from the barrel Madonna actually -- that many years later. We said something else came from the barrel of a gun but that's another story all where it was at -- -- in my something -- -- though it's now but they got screwed up the quote. But it doesn't really meant but he was a Communist. 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB EM a gala suddenly have to be the guy to say it is. I wonder if mr. Martinez could speak as passionately about the millions of babies killed every year in abortion clinics in America thank you somebody had this -- I just find it to be absolute freaking hypocrisy. And might you. -- -- -- I do not have some kind of they've virtuous -- wife light. You know what I never claimed it could. Hello. Joseph if I ever claim to live a pure life. Now I thank you thank you very much -- we all clear where vacation okay we're all clear on the OK thank you. That being said. I also happen to believe that human life begins at the moment of conception. And that abortion is murder in most cases. I just don't see any other logical way to look at it. Yet bowl left. Only cares about kids who died once they get out of -- They couldn't give a rat's ass about millions of babies many of them minority by the way who are murdered every year. Where's the passion and babies you don't see that. You know why -- you don't have memorial services for them. You don't have college memorial services. For those years millions of every year. See -- don't matter because to the left abortion is a god given right guns -- bet. Why are guns bad because guns kill people well what are people on the war. Well -- don't matter. It's just folks if they piled up whether all geologic. 8030530. Is the up on ever start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB a simple question. I'm sure you've heard the father of one of the victims. Now we've heard from the father of one of the victims so far come best of my knowledge Richard Martinez who's the father Chris who was the last victim of a very mentally ill young man who decided he would exact revenge for being a 22 year old virgin. Which is a crock and it's a logical because guess what in say -- do not think logically. Headed up in a virgin would have been something else my parents got -- BMW not a liberty. It would have been that. It would've been I can only get with sixes -- not tends to that would have been something he would have found a reason why it. Ought to know how about because he was in saying hello. So hard to understand you can't outlaw insanity. You would never gonna outlaw. I wish we could. This world would be a much better place. If every person and every family that was dealing with a severe mental illness didn't have to deal with a -- guess what you can't legislate that. So luck or ill luck this lock unlock -- B real of genetics. And so many of my listeners. Cops minister's. Doctors. People on welfare have mentally ill people in their families and it's hell for every single one of those families. Don't ever forget that. And I need to go to traffic right now on WB -- and -- very passionate about that issue and I have been for quite some time since the 1980s. Here is Allan Harris and -- -- weather otherwise known as AccuWeather. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 52 tomorrow partly sunny 67 Friday sunny and warmer 73 it's 65 at who's ready united thirty. -- -- and you know that this suitcase gear yesterday those of you watch -- TV we gonna blame Alfred Hitchcock. Because there's a very similar episode recently re ran on -- TV about a guy who tried to get attention by acting really really strange. Are we gonna play in the late like I'm probably talking to people who saw that episode but. I should probably -- spectacles. What would your response be hey. An insane person murdered my son it's the NRA's fault and guns are bad or. You know what I -- -- -- given by some a gun so we could shot first because I know what my reaction would be. Here is in the poll in that I would go to a completely catatonic state. This is a -- and slider on WB and colonial. Qualcomm thanks for taking my call. It's a good subject. You know if sentiment and the like this happens everyone is attracted to the gun rights issue like iron filings to a magnet. The dialogue really needs to shift and if so what I would -- Point might. Statements in this. Who unfortunately was killed father and any parent. There's a common thread that personality trait. That runs through them because that would not seek revenge against the perceived wrong. And that's common trait is the parent or parents who cultivate the front of entitlement. In their kids to look out because without having worker -- for the pity just because they might have been bullied at school. But that we that we have a lot more of these things I think you're looking for simple answer to a complex situation this kid was born with a silver spoon up is but absolutely positively. I think his parents tried I think they tried therapy. I really think they tried as best they could but ultimately they were in denial about the full extent of their sons insanity. Maybe the doctors misled them. I can't I just can't jump on the let's blame the parents bandwagon. At this point I'd love to talk you further -- and and if you want -- -- hold on because at a really to be affairs shop here -- talk during your time which is. Typical from me sorry about that please hold talked Iran after the news and what you talked on the WB and -- -- Yes we did focus on the mental illness it angle. -- -- Now today up focusing on the angle of the father who seems to be politicizing. -- Insert -- -- mourn for the loss of your son and I do. Father to father. I -- Person to person I could not do. I I I I could not even go I couldn't even be seen publicly for I would fall apart for at least six months. If you have don't wanna markets. And I would simply be asked. Here's the difference I wouldn't be saying. And the NRA. Handguns you know I resent how come I didn't give my can go on welcome I didn't insist they get a pistol permit learn how to use it. That's what I'd be -- It is up for 24 that WB -- stay what's. Well this reminds me that I have to take -- to give away right now for Rod Stewart and that Santana. Santana and Rod Stewart for those of you think Santana is the cooler actor I've Saturday may 31 7:30 PM at first Niagara center value 84 dollars general -- rules apply. Tickets available tickets dot com caller nine at 64498756449875. Our day we are again talking about the insane. Killer in California. But today we're focusing on a different angle yesterday we focused on the mental illness angle. And that is just been a cause of mine for work out how many decades now. And. It is. So tragic. That Richard Martinez's son was murdered. Doing away with our freedom is not going to stop madman and -- women for killing other people. The Second Amendment shall not be in French. He talks about government shirking its responsibility. -- we took responsibility. It was called the bill of rights and it was written by the founding fathers and the second most important amendment they added to the bill of rights was the Second Amendment. Followed by actually the first one was freedom of speech press and religion. And then. The right of the people firearms you gotta -- keep and bear arms. 8030530. Start I'm 3180616. WB at what is your message to the grieving father who seems to be. I got hit reveling in. In in his grief and turning it into this political agenda. And it's almost from from the very first interview -- -- yeah. And I guess the thought process is totally different from. Here is a -- again. And slider on WB a meal it is your turn and that we we left you off talking about the parents of the mad man. We focus on the mental illness angle yesterday and will will never know what might have been or what they could've done but going. Okay well again thanks for taking my call again. And I'm a gun rights advocate but again this dialogue. Needs to point in another direction. That -- that's an alarming frequency and I don't need to tell you common anybody else with these incidents happened happening. It will make up for second draw on my own upbringing. That the I'm not even a father but with my own parents. -- -- -- -- -- Aside from all the while and everything make it -- -- made me feel comfortable at home filer would draw me out of my bedroom. You know you're gonna help me pick in that pipe my mother would show me -- -- -- that the that. I would not the center of the universe they made me realize there are other things other than myself. That. You know I had to would be here -- And there's so many parents I feel. That -- -- maybe get their kids computer give -- time with their front on FaceBook wherever and the kid and up. Looking so there appeared as their country rather than the parents went to build their. But there is such a thing as just organically. In saying at this young man. I don't care if his father had spent every single moment of every single day with him I believe he was incurable Lee and Ager believe insane. And needed to be institutionalized for the rest of his life for his own and other safety. I respectfully disagree but you know you have a point in my -- that direction but. At least other would've caught -- army on his behavior. You may remember that they stay put -- -- -- therapy starting at the age of eight years all I don't wanna do the same -- did yesterday but I will simply restate. I think that. Fundamentally. Between the police being conned by this young man and his parents maybe not fully understanding. It. His ability and desire to quote exact revenge. I think there might have been a bit of reality deficit disorder with both the police and the parents may not think it of these cops go to this kid's house and probably dig a bit wild by what they saw. The point taken all of me allow me to ask you one question. I'll let you go on that kid it was a ranting about all the rich people having -- with people having cars that he wanted money on itself or. Do you think that his father got along well with what. Can I was thinking he would affect block money isn't everything but do you think that I was even aware of that. He was a rich -- that's the problem. Major pressed by U 40000 dollar BMW in York when he -- I cannot -- The only thing my father paid for with Mike -- -- everything else look up to me. The -- my own BMW and I was 22 years old thank you very much. All right thank you urged those 325 he was afford to work which looked a little -- family for me at the time but that is bright red and really was just -- -- like 50000 miles -- two years fun car to drive. To really think -- at that point. -- it is up for 39 at news radio 930 WB the and I would at all I'd -- mom and dad went for. And it was my little treat them myself from Boston -- up through college that's a long it would. The very frugal very cheap very boring life in many respects. Many but not all. It -- -- where you wanna put your money. You know the one place I wish I put money when I was a kid by the way other winner of the Rod Stewart take -- -- about a buffalo. Vintage instruments particularly vintage guitars. I am awestruck. By the prices being realized for vintage guitars. Opportunity back in the 1970s to buy -- grit country gentleman for like 300 dollars and 196263. Mint condition. I don't wanna tell you could get that could have gotten for that -- today are protected are today. Even by this -- if you are a true guitar geek and I'm not. If you know the electorate guitars which came out with a built in modules back in the 1970s for a brief run. I actually all -- 810 I bought it for 600 dollars back in the 1980s. Line I think is going anywhere thousand dollars to 16100 dollars. Preferably 16100 but what I -- -- that well. So if that all over that would have been invested in vintage guitars. But I was still. And -- are Niagara never really worked out too well it is 448 news radio 930 WB EN ouch that hurt. Anyway we're talking about the father. The final victim. In the massacre in California. And unfortunately my friends a truism in life you can outlaw insanity. And had the Eliot -- not had access to -- But -- have thought he would stab or people who bet he spat the first victims were the calls for my control. How many people that he seriously hurt or injure for the rest of their lives with his BMW. We need BMW control. Now. Did you can't outlaw insanity the final three victims were shot. My thoughts goal hey if Chris had ever gotten. Maybe you to save his life and not waited for the cops to come. But that's what I think. Because I happen to know because history teaches us. And again this forgive me for using a cliche to which you already know the but the only thing to stop a bad man with a gun is you know the rest of and this year something else by the way it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can always tell when you guys are on the -- 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBM. Richard Martinez has been all over the place. Basically advocating for more gun control. Not have control not control. But gun control. And it's utterly illogical to me and his dead son does not trump you are right. Here's a bit. Richard Martinez. Let me ask the computer froze. Now it's not play. Well -- feel like. You can't get at the -- you can go to the play. Gonna say you feel like it's just not your life sometimes. You know here is Richard Martinez who is important. People grieve in different ways but I think he's way off here. You don't think it'll happen to your child. Until it does. Chris was a really great kids. Ask anyone. Who knew him. His death has left our family lost and broken. Why did Chris di. Chris died because of craven irresponsible. Politicians. And didn't already. They talk about gun rights. Or what about Chris is right to live. When -- this insanity stop. Where and well enough people say stop this madness. We don't have to live like this. Two pretty darned. We should save yourselves. Not warrant more. Thank you but it. All right now he also add in another part of the speech getting crowded along with that not one more not one more. And and what the hell does the -- stabbing the first three victims. Ram and others cars what are you have to do with that California has the toughest quote unquote gun control in the country. You can't cure insanity. What is so hard to figure out about there are you can't outlaw insanity. If it wasn't a gun he would use dynamite the -- all of -- You know the biggest act of terrorism in this country before Tim McVeigh was in -- Michigan. We're a guy blow up a school and all much a little kids with dynamite not a done wasn't because they are. Here's. Jamestown say this possible -- without sounding like I'm cruel and mean spirited and awful but in the words of Joe The Plumber somebody's -- the article. -- this man's greed. Screw you what are your rights and you're on Dave hello. It felt it automatic -- points you know first stop. That the operator agreed Tuesday we we we more. On the tragedy that that you spirit but that I didn't wake up that morning it -- and it would bloating and outrage. I'll and that had a bad experience and I'll point Barrett got mostly in my. Already had an anti NRA you know agenda and now you know -- -- them. The second point I'd like to make it detonate that -- Tibet. Aren't we we all know this but they -- I'm -- close to 3000 people died -- not a single shot that day OK so you know. All the gun control not a -- and from. All right so all we're doing the stopping guys like me from having the ability to protect my family -- are and that's not what lean mean. The heck alone and leave my contact -- all -- -- after that. I -- complex. -- the apartment where he sets. The the NRA part talk about. Writes excuse me daily I mean our founding fathers the same people talked about freedom of speech. Like today update the public -- talked about gun rights we called the second a member of forgot straight. At food I am I mean it and it's it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm to take -- wanting to make great point. I'm the first street victims were stat that's in our care about those are -- -- except those killings. Interest focus on the ones who were shot. That -- no logic -- -- argument and it really. -- my craw that the people who are so misguided. And I I think there but he is global ignorant because they don't understand -- They don't understand -- we never -- and they don't know how to load and unload -- -- assemble them. Handle them they leave and be able to each other respect the weapon and then they're forty Victor in the Iraq are. It is a stay away from its taboo or all evil and it they are bad. In an Angel supposedly satellite meant what value education. I'm -- on that topic especially liberals tend to ignore education on the topic in its debt so ignorant. Well and I -- I could also draw the comparison between. The liberal view that abortion is a god given constitutional. Right. Owning guns isn't. I can't figure that out because millions of babies are murdered every year what he wanted to say you find the logic -- that I see no more logic and that but I do in the war on drugs it makes no sense. All right thank you I'm I'm glad you called 8030930. Start at thirty and -- 180616. WB CN. You know again I I realized it by by even asking this question. Your message to the father of the final victim of the insane person in California. It's gonna be perceived by someone perceive it that way as cold hearted uncaring insensitive. Well you know what I make no apologies for defending the bill of rights not just the Second Amendment but all of the amendments I don't apologize -- And the bill of rights were designed for all of us. Every single one of office. And one man's tragedy. Should not trump your rights. Which existed before this country this country codified them into the bill of rights never forget that on WB. And AccuWeather for a tonight partly cloudy 52. Partly sunny tomorrow 67 were holding at 65. Degrees at news radio 930 WB -- yes Joseph I drove with the top down last night yeah by the time I -- home the car was like bottoming out on flat noted that driver. It is up for. I took my shirt off that's what I was getting itself for 52 order's -- united thirty WB ENIA. I honestly folks as much as I I feel bad for the guy and I feel all the parents even the ones whose kids were stabbed to -- Then. They were Asian. And I guess they don't count. Not just obvious and who's gonna speak up for the Asian victims. Who were stabbed. I have to -- -- speak up for all the victims. The ones who were stabbed and the ones were shot. But I know this much. If one of those Asian kids. And had. A firearm. Elliott never would've gotten out of that house to do what he did the other kids. Sorry it's reality. It's a cold truth it's cold facts to steal a line from Rodriguez a great American singer whom you've ever heard here is -- in the pew when WB and -- Com. Is the father my condolences obviously. Surgery but -- -- Bashing other entities when it could've been his ball. And in all actuality is watching child he raised a child he would them all the time. Why is -- understand that is not gone into Italy these yeah. About I think you're you're a bit confused. I know that the parents of the insane young man have also gone on record now is being for gun control are right but the guy who. But whose voice you heard earlier he was the father of the sixth and final victim Chris Martinez who was shot at the -- He's the he's the one who's like making up up apolitical hash -- issue. Right it was almost like -- stage orchestrated event when I was listening to -- recording and that he had there. Well it wasn't staged event because it was a memorial service. But with the grief that I would feel just like you said. I could even Camara IB NHL for a long time. -- I could I would not be able to stop crying for at least six months. Sure as heck wouldn't be against guns because we need them and I'm -- one thing and I think everybody noses. Gun control could be a trigger point to a very big files event and in this country we don't want that but people are curious. Well unfortunately. Unfortunately one of the things -- found is that a lot of people are all talk and very little action when it comes to standing up against the government. And you get a guy like you have me and I mean I am gay and outspoken. Conservative area. Because I believe you have the right to own a -- I also believe you've got the right to do what you wanna do behind closed doors with -- weed -- anything else if you're -- -- pitcher -- and business. But in LC says on the little -- you may was. It is really in my life something like that you know and I really living my life or somebody trying to live my life form yet again so insightful. And it's very intriguing the way he said that it was just a short snippet here. Thank you thank you for noticing the -- There's a lot of nuances in the show and I'm glad you picked up on that that's a testament to your high Intelligencer. When. You. All stop your sweet thank you very much now now I'm -- But look like like a caller I feel horrible for this -- but I know that as a father. There's no hit there's no way probably get up on stage and speak. It would sound something like. And then I would break out across. I always say know yourself. And I would not be able to deal with no I could not. Could you. If you could could could do this kind of political activism right after your son or daughter was -- And welcome them my parents are now they're calling for my control of look. It's impossible to say these things without sounding like a cold hearted -- hurt but they've got to -- set. Because I cannot allow a quote unquote crisis to take away another one of your rights. And I think this government is already too intrusive into your private business what you do in your home your own damn business you know what. That's the argument they used. Uncertain other issues and I think it also ought to be applied to the so called war on drugs and all these other issues of spying on you etc. -- -- -- werder IRS. Journalist computers what evidence do you want the government out of African control.

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