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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>5-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

5-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- -- -- -- -- The whole look -- And my. All -- about -- shut down Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh we rank behind. Not these are -- vita. And Laos trapped big problems. Emails it. Would resist. We must. -- -- the most annoying set the world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything October and there have told. Myself and its -- -- its local Mini Cooper you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 AW. How are afraid second part of that. Is -- our lenders -- about thirty WB yen Joseph -- it is made available all the dumb and -- conclusions in there unless you have put a dumb and -- clip on my FaceBook page in honor of the keystone state that would be Pennsylvania to the novice. They're very they have given me a police there are new powers to a search be hit goals. In the state of Pennsylvania so you know welcome although -- have a -- shall we all through via post constitutional. Republic we are now entering little by little. And you know folks at -- I cannot tell you missed that it it just is getting worse and worse every day at any rate that I think is accelerating. To the point of no return I think others are clip ahead it's like the old roadrunner cartoons there's a -- ahead. Wiley Coyote road runner. Well we're both Wiley Coyote and the road runner there were running toward the edge of the cliff and is sooner than I think I'd think reduce gonna go off into the abyss I don't know how many people have made mention of his over the weekend but you do. I don't know if you heard the name Chuck Schumer he's the United States that are based -- the most dangerous place in Washington between Chuck Schumer and a microphone. He is a publicity war plain and simple. And like publicity or he knew that the Memorial Day weekend holiday is what you -- released a statement. For some of what wasn't a maximum. Exposure. So he puts out this statement which you know what folks. I think that's how many times. And many of these still have yet to make the connection. And it really sickens me. I must say it sickens me. How many times have you heard people say. -- all the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results but frankly that's become so cliche and he. People probably to doubt the first few words that the definition of insanity is. And Chuck Schumer is they're talking about we we need one. Hundred billion dollars to -- total war on drugs to fight storage of heroin. And anybody with two brain cells to rub together. It the war on drugs has not worked the war on drugs has caused more is -- Arabs I'll say that again for the layman. The war on drugs has caused more misery the drugs. I'd say the third time but I think that's kind of unlucky. Ladies and gentlemen. First of all philosophically as Americans. And I know that I'm gonna take heat for this but I always do whatever bring it up and frankly it's the same position espoused by William F Buckley that noted liberal. Also George Schultz secretary of state at one time also came out with similar views. I believe in legalizing all drugs. Legalizing regulating taxing an educator why it goes the war on drugs is they demonstrable failure. Could opt billion dollars at the heroin -- it's not gonna do attempt. And the problem news. Whenever you see a situation you do not understand look for the financial interest now who as a financial interest in keeping drugs illegal and these so called war on drugs who has eight financial interest ask yourself the question there are a number of correct answers by the way. A number of correct answers. And there is another interest year. And the interest is stripping you of your rights and stripping you of your freedoms. Because it is not the government's damn business what you do in the privacy of your old hole. As Tom -- -- if somebody goes -- and they do cocaine addict and I know we're all. Where does this get behind the wheel coming. We're talking about privacy of your own poll. You wanna go -- and F five Martinis. I'm not gonna stop it just look at my in the little. Don't put other people in danger. I don't know why we don't apply the same rationale. To drugs which are now illegal which ought to be legal. There are too many interest -- -- -- overtime there's court time prison guards. What began -- we're -- forget it's the stupid person's answer. To drug abuse the war on drugs it's this stupid person's answer. Because I think back to when I was a -- I'm half a century old and I was hearing about. The war on drugs only didn't call the war on drugs back then -- forget what they call it because of short term memory issues I don't know where they came from but. That hit a hole all but anyway when I was gonna say is. Ellis -- carefully -- -- -- subtleties and nuances to the humor -- -- you really have to just pay attention every word. But they call it -- back there. How billions of dollars a -- the wanna get high on whatever they wanna get. And it's after them in prison for doing yet. Why don't we legalize. Regulate and tax. An educated. Folks -- questioned were named something that is more addictive than heroin. I'll I'll give you want nicotine's. Nicotine's a pitch well and I -- -- I guess I wouldn't know which is more difficult heroin or nicotine and I've never been -- -- nor will. But I have to say. How did we take a smoking rate in America from 50%. Of the grown up population to less than 20% of the population that we throw people in prison. Well we educated people. Plus society's attitudes changed nobody wanted to sit next to a smoker. Nobody a lot of the breather in the second hand smoke people's attitudes changed on smoking we did not -- we did not have a war on tobacco. We did not throw people in prison although I have to say those of you who smoke some of those reds cigarettes. You should be thrown in prison just on general principal because -- things the secondhand smoke smells like -- there's just no getting around. I could name brands but I won't. Go to the casino sometime you'll find out exactly what I'm talking about. But for Chuck Schumer just -- advocacy for the idiocy of American of all I can tell -- -- are too many as they sent financial interest at stake here. Now be illegal. Drug market isn't that. Same thing the illegal alcohol market did in the nineteen there a 1920s. It artificially raise the price of beer whisky -- any boats. And eventually what happens to that money Ding Ding Ding it gets its way into the legitimate economy. Up folks here's your homework assignment in additional watching Serpico which I always recommend. A logical logic you've never seen it before and if you have seen it before I want to watch Alpa chino and scar face. Everybody knows the scene where he's just saying yeah my friends are right everybody knows let's say. But watched the movie watching leading up to Betsy. Errors apart were -- -- those characters at the the bathtub watching a guy on TV and it's so sarcastically humorous and frankly it is spot on. And also by the way for historical perspective to prove exactly Wednesday. I want to watch scarface with Paul Muni. Which was the original star pace movie. You could go back and watch the energy Robinson movies public enemy which James Cagney you can watch all those old time movies and you cannot help but draw a comparison and an analogy. Between the war on alcohol prohibition -- -- that back way back when pitcher grandparents broke. Great grandparents violated in all likelihood if everybody did. Out with today's so called war on drugs and the other subtle thing about the war on drugs so called. Is that. Folks. When you let the government. Decide. For you. Because politicians are two bit horrors who always want the easy reelection nobody wants to be controversial. Nobody wants to Rock the Vote. Will gradually strip you of your rights. Gradually will strip you of York writes we parties -- this with the asset forfeiture laws. You are driving on the wrong part of town some time with a lot of cash maybe got lost try telling that to the cops are gonna believe -- they're gonna think you're down there to score. And they have every legal right as we've given it to them to seizure money in your vehicle once they screw you these are drug things. Folks. The war on drugs is nothing but a pretext to taking away your fundamental liberties as an American citizen. And I will furthermore submit to you that there was a time within your -- time in my lifetime when two guys. Get that out in puppet behind closed doors with illegal. Look up sodomy statutes. I don't pull that stuff out of my hind quarters. You think that's the government's business what you do in bed with whomever you do it or however many people you do it at the same time I couldn't get it. You know one and a little irony in the choice of words I almost -- but be careful of snakes like Chuck Schumer. And idiots who support the demonstrable failure that is the war on drugs. Be -- Be where -- where B we're be we're double B -- of them. They no -- well you know what they do know what they do miss the tragedy. And the American people see we always want a quick answer. We always want a quick fix. Well the work 100 billion dollars to fight and well actually answer right there more. Can you tell me one social problem we've solved by spending money. In -- and what it welfare is really helped the outpour of people. It's created intergenerational dependence on other people. It's it's laughable. That the very September conservatives who lamb based welfare programs. A lot of restrict other war parks. Really wasn't what what great accomplishments has it achieved. -- None zero zilch nada and yet we keep -- -- that went about it. Don't let. This albeit a bit and it's never it. At some point in the not too distant future I got to bring aboard Peter Crist who was it known not to drummer from. Yes that was another spelling of the name which kind of sounds like news. -- -- else's name like Christ but pronounces it Crist. Anyway it he's a retired police kept them locally and birds and his group called law enforcement against prohibition and heat. And others have seen the light when it comes to the war on drugs -- it really is all about. Taking away your freedoms. Increasing the police state increasing government control over your lives. See people you have been so. Conditioned to government dictating what you can do now in your own home. Why do you think that NY state get past. And even upstate. Is not as unpopular according to a recent poll as we might suppose it would -- Why. This leads me. To the situation in California. Yesterday we talked about mental illness. That we talked about what made this -- Roger yet hit what. Motivated him. I have a novel idea he was insane. That's what motivated him I think his parents end god forgive me for saying this if I'm wrong I think his parents tried. I know they tried. I don't think they realize just how deeply disturbed he was. And frankly when mom called the cops. She should have been adamant. That the kid was a threat to himself and others. I think though that day. They did 95%. Of what you'd expect parents to go. In terms of getting treatment for there some it was a therapy from the age of eight. The parents. I just think they underestimated. This young man's capacity for actions such as those he undertook. Over Memorial Day weekend. I don't think they recognized. Fully. I think they had an inkling that they just want to admit just how messed up. There some was and frankly would always be there are some people my friends. I don't care how many drugs you give them I don't care how much therapy they get her army psychiatrist they see they're always going to be a danger to themselves and others and it. They need to be institutionalized. Humanely. Because otherwise you're gonna kill somebody else in the outside. Now you cannot outlaw evil. You cannot outlaw insanity boy I wish we -- go from here on fourth we will all insanity. Which makes him out as much sense by the way of saying. A hundred billion more dollars battle stuff. Up budget crap. Precious for the feeble minded. I would like to think my audience is little more advanced intellectually than that. And I hope you don't buy the crappy here from Chuck Schumer or any the other deal weeds on either side of the political I'll. All of whom by the way are nothing to bootstrap at two would sell their souls for a day old slice of bread. Why -- he don't wanna take unpopular position just like it never run for office. Because I would tell you exactly how life field. And Eric consultants which they can't say you favor drug legalization that's for former politicians dissent baloney. Anyway. This father in California of one of the victims. I really have to walk a line here and showed you know my friends -- you. Because this man is grieving although I must say. He sure seems to have taken to the public spotlight like dead duck to water. If what my kids died that way. I got to play I'd be catatonic for about six months. You wouldn't hear from. This guy is seen me to rebel just a little bit too much at all -- I'm sorry. It it's -- -- and I know that sounds callous and awful putt. All I can think of again I got to beyond. Honest with all I can think of is you know what. This reminds me of somebody once said never let a crisis go to waste. Before the kid's body was Colby was on TV talking about the NRA gun control. I'm sorry that's a little not right. What is your message to the father of the victim look I I I agreed with him I feel terrible about what happened to his son. But you know what three people were stabbed to death and what are their parents talking about -- control. No problem. -- wildly inappropriate but that just below it politically the united I'm sorry 332 balls between that and another brick in the were all part. It is 333 news radio I'm thirty WB -- -- on the radio on a already a Wednesday. And we already have. One of the fathers. From California. We've become a national anti gun rights celebrity. And he knows he's got of course -- -- -- campaign already back to that campaign. And it. It's very typical for me to do the show. Because there's just no way I can do the show without seeming like an absolutely and completely callous individual with no human feelings of some emotion honor or decency. I I feel horrible that this man is grieving his son. But sir -- buckle your grief screw me or my fellow citizens out of their god given rights. Enumerated by the Second Amendment of the constitution of the United States. I'm not going to allow user to use your tragedy as an excuse to can -- my freedom. Closer. I will grieve with you I feel badly for you in the loss of your only son to horrible thing. It's unimaginable. In fact while you're out there are already making speeches about gun control I will -- it was a father myself I would probably be catatonic for about six months in your situation and I'm -- exaggerated. I would have to take a medical leave of absence you wouldn't hear people for six months I I wouldn't be able function. This guy I'm so I know people deal would grieve in different ways. But. My first thought. And again I know I'm going to be called -- -- the -- names. But he's enjoying the attention just a little bit too much. And it is almost like you wait for this to happen so Wikipedia an activist I know he wasn't I know he wasn't I can see how people are gonna misquote -- But. We're talking about a right. What in the hell -- at the -- our day have to do with your son's debt. California has one of these if not the highest grades in the country for screwing people out of gun rights according to the Brady Center. Number one until. Mr. Martinez please explain to me. Why the young men who were stabbed to death with knives. Deserve less protection than your son with a -- that's how he died. Should we also have a knife control program in America public the people were injured. When. Being crazy killer. Banged his BMW into their cars. Do we need a waiting list. A background check for BMWs. Or any other vehicles. I -- yesterday referenced the John justice case. Where John justice main avenue -- cam orbit in the eighties killed his little brother and his parents and that he killed a neighbor. He killed his neighbor with a car ran in -- weighed on -- and I don't -- families that listens to this program. I still remember that story. And his death was no less tragic. Yet it was done with a motor vehicle. -- lol where are these people. Whose kids were killed with the riots. I don't see them -- making speeches. I don't see them out saying. We need -- should -- But again with a night. Look I realize that oftentimes people in -- -- really stupid things. I say -- stupid things -- agree. Hopefully there at least mildly entertaining from time to time. But. 31. Victim -- 31 victims. Were stabbed to debt. A night. They're just as dead as mr. Martinez's son. We are their speeches for -- control. Where are their speeches against the national life association. Where are their speeches asking congress. To do -- riots. Well that wouldn't be politically expedient now but I've done Yancy. Has a special place of hatred in the heart of many not all but many on the left. Because that's all -- -- tell. Well I guess you'd ever tried target shooting number one ever total. Yeah gums can kill it in fact if one of the victims at the apartment had been armed with one. This whole thing needs to happen. If the number one head whipped out a 38 caliber Smith & Wesson chief special. And put a few through the heart of this like oh guess what none of us what happened. Because history's taught us up and we noticed -- now. The only thing that -- a bad guy with a gun is. Yes bingo a good woman with a gun as it's happened twice now for about. So. This whole hatred. Of guns and the NRA it is being ginned up this hate speech. This bullying of the NRA. Is absurd. It's geological. It does not make sense. -- control would make as much sense as gun control. Folks you can't outlaw crazy. You can't do it I wish we could. Because I know that there are thousands of people listening to be right now whose loved ones have been touched or affected by mental illness severe mental illness. And not so severe mental illness. And it's a bitch. I wish we could outlawed but we can't. One thing we can do though. And that is -- ourselves to protect ourselves against the people who think and act irrationally. At one of the best ways to do that oddly enough his with a gun. I failed look. I feel horrible. For this man's loss at the same time I don't understand. The it's almost like 88 gusto with which he is taken to the nationals -- And I would tell you I do this for a living. And I've been doing so for quite some time. This and Capital One of my kids I guarantee six months I'd be gone I would be. Incommunicado out of touch probably. Probably on somebody's farm somewhere. Pitching -- Just try to get it all out of my mind. I would not be in the national -- spotlight. Talking about gun control or if I can even find the words I would say you know what I wish -- given my daughter or son -- -- That's what I would say. So -- shot back that's a logical answer. I can say though people and greet people -- their old ways of dealing with -- -- this man this is this the best way he can deal with his grief. I'd maybe I shouldn't chastise him but it at all. When people use their grave to try to strip you of your constitutional rights dull all. Soccer you. Don't be played for a fool a sentimental idiot dull -- play. -- Tugging at heart strings. Heart strains. That write laws right bad laws and why say it. One -- Night bet is that she is they had to. By the way if you haven't heard the father. -- It's impossible to say any thing basing this on what they're counting. It's impossible to say anything about this man without seeming as though you're making an odd hominem or against the men at that. His ideas I think are stupid. Their folly people. There -- logical. They make zero cents. The logical thing for him to say it would be I wish I'd given my -- a gun so he could have shot first. Paying -- that's logic. Instead of having his son as a sitting duck and -- about the NRA which had nothing to do with -- shooting whatsoever. I'd like your message for this father outlets what's -- this is going to be up painful. It's painful to me and a number of ways acres the man is grieving -- because he's battling. My dearest son. Wave on David. Mom and dad are very proud of you. Here's sacrifices. Weren't in -- Your sacrifice will -- the power and authority of America. It's time to stop the gun violence. Our children deserve a land free from fear. Sun. You'll be at peace in the hands of god. Let us if you agree that the people in Washington to hear. That not one more. Persons should have to tidy. Because of this ridiculous situation. Than when I raised my hand I want to -- so loud. That they're gonna hear. Are you with me. Not good enough one more time are you with -- Not when you're. Not one more. It's. And. I don't know what to say. All I can think is never let a crisis go to waste this is the very embodiment of I don't know what to think about this man's background prior to his son being murdered by a severely mentally ill person. I don't know if he's got a history as a public speaker -- -- what he does for a living I try to find out I just was not able to find the right Richard Martinez with a right -- But. How to have a country without fear were children don't have any fear. It makes no sense. Kids will be scared of spiders some kids will be security getting beaned in the nose with a baseball. Some kids will be security given fight it's what you -- were a world without the year. Fear is natural to the human experience. And frankly without fear we albeit little liked. You know fear a burning down my house keeps me from running the dryer -- and work -- setting the dishwasher to go on when I'm at work. It's fear of having -- Rebuilt. That drives me crazy. -- drives me crazy but. Actually. Allows me to act in a rational ways. I would like your thoughts on this what is your message -- to this father. And is pretty simple I will not allow your personal tragedy to take -- Second Amendment right. I don't care if you think that sounds callous. Because when you talk about the power and the up forty of America we already have that -- called the constitution and it starts out with we the people. On WBBM. And -- VW Vienna AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 52. Partly sunny tomorrow 67. And that tomorrow night patchy clouds and 51. Right now Joseph it is 65. -- live at news radio I'm thirty WB. The end. At 65 degrees and at least I can have thunderstorms today released and the forecast and news for -- I came home to a very upset cat yesterday. She would not look at me she would not talk to me she was basically blaming me for the thunder cats do not like underdogs don't like the moderator. And she was -- gesture was upset. There were two words you were communicated to me had she been able speak to human voice and you know what those two words -- event. -- -- knows exactly now 352. I don't know if you guys are aware of this but. I hate it a -- All these serious topics. But sometimes they've just got to be gone. And this. Richard Martinez. Is it my imagination or does he seem to be rebel. In his. -- now. As the newest champion. Against guns. You know he's this week's Gabby Giffords husband -- this week's Gabby Giffords. Folks. Are gonna say this again. Just for the slow in their processes. You. Cannot. -- Insanity. You cannot outlaw evil. What you can do is guard yourself against it and our yourself against it. Say this guy had his son shot his only son the final -- There were three -- adapt three shot to -- This man lost his son and I -- for him I truly do I know it sounds like I don't but I don't. But. His son does not trump nor -- the new town parents trump the constitution of the United States. We've been through this already before here in New York State with analyze say. We're. Any power crazed governor. Rammed through like the right stock fired decree NY safe in the dead of night as a message of necessity. So we have politicians here in New York State more than willing to circumvent due process of law. -- courts find it completely acceptable. Don't have a lot of faith in court either by the way. Who votes for judges. Yeah and uninformed electorate and they vote for judges were pre selected and pre screened by the political bosses done. They're just mortars with the ropes. Anyway. 354. -- news radio 930 WB ENN what is your message for Richard Martinez. Who basically has been on fire. Verbally. Since the murder of his son. I. For the life -- cannot see how well. He. So quickly can turn this into a political -- Not good enough. Who who want to see -- that not good enough let's go to get. I'm sure the psychologists understand what's going on here but I don't. And again the three students who were stabbed to death has anybody heard from their parents. About eight. About the national -- association and its role. In their son's -- I just I'm asking the question been asked to be a national life association or has been equivalent out there. Promoting and promulgating the benefits of the knife. And safe -- keeping. We haven't heard it though. You know three all right thirty is the -- -- what is your message to the father. Who since his son was shot down just hit it can't seem to. -- railing against the Second Amendment. You know course he blames the favorite target the NRA. Politicians which I will blame but for different reasons altogether. -- is easy Pickens with the media you know it right most media hate the NRA. Except the NRA that was in effect under Franklin Roosevelt but that was a different NRA. 355 -- WB and it is time we break already and we got news coming.

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