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5-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- It backward -- governor well on the -- out Las Vegas and time for some workouts. It says here that -- he picked up his summer by hanging out pulls side. With New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski -- up. Last time rob wasn't injured medics arrive at a Disco or something. Bless you doubtless there without a shirt on many yeah. Get injured again and he missed you missed like two thirds of the season last year. So -- -- is back at the Cleveland Browns camp. And going from. Las Vegas where you know your year. Suddenly the hottest guy in Las Vegas the Cleveland. Down but who -- About these things now I mentioned now. The one thing trump is sort of making money. He certainly is good at and it's stirring up the pot but he's especially good at publicity. Which are shows he's in the game he's -- player. And the front page of today's Buffalo News. Show your -- that he says he's serious. About making a bit long. But you're wondering. While -- that go beyond buffalo. Because buffalo chip on the front page as the big story for us now I don't have. I have US candidates whom Donald Trump said Tuesday as -- this picture of Donald that once on the New Jersey generals. The -- well. Donald Trump said Tuesday. He'll place a bit on the Buffalo Bills others interested in the -- a royalty Manama Jovi Bob Tom Golisano whatever. A city. Trump's biggest hurdle as a potential and a -- -- is the history against the league's. As former owner of the US unveils New Jersey generals nearly thirty years later. Trump doesn't think it's a problem I think NFL owners gain a lot of respect for me so that's what he says but it's a never ending drumbeat of hope. Get your name in the paper. And this is and until he'll ride this thing. And until Leo ownership of the Buffalo Bills and settle. Now he said that he'll make a bid and whether he doesn't -- will city. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that makes it about -- whether the bid is a competitive. Or not who knows haven't you ever done this you're buying a house. Or are somebody's selling a car. Where you go to a flea market and something is is more open view a wanna spend. And you put in a ridiculously. Low bid just because you wanted to say well. It could work you never know things stranger things have happened I got it at that extremely low price. But -- auto workers stuck around. Tony Chris the question is your predictions what will happen first Hillary Clinton will be president. Donald Trump all the bills or neither first or give me or your a bid on a trump what human. I don't think trump is a serious bidder is as the article points out I think he's looked indicated at a bargain basement. You know maybe work that they listed weigh in on -- I'd say if it's -- well you know I I think he'll be if you -- Gordon that ball park but he will be easily outbid. And I'll tell you one of the reasons. That it's not going to go chief is this. The original wave of owners in the NFL and and in the AFL. Most of them are deceased. I think Ralph was one of the last if not these last of the originals so now their own body. By the the sons and daughters and families of the original -- Who could live long healthy life being very very wealthy and not having there. To sell -- game. I don't think we have many of those senior owners in the national public. And and if you got a moneymaking venture will -- split up as of last year a nine billion dollar prize. Why would you I would order to be cheap unless you had to and I don't think most of those owners are in a position where they have do. The bronze went for a billion dollars while the bills exactly. Well I think Chris is he serious -- make a serious bed I don't think he'll make a serious -- at all trump seems to. Almost to be a creation of himself by any thing. Or any time I should say that you see him in front of a camera. Talking about something huge like god. The governorship of New York State -- the presidency or narrowing the bills. None of those things have actually happened but then if you listen to an interview. Don't rattle off a list of accomplishments that he has done you don't hear about any of those things out there going on a golf courses he turns around the clubs he buys anything he seems to do that works or that makes him a quiet nobody knows about. Nobody considers you operate better like that if people don't know it's it's like you're playing a poker game and you announce your hand as the cards health. The other guys -- that it the other guys event at the table would -- your doctor if you did that because they know what divisions that are not. But the bottom line with trump is he's very successful as a businessman and as you said just now. -- that that's not public's -- this is so public out there it's it's it's it's over the top but what happens when you're in that. In that though you get the all the time. You're on television all the time -- newspapers all the time. Yeah there's all kinds of interviews where our people wanna talk to you for this specific reason. If if if he did not have this going. Probably there wouldn't be many TV stations calling trump asking for an interview for what does the normal workday for him now has to be something outside the norm. And that's why I think this kind of stuff if feeds that it gives him a platform of which to speak besides -- televisions ago. So I don't think I I don't think -- be places though like an 800 and something million dollar bid. That indeed. It would be except that I don't think there's a chance to abuse of that and then he can go right back to his disclaimer which we read in the buffalo and that's what that is the disclaimer. So that's that what about today Hillary Clinton. I think that there is C a good chance that she could wind up as president. Again it all depends on who the Republicans. Put out there how. Do they become unified. -- put up a much better campaign. The Ben Ghazi stuff that comes out -- one point I didn't think that there was going to hurt her but now start to think that it will. Well it had legs that's your problem -- satellites it didn't go away somethings you just ignored and they go away this has not gone away. And so the question is. I don't think I totally agree with you that the Republicans have to be unified in order to win and they can't be divided. We can have Rand Paul over here and Jeb Bush over there and Chris Christie over there actually Chris Christie would be over there there and there. But we can't have that we've got to have a united party. We've got to have a meeting of minds where people really believe that we're coming together for the greater good. If we don't do that you can forget it as far as the candidacy they have to have the right message to you that's our -- yeah absolutely the right message. But he thank Chris about -- Hillary's she inevitable. I don't know she's inevitable because everybody thought what was it her and Giuliani were inevitable laden you know or years ago. I think she certainly has a legitimate shot chart probably better than anybody else in the Democrat field but. It seems recently. People come out of nowhere because they don't have any bad it still may be of somebody's going to be eager to be somebody like that but. It's certainly more like Leon it's he's going to be the president had trouble and on the bills. Well idea I agree -- back to for those who say well how many strangers would come out of the woodwork may I recommend. Bill Clinton. Kolb out Barack Obama that's a good example Jimmy Jimmy Carter's another example would hurt them. Nobody heard of any of the three of them they all became president so mad men and and that and what about neither. They're neither could I hope he got. The right choice here -- again if -- The local Karl Rove is that already done an iMac finds him out you know -- to the thing is Hillary mentally fit does -- have caused some mild brain damaged. You'll notice they medical records of her and her husband are kept I kept very tight to the best Bill Clinton never released it now. And and hers you know if you're gonna claim that you have you were in a coma and all of that from a fall all right maybe I buy them but maybe I -- -- -- -- -- any lasting effects is something they don't wanna. Have to explain but. It's it's it's a decent every -- ask yourself why you want somebody is to become president where every time -- she's needed to testify she's gonna have. Amnesia and all mountains yeah. You don't remember I think she should get a good lawyer who specializes in slips and -- to us and every -- she slips before testifying before a committee they should sue the government and they got to work will be back Lamar would be -- company under his radio I'm -- we are WB via -- only -- posted a picture on FaceBook all of their ice cream -- in the -- right with waffle -- I like the -- costs while -- always like -- there's different kind of causes their traditional home. Then -- sure don't which I also like. But I like waffle cone because the waffle cone has more strength. You can put more into it and it doesn't break off that easily -- is more flavor yard does -- I used to work at an amusement park. And when I was a kid and we sold ice cream in sugar cones. And regular -- -- and have waffle -- -- great and you tried those. All right we're talking about your prediction what will happen first Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States. Donald Trump will all on the bills or neither -- -- Montreal wanted to 1061692. Through six. As star and 930 let's go to stand in Rochester stander on WB yen. Is that what you think. I want better but I think it hurt at all the conservatives are still trying to recover from the trauma for our governor debacle. He got PR fine. Now don't get excited that you that he bought the -- first of all you gotta get real cheap. But you remind me of follow up at a new. That viable arena for the million dollars and put it up for sale the next day per million dollars and went out of state open for buyers that is what you're dealing with. I I agree with what -- said so far that he is. He's always a headline grabber and he knows a way to keep himself in the lines. Those pictures and outfield violent element that state for profit. Don't look at that Hillary. I'm afraid. They win it gave Obama 62 accountable. At -- give Hillary 72% of the vote. The conservatives have a lot of PR battle and what I mean by that is he locked the women they are the 47%. In the minority they -- big -- -- -- It over if you had -- -- -- so you know debate. During the Republican primaries and you've got people indirect Christie and book. They'd be you're wrong they'll just do our everybody -- -- -- the whole thing. Always saw what happened when Hillary is running for a senator from New York State in Lazio just approached her podium. That was that was thought of as an invasion of her space and the via the race was over from that point. Absolutely and and you get one misstep by the conservative or whoever. And the -- a little bit pylori done. Yeah that's a good -- that a problem as if -- that -- -- guy. I think -- if -- if Hillary Clinton -- guy instead of a woman then a big guys could go go hit ball against -- with the with the record my questions but it's going to seem like -- -- of his there's -- word for -- -- bullying if they do it to her not because you can't take it doesn't have a thick -- -- -- it's because she's a woman so she gets that built in. In power meant demand don't have. A lot more Bloomberg. For then is a great. Or terror. What do com. Obama did a great -- Asian round with a minority they won't get pulverize the conservatives. Yeah I am a plaza not only good orator he's a fabulous fund raiser and so she. -- And I've already seen. In several publications. Gee wouldn't it be great to have our first woman president what a segue from the first black president to the first woman. Which is the least likely reason I would choose to vote for somebody -- a vote on quality and what I think they can do for the country but we saw how it works -- Obama and you see how it's worked with the Obama as president. And that Hillary Clinton I don't think should get that card to play. With the women vote. Hillary Clinton if you run with a minority. Will get 82% of the vote their ages -- women what Kerry election for the next decade. Well I wish I could disagree with -- -- and actually -- I I don't know probably a decade or not but I know. That she's got a lot of built in advantages that other candidates would map that you stand thank you very much. So stand sees Hillary is almost inevitable that's what they wanna avoid. Is being thought of as inevitable because some people certainly not all thinking voters but. Some people think that you have to prove yourself to them in order earned your vote others think oh well. She's. She's a woman she's capable she's been secretary of state she was married to the president. She has my vote without even really searching and and finding out she earned your -- Well speaking was someone who I think -- I would love to see Ron is a doctor Ben Carson. I think he would take a lot of independents. Away from Hillary and I think he would give the Republicans are really good shot at winning. But what they do is and I like him. And he's very accomplished and he's a minority. But what they do is anybody who has accomplished. In of the minority they minimize how they achieve their accomplishment. Another words they probably didn't travel a hard road that we have to travel that that wholesome meal kid now I know but this is what they -- you know it's called positioning you know under the Democrats are. And that they would already. And in the other side of that they have -- program him as out of touch the guys that neurosurgeon from its isn't a surgeon. I'd neurosurgeon doesn't that's great if you need you know the kind of skills he has -- he doesn't think like we do look like we do he's not one of Nazis in a lead -- so they've got me labels. Which they did cry for use of anybody in their party. But they use them all the time on the Republican Ed Nixon says the dad John Kerry they were OK with him -- I -- money I don't like this Mitt Romney got hammered with his money. John Kerry's wife at least money and -- had more money than Mitt Romney it was never an issue was. The only issue that never showed up was where he doctors got. That was that o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we're back tomorrow are Beijing government. Mike Roberts die at 11 o'clock on goes right and I thirty that Libya. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo -- BS call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 Eric told free -- is 1806169236. Backward region governor -- -- at 11 o'clock just -- his commercials. He just came in to bring AG's you know I'm talking about that erupted on the color and home Didier yeah I had a season pass out the hot hot. -- And it. But a -- he'll be well -- at 11 o'clock am I'm really anxious to talk to him. And we can got to walk through what -- like what it's like to play hockey evidently level like the National Hockey League. And how you get there and what it's like when you're there and don't what it's like if you look back on on certain things that that's going to be a lot of fun. -- you know. The perfect man for buffalo with Jimmy Griffin as you know I adored Jimmy or even though I didn't agree with a model stuff. But he's right the tough guy nice guy kind of -- -- that you respect. -- is a lot like that to be honest with you. And it's a little will be finding out -- -- see how good an interviewer. Yours and I'll just I'll use my my immense interviewing skills. There will be there will be used and now we're talking about what's gonna happen first Hillary Clinton's going to become president. Donald Trump is going to on the Buffalo Bills are neither is going to happen let's go to Robin East Aurora -- on WB again. Our rob what do you think go look in your crystal ball what do you think's gonna happen. It sure Hillary the issue and drop the ball again. Well you know I wish I didn't agree what you I think a trump will drop the ball you know the party. Quietly is that doesn't want people to think. That it's inevitable she's going to win because they want they wanna keep people motivated do you think that could possibly be a problem for them. I think the media is orchestrating our politics right now whatever they wanted to do whatever they wanna warm Bigby didn't the people and so much did they do -- go along whether it. What makes me nervous about that inevitable thing is because we live in New York State. The last few governors we've had where are inevitable they were kind of light. Foisted upon us these this will be the next governor and that's the way it's turned out so where little too close -- that to a to be to be comfortable. I know what you're talking about what allowed DioGuardi approached Hillary I -- podium right there are that bad. -- employ an -- note that might event but did you know that media jump forward at. -- that how good -- bully and a woman like that but that woman was a Democrat. And -- -- a Republican war. It would have been she's not strong enough that they get. You know. Yeah I'm afraid that stroke she's she's an accomplished politician is not much question about that. And it was over at that point if that was a guy and he walked over to the guy. And forcefully get his opinion. Maybe people Arafat as bad form but nobody would've thought it was a bullying situation but when you get to the sexes. Even the perception that your bullying is gonna merger. That's current and know what's going to happen if you had confront. It's eagle and dignity the -- -- Cotton -- earlier. That's a good point he doesn't seem to respect the you have the extra traditionally that we do we hear and you and I agree that trump is is there and it will be there until he can't run it anymore. And he's not gonna end up as the owner the Buffalo Bills. It's like Eric and -- -- but right now a lot higher with the well all Paul Snyder with a grants. Yet he bought -- a big lake property -- drop. Well he I think he brought the NBA here and we got some entertaining James -- we like -- -- -- Bob -- had to play in there and -- di Gregorio and that was fun and it's so sports is a business and had a chance to make a profit in the did and now. They probably wish they had Paul Snyder back as an owner instead of instead of the guy they got now hey thanks for calling rob appreciate it. -- -- -- The stories confusing by the way. Regarding the clippers' first he hands over control of the team to his wife who still -- wife was going through divorce proceedings. And it looked like she would put the team up for sale. Rather -- the NBA putting the team overseas and now Donald Sterling says. That these are gonna sell the team. It gets very very confusing and it depends on what's in the bylaws. What's in the bylaws if indeed the big -- I broke the bylaws and they agreed to the bylaws when they bought the team. I then I think you're kind of like come. I'd like in a -- where let's go to Joan in Hamburg Joan here on WB again. My initiative -- You're talking about Hillary. And the idea. Have you read any of that bag of age I have -- well I read while I'm not sure which one. It is. But ended it. It told about. This tolerance is coming to -- possible back in the forty's and he's a well known action or him. -- she lived in college. She was a great recruiter for and. While her paper and a -- college papers were released them like Barack Obama. Remember some other things we learned is it's one thing to be an advocate for children but she wanted children to be able to sue their parents. And also her famous it takes a village to raise the child. Those things at least we knew about her before she ran we didn't know much to a Barack Obama and it's it's not help us now. I don't I don't trust terror -- -- and it just -- Obama. Yeah I don't -- I was gonna say I don't trust and more like a charm but I'm not gonna thrower because people would think I'm bullying a thank you Joan thank you very much we'll take a break we'll be back -- moral Beijing company. A -- I'm thirty WB EN it is up bitching coming up sandy beach. We are going to have Mike Roberts -- over the last -- from eleven a noon today talking about here is a career as a broadcaster in hockey player. Now a Tony and and there and crash gonna help -- -- OK because I mean I got a lot of information early but I don't have at all. Do you think that when he was in Minor League Hockey player in the league that was like in slap shot from -- sounds like. Did you ever say anything to the goalie about his wife as he was trying to come in to score well that's a good one -- is a question right. I know -- I'm just telling Rambo -- and arts I don't want a generator on WB yeah. Yeah. That you are. All right David Hillary -- going to be -- Q where I wanna wait and see the results of the mid term elections. I was listening to George -- less -- yet woman showed she wrote a book about American police state. And -- today -- the the American people are seeing what it's like it but. They don't like. Right -- manifest itself but Election Day and I think that the issue of American states and every huge benefit. You know huge influence about the way people vote. Starting in the first in November. Well I. Well I can tell you this first of all I think you're right about the mid terms that's going to be interesting to see how that that. That's of -- settles in however not many people go to George -- for their political convictions there Jim. -- -- -- -- -- And how would get higher murder for Carter got Carter for part of it has about quarter of 5 until 5 o'clock to John Susan's I'm on. I I did hear and what surprised me. Was that I usually don't politics on that show he usually doesn't do politics but he did at this time and she has a book to sell by the way Hillary has a book results -- that's what she's out doing interviews and. But I really do think it's they get -- group of people are -- wake up that they -- What's go back and it includes the women. Well -- well you what do you think's gonna happen is it going to be Hillary is -- going to be trumped hours -- to be neither one problem. Well trump I don't know he'd go whichever way the wind is blowing toward the printers and settles out exactly well. And like that I'd be all right -- an -- Michael -- Robert good point about Hillary and I noticed this myself when you hear. Well I've -- whatever you know news -- you watch. -- or I'll say it but just want out. What you know truthfully. She does and order but very guess she looks like she's really. Bill and ride -- written hard and put away wet as that term to use -- in horse racing. But there again that can't be brought up at a campaign or you'll certainly get your butt kicked you can't bring an appearance as just as you can imagine Christie. It and how much he -- damage in the way Hillary looks much as an aside not a political issue she does look like she could you little time off. I think that there did you thank you. If you guys notice that doesn't look. There's no bounce stores that I mean she looks seriously are I'm not trying to be mean or nasty. So it's a result in the end she looks like she's she gave at the office that's right no I agree no she's definitely worn and in the years are showing is that you can't bring that up though you do if you brought that up you would be dead in the water so you run -- you can't -- it. And then he shouldn't go except to prove a point that baby somebody's already given all although they have. Everything has a shelf life and maybe maybe her shelf life as though already reached best if used by the F. To think that there are people that are just plain sick of the last name Clinton idea after awhile got just wariness. Just we area now. Now keep in mind several name people are expressing. Being critical necessarily. But they are definitely. Making some points. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick now he's a Obama ally. He is also a Democrat. He says that. That as she has to be very carefully consider an element ever campaign in the last time. Was not good and that was the inevitability. Of horror as the winner. As an enthusiastic Democrat I just hope that the people around her pay attention to that this time around. In other words there's a certain resentment. Among some not everybody. That if your vote is taken for granted all she's going to win so why don't even have to bother. It might keep the -- -- the attendance down at the polls might do that. But it also might turn some people also you're just assuming that you get my vote because of -- greater Democrat -- -- It and a lot of people will do that. But some -- and I think that's what Deval Patrick -- talking about governor Jerry Brown. He's a devoted Democrat governor of California says. She's got the capacity but like any front runner she has to be cautious and wise and how she proceeds or -- of his -- -- some warning signals out. Be wary of Hillary Democrats who are saying it's not a done deal what they're really afraid of is if they lose -- -- have for eight years. And so at least. So you know -- that. But I think they think it's -- still -- and I agree with that I think they are the favorites no matter who goes up against their. But did they don't wanted to take your program which makes cents regarding. Donald Trump. I can't say it any better than Donald -- that it on the front page of today's buffalo -- as I said putting a -- in is one thing. Putting a competitive bid in as another. If you say you're gonna bid and you get almost -- lines and all those interviews and all those images of here's a guy right on the right on the edge. You do have to do something so if he puts a bit and it's one thing but it's going to be competitive. But here in his own words is that this car -- on the front page of the buffalo knows trump said he plans to make a serious bid to accomplish. His goal look at. Quote we're going to put in a bid. I'd buy a lot of things but I buy them at the price if it's reasonable and fair. I don't know what's going to happen -- buffalo if the prize isn't the right price that I won't get it and I won't be ashamed of not getting it. I'm not going to be forced to pay too much. This is a guy. -- maybe they release that are not but that's that's -- that's -- go to praise when he doesn't get it. When somebody else bids him or via bid is I don't have the bids will be made public and I'd like them to be made public. But the point is -- he's already. Made the excuse for not owning the Buffalo Bills already there. And so what he's saying and -- impressed -- both before both back this up. If I get it for dollar fifty I'll buy it. But don't ask me to pay two dollars that might be too much. Mean that's what it is on a larger scale in his research shows that it's gonna take a billion at the very minimal he knows what it's gonna take to win. And in order to do that he's gonna have come up with a hefty bit he also says. And he keeps these like little fingers -- of intrigue out there. He says you know where our our our company is done research we found a cup places. Yeah back voices there could be good for new stadium notice it's two more one because you got Molinaro. And so he's an -- plan is they there it is the air for you see. But if you want to prohibit because it's Donald Trump believe it but there are those who believe he's going to run for president. And he -- And there are those who believed he was -- a run for governor. And he didn't. And he's already said that he might consider running for president next as a matter of fact it's -- same article. About the next presidential election. He's. It is if the right person isn't there he will be so what does that mean the right person walking this place. Wait -- it's it's one after another after another most people hide the disclaimers until the end he puts a mountain front. So you're wasting your breath if you think Donald Trump is going to be the next owner the Buffalo Bills I'll tell you that. Thanks for not calling Michael -- easier show. That about wraps up this part of a show but now gonna talk to Mike Roberts died. I'm looking forward -- that -- beyond after the news under his right and I started obviously.

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