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5-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello what is Beijing company I'm sandy beach and hot evolves as am I. House eyeballs as embattled house ladies and gentlemen. I can I tell he brought food. And how can I tellers won't debut though is actually in the studio. Well before air time. That's always got to do we got to where Greek food and the newest studio and you'll be there on our market had yeah it's. Ballot down here and our little studio and we get no company. Do we get company guys nobody. Until food rides. And they went arrives we see people we don't even know they -- We assume there on our common glories. -- after where I don't want those that name tags hello my name is what's your name and win -- balls as in the building and that here. -- We'll open the oh I columns saying James what you are yourself besides shall -- and X. I our side of it may have bit out of a very good man you can dug up your album you better believe and that's just with the pastries awful blah for the -- -- Kansas here now every year little bread he's. Now first thought is it greed fest -- as a whole ironic that its -- this is great because every time you come and you change and -- certainly isn't going to be hit it got to be okay coming art. Right now are usually brings me a poster -- Men wearing skirts and consumer I just don't understand all of Greek tradition you know but that this is he went he went an extra mile. He'll allow the photographers for buffalo great threats to shoot the poster and his own home yet I look at this guys this is where move. This is this is -- little I was buying right on the Mediterranean is that guys that are like -- and -- Roger looks like the Mediterranean and always pretend yeah the end you know let -- -- and they've about repressed really starts. The upon summer season. 37 years as a 37 years you know and remarkable. This Friday at starting all up and this really changed it a little bit and we have heat we have grease that's -- that's a slogan over -- John Travolta are going to be. It's Friday from a lot of them if you don't know from out of town. This is a huge festival and you're gonna absolutely lava and it's the kick off festivals or it's a chance -- welcomed -- welcomed the summer season. It's Friday 11 AM to midnight Saturday 11 AM to midnight and Sunday because -- has the go to bitterly. Unknowns and nine estimated -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now I'll tell us it's that the goodies we haven't had a room and drawing all kinds of its latest step Barney Google beat them this season and the people and that's John -- and yet he's an OBE guys returning him you know is meant. Dmitry he's like you're gonna supply -- Ian they have certainly did at the -- is finally put together a couple of trees we Obama. The obvious I got three were kind of between two trees that did you notice that I so what what would you bring and -- -- the -- -- which have agreed leaves -- -- regulars aren't aware of them -- or the look -- have three excellent. Isn't coming back into this I don't Hartford it's great -- I don't think before I do that I can I. I don't have a big debate that's why regulars and I don't large and we that's of the -- to go along with the -- leaves oh deficit exhausting I think it puts -- -- -- -- -- all the time there where it's at the light -- on a regular mr. unable -- It's awesome that's -- big -- -- keeps keeps it cool personal what is -- -- cucumber -- -- -- is delicious alternative Brenda -- I would like that at all the food you know you put agreed to leave -- the cucumber -- and Suzuki then they have to get married and get married together you married a blend together on NBC all -- well. And here we always do that then along with that we of this monocle beat them sparkled when you hit. It reminds not a governor it's very governor reminds me we should be doing a telethon for us when children was -- -- People and it's by and nobody in our lifetime only now -- got a what is Michael's that's Spanish by I mind like is a shame that would be much money. -- he's put extra chi X to -- that she's in there on and so I mean it is just -- it's this cheesy as a matter compound threatened her. I'm gonna say it gets easier than that right. Find friends. That's -- act as a vines is -- -- That's and that's what we're trying to hugely out and then we have the doping. Nobody goes you know it's like this much -- as you know that she's been americanized earlier she that's what she's off. The cheese -- Buffy that's her. It's easy to do like a -- it's no no no it's and it's an actual appetizer alt an -- like town needs an appetizer like OK I'm not hungry -- all I'm trying to appetizer. Now I'm starving -- the appetizer we need a mother gross dramatic twelve of those going to him and he's put together and it is with meters that put together quite a bit. Of those and he the little up we have Greek olives in there too as well olive street elementary in the backyard are very -- and then -- -- the minute she all -- -- cheese is great yeah. Which are the chances and that's all for the staff and organized yes and that's all because of the year a -- -- you guys do for us and it's amazing but people going to agree expressed though for the first time. A first of all let me say -- your church is beautiful -- church there is beautiful. Tell us where it is sure at 146 west -- corner of Delaware and -- -- because there are still there -- on Israel you know they wanna move that -- -- the -- -- -- -- I don't. Met they have -- -- obviously obviously both avenues of music and this year the bring him back the group did they had five years ago now from Greece or from Britain Greece that are fifteen members that he neighboring guards they have green -- and -- -- -- -- -- and and other community out here actually. Okay and along with that banned from Greece to -- musicians that's why it -- back to grow it and two dollars and sometimes not straight up and all the guys picked up. That's about it quite traditional great yes real traditional couples kooky and numbers okay I used to joke that government. Always had a bit of both ethical little. Oh comics have been and who -- the end you know -- -- -- -- and those are reasonable -- remember her. That was a couple weeks. The music got a nice people yes nice people yes definitely in downstairs in the gymnasium area they have the the wine tasting area knows little wine tasting area now and and of course you know you have to responsibly. And every time the same time they have these medical steel. Why is not a hopeless deal. -- saying anything. Agree these and any thing and we don't know who is not asking OK with that when that interpreter that was in the news that that wasn't really an interpreter who just stood up and indeed they did you hand signals like this. And back you say that and -- and now -- what what you have tunnel with steel all I remember her hooked it. Up like that worked. And that was good gets a little heavy because you know that's that's more about of them bakery. Okay that's a big I would love and they a little bit of everything that the company -- debacle on the -- -- Right supporting off and dive right -- yes the -- when with the reasons and ultimately rest -- -- Assad in hockey the sad about that Iraqis there and that's one of the most I've forgiven and look forward to -- as look up. That's a fried cheese and I achieve on the dole on the pita -- -- right she's on pit -- Not -- dark and flame coming up. Just hyper and disclaimers before Evian and I work with some technical experience and eggs but it is it's a family events that have never been flaming chiefly it aside and Iraqis I wouldn't announce -- -- And brought us. But the second that signal that that's our site and -- not and I got a little -- after the -- -- -- looking into it out for you and I know certain -- -- ago and this is a family event and the events admission is only two dollars -- lancet children under its children under twelve are free while it lasts though while -- almost. Yeah that's when -- children and that's in the got to pay toolbox that is best shape -- rights to blocks live you know we're thinking about them -- you know within the community has been so supportive. Not only throughout western new York and also so the material be common from Toronto and this is the August 37 -- outs and what a great way to start this -- a festival type season. We will with a -- like -- you know and you know please and he this year also they have a combo plate. And the Kumble played promoted my request a combo meal oh yeah they do they do use that you require any -- You see more in Florida and beat him once and -- when it passed its -- Diesel which is Google's -- oh great colors on don't either stealing our phone again the you know read it as time goes on. You know and then have the most dot com bill moos accounts like I I see that I want to credit cards that are crossing the road remain. Most. Chairman -- the sick guys are aspiring that's. If you haven't -- mention my favorite and the local my. It's modest revenue look marvelous machine this year -- honey I mean -- ball close -- -- group leader in the you have to you know I would recommend that we need get the ball yes even warm. Warm balls long balls because -- -- get cold they just given up here yeah I guess I can tell -- your -- it's the kind of shortly warm they should be warranted a touch you'll want to attached in the really -- now are they rarely. If they're hunting and get along estimates -- It's huge you know my glasses -- -- really as a part of the dollar save them so as my ex. Assurances -- my dogs are epic battle but they they do have that the combo plate and so that's something that's new this year. So you have busted so you have the we -- we -- and now and then you have the most accountable to again. For only one 67 dollars that's a great deal it's it's ugly very reasonable and the food is good. And there's not there's a reason why when you go by Greek restaurant and any time it's busy. You are because you have read vote yet and we're doing great food definitely definitely saw -- -- the so many good festivals and all this we just accomplished unless we can and I'm hoping that the -- -- -- the nice. And and supposedly. OK it's -- right through -- through the weekend that's right fingers -- most severely program Monday via Tokyo Monday read to you which would like to -- workers -- -- -- -- them as long as they work what was drives right at it's in council Friday it's -- stats for immigration -- -- the papers demand knowledge is that they drive drama -- Well a couple of helicopters a lot of cases but they can see the flag and -- claiming -- -- -- -- -- that it's okay you know other interest rates are happier -- level -- are just playing slow but bring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not hold onto coma Mancuso. -- this kind of lost the -- and there's thank you for selling by as always my pleasure. We'll be back after this thanks a losing James Laura stopping by buffalo repressed beginning. This weekend and looking forward to having a good weekend weather. Because in the past there have been times. Moist but this looks like a fabulous weekend for the buffalo request now before I go any. Are there I must tell you this is one of those things where I'm glad I have a radio show not just because. I can make a living with a great living -- -- you know it's the fact that I can spread the word. I am going to tell you now about something that is fabulous. Not a commercial OK it is fabulous and I discovered yesterday. You know when you're looking at television and you look at the food commercials are if they sell float. It's very difficult to photograph food and of the people can do it. Make a lot of money because afloat may taste Alicia is it always doesn't look the issues. Well I saw a commercial access in -- more than once for Tim Hortons. Now I go to Tim Hortons -- fairly regular basis and I liked the things that Tim Hortons hats aren't. But I saw a commercial. For their frozen hot chocolate. And the commercial I have an eighty inch TV screens. It immediately leaped out of the screen look that good -- and I have to try it. Well my schedule being what it was I hadn't had a chance within a couple of days and last I am going by Tim -- it's fairly near my -- that I got to do it. I gotta go in and get the frozen hot chocolate. And I hope I'm not disappointed no I've never been disappointed before so there's no reason I'd be disappointed this time. It is on do you leave Mobley good. Almighty god the Tim -- frozen hot chocolate. Is it was so good idea I got it brought it home and the first volley at two sizes I that the large I was in -- I end up as soon as I took that first taste. -- this can't be this -- all the way through and it was and I'm I'm just telling. If if you're looking for a beverage you're not gonna do better than Matt ever and I'm just hoping I'm sure they'll keep it on the manual summer. Because it's frozen -- -- this while those things which the -- on your wrong I'm just telling us about I I AM. I had mine and I almost got dressed and government car and at a second one that's -- So you will not be disappointed at all you will be thrilled a smile you'll look like a smiley face that they put on a on paper isn't going to have a big. Our current -- tries the Tim Hortons frozen hot chocolate. School. That's my public service for today. Go to great as have a frozen chocolate from Jim Martin's life is good will be back -- Beijing company -- -- and I'm thirty yes it was coming to dinner today. Actually its launch. Michael roberts' eyes rolled we will -- them. House -- not gonna call him money balls. He's a lot to -- a lot -- of and I am so albeit very respectful and really looking forward to the interview with Mike Roberts died today at 11 o'clock. A news radio I'm thirty WB. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach should listen to meet tonight ten to one W the heat and hot rod like it in the background there is -- Each should accompany him Sandy Bridge after the refresh when they frozen hot chocolate room. Tim Hortons and -- -- -- you got me going on their frozen hot chocolate you try it I can't wait don't even go. Home for a stop on the way stop on the way and got one in case they run out. It's oh go ahead. It really is I ended Dimitris on the lake thank you for the of the Greek food you have fed practically our entire staff already. And we've seen people we didn't know still work here are came in and enjoyed the Greek vote. -- now let's see what kind of stuff is going on the monkeys. Like the monkeys like that when they were on their show was obviously yeah kind of rip off from the beatles' help. But I liked them and I had fun I've met Davy Jones wants when he was in town for. The of the children's to Davy Jones was in town. And seem agonized and I've got a little toy guy but he's passed away Olympic group is going on tour and keep this in mind. The three remaining monkeys because they're very seldom take a deceased monkey on tour with -- the three remaining ones are going onshore. This show was canceled. 45. Years ago OK got that but they are going on tour policy -- Peter -- Michael Nesmith. And Davy Jones boy you talk about inventing something at the right time. Michael that's -- mother. And more money than god because she invented something that Jim -- now. -- iron to eight what did you and out that's exactly right wideout. But think about it wideout was so widely used probably made a gazillion dollars. If you invented white out today nobody care because what's the point we don't need wideout now we have spell -- -- all kinds of things that that alone it wideout. But there are going on tour. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that -- or is the third by Dolan C 69. Torque is 72 investment the 71 so not only will -- be on stage -- get all the good parking spaces. So that's a look for that monkey's a tour that Michael now has the song we used to play -- JoAnne -- a name was actually the -- by upon. That's all I don't love that song and he he recorded that as a single I mean did not as a single was single but. He didn't have a monkeys these indictments of what that song it's one of my favorites. Yes her name is Julianne let's see what else is going on here in Pittsburgh. Now usually we get stories about. Heroic animals animals who saved people's lives which is a good thing to do -- especially since. If you don't want to joining more about this is -- reverse animal stories so be prepared. In Pittsburgh. A man whose apartment -- -- natural gas says his cat is to blame. Patrick book out said this is the second time in several months he's discovered the stove has been turned on by the cat. Climbing up on the -- looking for food. Now if you know usually I have a gas. Gas burner. Usually have to push down on the control and then over to the right for the sharpen apparently the -- Steps on that and that that's what happens. Think about life that you would not want to be walking yen. If that that Bernard on all day facility thinks the cat and -- the net I don't know how you're trying to -- not to do. In in -- obedience and a teacher cat not to turn on the -- I don't think so no I don't think -- years -- be careful. All right let's -- -- tickets this is a great show there really -- and I'm so happy to be able to provide you with a pair of tickets. If you call 64 hornets have five. A pair of tickets. Given at random to see Rod Stewart I love Rod Stewart and Santana a good show. Saturday may 31 -- 730 the first Niagara center. The value was 84 dollars. General contest rules applies you wanna see the -- man in -- president Barack story for started. He had a Rolls Royce OK a lot of guys who make money in a -- And in fact I read his book to. Have a nice cars but his Rolls Royce. At a chandelier in the cart path at. Yeah I hear audio a Rolls Royce to a chandelier I've not had nice cars but I never had one. With a chandelier federal emergency flashlight that discloses that come. And so that's it got a call now six were born and it's imply or call at random will win the tickets -- tour. The other information for those of you who are came in light. Unites two musical trailblazers who have helped redefine the sound of popular music. For the last five decades through their combined love of rock's old Greek food world rhythms funk jazz lasagna and blows. Tickets available tickets dot com solo -- that bridge. All right we're going to start today's show -- a reminder of Mike Roberts died. -- will be on from eleven to twelve today. Mike is semi retired he's retired from some duties and does so without would have -- kind of review. What's gone in with with my -- side. It's not pay its. BS sports real -- -- -- British sports -- say interview it's more about what it's like you're dreaming to be in the National Hockey League and finally getting a chance he's. Signs at age fourteen from -- say and and then what it's like the travel the games meeting people you only read about on the sports pages. As are getting you know getting your your agent having a contract. Being on television and I mean there's a lot though Roby has to talk about he is a very interesting guy funny guy nice guy. And a candid guy and does so well with it should be fun I am looking forward immensely. Through this interview. Analog clock. All right -- take a break it what we come back we'll set up the subject for today on news radio 930 we are WB. Now. As I said at 11 o'clock news. Is a micro which I am really looking forward to that interview. And meanwhile I thought it would combine two things again remember we have combined things in the past and it works out pretty well. There like we said do what are we gonna see first. Stanley Cup or the Lombardi trophy Super Bowl you know an NHL. Things like that well my question today is what will happen first. Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States that's one choice. A second choice Donald Trump will all of the bills over easy -- easy that you had on the phone -- you've got -- suspect out. And -- saying neither. All right so those of choices Hillary Clinton will be president. Donald Trump will all of the bills and neither now. You know my position on trump and with it hasn't changed much Donald Trump knows how to get and keep his name in the headlines. They're in the headlines all the time. And whether he is thinking of running for president. Whether he's thinking of a vote of running for this or that. Or he's thinking of buying a sports team he's always thank him about some of that stuff meanwhile things we don't hear about is -- he makes his money. Our priorities you know in the real estate whatever. Very successful no question about that but to keep him. To keep him active he and he needs a headline grabber and I have a feeling that this Buffalo Bills thing is a headline grabber. Because -- word is it's the top headline today on the right hand side of the buffalo knows. And says trump says he's serious about buying the bills and a stadium okay. Pardon me just a but he -- he's serious about it and Jerry's eyes -- -- wrote this article. It and I'm gonna give you a couple of a couple of vote lead the -- pieces of information. Billionaire developer Donald Trump said Monday that he's willing to put up some of his own money to help build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. The fifth. His bid to buy the team is successful makes sense he wouldn't do it Petit of if the bid was not successful social far -- He was giving a speech before the National Press Club and trump said I think I would if my bit more accepted. Well obviously. Warren except that he wouldn't be building. Stadium. I would certainly do what I could rule. Aren't doesn't mean he would do it means that he could do what he would do it but we don't really know off the court or not. The Nobel stadium is likely to invite public financing as well trump said in the interview in which he reiterated the team's need for new facility. And said his employees have already scouted out a couple. Of good stadium sites in buffalo now. What's suspicious about that. Notice he says a couple. So that there's a little wiggle room but that's nothing compared to do this. This is is disclaimer. You know we read things and we have to give you a disclaimer. To what is a disclaimer do it kind of says. We are telling the truth it may not be exactly as you perceive dead but that's generally the way it has at a of course there could be variables which could change something. This is the disclaimer and it's in the front page if you can't read this stuff. I feel sorry for you and they're ready now keep in mind. Keep in mind it's one thing to say I'm going to make a bit. As opposed to I'm going to make a competitive -- Because almost anybody -- anywhere with all can make our -- But not necessarily a competitive bid so what happens. If you make a competitive that you might on the -- If you make a bid that's probably by most standards not going to be competitive. You don't on the team what you did which you said you were going to do. You made a -- it didn't say it was a reasonable bid a rational bid a bid that had any chance of survival. And this I'll tell you the last paragraph okay. Trump said he plans to make a serious bit. Now what series they have made up these serious -- via fellow video ruffles and trust. We are going to put in a bid he said during the press club appearance. I buy a lot of things but I buys them at a price that's reasonable or a fair price. I don't know what's going to happen with the buffalo if the price isn't the right price. Then I won't get it and I won't be ashamed of not getting it and I'm not going to be forced to. Too much. -- records H. God copy modern folks he's already. A best speech. Well you know he's not front page rebuttal on Tuesday. I mean com Mon guys. The only thing missing is a wagon with snake oil on it. And the local townspeople gather around and find out other -- bagel can be cured. That are gonna read that disclaimer again because that's exactly what it is it's a -- -- -- We're going to put in a -- he said during the press club appearance a lot of things but I buy them if the prices -- reasonable or a fair price. I don't know what's going to happen -- buffalo at the price isn't the right price that I won't get it. And I won't be ashamed of not getting -- I'm not going to be forced to pay too much it it it it it. A advance. But anyway so that the thought of vote it will heat will he owned the a team. Before Hillary Clinton becomes president. Hillary Clinton become president knows there is some abusing the thing it's a favorite com accompli but there's no chance at all that she won't be president. However. There are some there are some rumblings around and sometimes you have -- you know the first earthquake begins a little tremor. This is from political. And it says the wary of Hillary Democrats. Everybody knows about the ready for Hillary Democrats the rapidly proliferating parade of elected officials and activists getting behind Hillary Clinton's increasingly likely when he sixteen presidential campaign. But there's also a smaller but increasingly vocal group. Making its presence felt lately call these Democrats be wary of Hillary. Wary of Hillary Democrats. They're not outwardly opposing -- Clinton candidacy but they're anxious about the spectacle of a Clinton juggernaut. After seeing what happened when she ran a campaign of inevitability last night. Remember she was supposed to be a show and until this guy showed up name Barack Obama. And Barack Obama it had not been visited by Oprah Winfrey on a weekend with three campaign appearances. Hillary might be president now okay. And may be Barack Obama would be running intrusive and 26 -- But. Oprah went on the campaign stump for three speeches. And what she did. Basically Barack was flat line of the mechanics it was going nowhere it'd it'd have flattened out. And she made three appearances now where she goes cameras ago. And where she goes publicity goes so she made three appearances for him that's all she did. And there was so much attention drawn to it now suddenly there were bigger crowds and people were noticing what he was saying at a caught on that was like it -- like it's like kick starting a car. You know you you jump started car a year roller down the hill if it's a stick and then he would he would drop that clutch out hopefully rookies on. And hopefully it'll start but that's what it was like. So there are some people out there who say we can't go through another one. Of those inevitable campaigns because people are not to perhaps in the mode for that. Getting back to political some feel like competitive primary regardless of the outcome is good for the party when you do Joseph Biden. Others say Clinton who's been out of electoral -- of politics for five years needs to be tested. And some Democrats are really concerned that the party won't have an open airing of views or economic policy so there are some. In India. Democratic camp. That are nervous are right despite the fact that a lot of people think that if she enters the race she will be the next president. I don't necessarily believe that I think there should be the favorite I giver that but I don't think she necessarily. -- A Chou win. She -- when -- right now but I don't think you'll be a sure win depends on who the Republicans put up of course and how to campaign goes but the my questions are. You're free your prediction what will happen first Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States. Or Donald Trump will all on the bills. Or neither will happen on -- and I'm thirty give us -- the twelve organism by 1061692. Trees accidents are 930.

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