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5-27 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mentioned in the last hour tomorrow at 11 AM for the full hour Michael wrote but I will be and whether us wanna just talked casually about Mike in his career. Words taken -- of the dreams I'm sure of every kid that love ever laced on skates the plan the national -- -- What it was actually like visiting different arena is saying the superstars of the day playing against them. I mean as all I wanna take a little different wrote in asking him about his hockey career life even before the sabres. Playing in -- An Irish guys who play in juniors oh I'll do my homework before it gets here. But it'll be a very interesting because he's a very interesting guy and and funny. A microbe tonight eleven so we're looking forward of that I can't wait it out Chris will be whether it's doing it may have we'll have a good round table with him and there will be a big. Citing some believe has announced a little bit touched in the head I'm looking forward -- actually during the commercial breaks when the funny funny I. Does that does that they -- there are censored part. So that's Roby nominees that basically he's not totally retirement he's basically were targets tomorrow eleven. Meanwhile yeah believe it or not we get subjects in various places and in yesterday's buffalo and -- miss manners has a letter from a woman who says that basically. She spends eight hours a day at her job at a computer. So when she's done she doesn't want to goal on the computer for social media and some of her siblings. Find this deplorable. That I'm not aware that MI being anti social because she doesn't care to do that because that's what she does every day. And missed matters says has -- come -- that there wanting to be with human beings instead of machines is called any social. I consider the possibility that your siblings have given up. Writing and making phone calls sending emails and that there -- -- field may have lost touch with -- -- because you're not reading their posts. And -- they shouldn't ignored a bullying according to miss manners about not keeping up. You might address the deeper problem tell them you'd love to keep from personal touch and invite them to visit so that's that I'm I'm a believer in. In advancements and certainly oh the social media as a major advancement in our lifetime. But I've very wary of giving up personal interpersonal relationships feels the ability. -- look at somebody's eyes and being able to tell what they're thinking the ability -- for good conversation back and forth not typed conversation. Actual conversation. First I'll miss manners should not be answering their letter without having all the information. That would be key to answering that she doesn't know the lifestyle with the schedules of everyone involved. Back don't speak for me but I know that with having two little kids. A busy schedule I can't get out to go see my friends. It's certainly can't pick up the phone call because I don't think so I have selected times of the day where I can sit back. Right -- out of -- see what everybody's up to. You know withdrawal pictures of the kids and in -- mighty my my. Are catching up that way. Well bush. Had -- first up. Audience doesn't sound like Tony is being a little defensive on this -- and announce Andy's gonna bring up Capone. And stick it right into -- as sandy says but -- did see a picture of your two children with your mother in person. On her how she melts you've was -- that that was my account -- always got -- Your mother -- no I didn't -- am mind you because it it gave the impression that the children were visiting their grandmother yet it didn't I don't know why I did an update I'm not confidence. Whatever green screen and are we gonna see him in Hawaii game actually on which which you -- I always business and the new episodes okay do you attack someone in the -- mostly -- -- my mom had to see this as hole. We got a picture of -- children very adorable. And what looked like his mother's couch we assumed it was his mother's house because of what it's that. Yeah it says with -- Caligiuri and in that Mangini Caligiuri. -- effect two was at my house that was my couch and -- all my mother. Because we don't get to his -- her all the time and so my mom gets the seat and I was. I -- she lives a long way from two way it'd be one after a long train line. Just a half hour. What that for -- you've just proven ms. manners nor did not prove my point because grandma. Now wants to meet its wants to see that children. So basically you sent a picture as. Making the rest of -- that the future is and I did not mean from that ultimately at my house that when your mothers aren't there is that it's -- -- -- like the native American sub via littering remember. Iron eyes Cody that's due by the way it wasn't even a native Americans Italian -- who has. He represented native Americans all these years. He was the one that was overlooking Exxon like -- -- up. And it's here came down very effective. On his cheek turn out what that -- native American value. So it's it's his accomplished your goal well again because I do my schedule I can't always go -- isn't it. It's like you're really taking -- If I always selling his show that we do the right things at which you can always felt when you hit its target. Because their voices go up through three accessible. Who is calm and collected. This is the top that's not my key points I know I know so next time. Why don't you for show a picture of your mother and Mitchell an -- they actually visit ever. I -- her dog would get in the way all over them. You. It would be Kathy in buffalo -- the year on WB yeah. Good morning Intel. Based -- They have burst upon the -- invites about invite. Children or grandchildren or whether it is. I tried -- that they up then I gave up. Anytime I invite my grandchildren and they always have fallen in there and any -- which brings me to another thing. Is to take them all out for dinner once the month they all had their cellphones so I stopped that practice long Nadal. So you can see it's it's having an effect been and that's what ms. manners is talking about that personal relationship. And the other thing that really bothered me and I wanted nothing to do with computers after I retired. But mine aren't battery -- -- out a statement that was. You know I should have a computer -- can't -- emailed back and forth so that Cheryl Burton which. Ideas but that wasn't at all happy about it you don't do when it. And and it's you know I have an idea that for birdie on the eyes and happy. A wild Barack I called my Korean daughter on her cell phone and she didn't even recognize my voice. All that's that's really said. So that's that is a concern I'd be very serious that we're having a little fun with Tony here. But it is my concern that those. Interpersonal relationships are are drifting away now obviously if one person was in California one it was a Massachusetts they're limited anyway. Well why aluminum further when they don't have to be. But there's still free long distance -- Service on their cellphones that they can make a personal call the other thing with Foley is when he says he doesn't -- -- that tying. And he has children. What did he say his parents did. When they were grown up on my children were grown up and hear about the same age is only. We had more time and always. I -- to both places doing things with our children and keep our social life was involved in an act. Right Tony talked tells good stories about him what his father and the car -- and going out to different events and things like that Andrea if if that's possible to do that I hate to see that kind of stuff limited or drop by the wayside. But what makes vote different nowadays -- I young adults that are working we now that they act. That's true yet to find time absolutely well good points -- thank you Kevin thank you very much -- tell me wonderful stories about going out your father in the GTO and that's right and and by having fun times. I I just hours -- she's coming from. Especially since an aspect that we have and human touch on regarding social media is the fact that if you go to a restaurant and he happened the city. Family. Together eating a meal. They're just a group of people sitting at the same table because many times. The cell phones out and they're looking down -- -- the playing a game more texting or doing something and they're sitting next to their grandmother their grandfather or their mother the father of -- siblings. But they're not really -- into her acting with them they just there together like any random group of strangers. So I see that as not beneficial. That's oil look at it I think human beings I have a human contact the -- Duplicate or replicated. By machines machines are great we should Jews and to our advantage. And they've made in many cases our lives better but in some cases more Iceland. And and you find especially people. Who are ill at ease in group situations even if it's their own family. Tend to find out it's easier to whip out something on the keyboard than it is -- Go there and and -- them will be back with more would be -- and company who I don't know if you agree -- miss manners. That you don't wanna see the interpersonal relationships drifting away. A simply because we have the ability to do it electronically will be back after us so what miss manners are saying and believe me I'm not a not a devotes miss manners I hardly ever read it but it was brought to my attention I thought this loses good. -- she says that does she does not wanna see machines. Replaced human beings as far as on social contact. Social media is very handy. It's efficient Momo -- bomb and -- ago whole culture of its own. But if we're losing that interpersonal relationship our ability to talk to each other and deal with -- each other. Are -- not losing something at the same time and and I say yes. And if you look at. -- FaceBook for instance the term. Friends. You know people walking around I got 8233. Forums here's my challenge to you. Send send whatever however he wants and the message of those 8432. Friends. And ask to borrow 100 dollars from each. You'll find out how many friends you have in a -- It'll be few and far between the hundred dollars LaMont come rolling again make it worthy announced that its its got to take some thought to make it a dollar. And see how many friends you have. -- You'll find out you're gonna be very disappointed and then you wish they world we're just like this. I'm going to un friend you or -- -- you. What's the correct term Tony and are still trying to figure that the deep friends I think it's on friends on friend. All migrate my heart's broken that somebody you barely know is and friends -- me anymore. They're different I mean France should -- his friends and his acquaintance allies people you know France you probably grew up wherever you work where haven't. And become friends where you grew up and you always been friends. But once you get social media just wanna have contact William Miller reports are writing that's basically -- So I don't get too full of yourself because of however -- have. And also I think what it does is it decreases our ability as I've pointed out. With the family at the dinner at the table in the restaurant. Yeah mom and dad and a little girl boy there but that's not a family eating its four individuals. And the other kids are on the cell phones then I'm even talking it's tough enough to get kids have talked and talked to your kids well before social media. 'cause kids nuggets -- talked of accuser on -- -- that much of a day if it was tough enough then now it's almost impossible. Because everything even communication between adults and in children. Get typed out instead of spoken -- given this example every time I do area. Social media show about a guy with his wife and daughter going a motor trip. The wife is in the front seat the daughters in the backseat. And the radio wasn't on and there's no conversation seems very quiet -- that you two are quiet today. And one of the truce that no we're not where we're not a bag of -- they were texting each other. What was in the front seat while I was in the backseat they're all within a foot and a half of each other and they were using electronic means to communicate. It makes me nervous to be honest because what happens when an important conversation. Is necessary something life and death is necessary. You gonna have any communication skills to be able to explain. Truly what you feel and what you're thinking. Where you gonna have to sit there aren't. Go in your short cuts in your hash tags and this and that the other thing and hope that they understand the emotion which is very hard to transfer to a page. I had an -- skilled writer and still writers are people confuse the language. So that that stuff scares me you wanna have like right now Tony you've got a great communication -- your kids. But there will be a day when they're setting the table and and I talk in the URG attacking. To their friends and they're sitting there would -- -- -- -- actually scares me what technological advances might be coming out in the each figure out how far it's developed in the last few years. Well beyond anybody's imagination except Mark Zuckerberg. OK thank a where can go like right now I heard our early morning knows how. Google I started off really liking Google -- becoming God's -- It wants to do everything for everybody. And -- now they want even more because they got an unfavorable court ruling in Europe and on something concern Google. Now they wanna do even more they want it just it -- essentially just take up your whole life. All electronic media it should be a supplement to your life it shouldn't be your life if it's your life. You'll -- you'll I don't look around and reassess your values it should be an aid. It should be something that helps but it shouldn't be your entire life. I benefit as. I think it's -- I mean everybody makes their own decisions -- we'd like to hear from you always miss manners right. It's human interpersonal relationships are being replaced by machines. And she doesn't like it nor rely on news radio I'm thirty we are WB. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 their toll free line is 1806169236. Television governor have said -- beach as a reminder -- lead newsmaker interview -- along with -- see this show no. And Tom show our on demand just go to WB and our common you can and a you can pick out in the it's by the hour too -- efforts on -- Marshall. -- -- tomorrow on the show at the beginning of the show at 9 o'clock co will be. Talking -- James about the Olympic festival. Of the Greek fest coming up this coming weekend. And then at 11 o'clock -- inside it and -- -- I'm looking forward to interviewing -- for some time. This is more than just a policy that is gonna do next year. It's generally a look through the eyes of an NFL guy who's been Rama the game his whole life I NHL that I put -- in the NFL I mean well it could be a kicker. -- -- -- is. Opening -- -- somebody you know but yeah on National Hockey League child's life. Interesting to see what it's like go 'cause we all put ourselves. In our favorite sport what would be like if suddenly we were playing sport and traveling. And maybe it's not as glamorous as you'd think in what you learn and the coaches were what they used that motivates you and in your training. He reminded -- a lot more scientifically now than they did when Mike was starting. As -- thing I hope audiences and you know before I can tell you that -- -- that -- at 11 AM here on news radio 930. It shouldn't be a lot of festival starting this weekend in before the show you in your so right. After days like that that starts and that summary is gone in a bad and I. Is what happens we get Memorial Day which we just sent OK next thing you know it's great rest home. And then a fourth of July is only a month away -- a fourth of July next thing you know with errors here and and summer's over. I mean it just flies body it truly does but let's enjoy it one day at a time. And index that a couple of days rings in favor of a troubled days these and so will enjoy that. We're asking about ms. manners suggestion well first of all just even quoting miss manners. Have you seen the picture of miss manners now you -- that hair style in which haven't done on queen Elizabeth the inaugural ball. I mean really that -- here he's -- oh my goodness Ike's but hurt. Her thought process is right there. And that is lets you lose all electronic gizmos we haven't that's fine. But let's not lose the contact -- human. Contact person to person now some people are happy to give up the human contact. Because they don't feel comfortable -- it. They're always been people like that that are feel more comfortable writing. Or or or even a telephone. But in person would have been tough I told the first time I called. A girl for a date I had to shut off the lights in the kitchen which is where we have the phone so I could talk to -- I was that shy. Not quite -- -- now but I was down and so even the telephone was a low a leap up for me. And and now there are still people who don't feel comfortable in social situations. But they're perfectly comfortable in back of your computer oh and they're doing that that's fine. So that might help model little bit but if it helps you sharpen your social skills it's even better. There there are going to be times when you're going to have to talk to somebody I mean it's going to be necessary. You want that job. Yeah you may get thrown down electronically but somewhere somewhere somebody's gonna talk to you and you have to be able to express yourself. In May be feel comfortable and -- image social environment -- ability of the people that. Get along in life for the ones that have skills that can present those skills and use those skills. And that's good that's good. So I don't wanna see those lost and when she says in her column that the woman feels out of it. Is she anti social. And she's not really any social. Because she doesn't do letters nobody goes letters anymore nobody. Telephone very seldom. Usually a telephone is more of harassment tool and and they relationship tool is somebody calling you try to Bocelli is something. And now -- robo calls even worse so telephone -- get a telephone drives me nuts. Because. -- which are yet nobody picks up anymore. They called ten content people that are on your on your list and eight of them -- Olympic. Nobody picks up and sizzle nobody. Got it now mine. All my outgoing calls are blocked your calls blocked now also people know it's Euro us -- I don't want people and it's me. As -- won't answer and so long. I know it's not a Mike calls a block you know what's funny is there's another number of a friend of mine -- also blocked. So the only way I can call that person. Is to borrow somebody else's phone that is and blocked so how's that okay. Their -- -- for -- reason my iPhone is blocked from reason so we can call each other. If that person's calling me there to call a third party that isn't blocked so that's where it is now that that that's kind of there is in the and it's a big -- What is this on Sunday here it's hot it's like ninety degrees and here. Well but. You know what let's and then let's send a text or via the heating and cooling people. -- call them. -- its best but anyway so what we're saying you know you lose all the technology went out against technology by any manner means. -- don't let it dominate your life. As I said it should be a supplement. To your life it shouldn't supply your life. So that's that's the way it has now it even on the serious measure. The of the 22 year old that did the shooting in California on a serious note. First of all I was wondering how he got guns because -- looked in the in his photo like he was sixteen but it's funny to. He posted the video online. Posted saying what he was going to -- the next day. All right. Why do you think that he would have ever stood in front of a group of people and said that now. Now so it's a place to hide so he hid behind it they didn't get to a -- time and day and people died. So that's opposite more serious note and we're seeing this a lot with people wanna do harm to other people. For some reason they post that first. And say I always thought. In my old fashioned thinking I know that if you ever have a problem women of a guy. They don't always. They don't always telegraph. Is it suddenly you an idea across here's Tony I've seen it in Texas -- cinematic choices you don't telegraph -- and you're just going okay. But that isn't the way these kind of people though they would they wanna get fair. As as -- said everybody have fifteen minutes and he -- holes that everybody fifteen minutes of fame they want their fifteen minutes of fame before they actually do it. And so he posts and that -- him to do this tomorrow they didn't get to woman time and he did it. Those people would never do it. Personally eyeball to eyeball they'd be a yard. There are separated. They don't have that kind of ability so they're comfortable. We used to talk about beer muscles. I think these -- computer muscles. They'd be of the post what they're gonna do oh and if you don't catch him in time people mysteries. We're taking this subtle wider level however. Don't give up your interpersonal skills because of convenience. Yachts EZ go with a model the way -- you know what you can delete and send it to everybody on your list. And get an all out of the -- ones or are you can actually have relationships will be back office the the electronic devices that I use the most is my iPad which are currently use my PC anymore I use all I -- -- almost all of -- of -- -- And my iPods. Now my iPods have over 5000 songs on them and they everything I've ever wanted is on both and I listened to those all the time it's so much so that. I'm thinking of selling all of the Bose speakers and ends a things that I receivers things that I had. Traditionally that gives great -- because I just enjoy. The the iPod so much. So there we miniature rises this big as got a 5000 signs on it's amazing. And you can put him in whatever order you one click clicked and it's easy and portable whatever. So all these big speakers I have studio monitors like goes and I have. Big arena's speakers and all kinds -- thing itself because I don't use anymore plans simple so electronics. As a has given us some things we we didn't have that we really like just don't let it totally take over your life don't give up. The human relationship. Between you and your family and friends and we're seeing that every day. When you see groups of people together they're not talking they're looking down and there either texting or just reading something government. Offer was strained and even live pictures yeah the advantage of taking a picture winner on vacation. And sending it home before you leaving your home less fabulous. But if you rarely ever wanna see them got a problem. I mean I guess virtual one phone yes we are at the Grand Canyon look look at the Grand Canyon are mired Joseph -- It's awful pretty impressive don't you back I mean c'mon. If you if you wanna take pictures they got to mean something so they're nice they're handy. And they're very -- very good at at making our lives easier. But not necessarily better. Let's go to -- Joseph and Orchard Park Joseph you're on WB again. And it's it's what you're talking about people and their friends so called friends on FaceBook and I don't people that three of 400 friends and they're good people at -- completing a lot of about you know hey at a private he and everything like that. The they have all the people on that they've they've barely. I would I wouldn't threaten out -- -- fit better kitchen table -- -- you. On FaceBook. And I see -- a reference to score mark on her FaceBook -- already. Yeah. I'll. Go ahead a joke I just -- -- electric school at -- -- -- union and you know so -- -- on FaceBook connect that but so what what Park City pitcher I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This terrible like that streak of five in -- But it should put what. And I goes inherently. -- -- -- Completely freaking out. That until it's. Like -- They were no -- daughter go to school activities they. -- -- In. And I hit it should stop -- I think I don't know it. Creek and I'd like we -- that's like a that you like OK in. A couple of weeks later the kicker is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- different like. That you guys that you elementary school. That moved away from New York in 97. In elementary school -- -- under her country's -- and they know everything about -- but that -- should departure because liquid that. Ultimately. You know edit it it's communicate back and forth where we action everything. There's nothing of substance there. That it is one line. Responses the photo respond cool off some or below are some like. And all want to hear it's if you. Expect all which sentences and it. And for what it's in the third -- that such response. -- electric -- this weekend -- triggered by drone strike. They have been responding on the Buford cute and they cannot read or say they want it on its significant responses and not poetry. Got its sharp cuts it it's of the fastest way to nowhere and their good points they can be used for beneficial things and fun things about where you I think we're too wrapped up in in just using -- -- joke thank you very much alive. I mean it's it's helpful. I love having all my music on one small device that I completed my belts or shirt pocket or whatever. And so much so that as the senate armed and he goes the other seven have irony is my peace I used my panel almost all time. Sometimes go to BC but most of the time iPad does everything I need I have Wi-Fi everywhere I -- -- so that's good I like that. That's that's a good thing when I got to take -- group to Alaska I'm sure -- be sending back. Some photos and things like that the post on our online as a -- that's a good thing. But you gotta keep that ability to talk to somebody that ability to look at somebody's Eisen and be able to tell what they're thinking. You know that that can't be duplicated on a keyboard it's simply can't. Good writers are good writers they know how to use the language they not a -- thoughts in your mind very seldom does that happen. On. Electronic media and what happens when your -- in the site crashes or something -- -- stuff that you really want -- you have no. No documentation after that. Of the way and mine has said is set this way Tony if I don't get too for instance an email by a certain number of days it just disappears. I'd just goes away and I forget it wasn't fair it's not fair and the other day I was I was going through cleaning out files. And then it would not -- you know we have to change your password every three months. And it wasn't taking my new password at all is there as a nightmare -- for fun. It wasn't fund believe me I decided to put in an old password guess why. It showed me things that we're three years old it's suddenly popped up and showed me three year old emails that worst tucked away somewhere. So things get lost it's it's not as orderly as you would think it should be. We have friends that are really friends they just wanna be able arena. -- -- Like -- one of the neighbors came over and said. How can really spend much time with the society. It's a column I'd want the -- your mailbox especially the -- expression you -- only when those subscription you have to those. Magazines. Scenes now goals towards that goal. -- comedic Robertson beat them here I'll text you did Gerald can be configured all right FAL. Couldn't do -- on social media goes -- from windows and old friends. Wraps up tomorrow Mike Roberts died eleven the trial there should be a lot of fun gonna talk to. Look awfully tomorrow on -- right and I definitely are WP.

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