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5-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hell yeah that's clear vision got a sandy beach were talking about a call from various urgent reverend various version in this case the president of the buffalo common council calling for a reinstatement. Of the police oversight committees say the committee is still bear but it's been dormant for some time. But he's calling for that simply because we got a couple of law. Of incidents the one of Molly's pub. In another officer caught on tape kicking him slapping a suspect. And so he says that if the community does not trust the police department it's chaos and he's absolutely right. And that he's and he also mentioned that many crimes are solved with the help on the cooperation. Of the citizenry. If the citizenry doesn't trust the cops it's actually more dangerous for the crops. Then it would be if they did trust them and we understand that -- So I think it's a good idea as -- as an independent body. And it should be. A -- chosen not by anybody -- a pre determined. Agenda. In other words it should be people who have nothing to do with the police department. And just basically independent good citizens -- review by any information brought before them any evidence brought before them. And and be brought up the speed to what the law says and whatever and then make tea and make a recommendation. That's all. So you have some some -- -- trust. Of the independent people independent bankers who are either pro or anti police they're just regular people. And see where that goes I think it's good idea and I think -- -- work op Ed welcome. Because it's another weapon to prove that I'm doing my job the right way if you are not doing your job the right way maybe you wouldn't welcome. I'm not saying that everybody that doesn't -- -- is you know trying to skirt the rules what I am saying is I can understand them not being. Cherry about those -- some. So I think it's a good idea. In and a Tony says he would have a little problem with the oversight committees a maybe we should have a double oversight and have a committee oversee the committee that's overseeing the please that's like the ninth double double secret -- and that's exactly it is about. So I'd like your column Leno is sugar crop you would feel having a committee like that. Eight Austria on on 3018061696. And stuff and I'm thirty. And and I would not if you or me. Appointing the committee I would not have people. On -- for instance that there are super of people who have a real problem with the police and they're looking for Oprah I wouldn't have anybody like them committee. I wouldn't have any police on the committee I just have citizens as regular on is good everyday citizens would no accident. And and have them because after call. What are juries made -- As a journalism so let them examine what they have to examine and they don't have any agenda of the fall. All right Tony we've got a couple of oppose things out from FaceBook -- They'll says they sure do need a committee. No way can they be trusted way too many bad cops nowadays. Well there are some bad cops I think. And rational way if you just do the numbers they'll tell you that they'll be a certain amount of bad cops. The larger of the department it's more likely. Just from numbers alone that they'll be more bad cops and I'm sure they do what they camp for psychological testing or whatever because remember. The enormity of being a policeman. You have this you have power beyond what most people can imagine you're wearing a badge people have to do what you tell them do. Or maybe face further charges. They're carrying a gun. They're carrying out some some some forces to raisers some forces pepper spray them are most carry some kind of -- -- and handcuffs. They can go big and which in the back to back RC first of all the reason. Then I would not make it good bad guy I can't in the backseat car like they can they're always you know -- and no matter how rough the situation is. When it comes time. For the -- got to -- on -- -- cruiser the cops are always very polite and just bend his head gently. A non talking about don't wanna get are brought up and no hotel they don't and they just gently see -- I couldn't fit. That's the reason I was never NASCAR driver. The doors are welded. And I -- tore a beautiful door and I would say if our bag that you have a larger police cruiser with a bigger -- this is way too -- on comfortable. He's a guy I would -- imitates an image do you have any snacks for the right. When are we gonna get there and you've got a -- -- -- order dvd. I don't watch -- John -- concert on the orient. But. Does so that first -- doesn't trust the -- of Holland and that's what various spreads and is afraid of he he wants as he should and I think you know all of its citizens would want a certain level of trust between the buffalo PD. And the people who blow pastoral or live in buffalo another employees. Kevin says sounds like a great idea -- who oversees the oversight committee. Fox watch in the -- Host well that's one of things we just talked about. As I said I wouldn't have some neighborhood watch our commander who was looking for something. I wouldn't have area. Police union personnel on there I would just take regular citizens almost like picking a jury. Regular citizens would no criminal workers because of people tend to have a different opinion. After they've had an altercation with the law than before. And most of us the only interaction we have with the police along we see the lights and our rear view mirror -- have to pull over on the right is -- ticket. That's most of the time. But there are some more regular -- you know they get to know each copper regularly because they're in trouble all the time repeat offenders. So they're gonna have a different attitude about the -- you would. I -- on the police to help you they -- on the police who have foiled bomb and put him in jail so they might have a different opinion than you would another pleased owning. Deborah says trust is an outdated word in today's society. We try to keep faith in the people that are entrusted to our safety but as with all things. You'll always have someone that would try to manipulate the situation to -- the outcome for themselves and leave the average -- citizens. Up a creek without a panel. Oversight committee to keep watch over corrupt fox watching that house. I'd and it's a -- is the same expression the last -- did and that's oh of course their on line Nicosia. All I understand that a trust is something that usually earned. But sometimes even if it's earned over course of centuries it can be betrayed. Whom what I was a kid he would absolutely positively without equivocation. Trust that he -- a priest. Okay and some bad threes get in there and and now not everybody trusts every trees in on talk about so it doesn't take a lot of people. To really follow up that trust that to break that bond. There are now I mean think about it approach -- Amylin. And beyond that that's a good question who do you trust that was -- game show with Johnny Carson before he took the Tonight Show would you trust. Who do you trust on the you. Thank you oh see how wrong you are already. I'd send you offer dollar fifty a free -- Will be back a full bar. And I was -- at 930 WB -- In ideal situation I'd like to have my outside -- believe. I believe that is the ideal choice. It is against New York State law the -- inside I do know that other states they have on duty officers inside nightclubs it's something that would. We need lots of legislation and lots of work but. Again our offices are professional. This region governor reverend Darius for -- has called for the reinstatement. Of the police oversight committee it's always been there but. It's been dormant lately and he brings up a very good point there has to be trust between the police. And the media and the citizens and people even -- driving through the city of buffalo. And without that makes the job not only tougher. -- for a video for the poised for more dangerous. People who trust the police will cooperate more. Make it to make it a safer city whatever. Is on the if I -- the buffalo PD union. Here's what I would do one of things I would do we hear all the time. Well first of all we hear occasionally. About cops who went above -- be on the call of duty and did something meritorious and that they'll get an award and you'll see a little snippet of it in the -- that's very nice. But we don't hear about that a lot what we don't hear about a bad cops when things go wrong that is the front page of the paper and it's awful and in all that. Every day buffalo PD I'm sure doing some things that are a fabulous though for the citizenry in and showing great bravery and whatever. I would run a series of vote commercials highlighting the good things done by the officers in the and the things above and beyond the call of duty to kind of familiarize the community that they're not only there to a restaurant so well. There are there to help you. And I think it would make it would be money well spent did not just for the image. Of the buffalo PD but for the fact that it would make people. Ago become more alert to what actually goes on and maybe have more trust than men making their jobs safer. They actually don't have to spend -- money all -- need is a FaceBook page bigger post and just -- step in as a kind acting builds up as -- approaches your people will go. Absolutely. However they were willing to advertise in the Asia to capture and -- was that was that a bare naked approach forever and no I really do think. That the more stories told more understanding the community has the safer over cops are and the safer the citizens. That's that's my attitude on that let's go to Eva air bubble is a sea lovely but Doyle noted journalist and. -- and -- You know I am I I wanna maker Canon. Topic but I -- tell the call screener that I wanted to first -- out. I thank you for doing that tribute to herb Jeffries the black help. All he was -- ground breaker and it was fabulous. If you look what I have all of themselves. And I'm gonna -- look special tribute to him and here in the in the community because they actual felt a lot. And also -- make note that there will be many cowboys. There it'll work mini cowboys most noticeably as the black rodeo in Texas. And and I wanted to make a cameo on your tactics. I do agree. Very much with council presentation about the need for an open police oversight committee and I'm saying that as -- newspaper columnist. In the inner city and I live in either black and at the black community. And I hear firsthand. Complaint from the people who live here regarding the police and the one thing that people afraid of great deal is. I don't trust the police. And I think if we if we had more trust. Among the thing that injury in the end inner city that people would be more willing to come forward. And volunteer information to help solve some of the crime that we see happening here on a daily basis so I certainly do agree with bad and I do appreciate you having this static today. Okay thank you they were always good to talk to you thank you Rhode Island. Absolutely because. A look like -- look at -- like just -- matter where you love what you have in the suburbs are if you're live in the vicinity doesn't really matter it's the same principle. If if the cops aren't there to help you. Who wins I mean think about like that now that's why we in favor of the Second Amendment over him Georgia. Very aware of anything involved with the Second Amendment right to bear arms because. We often think it's gonna have to be honest to protect ourselves. Although what I'm saying is who'd you call you don't called ghost -- should call police. And they're there for a variety of different reasons and usually as I said. People if you see or hear somebody who has a real. Problem with the police all right in in various ways it usually somebody's got to run him with the points. You very seldom hear is somebody hasn't as hasn't had some kind of run in with the cops. Odds of them expressing their kind of skepticism but if the cops show up. At your car or at your doorstep or in your driveway or in your house whatever. Chances are you're going to be of the attitude that I don't trust them. Who did not hear from my benefit and things like that but as I said CS's citizens who haven't had that. That's the first thing you do is you call 911 you and you -- the cops get there in a hurry. Government media and the paramedics in the each season and those kind of people when you need emergency help your very happy to see a -- In -- are happy to see the lights in the mirror when you just went through the stop sign even by accident. Another official poster boy. To access won't work the oversight will be controlled by the same political organization. That has systematically destroyed the department's integrity. While cities so so far Tony you know -- -- FaceBook. Four FaceBook postings and none of them. Think it would be effective for various reasons. -- that this trust goes even beyond the police it goes through the -- it it goes to the politicians. It goes through the mayor's office it was their replies I think that's the real distrust is with the politicians you know the of the gentlemen. Good gentleman who Juan who lost a son in that shooting in California. And was seen on television you can certainly understand his grief. Blood he called out against the politicians and the NRA. Now obviously it's very difficult to be critical summit just losses on. But when I'm saying is there seems to be a distrust in many areas on anything that. That resembles authority or anything that in the past has not turned out to well. Politicians of course control government which controls police departments and everything else and there's very little trust what politicians yet some of them. I have a good record their whole career of outstanding public service and some of them don't. And the key is to find out which ones are wedge. Because nobody is more critical politicians who we are certainly. Blood there are some that have henin and Maria are pretty good track record. I'm thinking already though that the governor is hedging his bet on the stadium thing degenerate the last newscast via. Sounds like he's hedging already he wants to be able to use that. As a -- campaign tool. But he'll also be private trotting out over overdrive and having -- guy exactly. I always come back we've got something else that's argue about -- news -- I'm thirty W via. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now 8030. Nine's security cell culture free it's -- darn thing -- or toll free line is 18061692. 36. -- -- Beijing governor sandy beach so basically. In the first hour of the show here in the last hour that -- on the subject the topic. We found that there's a lot of distrust. I'm not only distrust in the police department distrust and a committee that would savvy set up so overlook the voice -- -- Meant distrust in the political structure of buffalo. Since the -- lots and lots of distrust now we'll see what our goals but I think various trojans on the right track. Definitely on the right truck when he says. That the city will be safer if if there is a trust factor there and just chaotic if there is no trust attorneys right. He's right mad Max beyond thunder dome of what would be with the without any trust of the police whistle it's hoped that that works out works out of a better. Meanwhile we'll see where these are cases -- but as I said remember. Buffalo PD is a very large department laudable sworn officers so will will have that many just simple statistics. Alone. Will tell you there's certain bad apples -- just by the sheer number. And so bets that lets hope that well. Meanwhile. For the second -- show is someone I don't use very often as a subject of the show I don't read it it was brought to my attention. And after. After -- and I thought I might make a -- center today. Yes believe it or not. Sandy beach was reading miss manners. All I consider myself having decent manners but services. Is a very fruitful as far as I'm concerned but not -- this. All right this missiles on the Sunday above one of those miss manners. Dear miss manners I am a professional. Transcription. Tests. What does that mean they Wear different clothes no I think it -- sheet transcribe these things. I am a professional transcription as and I spent literally eight hours or more a day. On solid computer use of this is all that does she does she's on the computer -- hours a day for work. I'm very reluctant to spend my off time on yet more computer use. Let alone use precious time with my family with my nose to the screen. So I do not participate in online social media several of my siblings find this that horrible that I am not where that quote -- quote. Am -- being anti social. Are gentle reader and that's who signed gentle reader has come to of that. They're wanting to be with human beings instead of machines is called anti social. When miss manners picks herself up from a fainting couch. -- clear reference. She might consider the possibility that your -- legs have given up writing letters making telephone calls and sending emails. And that there therefore feel they have lost touch with -- -- unless they can tell themselves that your reading their posts. So you should ignore the bullying. -- keyword here about not keeping up a tactic should have vote left videos behind in childhood. You might address the deeper problem tell them you would love to keep impersonal touch and invite them to visit. So what she's saying here is we've not handed overall -- interpersonal relationships the machines yet although it seems like that. And first of all -- when she mentions of things that. She's that doesn't get done anymore letters okay no address letters markets area right now all right nobody. Nobody. May be our president Michael in my redolent assortment of in his library. Or her library god forbid but anyways so letters I can understand. Telephone you can forget trying to get anybody in the -- We've talked about this before if you have to get somebody -- -- on the odds are astronomical. That -- gonna get voicemail. Aren't -- going to SE one caller ID and not care to talk to you so it will go to voicemail even even if I have caller ID. -- EF. They wanted to argue maybe you know once argued that. So telephone calls are useless especially in an emergency motion calling 911 but I mean if you're just trying to call somebody. Remotely start the half hour or so ago while -- organic Charlie organic I've I've made as many as when I've been out. And I had to get a hold of a group of people I've made as many as like six calls and not talk to one human being. It drives me nuts so I can understand that but what surprised me is the archaic group. They list emails so houses already RK already gone. A because it's not fast enough -- okay it's not as an up and just tell you something. Okay as toned and as I wannabe. I have two cell phones. I have and I iPad I have to iPods. I know how to operate all the machinery. But I like to take the person that invented the term hatched. And take a hash tag important work some don't shine a -- have to go to their product and just as they want uranium back. Ash tag from my -- Because if I hear one more social media and quick use that -- hash tag. It's going to be dangerous -- their future blinding opportunities. Because everybody feels -- super bug when they have a term that you don't know yet -- hash tag this. Expect that a baby ash tag this one -- day. That's what I'm saying. It's one thing -- gentle social media. I have a FaceBook page here at the radio station let me tell you you would not believe the amount of time I spent preparing. You really -- but that's another story so. Local. And people. They should just have a camera. In front of them are back of them following them through life because every aspect of their life -- on everything doesn't matter. I had tuna with -- oil today. Oh really geez I was wondering would be total of the oil a total of water goes that was really important to me a putter on a roll mayonnaise. Needed just put a slice that she is an. I mean really it and what I'm afraid I was social media is not the medium indices eight. Ball home and here again you don't know. You send out especially women in -- you don't know of anybody got your oven about his. You know of anybody heard a little gain whatever it is so we split up following in your voice. Now texting it's faster and that nobody calls anymore everybody tax. -- that. I understand but the bottom line is I think they had them replacing a lot of things that shouldn't be replaced. I'm I'm not a sticking up for old fashioned technology I'm talking about human to human contact. Conversation. Because no matter how advanced communications are now within our social. Media. There's going to be a time. When you're going to have to go face to face with somebody and end and applied for job. I mean they can they can weed out your application. Electronically. They can decide who's going to be interviewed whatever. But at the last step you're gonna talk to a human being. And I'm afraid that we're losing our ability to communicate. In fact that's what they seven cool hand Luke. What we have here is failure. To communicate so here we're so proud of our social media and yet we're doing less communication that we have. Actual communication voice to voice. Because words are words and -- you can put them in capitals and people will goal capital while he must be shouting. There's a difference between hearing somebody's voice quiver. He or hearing a great choice. What what -- people want -- to relay your new babies sounds. To your sister who lives across the country. Are you going to be able to type it out. So it is Iguchi who guy guy guy stuff or are you going to be able actually your voice now you roll video on your cellphone and post and that's good you know that's really good Tony your -- tell his whole life is going to be there we're going to be able to document everything. So the bottom line is. Communication personally under communication skills are very important what are God's going to dating. You gonna I mean I guess some people would. Apply through electronic media or -- personal -- So what I'm saying is what she's saying. -- she's saying let's not let's use the advances of technology because it's fast there. And we can get things Dundee in a quicker manner but let's not lose. The interpersonal. Relationships. That we've always had and now seem to be closing. They don't Treo not trio 106169236. And start I'm thirty. The question is are you out of it or any social. Well the victim of criticism because you're not all over social media I'd like to hear that. You don't write letters nobody writes letters you know for a telephone telephone. I've ripped phones out of the wall before by the way. Not lately but I have. Because the telephone and drug pricing and our -- are to a person. They're gonna see John on caller ID vigilant and -- a bit and up. And emails. That's emails are fine I know probably. But I I don't need to go back and forth and back and forth over the minutia of life. It Austria -- -- 30106. On 692 through six are and I'm thirty in his speech governor a couple of program notes the Greek vessels coming up soon repressed. And at the beginning -- show tomorrow the -- and James will be in mr. -- modest. Mr. -- balls and looking forward to that and at 11 o'clock this will be really fun microbe -- -- Who is a basically retired not totally but basically. A will be our guest I've always wanted to have my considering oversaw. He's a great guy he really is a great guy very funny. And I'd like to hear his story growing up playing hockey. Playing in the National Hockey League I mean doing things that that kid's dream of doing for career. One it's like oh what what it was like in those days ago. -- mean we've heard from past sabres. That remember we've we've -- That they -- -- a cigarette a locker room every once in -- between periods like that. Is CI hockey has changed now in -- is we gotta talk about it and it'll be great. I can't wait -- to a mom really I've made him promise earlier in the year. That when he was done with -- is -- broadcasting that it would come come by -- we get a chance October for an hour. And so that'll be eleven to twelve tomorrow right here Mike Roberts. And if they miss a patent catches on our website run yeah because he it all of our shows by the way first of all of the the news interview is that there's not a -- -- in the morning and then Tom show on my show on demand. So he's just go to our website WB and our common pick up any of those. And get to -- Now throw me you give me a hand you know or probity that isn't doing a good job to a -- it's like sweater over his head and pummel them now all I don't know. Now we can do -- -- not is that Morgan Bentsen's comment here we're both give five minute major if you're going to be in the penalty box I hate that. And then maybe I'll give us cheese right so I'm thinking of how to recognize suburbanites. He's he's he's good. Our war miss manners says you know electronic maybe it's fine other run with social media as Greg. But don't give up the interpersonal relationships you have by face to face contact and I think that's. That's true I think what you find is a lot of people who want comfortable with face to face. Contact use electronic contact as as the in his place. -- you know there are times when it's very appropriate but there are times won it just doesn't cut it to use it just because it's there that's why anyone museums and I don't hear your way. But what I hate to see is is some of the language skills disappearing. Some of the writing skills disappear because besides using. Using social media. As a way to communicate there's -- sharp cuts now and things like that which means there are actually write something. Maybe it will be more difficult than it was before when you didn't use abbreviations and whatever. It is something. It's never a substitute. For something else except for. He's of voter contact and speed. -- Tuesday on a local televisions. This has a person on doing sports -- awful. I -- I don't criticize other media people that as of this are you criticize them -- Just awful. And the question of why -- said she is such -- prefer would be. There because there's surrounded by pro people that know the business and know how to do television we found out one day. She's good at social media we could be good social media doesn't mean you go in front of him. Mess is the way award like that know the definition of good good as those made it I think a lot of people -- go to social media. -- lots of people are. But what I'm thinking of is so we have to watch her. We don't have to that's the point that's light of the remote control we have to watch her because she's got a social media I don't think so. To be nicer -- go to the media which is performing that's the kick you don't have. Yeah so. I I I say yeah I cherish the speed cherished the ability to get things done or are going facetime and this -- is on vacation and ended you can. Keep track that way that those good things but don't -- the interpersonal relationship abilities you have as a human being. We like your opinion as to whether you're considered out of that are anti social are the victim of criticism because you're not all over social media. Collison eight Austria -- -- wanted to six on 69 through the sixers are 930 and how has it changed your life. -- that are getting the junk mail at the mailbox. Or in the post that was box -- getting on the computer so some things never change will be back after this.

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