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5-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Call hello this region governing I'm sandy beach and her speaking to -- a wider audience today a bigger audience by at least two people. Yes my sister Beverly on her husband John her back from Ireland where they were. The spending a -- a month's vacation of their -- thing again today and yesterday as they return home they had their reunion with Beverly -- Pass. All of happy. -- sister and -- reunion and doesn't get any better than that to my sister has a family heirloom -- As they Samantha donkey. -- pulling a cart and have a card you put flowers in my mother had that as my sister has had asked which you can take the -- -- To Ireland because it would have been. Way too -- cost a lot of money boy microphones strange. Sounds like there's no base to it at all I mean I need all the help -- -- better but anyway. A solid soprano but it's not on -- but yes Sola so her ass is reunited she -- her -- Because I thinker. She got a month. I know they have somebody to come and look at the cats but I hope I hope they kept the -- sweat because otherwise. You don't want a dried RS when -- -- -- it's got some rain 'cause it's right on the porch. And it can rain right down on it as Massachusetts is not here so we don't know we're expecting some rain here today. So did you have a good three day holiday weekend yeah. Really got a lot done lots of good movie and it was nice to have some time I knew it like capitalism in this movie very very area while done. A suspenseful. New respectfully at Navy SEALs like like they needed any Barbara it's insane. Or disrespect. Full picks a fight live -- Mayweather. In Las Vegas I mean what what kind of an idiot would do that Mayweather is undefeated in the ring -- guess the follow rules. Some rapper I guess took it's. -- -- rappers it's all about respect all the time gas in our Iran out of your out of beer all that's disrespect I mean that's the way it is. So I guess he threw the first punch. Any -- -- does that deserves to be yeah as the loser and that's what he was. He got a couple black guys and some clerk at a and Mayweather meanwhile a couple of hours later. I was in a strip club throwing hundred dollar bills into the ground. -- I obviously didn't didn't hurt him too much. Yeah that sounds like all the bases on its microphone and this is the microphone when you is all the time it's all so different the it is it is different. -- if I said that you. Tony or anybody in the audience that herb Jeffries died which you know I was talking about now. It probably wouldn't and it's too bad because he was a a major mover and shaker. In the early days of the big bands and movies or whatever. Herb Jeffries was black. And the reason I tell you this is he was the first black cowboy. He was known as the bronze -- a row. There are no black cowboys. Before them and if you think about it I have met many sends them he just died he was a hundred years old. A hundred years old and boy Utah Nevada a legacy talk about. Leaving a wide of footprint. He not only. Played the bronze barker ruins them or early westerns he's saying -- Duke Ellington. He died Sunday at west hills California he was believed to be a hundred he's -- -- -- 101. And he -- to say I'm a chameleon. Over the course of the century he changed his name. He altered his age he married five women he stretches vocal range from near -- said -- or something like Bing Crosby baritone. He shifted from jazz to country and back again and from concert -- to movie theaters to television sets them back again. He sang with Earl Hines and is -- restaurant. He starred in Harlem on the prairie a black western from 1937. And if it had several sequels of that 1940 was singing with Duke Ellington has -- much bigger than -- and then a Duke Ellington. He had a hit single Flamengo. Now keep in mind you're talking about 1940. It's sold fourteen million copies. So I mean that's that's that's huge by any standard. He was on television was on Hawaii five -- I Dream of Jeannie. And during his ninety's he was still singing. His racial and ethnic identity itself was something of a performance. And he would say different things that ever be able what they don't know is his mother was white his father was a mystery. So that's where it is about those artists in the past and it's certainly a long and very successful and and fruitful life herb -- debt at a 101 black -- think about it like this how many black cowboys abuse. I've never seen any. Except maybe blazing saddles has seen him please leave on -- that's the only one I got out and comedy these were real westerns. Aware they had all of via if it was a in that timeframe there was Gene Autry Roy Rogers -- Cassidy. Tim hold all of those guys and along comes the bronze by -- And so that that's that's kind of cool I didn't know he was still alive to be honest. Are now much to say out again you a little test here Tony I have in my hand a list of the top six books. Of all time aren't now what album is probably a pretty easy guest so -- I'm -- do is if you if you can I'll buy you lunch. If you can guess. Three of them. Our office -- -- just a moment comes it did I mean if you get one this one so basically you have to come up with so besides this one. All right I'll buy you lunch. If you can name -- three of the top six books the Bible the Bible that's the one obviously number one that's the easiest one -- and I need to war that's yeah. Taking gene Dickinson and don't -- voted against no giving in Vegas. But I don't think you're gonna get -- through those -- now and there's got. Number one the Bible at should be a no surprise to anybody number -- gone with the wind. Number three Harry Potter. Number four Lord of the Rings. Number five To Kill a Mockingbird and number six Moby Dick. No more ball out I think. I'd probably would've gotten. Three of them but not the other mystery I'd forgotten how all popular yeah well you know exactly so there you have the Bible go out with a win Harry Potter Lord of the Rings kill a mockingbird and beat. Will be back Lamar would be and company and news radio 930 W via. Fitted we got a couple of birthdays one from inside the radio station one from outside the radio station. Happy Bert finish unleash rats. I used to be a councilwoman in Amherst and maybe her hospital taker to Billings for dinner every night shots -- -- Betty gets a good there good parking day on things about anyway happy Ebert pretty -- tracks and one of our favorite account exacts Debbie Mario marker. A true professional just adults she's one of my favorite people world Eddie Murray darker as -- -- happy birthday to both of you. After doesn't get up there hoping to win something today do we have a nice prize package -- good to -- Rod Stewart. And Santana yet together we have prepared to Agassi Rod Stewart Santana Saturday may 31. At 730 that's this Saturday the first Niagara center you 84 dollars general conference rules apply. Call 6449875. Right now and today. A random winner will be chills will make these the there a random winner chosen. Between partners who they they wrote down a little thing in case we didn't know about Rod Stewart and Santana. The two war your dog stool musical trailblazers who help them find those sound popular music of the last five decades. Threw their combined love of rock soul. World rhythms funk jazz and blows it is available at tickets are gone that's a good show Rod Stewart and Santana -- the show worsening. And if you call now you will have a chance to win those tickets. Now as sacrosanct. I don't mind. Electronic media. Taking over writing letters a -- I don't mind. Taking over sending cards. But when electronic. Media takes over reading material in the -- -- I have to put my foot down I really do I ever survey here. It's a survey of 1000 adults. And how many minutes they actually use social media and the bathroom. All right now first we have a men's room here. And every once in awhile you go in there somebody will be usually in a stall. Talking on a cell phone. Now you know in a style that's one thing. But when they're standing up I don't know how they do that. You are practicing to only do they do this. Here they go wanna be. A way that doesn't sound right to me it really doesn't -- here is that you hear the numbers. 18124. That's the -- -- demo okay eighteen minutes a day in the bathroom -- electronic media. 25 to 3417. Point nine minutes 35 to 4418. Point five minutes. 44 are two 45 to 5513. Point seven. Add a a 55 plus it has the least for obvious reasons. Probably having difficulty completing the mission but eleven point three so these are people. On their cellphones there iPad on you know why on the throne -- maybe they're trying game of homes on there do you know how many people of all people has blown out where they down America lined up exactly. And bit. Good question Tony. We can even show on. If your cell phone -- on the toilet would you -- you know. -- -- I would just all of -- though whoever takes currency here. Keep up half. -- -- -- put him out of there might hear him or ethnic. That's gonna happen and who -- -- it up. How I mean I sacrosanct it especially guys we have to have reading material in the bathroom. I don't think about it a bathroom break is a proper bathroom break without proper material I'll always keep a couple of car magazines there. I keep my wild west magazine out there and so you know -- got all kinds are reading the Terry take your time as opposed to when I lived at home we have one bathroom. And the charm did you fall and was heard are often and -- and also when you going to be done. The media says the use I am proud to announce that I've passed on the tradition to my son who will now bring the paper into the six -- you have. To have reading material on the bathroom. I take exception and the thing that you know you're gonna bring New York I'll call course at the -- the good William. -- -- I don't bring my phone into the rust no I don't either the -- Anyway and your men's room here and you hear people. Doing business while they're doing business. I if I were on the other end of that call 901. Of all it's easier as an echo. You can tell us and if they tell you there in Niagara Falls -- lining. -- -- they're not. But I hear people -- say -- usually doing business in the bathroom. Exe as a benches out there in the vestibule. But you don't have that -- you know some people might think that's a dedicated employee I think it's more than. A -- a man. This is weird imagine seeing is -- nobody was killed and one extra step. Amanda and two children were injured when a -- rescued. When their car crashed upside down into a swimming pool. Police said Marcus -- of the New Britain was driving when he lost control -- car you'd think. The most swimming pools were in the backyard. You think you lost control a car that's a wild guess I'm thinking and he had total control a car that's why he was upside down swimming pool. Meanwhile this is I got this over Tony Tony. Loves animals -- love animals too but it but you just mentioned an animal and bring a tear of Tony's side this is the kind of story it's loves. A barking dog is getting credit for saving a family's from a fire. Seven year old ships -- daisy awoke Hayley from narrow. Before the smoke detectors he went up so here the dog detected it was going to be a bad nose. And woke up the family and they -- they got all safely so that's that's a nice story it's an animal does a good deed. Story glad to hear that. Meanwhile have you noticed that some. Andrew Cuomo now is that he's he's old talking about -- stadium. But now he's saying if it's needed and all of the NFL people said it's needed right that we've heard so far. And now he's talking about -- be so enthusiastic it's like there's an asterisk in there. If it's prize money. But everybody who I'll be enthusiastic but doesn't seem like he's hedging his bet. It's he has now that's a -- like is it's like he's in the game now and I'm not comfortable and I came out of first of all and said guys you know I think he's a -- so I wanna stressed that -- a so I colors my thinking I'm thinking of Cuomo I'm thinking weasel. -- but he starts off with how he's going to do everything within his power to keep the bills in buffalo while that's that's great. And we're happy about that then we hear that if they need the stadium. Well I mean -- unimportant people like all I don't know the commissioner of the NFL. Has said that it says basically required in order guarantee -- stay here and now he's saying they had them. He would like CO private money guy and I like to win the Brad Pitt lookalike contest but it's highly unlikely that that's going to happen. I could win the Angelina Jolie look alike on this before when that one. I'd and I don't even have both talked some pilots. That's the countries on she's got Botox lips it's plain to see you back -- out every time she kisses me like that. Era record that that's fabulous. We come back we're going to be talking about Darius stringent. And the buffalo police department on his radio and -- third and we are WB pan. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WPA and. What -- company and at like this or even maybe even your mother's like this every time you talk to them it's you who died. And at Tony's getting like this. I was thinking -- moving -- -- -- neighborhood. So I could to help with things like yard work you know the things that I really enjoy doing. But every day. He comes and and I must live in the killing fields because he tells me every day that somebody else says. Gone gone to a different neighborhood not in his neighborhood anymore and we don't mean move we remain on permanent -- what's going on think it's in -- water weary of negative. I don't know is five neighbors within the last. Four years. Four home in the last year. And that's. No budget to manage to get in there growers before the relatives Ivan. -- -- fabulous lawn equipment in his house for ticketed for itself while that's that's that spoke out and then you know the terrible thing is you find to find out about it months later you know yeah it my one neighbor across the street his wife are passed and just a great man and now I know next time I seem and he didn't you know goals and paid 263. Buffalo on those on the porch or give your clothes I don't look at the. You don't OK just not a management and by the way -- way as it gets right go almost every holiday weekend as an awfully well. The world's best cheeseburger at the other cameras throughout the duper got scalded Neuberger. And how does it. I don't ninety miles each way for for my cheese over ninety miles he's like somebody born -- -- miles for heart surgeon. OK I go to Everett and the owner told me that's a time I was there on a Sunday. He said you have fans and -- -- -- really is that yeah they can contend and her kids argun about president. It drove information you want to try their cheeseburgers. They must get a streaming and actually deal because I don't think they get the regular signal there to do about. If you're in national viewing and listening to thank you very much. And -- are good folks down there Randolph it's it's one of my fair prices and focus its Amish country. Beautiful scenery. Very very nice and the best cheese burger ever in it should name a -- do you basically out of the sandy beach -- beach -- yeah we're Pittsburgh is pretty good name. Yeah but it will be my second favorite burger after the duke -- I'm sure -- don't -- was named after John Wayne duke. Unless it was the duke of Earl I'm not to move through duke of Earl blew through. Yeah it would be nice they would do that. May I suggest that to him against listening that would be -- -- beach burger. Why won't you put it a lot of him in Nottingham -- a day here's what seven. In a buffalo. We've had some some problems situations that are concerning the buffalo police department. Now that shouldn't be a surprise it's a very large police department. And -- days days that go on some terrible calls also that no question anytime you wanna see what the real world -- And I tell this to my daughter dawn when she was about twelve. Ice in and we were having a discussion of the real world okay. All twelve year old think they know the real world and very few of them actually go about or having this discussion and I said Don. I said if you wanna get a glimpse of what the real world is listened to my scanner. On Saturday night. On my police general which has mainly buffalo PD has other PDAs and -- true but mainly buffalo predate. There's all kinds of calls it's one after another after another. And there are serious calls there's a lot of a lot of problems there. And they have to deal with a very dangerous situations so considering that. It's no surprise in every once in awhile something goes haywire whether it's official whether it's on. Doing your off duty. Something goes haywire with the buffalo policeman. And and it's understandable just by the numbers alone. How many people in the department how many calls they answer on any given year. It doesn't surprise me that every once in awhile and apple falls quite aways. Away from the trade. And so various fringe and the president of the common council. And they're very influential voice in in buffalo. Has called for a reinstatement. Because it's still -- but it's dormant of these police oversight committee. Now before I get into the article here let me just say this about about -- will be day. I have a basic trust of of the police department and buffalo as I have a basic trust that the sheriff's department. But when things show up and fingers are pointed and and and and files are are are presented. That something was not Kosher or didn't look like it was right IE I like oversight -- -- via. Checks and balances I think -- good. And so I don't think that people on the yum police oversight committee should be Ryder run in and cars. A win the cops but I do think an independent the independent body overlooking some of these things. A looking into the accusations. Is a good thing pass on their findings to whoever they passed the Montero depending on the chain of command is. And does so I think on the whole it's a good idea it's not that you'd just trust the whole police department because you don't. But every once in awhile somebody shows up that maybe they shouldn't be wearing a badge and in that case I think via thought of a police. Oversight committee makes -- cents. Here is a story from. A WG RC a channel -- Kelly doesn't like Kelly. That was a good job. Let's -- to buffalo police officers were suspended without pay after the incident Molly's -- -- familiar with that. And after another officer was caught on tape kicking and slapping. A suspect. Many of the crimes that words that are solved in the city of buffalo or solve because citizens come forward. If those citizens no longer trust our police department. It will be chaos in buffalo those of the words of various for urgent and he's absolutely right. We we got our our our share of -- learning one OJ. Walked. And we couldn't understand with the face of such damaging. Evidence that DNA was consistent with -- one in three billion. Okay. And they -- let -- walk. And in the year of the answer afterwards as we have talked to some jurors and and things they said. Well you don't noble we don't basically trust the police department so. If you don't have a basic trust the police department that's the kind of thing you're gonna get so -- bridge and said it's absolutely essential. That the of people who are -- service by the police department trust the bullies and I agree with him. And he said video police oversight committee goal is not too. Watch over the day to day operations of the police department is that he says it's about building trust and being on the same page. I like the thought of an independent body. Not beholden to anybody. That could just speak their mind after examining evidence and make suggestions. I like that. Course there are certain channels and procedures you go to union situation good government employees. I'm so -- -- exact line of command is not clear to me but I do like the independent view. Bridget said it's important about the public in the police know what is legal when it comes to use of force you say. We are very quick to judge how it should have been done by the book. And I think by and large most of the time it is done by the book. But occasionally. Unusual circumstances. Require on usual. Responses. I don't know about you but I told you I've watched every episode ever produced of cops okay now obviously those are edited. In their various departments and these -- the ones that have the most interest. From the produces them the most interest. To the public so it's it's scoop that way. But I've seen that were five or six -- it takes to. To wrestle one guy on the ground. Especially -- he's on PCP or something like that it's incredible punishment. I saw picture -- it were chasing this guy who had no shirt first of all that's always a close. If -- around a -- we -- shirt the cops are gonna show up eventually I'm just saying 'cause I thought about the other day in my normal life. Where what people are sure you -- your company more pressure now now my my neighbors Wear shirts. The men and the women thank god. And the people working here our shirts but the bad guys never work shirt or they'd ever -- its -- wife beater shirt humans are out. Then you have a historical or hysterical. Woman. Who has just I observed a crime she may have even been a victim of the crime fighting the police have the same time as they're trying to subdue the that was the cigarette hanging with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and tattoos. And a look like she wouldn't look good at 4 AM at a bar no matter how best for -- war. You -- -- and desperate enough I would rather have a metro rail truck. Ran a metro train run over my tongue. Have been banned because what qualities but that's the way -- So it is some of these guys have great strength. And what amazes me. Is -- chasing some guy who looks though it looks like he's on meth or something. He weighs 94 pounds and looks like he'll be in the Olympics and he's running away and accomplish chasing him wearing a belt with 8000 pounds of and gear on it. And they Ketchum. Course I would assume that if they didn't catch him it wouldn't be on cops that is a basic assumption. So they catch him but often times it takes among usual circumstances. To get them to take it easy you know relax. So you understand how something every once in awhile will not go by -- book. That's where I think if there's a problem of its problematic. Where area ordered review committee oversight committee would be something that would be helpful I wanna know from you two questions. Do you favor a police oversight committee for the buffalo PD. And secondly do you trust the buffalo treaty goes to a basic questions because that's what -- Britons talking about. If you don't trust the for the PDA it's chaos and he's absolutely right. 8030930106. On 692 resorts and start 930 in his speech and company. Yes -- -- and reverend errors Persian. I in this case wearing a hat as the president -- council has called for reinstatement of the police oversight committee. -- do you think that's a good idea I think it's good idea another -- checks and balances. And not is a good idea I think -- just as cameras on the dashboard. Have proven to be very helpful. In the ins and showing a lot of police activities that we will not privy to most were sitting in the car. And many times for the protection of the -- of the police themselves. I think there's a sort of committee. Builds more confidence though with the community because it's especially if it's an independent body. And I ended they will review any complaints and and things like that I I like that idea. It's not is not that you don't trust them what is designed to build trust in the community because everybody -- arrested for anything of course. Is -- well we know overall but technically innocent until proven guilty in a court of law I wonder where I picked that up. Maybe from -- maybe from cops. And we know that that's the -- legal side of it. But anybody who's ever had the cops slapped off on them on things that they were frame that they were set opera and of course their friends and neighbors and relatives all believe them. As -- sometimes you need an independent body to say that's baloney they just didn't so it didn't appreciate being caught. And I think thirty committee will be as helpful to of the police says it is the the community. So -- -- it's good idea what do you think Tony. If you work cop would you resent having an oversight committee. If I -- no because I'm -- -- persons I don't know I wouldn't object to it at all. But I can see where people would have some reservations about it. In today's climate everything is political so I'm not so sure I would trust the oversight committee. Already. As you say you're you'd you'd look askance at the committee that's knowing how now -- neutral literally yes well we do know one thing. I was talking my dashboard cams are one of the reasons that a lot of courts don't have cameras. Is because of something like the OJ trial where people play to the camera. Now you see it on cops all the time. Where the couple have a guy just with the handcuffs behind and no big deal the guys screaming like a little girl. They're faking it just designed to have to look sympathetic on camera you know that. -- so I think it gives I I actually believe if I -- cop I'd welcome it. Because it gives me another back up to -- forgot that far for somebody to have a rational examination of what happened. Course I wouldn't be on a force of pop -- that I can tell you that right now. So maybe I'm not a good example may -- a different example. A because believe me I'm the only got to watch is cops and roots for the taser I'm I'm always like in the taser. As these guys come out and I got a chance sizable whiskey Charlie and now and they got taxed like this with a map of South America on them. And may god knows things that out of there on -- cigarette down there on a needle hanging out of their arm -- Our tech today. And the guy with a two days ago. I've been fabulous. Which includes owning an idea. I think -- Pizza at our cost him today yes we should have -- -- on the radio and we could describe it -- -- while I don't think he went home. A team player and outlook I don't know when I was and a Sampras Cisco. They would just introducing raises the obvious that he'd be okay. So it wasn't as men who decided as a -- great story I'll get Hayes on live television. Whole line gone he looked like a Mexican jumping -- here when they shot when that taser the guy who leaked. And it felt a lump on the floor it was great television but I bet he wishes he hadn't volunteered for that new ally that -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- -- -- there I'm always the infamous Smart ass. You know wisecracking guy a mild enough to the cops and and and presenting. Resistance. They got a present resistance for words along -- -- but. And I also I very much -- from the fallen along like a sack of potatoes. Happened. So I'm taking it upon a buffalo cop. I'm I'm happy either their are going to have a police oversight committee. Because I know I'm doing my job at a -- brings better relations with the community that's what could save my life. That saved my life. To have friendly of people out there who are straight shooters and and not criminals. -- might help me -- so I'm -- thank you very positive I'd like to hear from cops on this. And on cops do you favor. -- -- of the buffalo police. Oversight committee. That reverend Richard once they hear -- -- secede and do you trust the buffalo PD after this will be back.

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