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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sweet Deal With Sweet Jenny's - Howard & Tara Cadmus

Sweet Deal With Sweet Jenny's - Howard & Tara Cadmus

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna take a little break and talk about food and dessert and ice cream this morning Howard and Terry can't -- -- in studio from sweet jennies. Who doesn't know about that two locations in Williams Phil and but within their my awful perks we jennies today at twenty dollar certificate for ten dollars when you click on my buffalo perks at WB and dot com. Welcome it's time power is great thanks for coming in the sweet jennies how you had a. How we voted for four years and next -- actually it's thirtieth anniversary it's been around since 1985. General use studied the chocolate making in France -- -- -- we got it tells them out of that come about. I was actually working over at the European Union on the I had to -- time on my hands and what better to do with it and frontier education and infection. This was before you were involved groups region is Alia I never thought I would have a chocolate or ice cream shop I actually worked -- being. At the time that we purchased the business and I got my husband lives a little out there. But it's definitely a passion and -- you know sometimes in life things just fallen to please Howard -- your Virginia don't ice cream. Chocolates -- You know all I ever -- a satellite was to be happy -- -- people and it's it's one of the great ways to do that so I had injuring that this is going to be my exact -- especially being an attorney by trade but you know I love -- and down we're good at it. And we make a lot of people happy and a lot of good so. -- two locations. We do we have three actually but 23 Jennings locations are now in the mail which is on spring street -- -- in the process of working out the details to finish the purchase of and that's the historic now -- -- -- been around since 1811 that's wonderful building and and it's funny because it evokes such wonderful emotion -- people when they come through and they always remember being. Younger -- or you know I'm bringing their kids through and and the smiles on people's faces and then the 5732. Main street location right in the village. On on main street itself so that was most popular is that the candies or the ice cream -- And on the heat that right now I think it is beautiful sunshine are -- the -- What is your biggest seller right now. Well as far as the ice cream and we just came off. A couple special. Things that we do we made some bars effort just cares for kids and we and they were ice cream bars they were peanut butter ice cream with a chocolate shell that we -- with us he -- so but that was our most popular seller. And we give the money -- intelligence. Flavor wise it's always orange chocolate and Dan things an entertainer can. And the only thing. I'm good this year people watching and we finally have a lot of low fat yogurt sorties begin surveying is. A lot of -- a lot of they have always finds a lot out of the did between it in a lot of people don't know this. Is a lot is made with milk so you're looking in about a 3% potter -- contact -- ice cream which is upwards of 1618%. Honestly the students showed up making a financial protection. Or get the most popular. Liberal white screen -- time of all time. Has been -- on. The autopilot and then orange chocolate in this area because people here love their orange and orange chocolate ice for Malia and cinnamon on the we have honestly we have thousands of flavors analysts is available online and our website but -- toy around with things all the time and restaurants request different things in different charities so. Were always creating we're always in the lab but at the basics will always be popular you know. What are your personal favorites are I think that's like picking a favorite child. I'm -- I can do it my personal as the Oreo lack there which is coffee with Oreo because I love that I also make a sweet cream base which is their regular cream with no you know or anything and it. With. Peanut butter cups and Orioles because obviously a level -- And I think Kerry is -- nominee actually made about two weeks ago at a very. What was -- -- coming pack we'll see if there is sui. Sweet flavor -- -- on the back off. Happily make things like urban -- Pete can I mean really the flavors just run the gamut from simple to very complex. Now. I'm getting hungry. I think it's a great gift idea my buffalo perks today sweet -- a twenty dollar certificate for ten Dallas Howard Terry great to meet you gonna do -- you know NetSuite Denny's in Williams now.

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