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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>QVC Cooking At the Miltary & Naval Park Tonight - David Venable

QVC Cooking At the Miltary & Naval Park Tonight - David Venable

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You might have seen those big satellite trucks -- an area hotels and moving about the buffalo waterfront that canal side QVC. It is in town and we'll be broadcasting live tonight from canal side. We're joined live now of the WBM live line -- QVC's popular host David -- David. Good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning to you and allies to be at buffalo. Or -- you've got a lot of fans around here let me tell you of -- tell our listeners bit of how this all began. Getting QVC to come to buffalo and televised in the kitchen -- David. Well almost flawless and that it would David we've been honoring the American military and we've been taking kind of -- short trip around the country. Really honoring American military bases the cities -- -- that support those bases and they also are under the military mortal day. I've just this week it's a fitting time to really ought to be focused on our military and the great food and things that that support our American. Men and women in uniform. We have an opportunity to come -- -- canal I'd and really could -- -- to the whole military museum there and partner and just so thrilled to be here -- this goes steeped in history. And such a salute our American military forces and subscribe as they kind of look over all of that in addition to the great food -- -- -- cooking -- tonight and then. Of course look into are continuing to track notably -- -- -- else. Yeah you know I was gonna say what's on your menu tonight and he will you be doing any buffalo affair. Well I'm really hoping to our back I'm hoping to take a little corner toward the afternoon pro life and I'm tired and I need to be -- mention. I need to get hot dog and of course all the polling tracking -- so I can make it around a group likened the. The any. -- had an inkling you have there written any recommendations from other people -- -- to where they may take your project killings. It'll hurt so many as so many suggestion that of course vehicle mark over the most famous since I can fix before I understand. But do you walk through recommendations going to in the air. Well some great ones there besides the anchor bar there is off scallops. Which is about your -- they are a great place and well it's actually a lot of places but. Every you know just about everybody makes a -- going around here even if he. I'm really important you can't come to the -- particularly having very quickly all right. No you can't so can -- and still be part of the audience tonight for your show. Absolutely we would encourage everybody to come out and I took -- outside too large to ignore the broadcast. We will encourage you to bring a chair or blanket -- on I understand the weatherman -- be a little bit chilly tonight in the -- you might wanna bring a sweater light jacket but. Remember a lot of on a lot of energy are bringing a lot of forget -- we normally element which -- -- So it will also deputy captivating your listeners to come and watch -- blog broadcast live picture -- -- CR -- In the area and that's have a method present and they roll into town and the opera at -- is really extraordinary life. OK but now the public will need good tickets to commit to watch is -- right. Indeed you can go to QBC dot com and and inquire about tickets they are and the tickets are absolutely free you can bring something up our web site. And then you can bring that with you and dom and again to sprinkle them on and and a jacket keep warm but we're going to have a great time -- -- a lot of fun. Respecting a big crowd -- I would encourage everybody to come on now. Did any idea how many fans we have here in buffalo David. You know what I am blessed even by people show up tonight but I presume we're in -- were in for big big called -- until I'm just so thrilled and kind of a late night getting your life I'm mother nature didn't cooperate in oil field with a what are we were very late leaving the city of brotherly love but I would never so -- -- -- -- buffalo early this morning as letter. But where to go and so excited to meet everyone's outlook coming up crucial. Okay David for those of five people who might not be familiar with the David honorable. The might be five elements there we're not sure. What time as I showed him. Who the -- that HBO. And -- -- early so you can get good feet and we're gonna have a great time albeit on there -- outside so even a drop in the -- -- to the action to deal with the everything is going on. And our -- to step will be on here and we're gonna have a great big celebration tonight that our American military great cooking great food and meeting new friends. David a lot of guys thanks for joining us this morning have a great evening. Reporter to be here and you're very welcome that's QBC's popular host David on -- little. Who's the show hole in the commissioner David will be televised tonight on QVC.

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