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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Analysis of Governor's Race - Kevin Hardwick; Pt II

Analysis of Governor's Race - Kevin Hardwick; Pt II

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The buffalo billion has become a point of contention in the New York governor's race we're talking about this morning with our -- guest Kevin Hardwick nation's college political science professor. And Republican member of the Erie county legislature. You know this -- billion came from Governor Cuomo. How important. Is it for Governor Cuomo to win Western New York this time when it comes the governor's race. You know it's not essential I mean obviously shown he she showed last time that he can -- in the election without winning Western New York. But I think he wants it badly you know Carl Paladino spank him in this neck of the woods four years ago. And I think he really wants them wants to win it he wants to show that he can he can win throughout the state. If for no other reason than to -- to promote his national ambition of perhaps running for president Sunday saying it can I can win upstate I can we in the we've conservative more conservative folks at -- you know this this liberal guy I can I can do well among all sorts of people. You think that's really why he -- Kennedy -- to be running mate her incredible popularity here in Western New York. I'm sure you know idea if people are people are praising the local. I think it's I think it could be kind of risky. You know everybody loves at the local and she was county clerk for all those years. Everybody thought ever smile everybody thought how pleasant she was in and the service and everything. Then she got elected congress and the congress and Chris Jacobs comes into the office in the opens up the groom. And he finds those those trees and trays of mail some of them going back six months or more. Bill -- all sorts of things including checks you know what happened here that are cam. If someone's head and checks for for six months. You know I think that he'll enter them probably wouldn't be in business in buffalo anymore but certainly heads would have rolled. You know that's and that's that that was mismanagement obviously on someone's part it was mismanagement on steroids. And that hasn't been brought up and I think it could become a campaign issue you know lieutenant governor is now -- legislative position and governor. Is an executive position. And lieutenant governors do become governor I mean we look at this Spitzer and and and the general's vehicle. David Paterson became governor course David Paterson no -- vetted him he was kind of the accidental governor. And it was fantastic for Saturday Night Live -- especially for Fred Armisen who played him. But beyond that it was it was kind of Iraqi. Iraqi term in office for. Okay now we're hearing this morning then -- local could face a primary for lieutenant governor. By democratic is they'll send -- what do you think of this. The outlaw I think I think it could happen. First -- -- he would have have more difficult time getting on the ballot I mean at the local. Would be on the ballot automatically because she got the now that the convention. He would have to petition to get on the ballot that -- that in and of itself as is one problem. I don't think she would have any trouble fending off a challenge there but again it would be annoying and Hampshire she wouldn't wanna go through. How does he goes through the petition process went so late in the game. Well well petitions -- just adored adored -- -- Yet to get on the bill -- -- yeah. Just like actually what's what's what's the days they -- they tomorrow petitions come out for. The states senate for state assembly. And candidates have -- July we have mid July years ago the file those petitions and they need depending on the office -- running for so many signatures to get on the ballot. -- the same is true for governor lieutenant governor attorney general. Unless you've got your party's. Enough support that the party's convention. Again and the mile and doing -- -- an incredible. Organizing. -- you would you would have to do a bit of organizing but it's very possible I -- people have done it before it's it's it's that team. Possible but the reaction from Cuomo to the -- -- to speed. One of being a guy giants -- not -- -- again I think. I think the party regulars would fall in line I don't think she would have any trouble winning that primary but again you never know. That you think Cuomo will win the Western New York November I it's it's much too early to say -- I I wouldn't speculate one way or the other. Chemical or always glad to have your insight thanks for coming in space and I'll be back if -- to get to hear that the foreign combat it.

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