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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>How Should Rob Astorino Campaign? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt I

How Should Rob Astorino Campaign? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt I

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio now is tenacious counts political science professor. And Republican member of the Erie county legislature Kevin Harvick Kevin great to -- -- it's great to be here -- you've heard from both sides on this where do you -- -- how do you see this issue is this going to help -- -- You know I think it's a risky strategy I wouldn't of I wouldn't have told him to pursue it certainly wouldn't of told him to double down and it. Problem is for -- to Reno is I think there is a point there but it's very difficult to articulate in seven or eight seconds as we saw there. All the governor has to say is he's anti buffalo and and you know people in buffalo who don't know -- to Reno who haven't met him -- probably won't hear much about him. Say well you know that's your first impression of -- in the exceed ease into buffalo and they they dismiss them. If you get beyond that however I mean I think he does have some points he's trying to make it think there's some excellent points there. I recall. 24 years ago when Governor Cuomo was running for reelection not governor Andrew Cuomo governor Mario Cuomo was running for reelection. And he was running and their records school late he had just found all this money for schools in New York was really booming and he says we're gonna improve education. In the state legislature went along farming come November all of them got reelected. Because of their their support for education and then less than a month afterwards all of a sudden they said oh my god there's a deficit. And we got to cut school late in the -- school they need year I mean here is a promise they made before the election ran around it. And after the election they just you know -- down and said give us some of their money back. After -- got reelected I think what one of the point -- to Reno is making is that is buffalo billion hasn't been delivered yet it's smoke and mirrors its promise. And maybe it comes through maybe it doesn't. But that again it took me 35 seconds to articulate that. No news. Outlet in the in New York State is gonna give him 35 seconds to one to articulate it other than WB yen because the American people are so great. -- you know after else honestly he's the rivers -- -- godless campaign he really does. He's got the best interest of the entire statement as Westchester county and it sounds that way -- you know. But like guests Reno said you know politicians are just on making promises and that's what the governor -- Google's buffalo billion. But yet then if you or your politician and you're going out. You know trying to articulate. All of your your issues and everything that's on your mind of the voter I mean what are you doing you're making promises a total apology -- Expect as it's up to the voters to evaluate. Which of those promises there -- hold the most promise if you will. Problem is that people -- paying attention that this election certainly not now question is will they by October. By the there. Election in November. I don't know whether they will announce it depends on and how closely it and it becomes a horse race certainly they'll pay more attention. Any other thing -- Reno is trying to say is look you know the governor of Texas Rick Perry. Doesn't have to say hey I'm gonna give a billion dollars to Dallas or billion dollars to Houston -- a billion dollars to San Antonio. The spur development there because development in San Antonio and Houston in and dallas' fines that companies are tripping over themselves to try to get there. And that's part of the reason for that is low taxes. Fewer regulations. And asked Reno is gonna say that's really where we ought to be putting our billions these two into income tax cuts into reducing burdensome. Regulations. And things will take care of itself buffalo won't need a billion buffalo have billions in private investment. If you're advising -- Reno where would you talon. To go with his campaign right now what. I think -- it's difficult because the cat is out of the bag already and he's already doubled down and it. So I think he's got to try to to articulate. Better and I think he's gonna have to pay for that articulation in thirty seconds and even 62. TV ads to explain himself in the tell buffalo people look I'm not anti -- this is what I'm saying. It's going to be very difficult for him to do look at a minute ago you that in their news -- people just are not paying attention -- this race so with that said. Who does that benefit -- after all all it always it always benefits the incumbent especially an incumbent with a better. And 221 enrollment advantage and a ton of money in the bank compared to relatively little for the other -- so Cuomo is you know the odds on favorite right now. Anything can happen in politics it's early in the game. We'll see what happens.

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