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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Analysis of Governor's Race - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt III

Analysis of Governor's Race - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt III

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's turn -- studio -- again we're talking about the buffalo billion as a campaign issue in the race for governor. Doctor Bruce rescues with -- professor of communications from SUNY buffalo state. Bruce all this fuss over criticizing the buffalo billion by rob -- -- the GOP candidate for governor. Was this really a political boo -- do you think I mean politicians. I mean don't they do this all the time they say things that. A rigorous sooner or later it was a really a big deal. Well I IC would mastery -- trying to do here John basically he's also using this as a strategy. -- to talk about corporate welfare and nobody wants corporate welfare. And so I think that by eight -- making disconnect between the buffalo billion in corporate welfare he's basically saying look they shouldn't even be necessary. If -- if we hadn't been such a highly taxed state in -- region over the years over the decades. This wouldn't be necessary there'd be jobs people wouldn't be leaving the state people wouldn't believe in Western New York. So he's also he's he's making the best out of out of a situation that I think is a winner. Offer Cuomo local. It's coming up it's an issue now that I mean it's may. By November when we're voting to think this is going to be something that people are gonna remember in the back of their minds I think they'll remember I think this whole goal and. Especially -- she's going to be -- the attack dog here they're gonna keep reminding people. That Esther reed wanted to take the money away from buffalo Western New York so it's going to be an issue right up until election case who's. Okay what does Governor Cuomo -- and about pastor Reno's remarks is the continue to defend the buffalo billion and keep hitting at the mastery in those negative remarks he. He probably John is he's gonna talk about the positive he's gonna talk about where the money's gonna go how it's gonna tech jobs in the environment and you know Western New York in general so I think he's gonna he's it's going to be esteem and his campaign throughout and sure. He went into -- a story in the news today about the fact that -- local could be facing a primary for lieutenant governor which seems a little strange. But but it can happen and it's a guy a democratic activists from I think Ontario county. Bill Samuels who's thinking about running what do what does this do anything. -- you know I know I know Kevin Carter looks on as well he's probably already written three pages on this already so I I think he'd be the person to ask it is possible to do this I don't think it's gonna. Have any league -- it does it shake things up a dollar and I can't I can't imagine Susan I think the you know I just think this local pick is just. An excellent pick. I don't know anybody who's criticize this pick of Kathy local at this point he's just makes all the sense the world. -- locality known as the has criticized. He has so I mean there's one but let's talk about his lieutenant governor choices are a mystery though. And -- Governor Cuomo share loss and -- among county by Robin history you know. And a former congresswoman -- vocal Andrew Cuomo now we've been told time and time again people don't go to the polls. To vote for it lieutenant governor they go to elect -- governor. But these people were picked for a reason. It's true Jeanne -- week it's true we we go for the head of the ticket there's no doubt about that even in a presidential election. However I think the key here is in the needs of people that they selected to be lieutenant governor candidates to be their running mates. Says a lot about what they considered to be the key issues. By picking an African American and share from show among colony. Who is you know he's -- he's hard core law enforcement. He's totally against the -- fact they're trying to get that gun owners and as sportsmen. So that's you know Indians are also trying to get the minority vote that. These you know the Democrats simply take for granted on the other hand the whole -- picked. Western New York he's lost Western New York last time Cuomo so you know that makes a lot of sense in that regard. So I think he says a lot more about what the key issues are as opposed to who's actually representing. The party is lieutenant governor. But he did lose equipment to lose this part of the state last time how badly does he need at this time especially if he's looking. Beyond. New York State with his political aspirations. Susan that's the best -- point that I would make he is one -- -- embarrassed again. And he wants us to show that he can carry the entire state that there are pockets and areas in the state. That did not support him that he -- that he did not do well and so I think again the -- will pick makes sense. So so ultimately yankees probably got his eye on the White House down the road but right now. You know he wants to have as a big deal of victory is possible and I think he's trying to it to cover all the bases here. -- nice to have you with us in studio -- -- has always great to be here Natalie -- summer vacation a couple of soft enough for absolutely. Doctor Bruce risky professor of communication from SUNY buffalo state.

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