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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Analysis of Governor's Race - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt I

Analysis of Governor's Race - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt I

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The buffalo billion has become a point of contention. In New York governor's race but sort through this area studio guest this morning for the next half hour or so is -- ski professor communication from SUNY buffalo state. Bruce good point thanks for coming in. It's -- how do you see this. It's a political strategy it always has been a -- disclose all the way back to governor tacky. On the thing about -- Reno is criticizing this disease or looking defected this is already worked in Albany. And the first thing that you know pops up my mind is that. If you listen to -- locals acceptance speech she immediately said that. By Esther -- -- opposing this he's declaring war on buffalo Western New York so it's already become a key strategy in the campaign. And I can't see how it's going to work to the disadvantage. -- of anybody bought pastor Reno. Okay. Rob -- Reno what should he do now just -- -- the topic if possible this weekend. He certainly doubling down on Johnny's not backing off that everything that I ice and I have seen and I've just went to his website yesterday again. He's not backing down on his criticism he's basically saying it's a band aid approach. It's not gonna work to governor can take this back anytime he wants and what about the rest of the state. What about cities like Rochester and Syracuse and so forth so he's basically saying that in fact it's a campaign ploy or strategy. And any any time the governor can can pull back on this and -- on his promise. Why are you saying then this could backfire financed arena could hurt him. Once he gets hurt him already I mean I just just at least in terms of these is bit of perspective the western New Yorkers. -- -- billion dollars here to billion dollars there is certainly it's gonna add up eventually and I think if you think about what the monies for. You know the the medical core door core resume. On the environment there's a lot of key issues here that and you know it basically just reinforces what would Cuomo's been saying and I'm not. You know the biggest fan of the governor. But he reinforces what he's been saying in the sense that look on helping buffalo and Western New York right now I'm doing everything that I can well the governor did say. Many times that buffalo has been short changed in the past. They also do something about that's right John this is a perfect example is this is symbolic of that you know it just goes hand in hand with the fact that. You know we've done without for so long the money's going gone down state into New York City. And now is Buffalo's turn and that's exactly what he's doing he's he's got this relationship this connect. With buffalo hasn't had it for those for a while and now we're giving it to. Where do you see. I guess. Cuomo all vulnerability where where can -- in a jump in here. Well there's a number of things I mean just in general in the campaign. Taxes. Basically when asked Reno saying it one of the reasons he's opposed to this possible billion is he's basically saying that the governor is taxed and taxed and taxed. He's basically taken all this money away from buffalo and now he's giving it back how nice of him. So you're basically taxes and jobs the environment. There's a lot of places where the governor is a week he has burned up a lot of his political capital on the last four years. And I think -- to me is gonna take advantage of that which is giving -- back. Well we're getting it back. We are getting it back but you know basically he's saying only took a waiter giving it back. In you know tax tax and tax so he's making a point that. This governor has done nothing to help with it with the tax situation in New York State. And so this is just state something that he's doing his campaign ploy or strategy.

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