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5-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well. Joseph maybe you could use the book that gave us to reboot the computer. Or maybe they could've spent the money on computers instead of the book I'm trying to get away. You know also the -- with a kick -- new intro for you for this hour. And that -- computers locked up one. So. No -- No new intro no shiny new intro to -- looking forward to all freaking day. Because it was almost going to be exclusively. From dumb and dumber. And I somehow feel screwed right now Joseph I gotta -- there the man. -- another difference between the same mind in the in the same mind. -- in the -- mind Joseph would use this as pretext for committing homicide. Exacting my revenge on corporate. Or local management. Not comment I'll make it -- -- that is how the insane mind works. Out. It's that I realized that. This really is just part of a grand conspiracy to get Joseph. I'm just -- it. Well -- did do it all work for testing 123 testing 123. I guess I'm done talking about the situation in California with -- severely mentally ill young men I do want to point your attention of my FaceBook page it's FaceBook dot com. -- -- -- -- BA EU the car how well power like Jack Bauer 24 just an LE to the end. Tom not hourly and there's only one time Bali with the tuxedo and that's my -- -- age I don't really have personal account on FaceBook. And I was pretty much off the grid anyway all weekend -- with that with every. But. Well well I think there are times -- how would you enjoy your job on -- -- love your work there times you just have to check out. The time you just have to get away from that there's times you have to just that not be involved in media whatsoever. And yeah. As you know yesterday was smoke filled. And I wanna thank everybody. For the incredible contribution you made. On. Friday show. As we've remembered your hero. Who'd ever came home from serving in our armed forces. It was a very moving she extremely -- And I think extreme. Educational for those who forgot the meaning of memorial which was called decoration day in the years following a civil war. And I know some of you -- thinking dude you were talking about Friday show and yesterday. That is so hash -- yesterday. Well. It's not. Because. I told I was rather. Melanie Kelly yesterday. Sometimes that happens to be -- dollars. Whether it's our Christmas or Memorial Day here whatever. Because. You think about the times. You have when you were kid when life was help a lot simpler when mom and dad did everything for your. Or reputed have to worry about paying bills her weeding the garden -- Taken care of what has to be taken care of you basically had you know more freedom them. Compared to adulthood your childhood can be always -- can be a bowl full of bright curious. So. I figured that. The only way. To deal with. The sadness. It's memorial. I was sad for all the people. Who lost loved ones. In the various wars people were still alive today -- are still feeling the state. I felt bad for you guys first of them. I started remembering. The Memorial Day traditions that we enjoyed as a family. And I told -- on Friday about always going over to my grandmother's house -- main avenue and Ken Warren. That was a big family -- that was the first one of the year but will there. And I was a long way away I was down by a probably dealt with -- Pennsylvania border. One sided. Was able to climb out of the hole in Centerville on seven B and Allegheny County where apparently you guys don't pay any taxes because. The road is the crappy -- wrote I've ever seen anywhere Third World country it was Third World folks really wants. Whoever takes your tax money and decides how it's gonna be spent. Really these to have a full mental exam I'm just sand. But. I went to the cemetery. Because. As far away as I was. I find myself thinking about my grandmother. It's -- we are especially close we weren't. But. Thinking about those memorial days for many many years ago. And I felt like I. -- to her. In some weird way to visit her grave she's buried along with my grandfather and my dad and other relatives. At a certain cemetery. So. -- -- late in the day I should -- were talking and 6630 at night. And get out of the car a walk over to the graves. And I started here really really really pissed off. Because. Now cemetery is not a slam and cemeteries. My family is -- All right so we always have the isn't ground memorials you know we don't have the mausoleums. Who does anymore. But you know we just basically at the headstone in the ground not even the -- on the stand he wrecked but they headstone in the ground that's -- Well obviously if you're groundskeeper cemetery you can't get -- Low cut because if you do you're gonna start chip in people's -- stones and they're gonna get the note. Both people who go to the cemetery to remember loved ones anymore so. I get to the family graves including my grandmothers and grandfathers and my dad's. And I had the foresight to stop off home first. To get my gardening tools to get razor blade and get my shears. And a blanket on which to -- -- Because I just didn't feel. Now I can't I don't know this to be effect. But it's seem to me when I was we're. Trimming the grass. That was over grown over the head stones. That I had been the only person in the family. Who give a crap all day. In order to visit regrets. And why. I. Had to go over there and trim the grass and then keep it from creeping onto the stones. Was beyond because -- other people who live far closer than -- So all. I got really pissed off. -- is that is that not a good thing to be on Memorial Day. Because I thought to myself. Here's this woman I was not particularly close with my grandmother. You know I mean I saw her few times a year. And she was a very quiet sedate lady and when you're rambunctious young boy there's not a lot -- haven't helped. So. I still felt that all the party she put on for Memorial -- I owed her this that that would be the noble thing to do. And apparently again I've got really upset because it was. As currently the only one who remembered all the fun that -- head at her house on other memorial days. So I did what I do. In situations like got to call my mom. And I said hey. What do you do on. If she said I'll just sit around. Dressed up by the issue is about five minutes from cemetery. And drove over there. And she could tell that I was upset. You know mothers have that instinct. It was so between anger and sadness. And I did throw a few F bombs in the air give -- -- -- speak. Tell -- at least my mother does not speak that way I do late in his life my dad did. But anyway I said the my mother. MR. -- the blank. Does the youngest blanking. Son. And one of the youngest people in the blanking -- -- have to be the one to go to the blanking cemetery. And clear out the blanking head stones. And actually pays respect. To the blanking grandmother. Who put out all of those blanking parties. Over the years. Was I the only blanking person in the world to remember this woman on Memorial Day. And keep in mind -- mothers used to hearing you speak that way. You would be to if you -- I don't usually over. Up the F bomb but I was so yeah I was angry and I was kind of between angry with -- and said yesterday. After that experience. And she said at a time. We're not cemetery people we've never know cemetery people. And I it. Talk to myself and two point she is right. To a point. -- like you're ever that we did tracked down the family graves which is why I hate new window where they are now. But. Here's my question to. Is your family. -- cemetery them. Do you actually know. Where your grandparents are -- I think that's the best possible way to Fraser's. And do you even go to pay honor to them at all. Now some of these answers have gotten on FaceBook about this have been very interest. Well they're not -- why why what I know. There's nothing there in the cemetery but -- -- And that's when the logical part says okay what if that's the way you feel why spend the money to bury him in the first place. I've -- and African trash disposal. I was being sarcastic when I've had that thought. But. Is your family a cemetery family. Yesterday it was memorial. And could you actually find your grandparents' graves. And I can't I'm and I know exactly where they are. Both sides in fact not just my grandparents. My great grandparents and in some cases my great great anybody this year. Anybody who died in buffalo who's very buffalo I know exactly where they are a combined that with my I -- Now granted I have always been. Since the passing of my uncle whose -- and also cleared yesterday at. He's right -- you know but. Because I kind of have inherited the role of the family tree person in the family. Maybe this is a sense of responsibility -- feel. But is your family a cemetery family. Could you find your grandparents' graves if your parents a pre deceased you. Do you visit how often do you visit isn't stupid. I guess I really wanna know where your head is ominous. Because again logically if you think it's dumb to go to the cemetery. To honor you're dead relatives you're dead loved ones who are with us anymore that why bury them in the first place. That does what what part of that is illogical. If it's just a stalled but why spend the money. Just cremate them installing -- -- -- garbage dump them. If it's just us stole. Yet it's that Oregon witness. Argue a cemetery family yes you know. And up and obviously a marketing yell at you if you're not. But I just. I was just I I can't even describe. My -- discussed. As today with the fact that apparently -- approved -- I didn't have a video camera all right apparently I was the only one who even bought my grandmother yesterday. Despite all the years a party she put on a memorial -- over the years. You know 30930 start 930 at 180616. WB and we'll get to the calls momentarily but traffic is it's there without a stone here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather Joseph every time I go to the weather channel they've got a commercial on or they're talking about Utah law I can figure it out -- -- -- thunderstorms that hit here animal got one computer screen now so I can't tell. But he started. Thunderstorm in the area -- otherwise some cloudiness tonight a spotty shower anytime 58 -- tomorrow clouds with some sun 71. Maybe you're looking up in the book it's 71 degrees right now at that WB. EM -- let's take some calls -- family cemetery family. And apparently -- is not. Effect not just apparently mind is not. And I was not happy about -- yesterday. And I kind of thought it was disrespectful. I just I kept thinking in my mind that over and over. All the parties my grandmother put on a Memorial Day over the years not one other person can be troubled go they're quite clear that Grasso wired. At least they were there the lead and any or something. Grit my family so cheap they believed. Context but it will be something here -- rose in Lancaster on WB Ian rose hello. Arm it -- -- -- how are you a little -- roads. Okay. -- yeah employee or rain. I know where my grandparents are buried I'd go there. Others say not only their birthday Christmas and Easter. How how lobbyists -- to be I have to be honest I would I don't spend more than five or ten minutes but it's a very deep period of reflection warranty it'll look like my great grandparents. I'm I don't -- but I'm -- usually talk to them like I would -- them if they were there. And that I usually like in the lord's prayer and then I -- Now it just sent my way or Blake. He'd been and let her arm and and I am not uncapped well. I do believe it is. External light so I believed it. Can people that they weren't there and haven't felt. Obviously it out there and good place setting and I feel that because -- a good thing I think about that but I do. But here update here on alert to your relatives think that your wacky or do you get the response that I am getting on my FaceBook page for a lot of people that why bother go to the cemetery you know they're not. -- Not an outlying aliens are Italian and polished and very old school. And that's she did back in the day you. Hey -- I mean I know people. Young children buried in the particular cemetery by my own and you know Joker why. They don't. You know they're a very very -- and I don't they don't think it's links. I think it is some kind of comfort really. I don't think it's a year early. I'm maybe not for everybody -- know a lot of people don't want your services or weeks or anything can do -- but. Found they like taxes there's no people. Yes indeed well thank you thank you very much and I'm glad you call I really am at and if you see -- Here's the thing though if your family is a cemetery family why other paid for plot and getting install it seriously if if that's the face it nobody's ever gonna go why bother because it's a ritual. But you can't really do that. Not that there's gonna be -- police. Well not yet. Hey guys have now. Those that are getting some heavier re name it and let's see Niagara Falls getting some heavier rain Pendleton you're getting rain and buffalo Williams bill some light showers. Anyway well it's it's around that's going to be around most of the evening it won't kill you I mean I suppose if you -- in a puddle. I -- it's conceivable it it's not impossible but highly unlikely and improbable. It is -- 633 news radio 930 WB is hourly other radio on a Tuesday. And I told the story. Last hour about. One of the cemetery yesterday where. Some of my family is buried and a little disheartened. Actually just saw that I was the only person who. Weird. This is the presumption based on the fact that the -- -- that the Stults. That was that a person who cared enough to go. And actually you know maintain. The graves. In -- thought to myself right when I'm gonna who's gonna do others my kids are gonna do that this is this thing about -- -- -- -- well. -- that's why I'm all about direct cremation and just put my ashes into -- you don't like the BF I think it's fine by me. Well top I don't go to the cemetery because but they're out there it's pointless to that then why by the -- don't -- If you can save yourself -- All right let's go to whose next. James' cell phone on WB and James is your family cemetery family mine is not you know once you're dead you're forgotten I guess. That's a great show okay might -- might go out. Will change might to just did that. That's oxman. You gotta get one of those mobile chargers because now to get a flat tire and you have to call triple -- or something Jewish group. -- -- -- -- Hulu my bad my bad my bad -- them in Amherst on WB BMW on -- -- Okay how I feel like. Need -- go. Yeah and that we really should. And it a couple of little side story. When my mum died. The first time I did in their order. After you know -- in there about six months later. He wanted to go to the cemetery. It was a round it was fit into the with a beautiful blanket now in the and the -- It was so -- nobody around and I thought they knew they act and it still one of the one you're talking about in the ground. We couldn't find. And the more we couldn't write it the more -- -- it was getting that. So by the time that we extremely excited and and that that that beautiful greens cemetery like it out and people. -- impeded the place. But if -- if the stalls and stalls were covered with snow. How -- were you to have found. I thought -- literally step by step that they were -- because they -- true that there were over our heads down. With a certain aim right in front of that -- so I will have to it's exactly where what was right there but that bit where I had I and it's. Know from my -- We were you and in it he was getting felt that this it was better than a blowtorch. And then the next one was I went about a year now. Both accurate at this point out that theory. And I get my granddaughter which means it had a scary wet spring. When we Harry and -- -- the -- that the cemetery there there's. I thought that's cute curious the way. Premium -- article chart book in the Arctic. Might request that. That don't let them running away yelling come out. And. All well. The other they've got products like off you can make because it -- you were born with that chemical that I was one would call on that basically says. -- -- All right here. You -- But that I just question I mean is this Italian thing and -- because I don't have any Italian in my bloodlines. I mean is it an Italian thing is that a polish them is that because it sure as hell -- a German thing. We heard in and I know that the child my parents were still going to vote your parents and uncle. And we can't -- a diligent. Economic record its web -- didn't go. You know and I can see you know it should be doing. Everything that they've done for that makes it. -- to them. Now only go to and you can you do it. Yeah. It -- outs and I don't know I just it other than that the thing. To me most was just thinking back -- all -- Memorial Day parties -- Shuster host. And believing. Having seen no evidence that anybody else had been there you know no no grass trampled up like that. Image is it made me feel like wow are you are you is this for real this really happening Charlotte but that's that's my mom said we just aren't cemetery people. Oh and outright lies in the area he why he reached the pinnacle of my attitude. I don't do it right skills so I see that dot. Com man. Well -- terrible there. Well it's. Again I think it's all a lot about and it is a lot about culture and about how you were brought up. And about your also your interest in the genealogy and and that whence you came. I have conversations with my great great grandfather he doesn't talk back but he's -- law to hold -- couple generations of -- -- in fact. True story I've told this before on the air but it's so appropriate today. I literally set my great great grandfather's gravestone he served in the civil war. And I said out loud dude how come we didn't leave a civil war diary for. And within 48 hours my brother sent me an email saying Tom. I don't usually Google our ancestors name but I Google that guess what his civil war journal. Is up online for auction like you've got to be blank him. No -- actually bought it. And you -- read it on the New York State that military history yes site if you used to look up octave Bruce -- argue SO. You can read his diary. Not a lot their historical significance to -- talk about witnessing hanging. And as seeing a general grant and let them know that collegiate program but anyway. Thanks for much of -- called. It and now. Well here's the question now OK let's say your married and your husband dies and that you re married. How people decide with -- they're going to be -- Because if your if your husband or wife number two what -- -- wanna be the number one. Good question what. Does she lets me I'm like you premium like not at you know. -- And then you know scare them somewhere right. -- -- -- Well I know this I don't -- this much in my family Christ once you're dead two months later in the nobody's gonna -- anyways or screw it. Thanks very much well -- just thank you we look at a life goes on but that you know little respect. He says regardless of six foreign leaders ready at 930 WBE end please edit drop the F bomb which I did yesterday big time. I'm here is -- -- on a WB end where there's a will there's a way to a cemetery will follow. Absolutely LO. You know what you should have a boat to what your upbringing. As ever. I think has a lot to do with it. But I liability and admired yeah well it's. The picnic at the summit area of the there's -- -- great uncle in my area. Paternal grandmother grandfather. Question real quick question are these people you knew in life or you basically I got the family tree secondhand. You know the the local I I knew what. A little bit not a lot of the World War I vet and -- spent a lot of time at studio VA hospital. Candidate look at the time. They paternal grandmother. Grandfather really. Did not remember what it was I was too young America stop. But my tablets take all the time and that's really instilled in which she wanted to do an important. You know maybe. You know remembering like -- Memorial -- You know those who have Serb they'll -- you can bat out of my hand. And -- my mum -- Eric was the World War II back so I make sure that I go in. Do that but I think -- -- lot to do it upbringing. While I was there or forest lawn yesterday. Occurred to me that. There are an awful lot of obviously in a vast majority -- sure of the stall where there is nobody left who. Observed. Well this this is every day yeah literally thousands of our family tree lines die out naturally. Absolutely so. The I feel or cremation and save me a lot of space so I repeated -- probably a very good idea. As far as I'm concerned they can take -- issues and they can dump me just off a certain spot and admiral Jamaica at a B is perfect for. Sure I saw little. A birdie raft going out level experience. Let you know. It's the Niagara river but I don't think in Jamaica makes a -- a lot more cents. Has got that's gonna say because chances of being visited being buried in buffalo and being visited in Jamaica are probably equal. So let us we'll go to Jamaica thanks very much and -- -- -- plus. No I can't say I can't -- that I can't -- it you know what I wanna say Joseph you know what I wanna say but I can't I just can't. It's 643 news radio I'm thirty WB in my family is not a cemetery -- Is your family a cemetery family could you find your grandparents prayers and I could. And I just now. Yesterday. If you're just joining used. Memorial -- night and did not have anybody in my family are killed in combat since my eleventh great grandfather died in a battle with the -- -- September 4 1690. But doesn't count was whip in Tibet. It was an -- memorial -- I distinguish Robert Ball if you must know -- as in which you drink. But. -- live today he probably would have been have been I don't know hockey player or -- but in any event. We're talk how. Ouch but now we're talking about your family cemetery -- you go to graves. Do remember. You know where does that does that do you remember. Seriously. I just wonder Joseph and John the people of my FaceBook page and say well it doesn't matter because they're not there. Well whose bright idea was that then the peel away 101000 bucks a style of the peace that. Seriously. It will thrilled I'm thirty start at 3180616. WB he -- Here is -- a couple of great callers here you know what's so good of a break now so I have time with -- after the break -- news radio 930 WB a couple of people were in the same boat with me -- kind of feel like the rest of the fans wouldn't give a rat's you know what so it's up to them on WB yeah. -- put a post up on FaceBook. Actually put a picture of Bob my dad's headstone from Korea and my grandfather's. Head stone showed -- end of the navy in World War I. And I just put a new picture up because question is is your family cemetery badly maybe it's just an Italian thing. Maybe that's what I'm missing out you know. I made a serious. -- this picture was secretary Michael sent me a photo and if you scroll down on my FaceBook page you'll see a very impressive wall. Looks like a mausoleum. Were people actually. Keep up with the flowers and everything else. All right let me go to whose first actually just -- here it's like in -- will be you. Mike -- -- WB Ian thank you for holding and that I guess your family is like mine not a cemetery family and it's up to you. Yeah for some reason it up to me I'm the youngest in the family I don't drive but I'm so the one that makes a point to get out the white chapel cemetery every year. -- my mother's grave and prepare -- grave. And after flowers our own and and all that. -- it and I have no problem for all of my parents have given me that's the least I can do form. -- that's kind of my take on it it wasn't a big deal it didn't take all day and it was just a little bit of -- respect. Absolutely absolutely and I have all the respect in the world my -- When my mother she yeah she passed away thirteen years ago yesterday so now. I also I normal what my grandparents are buried it and you know I try to get -- better prepared wherever candor are behind -- whichever church in Pendleton. And I'm subject to respect. There's a little cemetery couple doors down from where I live here in it's I don't want to. And they have on Memorial Day. Observers with the veterans they -- what went on slow and all that. I can think of too little senator is one bigger one on Delaware wrote. That no one no world. The town wouldn't even have depressed who didn't address at all this year before the search service so we've been resisting well that it's hopefully it won't happen again. And by the way -- wedge into the four. All -- Michael thank you were you took -- photo in in Italy while that you are credited Michael Robinson calling it then that's his picture of the cemetery in Italy and thank you Michael appreciate. There's just one it's fine don't -- -- overwhelmed quasi. Already overwhelmed as it is. Well it's kind of music thank you. We have a rumbling of popular over studio right now in Amherst and New York a moderate rain 71 it is -- and dropped. It cast while we wouldn't know -- the computers frozen and checked the book. I -- is a in east broke on WB -- dot hello it's at 66 right now. I town yeah I heard you're shown I was outside and because. -- -- -- like to go out and visit my album my ancestors. Green. You know a German friendship turned around Germans and goal. Which. Army yeah yeah NCAA -- German French is the big cemetery one of them. And my sister and her most of them are buried there. And ended almost too many to visit. And since a lot of work by it. -- go to certain ones that are way to go to my Graham -- and my great grandparents and my idea. Me down I'm goodness for its great grandparents send them again to pass. When I was younger and I took my kids and -- and it's time and now my kids could care less and other senators Sam Lee is playing they don't even carry analysts alike oh and I got my little cemetery -- bang and I going clean up. This stone then you know it's really it's really fun but it and then and the area worried. My you know my chances are buried it's like people are dying off. And it's been dying hockey -- Less and less. Flowers and greens yes it's like this whole section you know well there on time now and they're all gone into one section nobody knows -- some cookies. But you know. When you wanna go to forest -- the best -- memorial at forest -- well one of the best known is at the blocker memorial notice any living members of the family if there are any in western new York and if they even go to the monument anymore and that's -- with the statue showing son dying. Being glance up and Elaine hair and a I just loved the look at a man look at -- look at the angels they've taken pictures and by the Angolan and that is so bad because nobody else seems day care anymore and -- outline and the line once site that's going who's gonna gulf. You know I'm -- and I you know. That's it yeah that it hit me hard yesterday it really did because I -- -- a living relatives that I should not a bit the only person visibly to have gone to the cemetery after. Only want in my hand they won't visit my grandma's grave and nobody. One analyst Israel bitch and I can understand it a situation like that where. Randall is a wonderful lady mad -- everybody else think well you know machine gun you know it's. They don't care you know inside clean outshine and out then -- -- it's a great great grandparents and I know my. For a great grandmother and my inherent there at eighty year old woman. Cousin he. They couldn't go anymore and they're they're father there Saturday when nine he was playing a heinous was the early nineteen hundreds -- dollar -- I'm going. You know visit here here father's grave and make. That's very kind of -- I -- great called out thank you very much and enjoy the fun. Well. All right -- we're thunder and some people I'm sorry some people's parents were not very nice people and you just as soon you know they just as soon do something -- -- extramarital under -- they would visited I guess I understand that. Somebody said don't Tom -- -- crew cremated donate your body to UB medical school simple reason I can't do that. I don't want medical students laughing at my -- here's Bonnie Lancaster WB and hello. I hope for a -- -- to show you who read them I'm trying to diet. The product and without died may be about five or six years ago. And he was cremated. Yes and all of my -- had a lot of plot yet on the caricature Obama well I mean all of the -- can't just. If it's gonna be a bad story no names but. You go on please. Dependence. On I was going to visit my my father's grave I called the cemetery the pineapple exact location. And I don't -- told -- that he wasn't fair. I mean the dull look there -- the grave was there but in his actions that they were going to be -- that her and there and I said. Well -- like soccer. You know they probably don't know probably go check at our own rules. And yet yeah. Finally I called bear. Yes it's instead it was pretty signed -- moderates succeed there. Then they found him he wasn't there. They have their own bat and thank god. And what happened was a couple winners like I can hit the ground work so hard they couldn't dig. And something might look something like after. I don't work in the spring and summer I mean this is news and they guy. And it was just like my -- for brokers like for data. Body I'm all the time I I'm glad you called I'm glad that they fund your father's ashes and while I thought this interesting topic did you contribute check out my FaceBook page also you can -- -- -- gardening comments because I've. I. I've got a new part in my garden where there bishops we'd overtook -- and whoever invented or -- at the bishops weed should be -- Mystery hanging -- By either Clinton. Anyway yeah thanks for much for all the calls up next two way Joseph -- thanks to John Sherman and I will leave you with a two very important words as the thunder echoes throughout Western New York. Number once they drive and number two no. Yourself.

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