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5-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. How about you would -- right. Yeah. Yeah the holes to. End. The few months ago when -- what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy bet where ever. And whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. -- -- -- -- -- It was an amendment. Tom hourly and even though this. I think it right back bathing in slide in its local -- It's Tom -- and who could cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and on news radio 930. Excuse me what is your stupid -- I doubt very dominant conference -- like three times over the weekend I'm not proud. It shows an eclectic mind by the way of somebody who's able to scramble equally between Macbeth Richard the third Richard the second of all things Shakespearean. And then -- possess -- dumb and dumber. I call a tactic man. All right let's get back to the call well blonde Brunette redhead. You know thrilled -- thirty starry -- 31806. What. And women -- lives 1806 months six WBM start 930 of itself followed. On. -- it's a dumb and dumber while would you look at the bottom that you have you must work out. I know it's. Over it's over twenty years old but it's funny. You say. -- let's get back object to -- because we're talking about a sad situation in California where he mentally ill 22 year old. Killed with a knife. Three people with a gun what to -- himself and he tried killing other people with -- BMW. And look. All you do is watch the video he complains about the 22 year old version advertise on them that. And -- you'd forgive my jackal realism but he could have -- paying -- -- error every day for the last year and he still would have found something about which two bit unhappy and about which in upon which to focus is rage because. He was mentally ill and mentally -- people don't really think normally like you might think. Let's go get back to Robin we're talking about like is it the way you were borders nature the -- -- and -- it or is it nurture which is an interesting conversation because I'm looking at a book your -- it's called a short guide to a long life the company gave it to us. By David de AG US MB and I laughed my ass off at this book because. What light gets down to in terms of how long you'll live and how healthy you're going to be is picking your -- wisely. That's all of us all this nonsense about heading up play for your help do this do you know what it doesn't. The only -- that really matters is picking your parents well. And on the -- -- and Richard -- there anyway go ahead. I mean it. I'm basically it just counting. Genetic component to genetic expression -- like saying about it. Raise my kids the way that I think that they should be raised banging it out and what it perfectly fine. When he doesn't work out that way because me and said you know we make. The -- bridge -- you're born like two different types you're born to -- -- me and my dream and one -- -- about it and on the other. Could not have a -- OK but now. Pocket. The project would be did you say genetic expression or a life event makes a flip. Okay because have you noticed it and Robin I don't know what is your health background your health care background. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well excellent because I happen to believe that 90%. Of how healthy you are mentally and physically is what doctor David dean local cardiologist told -- thirty years ago pick your parents wisely agree or disagree. Yeah I agree but you can't do that. Well I understand edits are the type of thing it is the hypothetical question just gets to the whole nature verses that may parrot that nurture thing. And I don't know how much you do. I don't know how much you watch the show The Sopranos but did you catch the references the repeated references to the melancholy. Expressed on the male side. Of the soprano line which. Skipped a generation with Tony's father and then re expressed himself and Tony and then AJ. Now I actually how much you realize the kind of rebound and pitch and lake I'm. So. -- she blinded me with science may be. All right so. And I think I mean sure -- Mentioned that. I mean that's my act in public interest and it. In the Rangers. Green eking it protect how angered and a turn that feature meaning and that Amy and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- opera lying area. When children will probably end up -- Now how can -- Now. OK like. Egypt and around the in the -- about likely. Look at the parents -- think. The parents knew the kid was not quite right it was never quite right probably can't even though the agent who's up lists. Well she and I mean I don't really know quite I heard the whole idea turn him and generally not quite what -- reference saying. Okay sent sent the kid was eight years old his parents took him in -- -- route the that kid was born. With a mental illness I'm sorry I just don't see anyway around there. There really isn't anywhere on that. And earlier on Matt. I mean nature and nurture that no way around added and I had my comment and whether or not the enemy treat them all at the hands on me what the doctor dale and what medication are -- many continued genetic. The end dramatically one medication -- -- -- -- have -- genetically everyone's metabolic profile -- it lane with different occasions. Well can and I know that this is controversial we -- caller earlier who allegedly while I have a reason to doubt them that said that they were in the sciences area. And -- said that. It's not quite as I shall we say it. Went when somebody's 22 years old. Are one of the issues in mental illness has been your body is still going through these chemical changes so the cocktail were great for you when you're eighteen as far as dealing with your have schizophrenia may not work for is well a 22 they got to find to a nearby ocean and they have to do that up until the -- about thirty result. -- Now this is gonna work much longer if -- if you let me finish a sentence is what's happening is in the next -- my culture punch it down so -- picking up apple what to say so let me finish a sentence -- -- I'm done now grow. How are ranked well when I was trying you'd say was on. And they really matter the age on my occasion they're gonna become an impact -- at some point you think they're gonna actually switched around. So you have to type of chronic. Either mental or on the this or like I don't I come from the -- there's nothing our environmental problem. There's nothing at all at the same thing saying you know diabetes need to get that if it can be managed correctly and pray. Sometimes camped out obviously like this scorcher out. And I -- about her you know and let them but don't. Apparently chose to be born with this. Severe cases it's pretty I mean. I can't patent this look as much as I want to I can't hate this young man I look at him. This is earlier strong suit is. All right thank you relative I'm glad you called I really am but it just it just it can't work if you know. Just can't work when two people partner wants a guilty of that myself sometimes my out is it's my show that's the out. But I tried desperately to listen to you and then contribute to the conversation and then when I'm halfway through bought. Ticked -- you talk is is very I cannot keep up with treatable. -- It's -- mental issue called. You -- -- it's a seventeen minutes after five but I don't wanna -- like currency it's a big difference in the get a bit anger hurt and anger but just like mild mild frustration will call there. -- -- This this. Kid in California you know as I have been using his name. I don't hate him. I think he was born defective. I really think that if you went back and his family tree. You would find either on his mother siders father's side. A paternal or mill tendency toward mental illness that probably nobody ever talked about. And folks think about your own them. Those of you who have severe form a moderate mental illness or. A strain of melancholy like. At Lincoln for example what a great example. Abraham Lincoln. Throughout his entire life had -- melancholy. Serious depression. On several occasions Abraham like it almost killed himself seriously. I wonder. Had he any male living descendants of close -- which it is not. Whether that gene would have continued to express itself. With melancholy over the majors on the male side. And they let her own family. Think about now does any of what I'm saying makes sense and maybe you've never even thought about this before. -- -- was that way. And I remember -- heard stories about great grandpa. And I don't think about the other and that my -- Does any of that make sense that you. Because I really believe. Nothing is gonna change my mind except concrete sign that at bat that most of the person you are. Physically. Mentally. How long -- live. Use determined at the moment your conception. It's a split of the week. And some of you have disposition previous positions. Toward. Various ailments whether cancer heart disease. Or mental illness is just that mental illness is makes makes people very uncomfortable. Because it is unsettling to watch a video of this young man in California. And if you're not familiar with it you go to WB EN dot com check it out or like FaceBook page. And everybody knew this kid was seriously mentally ill including his own parents. And I hate be -- one of those people who. Blame the parents blame the parents but you know what they have the means the resources. And the connections. And they -- they had the intelligence to put this young man in an institution. Well before he was eighteen years old. Because. What you see in this video is a clear. Insane. Individual. Obviously therapy whatever the hell they were doing was not work. Let's go to work traffic right now here's Alan Harris Allen. Well you know what -- -- lighter because anybody on route seven. I most certainly did and I whipped every Amish person I saw figuring I -- need their horse to get back -- It's kind of embarrassing when you say I love your beard and it turns out it's a big anyway AccuWeather -- today. Here. Sorry that was a kingpin reference those who are familiar with -- Woody Harrelson body of work. I've altered -- well. -- we have a bowl all right -- a thunderstorm in the area this evening otherwise clouds tonight with his -- is Albert. -- -- look like the dollars identified. I have always friends I do but not in that part I have the more in the -- -- one not -- were one out in the east Jesus. Spotty shower. The overnight low tonight 58 I was like he's Jesus is right between eagle in Centerville I'm sure. Tomorrow clouds and some -- on the high 71 right now it's 71 degrees at news radio 930. WBE. And all of that road series is seven V. Folks hollow. I actually made the comment. Instead of dry patch. Are usually cow crap from the roads there because that's what she -- It was just isn't right. Just pleasant drive it was supposed to be down -- way. And then -- Centerville. -- eagle. And there's there's one part on I think it's seventy. And I'm not sure exactly what I wanna see Centerville. But the sign says but ahead there -- two barrels. Folks I think the Malaysian airliner may very well have gone down -- and nobody ever would see the game. Do you not take action parent seriously. I don't think he thought about -- all wrote a horrible. -- all the world is like she will sailing. Compared to seven BE in the Allegheny County. You guys are getting -- and your property taxes whatever you pay and you -- get services for a play that much 524 news radio 930 WBD and -- it is up. Are you still hung up on the green but with the pure thing is still a violent current. That's. Now they're sort of place that I wanna go right now but I just can't I just I can't do it I can't all right. I was gonna make amends gaping in waxing and resilient reference but I just don't think it's going to be real big and popular okay. Yeah. Very. Murderers and yeah I had. Not being very don't -- about it have you had use c.'s don't don't. And and yeah it. And he's not the good old days I don't think so you don't know god only job. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. There's the people -- read you know. Don't. I. Yeah. Yeah all right I do -- Followed Jacoby is a model it could go for mentally low regrets and ever see us. All -- its sector parents have seen us in dumb and dumber. It is. About the way they're from the movie dumb and dumber. And the -- -- sorry. Register. It's little things like that. You know we'll never movies that are absolute pure escapism to us totally brain dead. And it's one of -- dumb and dumber slap shot Austin Powers. Occupied people hours seriously. I have ever melancholy yesterday. That would be so -- to the -- -- usual -- not mostly doggy style. Anyway sorry that's from dumb and dumber as well I gotta get that it will get in my mind and stuck now. I'm sure Joseph won't do anything now -- further exacerbate my dumb and dumber vick's agent for the day. But but that does the light stuff we're talking about. What right now. We're talking about the -- in California the disturbing video he made and folks if you wanna see in saint. It's uncomfortable. Captaincy. Have to be a psychiatrist or psychologist social worker or involved in mental health as a professional to look at this video and say. There is somebody who clearly is a danger to himself and others who really needs to be institutionalized. And you know what he was in therapy from the time he was eight. How many people do you know who have been in therapy from the time they were eight. He was born my opinion. He was born defective. Nothing was ever going to change back. His parents had access to the finest health care. The most state of the art drugs this state -- -- Europe Psycho therapy psychiatry hospitals and everything else. And stole. This young man. Went down the path of insanity and sadly took young lives with his well. Stabbed at three of his roommate to -- A wanna make that point clear because he's being called -- gunman. He was also a knife. And it was also Iran over with his vehicle which was a BMW. Got it sucks to be you do 22 years old with a BMW. Yeah. Folks. That's the insane mind. -- count has blessings now. The -- was Smart. Probably brilliant. I'm. I'm not trying to heap praise on this this murderer but he was probably brilliant. Exceedingly well spoken. Put his 22 years at 22 years of age speech up against most other 22 years old. Who will say -- -- -- -- -- fell like like like you know you know. You know market -- this it was when he could very well spoke. However. Absolutely. Positively. Observable. In -- He couldn't even hold it together. For a six minute video. And how he was able to act. And stay out of be institutionalized. Is -- Monday. I I really think that some of the victims. Are gonna wanna sue not just the parents. Let the doctors who actually allowed him out on the street where they should have committed him as a danger to himself and others. I wonder if there's some element of malpractice here I'm not a lawyer and I'm not a doctor. But just looking at this video. In fact just listening to this video GO. From the beginning -- I can play all six minutes but let's just played up to the first lap. And what is shocking about it is number one which you heard that the kid was. Angry at the world because he couldn't get a date you probably expected to see somebody who looked like. You know think of the ugly is young and you you know he wasn't. -- -- doesn't buy it and he wasn't rugged Josh brawl in the hands and he was more about at all like -- a fan that -- and if that makes cents. And his biggest complaint against society was he was 22 divergent. And -- taken in -- Because as I've said and his zillion different occasions if it wasn't that it would have been something else. People apparently tried to include him after all his dad was a big shot with a Hunger Games movies you know was -- zillions of dollars. Who wouldn't want to be associated with the kid whose dad is associated with those movies. Of course you're gonna try to include. Here's the problem. He would have been good looking. With a BMW. But. I'm guessing that the women who tried striking up conversations with them. Probably realized pretty quickly. That he wasn't simply eccentric he was insane. Let's listen to the voice here and you'll understand exactly. About what and speaking. -- -- -- Well. This is my last billion. You know has to come to this. Tomorrow. Is the day of retribution. The team which who have never been coached against humanity. Against all of you. For the last eight years of my life. Ever since it hit puberty. I've been forced to -- year in existence. -- the loneliness. Rejection. And unfulfilled desires. Monica's girls have never been -- to me. Girls gave their affection. And sex. And two other men had no opportunity. I'm 22 years old still a virgin. -- even kissed a girl. You've been through college. Two and a half years more than that actually. And still. -- -- -- Has been very torturous. College is the time when. Everyone experiences since things such as sex and -- really. News here is that after unions. It's not there. You growth has never been attracted to me. Don't know why you girls are attracted to me. But I will punish you all for it maybe that's why. It's an injustice a crime. Because. I don't know what you see -- the perfect guy who and yet you threw yourself Fidelity's. Obnoxious men. Consider me. The supreme gentlemen. Punish all of you for. -- really he BJ AB's but. Again it's it's rather self evident. I'm sure women were attracted them realized real quickly that. They gave me alarm bell should be going off actually orange should be going off. Turn around and -- know -- they walk away. Pretty on the outside don't mean normal on the inside never has never world. 8030930. Our question for because -- this wanted to they want law would stop us because no law would stop there's. Well longer waiting times in a background check but for knives. What they're the three roommates gently at the Toronto the Canadian station I just don't feel like dealing with some liberal upper. Well I don't I I'll talk to myself here it's pointless to park facility in Toronto I don't care what somebody Toronto -- about American gun laws doesn't matter -- It really it's irrelevant called Toronto station have fun. We live in the United States we the Second Amendment in the United States number one number two. Are you forget about the three people were stabbed on -- propose a background check on knives. A background check on BMW purchases she we have one of those still. The kid was crazy he was not she was insane however you want a -- he was severely mentally well. My question here. Especially because I realize many of you checked out. Of the news over the weekend Memorial -- at all my question is beyond us we're. And this is like the age old debate here you get and a sociology 101 psychology 101 those of you went to college. Even if -- go to college is not that hard concept. Who you are. Do you think it is mostly nature. Or nurture. And let me explain what I mean by. Do you think that who you are is mostly or largely determine. By York genetics. By your parents and their parents and their parents and so on and so forth. And that these traits are passed on generation to generation. Sometimes they skip a generation. You know sometimes you get a cousin and then -- -- and then maybe a great grandfather or what ever. And sometimes are expressed on a male side sometimes or expressed a female side. But we don't even have to talk about mental illness. A wife and general. -- -- about the book we got from corporate. You wanna have a long healthy life pick your parents wives. Seriously. Do you agree with that statement. Most of who you are. Do you think you're really have any control over -- I don't. Nature vs nurture if I had to offer percentages. I would say that 90%. Of how healthy you are mentally and physically. Is predetermined. -- all your conceit. That. That you know you're stuck with whatever good at whatever bad genes you got. This spur mr. sperm is egg that you. Or do you believe that we all basically start out with more or less a clean slate and that 90% of whom we are. Is based upon our childhood and the circumstances of our operating. Now I would say that were the overwhelming majority of the population. Most of it is nature and there's not a damn thing are you need all the great that you want. You can measure your waistline every morning at the crack of doom. All right you can have a what you're up five -- a ten -- health plan and his book points out you know what in the end you know what it means squat. Alternately what happens my opinion. And I see this in my own family is. What was passed on to you is what your stock. The good the bad the ugly. Now I can't completely rule out operate. Because let's face it doctor Ben Carson. Would be a great example of -- he was born obviously with intelligence. Obviously with the capacity to -- not a very good culture was. Did you hear him for a filling in for Sean I had to nobody was talking to pass it could understand a word he was saying. Like dude take a breath slow it down. Make it real Smart guy might be a tremendous doctor but as a talk show -- he really needs some coaching just -- Anyway. -- that -- -- mr. perfect. I guess it does it that's exactly what I said but anyway -- his nurture. By his mother. Cannot be ruled out. Because it wasn't for his mother doctor -- -- positive genes never would have been brought to for question. Where it would have been that. So I can't completely rule out nurture. Anybody wanna take a stab at this. Or is this just to. In tents here for a day after a holiday which it it might be because I really don't wanna talk to Canadians about gun control in America. You know seriously. Anymore than you want me to call it and tell you about how I feel about new fees. Anyway it's 547. And to be jokes. To find very distasteful and ugly and frankly hate speech at news radio 930 WB -- All right Al thanks AccuWeather we lab reports of thunder shower thunderstorm in the falls Oregon pounded by bad weather especially hail they'll forgive me call. Always interest in speaking to people -- are being pounded tomorrow clouds and some some 71. Right now 71 news radio 930 WB another could give -- the hills and that's it in the car -- In case -- wanted to know -- that was was going right nature of vs nurture. My opinion I think most of who you are views determine the -- which were conceived for good for bad and for ugly. Here is that you're in Orchard Park on WB -- Garrett you're on hello. Some. And it didn't work early in the nature -- -- -- -- in the major. They. There is anecdotal evidence that we upwards of being our only an all out fight that. Well -- it was raiser she was great. And me and me. In fact could look in my opinion. That it. You and I are about the same -- we grew up with anecdotal. That rocket -- well kind mother generated. Yes well anecdotally you can Tuesday. There's absolutely no. Game. Situation it and they don't Gary -- is just content and social going. As well. That as overbearing mother ordering. -- it'll be one well one. You remember Garrett when nobody wanted to talk about cancer when cancer was then what mental illness is today mental -- nobody wants to talk about it because of the state. Well I would agree with the also a pick -- -- though I think I think. Be. Sure go right -- amazingly. Forward looking popular. But in the -- even operate much. On the commercial that I would say that the well being -- and there. And we're so there are already knew that committee going way. And men and you know it would have gone right the -- quarter. There were to protect the people are not showing signs that they are so that are important we're we think there's on Iraq and but -- problem that we didn't do well. I don't think. I'm sorry go ahead right era did you go ahead. Happy birthday to obviously crackpot and I still believe that anybody in -- they -- wrong. Didn't work it good look at what does that remember is that look at that but haven't -- you there's there's going to be a well. We didn't articulate about our great Golden State and even to realize he wasn't socially acceptable so rather than. River -- -- credit but he didn't even look okay let me regret over revelation yesterday at the -- over old -- -- -- they did see it coming but I I honestly believe his parents didn't I think today I think they had reality deficit disorder and I don't think they fully realized that their son. Was in fact a danger to society because of his mental illness I'd be happy to continue the conversation with the after the news -- a switch gears but I'll keep -- because I find you interesting at a especially intelligent because we agree.

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