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5-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I won't be out of the -- would Rory the benefit. If you go to the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- They keep going for it and it's. And. It's easy to clean up. This and publicity. We've reached -- now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced -- the fact that it's Tom hourly that you may well I would discount. Our news radio 930 WVU. Listen to our league best of show constitute. An amateur radio -- -- yesterday and maybe -- What lays -- well actually I don't know dumb and dumber three times I watched it this weekend. I I needed to I needed comic relief this week -- and I got it would dumb and dumber. You know always gets me about watching dumb and dumber I look at Jeff Daniels and I think. This is the guy who played Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in Gettysburg. And areas having taken Turbo lax. It's this and god. He's an actor Tom that's what he does he acts are idle idle idle on dissent. It is nine minutes after four news radio 930 WB EN it is -- hourly etiquette issue mystic there is a mass killing Rampage in California over the long weekend -- a long weekend started. Three people stabbed to death. Obviously we need -- control. Its vehicles were ran with homicidal intent we need BMW control and a couple of people were shot. Before the gunman turned the gun on himself which he could have done it should've done initially. I'm sorry but if life is that tough for you. As you -- at 22. In bigger video camera from 40000 dollar BMW. What do you have to take it out other people. I know that this is it's probably really unethical. But instead do what other people what you're do yourself first and then seeking give other people from the spirit world put yourself to that challenge. You know don't inflict misery and grief and other people. Course then again I guess that's the rational way of doing suicide is there such a thing. But actually I think there are rational suicides but we'll get into that -- perhaps in another show. I think there are I. Don't get me started equality -- you don't wanna go. But anyway. We are talking. The -- that he was gonna killers now I -- I did not what I'm saying is that I think there are some rational suicides. But this young man. Utterly irrational and insane and the visibly insane. You don't have to be a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker to know that there's something up with this young man that -- right you watch the video at WB EN dot com or my FaceBook page. At what struck me at first was the fact that. This guy is complaining about being rejected. And he's beautiful. How would like for. Yeah. Seriously folks. Should look at kid. I find it impossible to believe that women did not come Monday it. Here's the problem. When you are in save them. Most normal people can tell some of it quite right so even though you might look pretty. If you -- quite right. Its turnaround time I think I hear my girlfriend calling yeah adios. Women like that. So every -- misogynist now understand there are women like that that are really really urges. And then you talked. -- you get to know them a little bit and the couple right. You know -- -- it -- people. Early in the that's got to be torture for the family. No it's torture for the fans how many shows that a mental illness let's get back the -- in about buffalo with a more for thoughts on what -- in California and you wanna tell -- -- if any new law or regulation registration would have prevented. The only thing would have prevented the death poll from -- -- -- is a good guy with the gun that's it. Badly and then end where he was my understanding of the country's. I mean the stupidity of that votes -- mandatory. Well they should have been a nice free zone for his roommates because at three of his rumors were stabbed to there. We but I did I know there would be -- -- or something briefly because I really do empathize with -- I took weren't the custodians at -- fourteen year old girl a few years back and a few days before Thanksgiving while doing it just issues -- -- -- -- where we ended up in any place. Which represented our apathy and and recently that -- write that one should release her immediately cried for help we negotiated a chapter a week. I went through the head of the hospital and sent to them directly if you release -- child. She will either seriously. Seriously try -- -- and I will lose her oh I will be back here in sixty days of the child -- right here so -- In the problem -- He had he had -- each -- on him and they released -- in January 8. He did your -- killers are. -- -- You know until I caught it but we went back and I ended up handing out quiet for four months. Good news at bat outside their help and she had a horrible childhood being bounced around from our -- to laughter I'll hand. But but when it -- -- -- -- I'm not you know what I read about the cliche that I -- polite young man I think that -- You. Oh my god Greg. Meg I don't know if you're the interviewer did with doctor Maria Cartagena from brylin. About 34 months ago and I I specifically said there is one of the problems a lot of very mentally ill people also happened be phenomenal actors and I believe her answer was. That is correct however truly trained professionals can spot the -- Actors as opposed to the people who genuinely want to be hospitalized. But I'm I'm I'm just saying I think I -- the parent and obviously when you we read about -- is believed that -- -- that he was then they weren't. Ignoring. His condition. I think they were terabyte enough that they asked the police to belly and literally HM. And and they didn't that -- is 410. You know by the -- but you know they didn't commit -- -- -- and. Well again I I'm sorry but the parents of forgive me for saying this but. The parents. Day. I think they overlooked how truly dangerous. Their own kid was and I got to tell you the parents. If the parents. I gotta be grateful I wasn't the first two victims. -- However what what what what was going on that -- -- that -- -- -- with eight. We're seeing more along on one thing right in and I'll -- insane people and forever. -- -- -- It was then there are people age of eight at 118. Now that aren't aren't particularly in terms of what they aren't -- active. Only now. Are right but. However had they swore out a statement. Could the police not have arrested him. I don't know if you're an attorney or what your background exactly is that could could not -- mental health warrant have been put out on him and he forcibly been taken in for observation and or hospitalization. I think that's what according to what I recently bragged he would put out eight and -- an earlier video that was scary there. We need to look at it and that is that they requested with that he be eighteen and properties that the police when they arrived -- out. Spoke with an. But but the parents overreact and. Well again I still all you're gonna hit me for this I still have to go back to the parents. Because I don't know how they could not seen or could not have seen how truly dangerous this young man -- not just insane. Dangerous to himself and dangerous to others and with -- kind of money. That that's an awful lot of influence. And I don't think it would take -- much to say hey. A 100000 dollars a year for the -- a 12850000. A year for the -- here's our son please get off the streets he's a danger. And that and that and they need to do before he was eighteen in the orange went to college and I would also think something will anger some people but I do -- think. One of the other difficulty is that when you have someone diagnosed with Casper which tend to have awkward anti social behavior. I can take to you live on my god it's it is eager and I don't know Red Sea. Whitney went from being an emotionally disturbed child Q and insanely dangerous young man I I'm assuming that there was a progressive. I don't you wanna think about be progression he probably went through as a young man and the original reason he was brought in for therapy somehow small mammals that idea crosses my mind but I can't go there. Pittsburgh according to what it -- Let me say one thing and I at this like out there but after the second -- I don't know knew that I would not be seen -- -- -- would ministry and it would chapter of form and I can't quite. Every week in and out. In an -- -- that I needed. I needed. Help saying you know they're they're. I think. That -- or Asian and it supported. Me anything. In terms of keeping people died in in in in the institution I think about it. It's just at a immediately and. Though it it's interesting because it's also one of the hardest things to them they've done studies on this -- that they've actually sent like psychiatry interns. In two institutions are -- as mentally ill people and then trying to get out. A lot of them basically started acting insane after 2448. Hours where they tried convincing the staff that they were saying. Mean that's the other side of this coin you know the people who get taken them more absolutely 100%. Say. -- our aid thank -- think that you are certainly. Well well bill meg thank thank you and I. They're young lady you have. A formula basically taken parenthood. Has a successful life and hope things adjust for her and I hope that she is truly appreciative down the road what you've done. And is able to enjoy a truly. Fulfilling and satisfying life. A lot of people I've folks I'm sure that you know people because I sure as hell do who had the worst childhoods imaginable. As bad as you can imagine I have one story in mind that we top anything you've got. And somehow this individual. Emerged from that maelstrom of pure evil. And became a fully functioning member of society -- No not myself total idiot thanks let's find out what traffic is doing a loved your beamer here is Allan Harris Allen. And AccuWeather thunderstorm earlier this evening otherwise it will be cloudy tonight a spotty shower at any time -- overnight low 58 tomorrow clouds with some sun 71 we are at 71 degrees right now news -- about thirty WBBM. If you happen to be in that area by union south of Clinton and you can safely take a picture of it overturned vehicle. Obviously if it's in bad taste would never put it up on the website but we -- like to know what's going on union -- but Clinton. Send it to us actually sent it to me Thomas WB EN dot com. Worsened -- the newsroom at WB -- dot com or call Alan Harris at 8030321. With -- additional information on this accident again you're gonna wanna avoid union road south of Clinton and I can only imagine what the backup is. Depending -- the globe are probably both directions are screwed up -- -- fouled at this hour although I'm not true that the traffic volume today is going to be wouldn't would be an ordinary Tuesday as many people might turn the three day weekend in order weekend. But. Any any picture you've got out we'd like to know what's gonna. But we're not gonna put up something that is obviously. You know. Beyond a it is a 22 minutes after four. You tell me what -- would have prevented what happening California over the weekend economic give the answer no law. And folks just to recap. As somebody who has since the 1980s. Bid on this crusade. On behalf of the families. With mentally ill people. It's helped. -- interview which need to understand is for the entire -- it's hell. Now when you get an individual. Who has been hospitalized and released and told it come back. For your methods in fifteen days thirty days whatever. And the go to the street they think struck when I feel great. At a gradually gradually gradually beat the compensate them they become insane again got to go back through the system again. And they lose touch with their family. And sometimes their families just don't know where they are. I don't know if you're -- -- sopranos and I guess -- knows a TV show but your -- the -- Janice in the soprano had a son Harpo. -- a homeless person Montreal. And they talked a lot in The Sopranos about a melancholy. A mental illness that basically ran through the family life. And it was it a turtle which was interest. I don't know how many people -- that nuance but they talk about the male members of some of the soprano family having this tendency toward melancholy and depression. And that actually happens in the real world the people don't talk about it. It's like cancer in the old days folks -- -- joining justices -- you've been with us for -- -- destroy the analogy between what mental illness is today is what cancer was when I was a kid growing up it was called the C word. It's even remember Archie Bunker the big H big heart attack the big C cancer. Well the big mental illness I happen to think it's America's number one public health crisis I truly do. Not just because of the mass killings because frankly folks most truly mentally ill people are bigger danger to themselves and are more likely to be victims. That they are to do what this kid did in California. But it doesn't mitigate the grief of the victims. And nothing could prevent it short of lock in this -- up. For his lifetime in a mental health facility. And if you haven't seen the video you can check it out of my FaceBook page it's Cilic. Well I guess that would be your cute little -- trying to make it more obvious now. Anyway I who's ever gets on an associated with Rod Stewart caller 964498756449875. Will win tickets to say. A Rod Stewart and Santana Saturday may 31. Is already going to be may 31. Are all 7:30 PM at first Niagara -- value is 84 dollars general contours rules apply tickets at tickets dot com. For Rod Stewart and Santana. Caller and I -- at 6449875. Have tickets to giveaway every day this week actually slow. You know what I'm -- way too. On Thursday because if I make you wait till Friday that would give me an -- come down -- the station because there is summer hours for the rest of the staff we have to work late but they don't. So yeah we'll do that. So the next three days. Including today the next two days now including today. What figures to give -- exact but that is that's a real clear through two days three days are quiet and they were given some away tomorrow and the day after. -- -- today Wednesday Thursday. Then Friday we won't because it would be pointless -- the time I'm on the year. Anyway it is up 434 news radio 930 WB on its hourly thank you very much for making me a part of your life. Very much appreciated and those of you been listening for are many years understand that. I have always felt this. Feeling of frustration and sympathy really. When talking about the families of the mentally ill and most people were mentally ill. Are not a danger to you and frankly they're not even a danger to themselves they're likely to be crime victims then crime perpetrators because they're easy seconds. Statistically. However. You get individuals like this kid in California. Born into the sea of well. Silver spoon. In his mile. Among other places. And crazy. As alone and -- forgive the nomenclature -- -- He was just clearly insane. And it's not that the police that all bottom. It's not that the parents that are recognized -- something wrong with them. I just don't think the parents realize or didn't -- realized the extent to which their kid was -- stop. And when you watch the video. It's chilling. It's chilling to me because of the flatness of his voice I think the psychiatrists call that flat aspect. I think it is chilling to me because you see this kid who's good looking irritated by obviously very intelligent very well spoken. But that veneer. Of normal. Is betrayed by the flat -- back end it by the. Laughter which occurs inappropriately. And by the contents of what he sets down the -- I'm watching this and I wasn't sure what to expect the first time out. And I'm sitting there at a particular to myself. Now. This is really forensically fascinating. How could he hide it and just that I -- the thought forming how could he idea. That he broke -- of one of his in congress laps it was almost comical. I mean -- it was almost like a parody of an evil person in front of the camera. Unfortunately the evil. Is mental illness and I'm sorry but the kid you know what. -- If I was sitting out a jury I would I if the attorney had gone would not guilty by reason of mental disease or defects. I would have to agree with the attorney. A provider supporting medical evidence but I don't think the kid that. Is to blame I think the kid had something wrong with him for probably from a mall when he was born. Some kind of a UG. And there was nothing. That was ever gonna make this world right for this young men nothing. And -- to take out his. Disappointment. Is anger. Is misplaced sense of vengeance. -- innocent people. You know he felt -- -- felt ignored because he wasn't getting -- And that is just such a again don't fall for it explanation. Because I assure you. That is -- could assess that the -- -- have to -- Jamaica for a month. He could have all wanted he would come back they would of focused on some other perceived injustice in his life. Will my apparently bought me this BMW I really want the labor DV. It would have been something else understand. Perez he's mentally ill he did not think the way you and I think. And I -- even normal. Charmingly eccentric. Long way from being mentally ill. It is up for 38 -- news radio 930 WB via we don't winner of those tickets Joseph Travers. From Amherst is the a winner Joseph Travers all right Joseph well played well and I have fun at the Rod Stewart show. They don't 30930. Is the phone number do you think any law any rule any new regulation on. Guns. Would have done anything to reduce the death poll in California. Because I don't. The first three victims were stabbed to death in the apartment in which they lived with the mad men. As far as the gun aspect. Now let's not forget that he also tried to kill people by ramming vehicles which I think locally John justice proved can be effective all the subtle little. Given the stewardship of our of an automobile in the hands of somebody who's bent on hurting somebody. Mean accidents fatal car accidents happen all the time accidentally. You know you just can have a car this bill it anger at least they used to be and ramming other people's vehicles with. You know serious injuries involved. And at the end of the day the vengeance you want it against women how many women that he -- And -- killed himself. -- It's it's just that it's mind numbing. To be frank with you. By the way word today is our union road's a -- like Clinton street because that rollover accident. And if you have any photographs or additional information. I you can send them to what newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB Ian dot com. Or you can call Alan Paris or trappers reported directly at 8030321. We don't generally do traffic updates every ten minutes in the afternoon only when the situation warrants and if that -- -- Elin will call us and let us know as of yet I've heard nothing from -- that the situation warrants. Let's go to Paul. We just about to go to Paul in a buffalo W media. Sorry John Sherman I'm just very very fast today we're gonna say John that -- right Paul thanks for holding your on WB yeah. Paul hello. I don't -- that -- about. Long term mental illness among moderate and really panic struck -- stricter firming up brought. Or time ago and you'll about everything should -- abuse. And not vote for -- not vocal sounds a little. She got really. I want I -- robbed the bank. He walked in the old and not a lock for awhile. In an -- -- out and -- -- -- on the social work at home. Years later and I wrote my wedding present you know incurred and perp walk on TV. All ages ago and knows about it in -- until what my. Front Mulder from school. Well I always say the government knows about it best this -- kind of losing me a little bit. I mean of course the government knows about it I presume the government prosecuted her for her crimes. -- -- and do not and should show them locked away. A so called the straighten his her womb early eighties. You know huge -- what 67 months in -- back and awful. The thing in and eating range and and she's threatening people don't release of she did what 78 months. Mobile facility -- -- In -- thing she was though violence so autumn and surely -- -- -- six inches thick. And all this -- person inside the social worker and -- alone or not. And illusionist. Six and thank from family. In an actual or. In my heart goes out. The girl's family but the biggest -- so lock them all for good if they're final -- Paul -- other question for you and it's it's it might make you uncomfortable I apologize if it does but. With the possibility. That this may be an inherited. Trait. Did you or do you worry about having children. I did end up they -- one for counseling and went through our -- business and then. And my whole mission Hamlet as you might just a bit up bringing him up they have to go with what we went through. And who are good parts of how to -- I want in the Madison. And never very good grip on everything. And I I think there's a nature or nurture those -- think. I think that when you talked and Paul this obviously is open for debate and discussion but when it comes to issues of physical and mental health I think that 90% of it is determined it before you even come out of bomb I honestly believe these are inherited predisposition. -- And I mean let's just take this kid in California for example he could not have asked for a better affluent lifestyle than that which he had and yet look what happened. -- -- -- But again. Watched my mother got into drugs and early seventies. That's where ensure the most personal world she got and that and shouldn't -- slighted. I think there -- some so mom feature which is the majority factor of the Norwood park nature talking like little slight depression. Coming out now with reality. Which is in a decline in reality you can go and get help restore hope Alter or even said the take advantage. You know what -- of one of the frustrations Paul expressed on many of the shows we've done a mental illnesses that that help is not there when people need people don't know where to go people have all the time getting him into even wanna talk about the cost. -- Even with a good health plan. You send somebody to EC EMC is sent somebody to brylin and you're still looking at a co pay that is really out of a lot of people's reach. Of course there's always money for the casino ought to look at me wrong but bettered its out of people's reach is further help budget. Sorry -- my shots in our camp. -- they I just ask you what kind of a medicine you entered if you're just not too personal. Madison. Oh lot of awareness technology. Pathology what a fascinating thing Paul I -- Honestly I just I I can't even begin to describe my affection and my respect for you as somebody who. Show is the triumph of the human spirit and you sir are an example of I think. The fact that you were -- I honestly think you were born not with the gene that your mom -- you know maybe that was a female for -- your family because you went through such hardship. And you went through such trauma and yet look at action. Your success. -- Well -- straight to ever call me Paul. That -- get you better not ever Calder bulb will end up having an affair. Our Paul thanks very much of ledger called. -- -- adieu my friend but do all right my audience nothing breaks that -- folks nothing. 440 you guys keep me say I gonna thank you guys you guys are collecting glue. You didn't realize this but -- the glue the kind of holds me together when I don't perform I need it. That's how I sound what I don't perform. It is up for 46 almost -- news radio 930 WBBM. Any major traffic accidents or situations. You be sure to call Alan Harris or traffic reporter 80303218030321. I'm expecting a lighter than normal volume but if we get the let's get a little breezy out there and it's not rating here in -- haven't had a chance to check our weather radar WB Ian dot com but. We'll try to keep in mind that for you as well because once the rains hit if they hit during the drive time you know that's going to be a -- and exacerbating factor. So the video of the young man in California. I don't know if you guys wanna hear more of we want to change topics. But to me this is a fascinating topic. And folks. -- heard people say ignorant things not out of stupidity but out of ignorance. Ignorant about a lot of things. Stupid. -- ignorant yes. Some people would argue about my intelligence when watching we try to do anything mechanical. I don't have that kind of aptitude. But. Ignorance. Is another kettle of fish ignorance can be corrected stupidity is forever. And wanna hear some pundits in the media who don't know anything about criminal history whatsoever. Even so the experts. Well you know let's talk about the Hunger Games. Let's talk about video games. I wanna literally does this make -- homicidal I want literally reached through the radio and strangle. Because they don't know what the hell we're talking about. The summit wanna explain what this country's most notorious mass killers in a pool and you've never heard HH Holmes in Chicago. Literally killed dozens of women in the 1890s in Chicago white video games. -- group. In New Jersey. 1940s. Was absolutely insane. Took his guns he killed fifty or so people power or group you can argue rich. Bonnie and Clyde wanna you wanna play them on video games. Folks are just some people I I really believe there are some people were Boren. With a predisposition. Toward. Serious mental illness. Are really do in in the case of and -- his service in the war even. People -- he wasn't quite right except there's -- German so it that was our. It is up for 48 at news radio 930 WB the end. And -- -- weather for today we might see some well thunderstorms in the area this -- otherwise some clouds tonight spotty showers at any time the overnight low 58 tomorrow clouds with some sun 71 and we are holding at 71 degrees at news radio 930 WB -- Up by the way -- quicker wanna mention what bothers me are ignorant people say ignorant things like every time we have a mass killing in America. Somebody just sent me email worthy of -- my mentioning you can look this up online -- the name Albert fish. FISH. Believe it or not -- descendant of some revolutionary war luminaries yet in the twentieth century Albert fish. I don't wanna get into what he did with children. Absolutely disgusting. Morbid. Wretched. If he was executed by the way look up in Germany Dusseldorf guy by the name of Peter -- Peter -- KURT. The end the Dusseldorf monsters serial killer. Before video games. Before the Internet before FaceBook. Soul when I hear people talking about well Hunger Games was their connection. They're they're speaking out of ignorance of criminal history we've always had very sick people out here some of them just plain evil. You know drawing -- line between mental illness and evil I think that's above my pay grade I can steal a line from the president. When he was talking about abortion when he was running and he quit -- kidding. Here's Robin and keep a log on WB and Robin hello. Well. Am I gonna lead person in the final round and I'm not like in denying the fact that I -- Jeanne very clear I gambling and that I get nature vs nurture and -- out there last specialized and are causing my guardian my dad actually had its spring camp bow. -- Telling -- -- you can appeal content. You know on to prevent a genetic. Expression from coming out yet what happened in that situation happened what you have genes. You're predispose yet something happened and caught genetic expression. Is what you want that brought to you -- -- All of this. Robin I want to talk you more about this but the time we have now doesn't allow would you wanna hang out a few minutes and and indeed -- woman. Oh. Keep using big words and you'll hang out. Oh OK well it will be exhilarating. As to speak with US but as good as it's gonna get on Tuesday after Memorial Day. It will be exhilarating to further have verbal intercourse with you following the news at five a news radio 930 WB EM.

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