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5-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolves down -- the he would -- Then. Go to the hole looked out my husband and Brooke. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest that was because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady I don't know I didn't put. People don't thing it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio yeah. -- Bennett also had a big catch or try to detach. At from the media are going up. What did you do that this week at all -- it I got a listening to steady beat this morning sandy beaches in my head these -- Because I this discussion. -- twice over the weekend. With two people from two different generations about social media and the fact that everybody feels like they've got the most important like in the world. And I'm here at target there is nobody whose life is that important that you need to know what they're doing every second of every day not the president of the United States up a -- not. Let's start ever nobody. And that that includes -- obviously. Man several so I'm listening to sandy beach and I'm sat there and I'm I'm I'm nodding my head in agreement I'm saying right on city preach brother said. And that you wanna listen to that show I strongly suggest you do I don't think I could add anything to that Chicago. As he said everything I would have said if I had done that topic. You can go to war WBM audio vault at WB and got on the audio archive you can pick out hour by hour. And that tomorrow it'll Lebanese and like Robert tie in studio which is going to be great so look forward to that here on WB and others have so much they just to see Rod Stewart and sent them. The giveaway Joseph did you know that. I Rod Stewart -- I think just to get away but not right now I would encourage you to stay listening because when you hear a Rod Stewart or Santana -- That will be when you will call in to win the tickets -- -- a tossup as to who would be the headliner for you. Rubio Santana or -- would be a -- -- happen. All of them are both of them. Equaled -- equally talented individuals Rod Stewart had -- -- no doubt but there's Santana certainly. For the more musically complex always thought to be superior. But died and probably getting away from what it should be talking about which is that crazy gift -- California. And that I shouldn't say that that's that's robbery nice. Idea I just got through watching the video. Via. A basically he's a spoiled Rich Little -- pot. Who had more money the increases in his family why about the misery of his life for his 40000 dollar POW. Probably bought for him by mommy and daddy who would have been better off spending 40000 bucks institutionalized we can for a couple of months and then -- -- his life. I'm sorry I've done shows and that the oldest couple blogs ago I could talk to about mental illness until the cows come home. Next century and it's never going to change. And I yeah I said this earlier on one of our many -- we've done a mental illness I have probably mental illness is America's number one public health crisis. -- aids heart disease. Cancer. All. If they affect you obviously they're important to you. Cerebral. -- colitis I almost forgot the name. Irony cerebral vascular -- and -- serious condition I would call a mental health or wouldn't call it a a nationwide health crisis. Mental illness is a crisis and one of the reasons it's a crisis is because it's so for -- uncomfortable. For most people to get into the discussion because nobody ever. Wants to admit. That it runs in the family nobody ever wants to admit that you know what. I'm such and such a lot of the family there tends to be a predisposition toward melancholy. Older you brought to talk about that see the old days it was like that with cancer. Those of you old enough to remember nobody wanted to say the word cancer it was that C word. Now you say the C word you're talking about Hillary Clinton. But well it is. You know everybody talks about cancer it's out of the closet. Even colorectal cancer -- that we saw Katie Couric's. I mean how much more at the -- you beat up you know. Assure. The pretty that the the part of the body. But when it comes the -- to tell us what they want to talk about it because it makes people too uncomfortable. And it it I got to play is that the folks. I'm not going to back down from this market back down from this one single bit. I think mental illness is our biggest public health crisis in America you wanna talk about why it well one of the reasons why. We have such a situation with street drugs. It's because of mental illness wide that the analysts because people were mentally ill will do anything to feel bad terror do you not get that. They will do anything to come out saying everybody who does recreational drugs is mentally ill -- this understand misinterpret. These smoke -- joint at a weekend I don't think you're crazy or insane or mentally ill. But those people who make a habit of doing all I don't know things like heroin. They may very well heavy mental illness and they're trying to sell Medicare. And unfortunately all the -- -- the do gooders to make the painkillers harder to get even for people with legitimate need for painkillers -- super seeker overseen by a doctor. They don't have access to the painkiller so it's actually easier to get the heroin on the street than it is to get an oxy -- own from your doctor and or something that is terribly -- up about that entire situation. And it is so difficult for people to get mental health treatment in America and here's the problem folks we talked about this ad nauseam on this program. Number one. There are pharmaceuticals out there there are pharmaceuticals out there which -- -- here's the problem. Especially with a person 22 years old like biscuits. I should be called a pit spot and he's he's he's sick -- I'm sorry he was sick. You watch this video on word play the audio from this video. And there are some things which strike me about it that are just chilling. Number one his flat after active. Home. Tomorrow. Is that day of retribution. I will show you who is the alpha male. And then there's the in congress -- And it's almost like the stereotypical evil laugh biscuit -- And you know mom and dad. From look I'm sorry -- -- get a 40000 dollar BMW and I'm presuming they did because I don't see anything this kid had a career. They certainly would have had the means to have institutionalized. This young man to keep him away from society because there are some people. Who you can give them every medicine in the world you can give them a cocktail. Of psychotropic drugs and guess what. They're still going to be a menace and a danger to themselves and others which is the criteria under which people were institutionalized our -- institutions danger to themselves and others. I don't claim to be an expert in mental health law that's pretty standard you know we're -- 101 that'll help wanna watch. This this young man it was so obviously dangerously. Disturbed. He couldn't even contain it. In a video which goes what eight minutes six minutes. We're gonna I wanna play 'cause I'm presuming over the Memorial Day weekend. Many of you gotta check out of media and you might not be aware of what happened out in California. And predictably. The one and at it's it's difficult to Eric really write a victim's father too much because when people are in grief sometimes they say things that are. Stupid and illogical. Sometimes when I'm angry I -- these things are stupid and illogical. But. Well I just confessing I don't -- when I get pissed off sometimes they say things that I was secretary back and I can't think of -- and that's that. But. -- -- just getting getting back to getting back to -- I don't wanna lose my right train of thinking. The medications. That they have developed in the in the field of medicine psychiatry are amazing. But all of them are contingent upon the patient being compliant with taking the -- you've heard me do this show how many times. On the metal don't wish I was -- buy -- over the years since 192030. I don't I don't know I've lost track even a year a WB -- just this afternoon show up three or four I believe. This is it's a cause for me I care about theirs I care about it because nobody else well. Nobody else in media wants to even bring this up or talk about it -- a serious way nobody else in media I don't think. Understands. That -- the mental illness stigma is what the cancer stigma used to be. And when you watch this video by the way you can check it out to place you go to my FaceBook page FaceBook dot TomTom dot hourly. And there's only one -- Tom hourly with the tuxedo on that's my page that's the great -- that 9700 almost by the 800 likes so far on the page and I'm grateful for that thank you very much that means. It means a lot and SNB beach would say I want each of you send me 100 dollars and -- what you really like me. Because how many times have I said it or -- Freaks out about today's world as you can have a thousand friends and your FaceBook page try calling one of them at 3 in the morning from a hospital telling -- we need to -- all. That you'll find out how many friends you. But that's another story altogether we'll get into why you hate your friends and family at a different show you know I sell ticket in the video. But 8030930. Is and always will be via phone number here at news radio 930 WB at 8030930. Starlet thirty is freedom cellphone. 180616. WB the end the parents of the young man I don't even like using his name. -- right because. It's kind of what I think he would want. And why encourage others to do this kind of thing I only wish that Elliott would have shown what an alpha male he was by taking his own life first. And then try to get revenge on people from the spirit world you know maybe that's what he could've done. And already one of the victims parents is blaming guns. And I think -- myself are are you. OK. It's not nice to say things about people who've just lost a child. I I just -- you know I can't go down that road you might I can't it's just not right. I -- with that bother but at the same time it is grief and it is anger that has missed applied toward gun culture. What this grief should be applied torrid. And how what can turn redemptive used to focus on the real problem which is not guns knives or 40000 dollar POWs. It's mental illness. And at some point back in the early 1970s. This country. Basically started to. Why do you think you see so many people on the street who look like Jethro -- will what do you think FedEx. Because we. And this case in California. I think illustrates better than any example I could ever site. You take a family with the means and the resources where they couldn't put this kit an institution. Think they could have put him to a facility for the rest of his life which is clearly what he needed. I'm not a doctor but the video speaks for itself. WB dot com or go to my FaceBook page and you'll see. And what fascinates me is as I watch this video. And I know that fascinating might not be the appropriate were to -- view because. I grieve with the victims. And get it into -- I hope they don't mistake me for liberal but in a way this kid was also a victim. And it's hard to feel a sense of pity for a kid who's bitching about being -- -- From his 40000 dollar BMW which is better than any -- probably ever -- Probably bought and paid for by daddy or mommy or ball. Bitching about his life and the fact he hasn't got Li -- At 22 hello. Folks. Here's what you have to understand. His parents could -- that they hedonism two. In Jamaica for a month. He would have come back just as insane over something else he would have refocused on another issue in his life that wasn't right. Seriously he's a good look at -- better look at them. Better look at and I wasn't his age look at this -- -- at -- watched that video he is a good look at -- it. I mean he's got this sculpted face. But here's the problem at what fascinates me forensic. The flat aspect in his voice. He's absolute. Lack of. -- conscience. His desire. To have this retribution. Against women and men. These beastly ghastly men to whom women are attracted and he's gonna show that with a real alpha male is. I guess he had heard of cigar Dave. But what fascinates me is the razor thin veneer. Of sanity. Because when you start watching this video. Here my my initial reaction was. Wow. This kid is brilliant. He speaks well. He's first erudite. He doesn't do the -- and the op like most 22. He'd -- 22 year old he doesn't say you know every other word. He's a bright. Boy. Then after about two or so minutes UC. And it's palpable. You can actually see a crack in that razor thin facade of sanity. And there's a certain look he gets in his eyes and an expression on his face and a very in congress laughter. And all I can think of is bat blank crazy. We know -- -- all the respective people in mental health and who have mentally ill relatives. Look I'm with you I'm among your side and it's all right. This young man. That does tell me what law would stop him from doing those off his parents hired him off -- And it would have been good enough. They could set and Hedo to promote it wouldn't have been good enough. Yeah it is that he didn't want to just get -- So I have sex. He won a total domination he wanted we here's a word he uses he wanted -- duration. He wanted to be reviewer. Basically. I don't know what kind of complex that is I don't know what kind of combination of narcissus them and manic depression is involved this year. But it's palpable when you watch the video. We're gonna play. The audio after the news break. As much as I can take -- it it's got to tell you guys in -- easy watch. Because you're gonna start out I challenge you start out think him -- There's this young man. Seems kind of all yup he he's insane. Watch. At FaceBook dot com Tom about hourly or WB Ian dot com. And tell me what law to stop what happened over the weekend I'll recap the events for those of you checked out over the weekend. Up for your Memorial Day and I hope -- get a chance to think about those who didn't come home yesterday because that was the purpose of memorial under is ready at 930 WBE. That's kind of life I think this -- body was gonna happen at the age of I don't know 22. You know above my first BMW has 22 bought myself my own money. Joseph. Just say you know. I got rejected a lot. Most wanted to yeah I got rejected a lot even with the brand new BMW all right to affect the life. Fact I believe it was either it was rush Rush Limbaugh said the difference between money and nobody is. When you have more money you simply get rejected by a better class the women. -- all that I'm sorry I have to find some humor in them but this kid. He let the cat was born with a silver spoon asthma. And his parents. How could they not seat. That this kid. This young man. Needed it to be institutionalized. As a threat to himself and others. Did they think some well. This material possessions. We're gonna do away with this sense of inferiority. That if that's what it was so because I can't figure out. Whether it was a censored uber -- system. Or a real inferiority complex that helped to motivate him. To do these killings by the -- guns are being blamed by one of the victims' families I'd like to remind people. Bat the first three victims were stabbed to death. About NY state or California safe for knives anybody. He then started ramming vehicles. Do we need BMW waiting list now. I'm simply pointing out the obvious. Then he brought up the gun steady killed himself. Which I wish you would have done first. I'm sorry but. You know there's a great line. In Kevin Costner's -- occur which came out after -- don't care about. And it was spoken by the Doc -- character and basically it was quiet for some people this world just ain't ever gonna be right. And he is worldwide is one of those people. And folks. Letting -- speak to you as it would by -- on the street. -- make it a band of sultans heroin and it would not have been enough do not buy into this virginity rejection angle. Because he didn't want just to lose his virginity. Understood and -- -- understand it he wanted adoration. He wanted to be venerated. You wanted to be treated like an Adonis dot. And apparently. People can't try to include them. Auto include a guy whose dad was involved what are the hottest movie franchise as -- Hunger Games. He's not going to be in the outside look at them. I -- we'll talk about the 1%. This cat was the point zeros or 1%. And it also goes to show. As Michael Savage pointed out and here's what it shows couple weeks ago. Your kid ever says that what about the Hollywood become an actor or actress. Put a box because they're all gonna go out there because. If Hollywood was normal there wouldn't be so many therapists psychiatrists and miserable people like this young -- I think we need to hear the audio of the video and it really doesn't do it justice folks because. You know Elliott and I don't really wanna keep saying his name. So good look at me I'm so hurt but the the kid tell me and I know. Worry we enjoy are women here in the hourly program of course but I can say that these this is -- beautiful. He was a beautiful young men. And it I cannot believe that it wouldn't get hit I cannot believe that he wouldn't had chances to lose his virginity. But see that's not the issue. Again don't fault for is not the issue. -- the issue was probably women who were attracted to the way he looked realized real so don't. That but boy just stay right. Don't think Delaware from a which probably save their lives I here's here's the video I warned you. It's -- do not be taken -- by the vicinity at the beginning because the insanity will soon present. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. This is my last billion. You know has to come to this. Tomorrow. Is the day of retribution. The team which who have never been coached against humanity. Against all of you. For the last eight years of my life. Anderson -- hit puberty. I've been forced to -- year in existence. And loneliness. Rejection. And unfulfilled desires. Monica's girls have never been -- to me. -- Girls gave their affection. And set. And they're men and no opportunity. I'm 22 years old still a virgin. -- and kissed a girl. And through college. Two and a half years more than that actually. And still. -- -- Joseph stop the tape just rolling very -- folks are just go back to the -- police -- still a virgin point something out votes. If you will notice that he is talking in theory flat after. That is one of the signs psychiatrists and mental health professionals look for when doing an initial assessment in fact. The guy they took -- EC MC this morning from shared drive. This is exactly the kind of voice for which they were listening to see. Whether. He does this flat after bullies. You've been through college. Two and a half years more than that actually. I'm still. -- -- Has been very torturous. College is the time when. Everyone experiences since things such as sex and -- here. In those years and after unions. It's not there. You girls have never been attracted to me. Don't know why you pronounce it. Stop stop the tape you'll look at the video of folks I got a point these things out are right. This kid was beautiful I'm sorry most women I know well for myself and a 22 year old shoes back when I was 22 what do looked at him and said oh my god he is so hot I want him. Dude it wasn't the way you looked it was the fact that you. Were seriously mentally ill. Attractive to me. But I will punish you all foreign. It's an injustice a crime. Because. I don't know what you see me the perfect guy. And yet you throw yourself though these. Obnoxious men. Instead -- me. The supreme gentlemen. Punish all of you for. Okay that's that's about enough for right now Joseph -- their voice is -- -- laughter -- were one of the lead off. Someone tell me what law and like say California safe background check or anything else would stop what happened from happening. Yeah well he actually passed the registration or the -- the the pre screening -- guns legally retail did you know that he did. Even if he didn't have a -- the first three artist -- murders. Then he ran this car -- to people try to kill does that remind you perhaps to many local case of the 1980s. How about John justice. -- avenue in -- more. Killed his brother his parents and that an innocent motorist to happen via a neighbor Wayne hall read this. Violated Olsen he's back and I hope he's in prison for the rest of his life because he's somebody else who needs to be institutionalized forever. All right folks you tell me what's going on here. It was pretty obvious that this kid was mentally ill his parents should've seen the signs and should have spent the money a lot of all. How about on one of the best mental health facilities in the nation. Wish -- I'm sure. With their connection with the Hunger Games one of the hottest franchises in Hollywood. Rakes in gives billions of dollars could well have afforded. Here is Belinda in Amherst on WB and Melinda you are on thank you were holding and welcome to the show. -- -- A couple of -- Reporter. Earlier out. It'll be patient don't take dramatic and it all. There is an LO. And and that they have a look at why Oprah I owner. Over how or why I've been where you open out cook thirty years and -- In the -- -- ear there that you. That a out. They expect that. An -- detectable when asked over there day. However -- Melinda I also have to point out and you should know this is somebody in the mental health field. Bat at his age. Your body chemistry is constantly changing -- psychiatrist have to constantly adjust the medication cocktail a patient is given in order to be quote unquote normal right. But not much you can get the ball. They are much different way that they anger at what they're great but. Like it and -- want well a lot let me tell you. The local area that you need. That looks. Well I don't know what these medications are called what they -- they have names. They -- caught -- bill I think. -- they are out. You have to spell the second one next to salvage some kind of a dish I wouldn't be. -- I can't eat each. And the other one is -- I. Okay well if we get a psychiatrist on the show I will ask the psychiatrist about those two specific medications now have you had a chance to watch the video Melinda. And I agree with your point and the point I agree with them. The short range on -- a truck and the community and the patient. Unfortunately. The reality why is they -- all week -- pop. And that -- then we were fortunate to socialization award as. You're used to it or really understand their works that are regulated now they won't yet. -- at at being abuse to authorities that -- or even. States. And get in the way it did -- in 1980 when though Rivera went into the Wheeler each -- The effect that it. People are could be locked. Well I I agree but but let me but -- Melinda here is what's troubling to me and and this is this is a question I've got hurt anybody asked but then again I've also been the cats from media over the holiday weekend. You know and I don't Melinda that if this kid what to brylin easy MC site. And behaved in this way he would absolutely. In no way shape or form ever have been released in that condition that he would have been deemed obviously a threat to himself and others and would have been. Institutionalized. But will lead but only far weaker now. I now for well let let's -- -- -- Or until it was established that he was not a danger to himself and others and I have to believe that his parents. -- the kid was getting therapy from the time it was eight. Right you're right. They what are. He -- -- that we experience here and our. -- -- -- Over here speaker. Until. Quote. Where you're wrong. -- pay for out patient but still they dot. Here. Where because they're now. Out. -- -- -- -- -- Well it's not even get into the waiting list at the VA for people with PP SV. I've heard some horror stories -- we we have some great calls last week in praise of the VA in buffalo but I've also gotten some emails from people with back issues of the head. Saying look man I've got some serious PTS the issues I just nobody ever want to help. I'm I'm glad you called and Melinda and I appreciate your input as somebody who's in the mental health profession. And you concur that this wasn't about his virginity this wasn't about being rejected that that was simply were he chose to place his warped personality. And even if he had been with a sultans -- he would simply refocused on some other imagined injustice. I social worker and -- -- at the being entry called for a over thirty years you are -- right. What would you diagnosis and I realized -- world judging this based on a six minute interview because I can't figure out whether the kid isn't Burton narcissistic or just -- -- supreme inferiority complex or some bizarre combination of the two what would you say. I think he delusional and psychotic and -- Or personnel. Now -- up hey look I'm I'm really glad you called them and up please get all when I use. Please understand of the a lot of shows on mental illness my sympathy is always with the families of the mentally ill because people who don't have -- do not get it. Unless they've taken the time to get to know people who have I have taken the time to get to know people who have. And I'm gonna tell you that it it hits cops families in its ministers families it hits rabbis families if you name any profession you name any economic social economic status any race and creed and color and you've got a mental illness component to the population. Right and you know again elect parted and the shirt that says there you're Arnold and worked you know. Medication about terror and they are only an all in all areas and yet. And that really they had. Well this kid and it. Won't. Now that's that's. Ridiculous I thank you very much unless of course record -- efficacious sprint still works well thanks for much of a -- caller vilify -- in Vegas just Emma. And look I don't care how much the Mets cost. I think for that 40000 dollar BMW was Paris could reinvested that money people I don't know may be in better sector over drugs for the kid maybe institutionalization. I think the judge the parents folks but if this kid couldn't keep it together for six minute video. -- parents. AccuWeather for tonight up thunderstorm and obviously they otherwise -- cloudy a spotty shower at any time mother nature man that's -- nature. The overnight low fifty tomorrow clouds with some sun 71 right now joke we have said anyone net news radio 930 WBE and how we're focusing in on this case in California now might drop off your radar as you were enjoying a long weekend but there was another mass killing. And they're gonna focus on the guns the first three murders were done with knives in the victim the perpetrators apartment night. Knives were used to stabbed to death the first three victims aren't I don't hear about a -- registry I don't hear about a free -- purchase background check. -- your body pre BMW purchase background check because this kid used a BMW which by the -- built like tanks -- -- used to be a problem restore. But. Anyway. The guns will get the focus one of the victim's parents is already whining about gun rights so called gun rights. I putted very distasteful to go after a victim's family member because I don't think they're thinking straight. But let me simply -- Davis as a general rule one good guy with a gun would have seriously reduced the death poll against this. Insane. Killer. And I don't wanna uses name. We've played excerpts of his free slaughtering a sermon and is railing against women. Joseph short -- that meg first of the command. Go to the break. All right. Is meg ready to go yet. Okay good she is excellent radios down -- school and this is meg meg what's your take on the California situation and this young men. Well certainly not you know obviously I'm Betty highly disturbed and have been institutionalized. However I don't wanted to say having had experience with. People with mental illness children. You are at the parent obviously the movement therapies that it was -- I think they work only by the bite some of these benefits and the war and their involvement. I know that he put it the other video out earlier that it scared them -- that they called the least yes and beat him. The police basically out to the front door and locked. And they were they were at least searching for him when he did the shooting into the twenty who would -- They couldn't have forced institutionalization. And Utley went to court that would have been a court mandated. Situation and I am just suggesting that. You know we're we're a parent I think they may have been. I'm suggesting that true. I'm suggesting that to try to imagine myself in -- 70000 dollar your cop knocking on the front door this guy with a Hunger Games and the intimidation factor of wealth. And I wonder if the parents were cooperative where they said you take my -- a mental health support for -- -- sure you're asked is I don't know that's how he acted but Obama love to talk you more about this on WB Ian.

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