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May 27, 2014|

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Like for you. Give us the chance to help you with your legal matters. The law officer -- Ringo is on your site any New York courtroom. It's time for buffalo means business with the -- -- on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice dean -- both Ford and -- -- -- shedding Buick Cadillac. -- assure them that this -- -- umbrella handle law office of around zero re going. The team that's on your side and hitting your court now your host. Buffalo radio veteran. AM local business advocate. -- -- It's another edition of buffalo means business on news radio 930 WBE and my name is what he Shula. And our show devoted to local businesses events and just people who make a difference here in Western New York. 6 o'clock every Saturday night if there is a local business or maybe -- new word that you would like to be featured. Feel free to email me at -- Shula. -- -- -- -- today we're here with Gary. -- west -- location of Kenny carpets and floors that's right the people who bring you do the Kenny are celebrating their 54. Anniversary. This month in May. They have three locations and Amherst Williams still in west Seneca. Of course you know Kenny carpets and 54 years is a very long time sort kind of honored to have -- here with us -- walking the show Gary. Good to be here so have you been mechanic airport's 54 is her son Ali -- -- -- looks over the -- beauty your -- -- -- if you don't when he yours happens. Hottest pop up. Store like unique characters of four terrorists so successful. After 54 years given. All the competition and things like that that's a long time to be around as a local business Saudi tickets hasn't done the -- I think it is some that it is a long time for business to be successful and I think it has a lot to do. With the experience of the sales people. At the different locations it's it's an unbelievable amount of years -- each tour. Presents you you were telling me that eats -- the average experience of can interpret the forwards in terms of it's it's over a hundred years and each location. So we're talking over 300 years of experience within -- three stores actually 335 years this is the number 335. Years of experience. That's a lot of experience in nets and again I would agree that that's probably. Wires of successful people have a very good experience when they're experiencing. It with your experience we said a word a lot. But it really does matter what kind of five things you have a -- care for kind of what types of four and you offer. You know anything you could you could put on the floor we carry hardwood and we carry laminate vinyl. Carpeting of course to new vinyl tiles. Slam and it's like products is there anything that's more popular now then. Rate now in hard surface -- I would say the the click. Tiles. These -- tiles that you can actually. -- put together yourself you don't need to have it installed. The if you don't want to you don't we offer the service but you can do it yourself if you like. So what is is that like a -- and it would like flooring or comes in wood grain patterns it comes in tidal patterns you can get random blacks were you can stay -- so when that when the job is completed. It looks like a natural floor. 11 thing has -- it's about to his installation how how important sense for people. Well that's easy here is it it it's it's secure we do have a great. Service department that schedules the installations. They you don't do follow up of customers have questions about their service. And you know they'd be -- billions dollars to go while we show up when we when we say -- the national. And that's a big thing to you know that sometimes that the big back stories they don't they can't install for weeks and weeks and weeks. You guys -- pretty picture to people and right away right we have thirty full time corporate crews going. Thirty just thirty a -- recruits going full time. What are the most popular colors and styles of flooring. In terms of carpet rate now for is a carpets which have like a multi colored flack they -- the soil what what do personal care when it's a curly type. Finish on the on the carpet fiber will -- what that a family room stairs hallway. -- demanding better than some of the other products that are out there it how how does the carpeting now compared to carpeting for years ago. The cost is. Has it went up like it has with a lot of things. Carpet for the most part his stayed the same however they've really improved the fiber as far as it doesn't met this quickly as some of the -- flavors. The new Smart -- fiber. You can basically spill bleach on it it would not take the cholera and if ever. Really and so -- and they don't Wear out they offer 25 year where warranties I'm the Smart strip products when people look for carpet what are they looking for what's the main thing they look forward to -- clean ability. -- expressing -- instantly advocates peace and the carpet or something like that they wanna be able to get it out yes and and -- -- and is covered under the Smart strip more to. Really yes. We talked about things like he. You know -- you've been in business and this compare to like five years ago what's the difference. It Kenny carpets. If wars and now that that was five years core consumers different are they buying things different ways -- what's the difference between now five years ago it's some it's a fair you know now with the big box stores coming in in and making it the -- smaller. At first we thought that would affect us in a negative way but it's just the opposite. Who is we do we do more personalized. Job. We follow up in you know your sales person when you when you come in the door you're greeted by the salesperson who is gonna. Qualify you to find out your needs. That individual is gonna go and select the right carpet in the race right price range. And they're gonna also scheduled to measuring cup -- your home to measure that's all done by the same individual right so it's this is a very customized approach. It's like you're walking into a store. Where people don't know about the product they don't know about your individual needs this is. Are customized service like panic -- concern that that's correct again we're here with that Gary Edie who it's store manager of Kenny carpets and floors. I Europe the west cynical okay Sharon next -- Brothers and access their styles are in October when they're they make doughnuts and cider and expect a tough place to work you've got to be like Lebanon bigger Brothers that it during that time here -- -- -- -- -- a -- adults -- -- candy -- yet because so great so. You also have the stores in Amherst and Williams -- -- celebrating their 54. Anniversary. In the month of may so. What about due to Kenny everybody west in New York now is do the Kenny do people come in the store. And because actually -- which is a nice twist to the show today we're actually gonna have. The person who wrote you with the Kenny came up with it and saying it and everything else. We're gonna have -- -- common here in just a few moments. What. Tell us about that what is -- to -- mean doesn't anybody really know it is kind of fun. -- my understanding it's that happy. Feeling that you get wins that jobs installed yet. And you come home from work in nurture new carpeting and so it's that excitement and exhilaration Egypt. You know feeling good about the purchase and there really is like there really is something it's like buying a new car carpet and you have this now all the new car smell. You you you know in the case carpeting you gotta keep walked into an eight -- wanna lay on it he smelled the carpeting it can really make a difference in a whole house. Now that that's true people put the purchase offer along times will be live with the old stuff for a long time and it's just that looked at the carpet or the the hardwood -- the women has created that you know brings back some of that excitement they can -- living in the -- again. It is carpeting and flooring that probably one of the major remodeling things that people do. Yes definitely is that what they look for first third do they -- does everything else that are around the carpet -- like. What color they can -- the walls and how does all combined what do what do you see when people come in there and they -- -- the whole redesign of the rooms there's a couple theories on that I think it's always easier to pick the carpet. And then and then work around it because so many paint colors to match whereas if you get locked in the colors and then you try to calm. And pick out specific carpet it might be a little bit more difficult to that point. So I think it's easier to start with the base with the floor and then work up from there and it's something that people can come again directly to any one of the three locations taken. Commend you -- sit down with the professionals sales. Experienced consultant. And kind of get the room of their dreams because really what else is. What else makes a room great other other than. What a flat screen and there are some chairs are and who. That really is it Eric carpet campaign it's it's it's -- it's a nice investment and you know we just you can -- years if you if you take care of the product you're gonna be years of you know good service I was wood flooring. Due to a lot of people go for what Florida it was very popular right now once it's a popular. Well they're they're available now in different ways she can get three inch five inch seven NG -- random with us. You'd get all the different species of -- we in the agony Brazilian cherry oak cherry. Decreased very popular -- now. So yet very populated it's Billy would its value to the home more so than other products that can put him do you see some of the newer homes being bill right now using the wooden. Florian did they do a lot of the builders have actually now a law how would in specific areas of the home where years ago. It would just allow our carpet the cost him a great it would. A lot of them are now using that is it is -- closing technique. To set themselves above other builders what is the -- rooms for carpet is that still traditionally the bedrooms -- rooms terrorism all. An analyst there's always -- why is it just just because it's a softer it's just a softer more comfortable feel. And if you have children you gotta be really careful about putting -- surface products on skiers. And opera always just so we don't want -- to do do people come in and sing the song to the candle they do all the time all the time. It's great when the commercial comes out playing the jingle when customers their kids start dancing around them. Really have a Google time so hey -- that's how people might think you know no I mean you guys have been around forever I'm sure there's been a lot of changes. Within the interest that you within the industry within within the stores. But again do McKinney's opponent that people really -- Kind of gravitate to -- that jingle sets us apart it's implement it and people remember Kenny carpets winning the carpeting. And it's been a big plus for business pitcher right now during many people come in there and get great deals during anniversary is all right that's right yeah have you always have great specials go on right now -- -- special financing. And watch our long term financing yeah that's another thing that that's something that I don't think people may realize that if you don't have the money all at once. So you wanna get you all remodeled that are couple rooms down. You really you can if you qualify for financing can its interest rate in some cases heard that that's correct. Do people take advantage of that financing they do it's probably it it was a higher one point now it's probably twenty. Percent of our sales. But it's a big help to people that needed it's there. How these guys offers them these great prices is that spying powers that longevity of this two words that have been around so long yes could -- its affiliation that Jeff the owner -- with these manufacturers dating back to the sixties. It's that long term affiliation. And it's the volume that we buy and when you're buying multiple roles of carpet we sent -- a couple times a week from the manufacturers in Georgia. Up pure buffalo and we we chart we got to turn it inventory over so so the out the carpet. Is made in in is adult daughter were north Georgia Dalton is that it is this is the town of the city where most of them. Carpet products c'mon you guys get it shipped by truck from from that from the carpet mills. Right to. The three Kenny carpet storage and again it's that buying power that allows people to save money -- getting the experience. People like you and you've been there now 24 about twenty years. What other changes if -- really take place when you started to right now. If people do things more online do you think court. If they re search products on line and then bring in printed things and say look at look at what I see here's the research. That consumers is much more knowledgeable now. Because on the Internet via. And you know there's times when you know we don't have to answer two questions so we can go to the Internet. And -- and researchers sometimes the customer already has the answer before we do so that's actually good day it's actually so they would they want and Kenny. The Knoll. They probably know what they want they've been educated it's it's not like you'd its net. You know they're going to -- for a reason because they've they've now found a place that they know that they wanna go to purchase. Whenever they printed out and -- hand from the computer right. So he's got to make it a little easier I would think that everybody that they've already done the research it it it it does and it just backs up what we tell them. You know we we we we have the knowledge to the seminars that we attend. And that we pass that -- to the customers and you can't you can't. You can't tell them things that are true in this industry you because they can certainly easily go to the Internet and find out. So you have to be upfront and honest with them in. You know -- soft but they're definitely more prepared when they come in now well again congratulations and 54 years second -- and -- floors. In the -- in the buffalo market just a great local success story thank you and thanks for the opportunity you're welcome thank you for being here Geary. And again they have other locations in Williams though. In Amber's as well are celebrating their 54 year anniversary can check about a trying to stuff. You know who will Kenny carpets and you'll find them I know you have a FaceBook page. Tootsie can like their FaceBook page. Or just come and NC one of the guys to seven days a weaker open right seven days. That's -- art academy. Do the candidates right -- the caddie Gary ED -- manager west Seneca can interpret the -- thanks a lot for being here today Gary appreciate York. You're listening to buffalo means does this with a buddy show a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch -- saves with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured -- -- at 8430167. Or email being -- @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and. When you need legal help you don't need silly phone numbers and slogans that Ryan. You need a legal team can experienced professional knowledgeable team that won't represent you no matter what it takes a team that is on your side and in York court. The law office of Ralph jewelry -- has their team of seven of the buffalo area's most dedicated civil and criminal attorneys. 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Hi folks I'm Steve although I wanna say thank you to over 30000 customers who continue to support the -- Volvo dealerships whether you're in the market for a new vehicle or just wanna stop -- have a cup of coffee we'd love to see you during customer appreciation days it's Diebold board in Niagara Falls to choose from over two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're back to buffalo means this this with -- Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy -- thinks which -- save -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to another edition of buffalo means business send news radio 930 WB EN minding his body -- this is our summer kickoff sure everybody's celebrating you know that the long winter that's finally gone and as we get into summertime here. Thank goodness we got a lot of great stuff to talk about the to buffalo real Memorial Day weekend summertime means food. And that's who we're going to be talking about today with some names that you for sure will know the first one being -- rate go was the CEO of could stand -- bakery. How many people have not heard of Pakistan's as -- body. Everybody Pakistan's those roles and we around here today thanks for being on the show rob thanks have me. Parts of Memorial Day here we are big kick off his summer how does it affect the company -- Pakistan's those memorial -- a big time for you guys. Fuel our business now we -- year round though frozen and fresh all the country but the traditional kickoff to our summer season this Memorial Day. This year it started a little bit earlier. Just because it's it's a long winner and that I think there was this built up cabin fever with a lot of folks. And -- is kinda get out there start grilling going out again so are essentially -- pick up a couple weeks ago. But this weekend coming up the the first real search that Woolsey of our fresh business took stands as has been around since 1933. -- can get his -- roles in now western new York at retail locations -- but also. Even -- used to do a lot of like the you know. Pop art stands at the corner of the role woods and stuff like bettors it's -- mainly in retail locations. Nowak share business retails are relatively new phenomenon for us so we Sarah -- your goal with a whole new program artery eightieth anniversary. The line of products which could find and all the retailers locally all the major retailers spent a tremendous success for us. But really for decades the core of our business was food service in the summertime. We service literally hundreds and Jiri county of hot dog stands golf courses. All the Arenas the bison as we do big promotion with them. And we have a big wholesale business so we'll -- caterers. It's wedding season this graduation season. The fire also common for all their chamber reason barbecues and other things so this summer really is prime time for us and all parts of our business and these people insist on Pakistan's those roles -- right thankfully they do -- the time absolutely. You started and that Delaware near Bailey in buffalo. Many years ago how different is the original bakery that want to what you have today right and a union or in Cheektowaga. The only original section Belden avenue way back when cancerous cell towers started to break down the street so there's a rich history didn't and that quarter of the city of food companies them and down from the like. The biggest different and his many differences the biggest difference is that the size and scale of our business our plan today's. To automated lines a 100000 square feet. Always an equipment and technology so it's just simply the scale by which we can produce but. The product the recipes the the quality ingredients -- workmanship is still the same. It's just done it a larger scale company employees discs could stances have. We have today about a 140 employees total ballots pretty thick it's pretty -- also at the at your location which is an ins for try around the union -- -- -- corner there. At that location you have a sub shop as well we do. That's open seven days a week and we also have a whole -- cash and carry but we feature a lot of our products that are for real Little League. Fresh baked walked rate in from the line into the store. And we have a great southern catering business -- kind of a -- tradition is he stopped by other folks have lived in the neighborhood or remember us from -- Taliban. On the holidays Christmas Eve in particular we get. -- you know twelve to 15100. Pre orders from consumers. And we have a whole Everett way that we stage things in the parking lot with some. With tents and police and whatnot and it's kind of been a tradition. In the area for decades now the people's top five for the big holiday to pick up fresh bread. Because stances has a lot of different kind of roles I was on the website Pakistan's as bakery downtown. Give a lot of different kind of rolls. What is the most popular role you sell -- people just can't get enough of arcs are number one seller today it's still are twelve and sub role so when you go once a lot of local sub shops locally. And universities in our store that's been sort of the classic traditional buffalo style so overall. And every city for -- very regional like food to different cities have different. Flavors shapes sizes up big styles and we've adapted to that as we've grown. But here locally are are eaten twelve and sub role in our round Kaiser roll. Our small one and our medium one that value seats about if you Wear those are the those are the the core of our product makes you do -- moment -- Kimmel or else we do. We do a fresh. Are fresh -- our business -- you go outside of buffalo he never -- Arnold -- what is what I don't even know what it is what I mean again I mean it's it's. It's something we talk about a lot internally because. It's I think it's a product that has potential outside the area and it's something that we're investigating. Just creating some awareness through marketing in through trial. The Kimmel -- is is some type of ground roll and all we -- the person does is after speak still spring water. And pretzel salt in caraway seeds it's just a bland. It's very unique to our area but we're looking at some ways of working with our corporate chefs and others to introduce it to chains outside the area the challenge with the quite frankly it's really operational. Is you can't freeze that the that exceeds an assault on the role that it it dissolves and falls off. So there's a little bit of logistics of how we would make it happen. But I think that that's on our radar screen of new products and innovation ideas that we're showing some regional customers and it still appears somewhere. We just have to find the right fit. And dumb and find some of them wants to be the first one out there to test the concept -- we think it has a lot of a lot of potential it's what people eat and they want them. Yeah it really -- we overwhelmed talking a little bit earlier. In the food business say people seated at the supermarket but the price of just about everything is going up. Vegetables are going up proteins -- mean beef and pork -- all time -- milk ice cream everything's going up -- has been fairly stable. So but the good thing for us is some people are more willing 81 new things but we're still you know we can give some -- we can give a restaurant operator consumer are really great role to make whatever it is that they're eating better. For a very small. In criminal cost whereas to upgrade your burger or your. You know your troops here what -- is getting more and more expensive so. -- that's the reason I think we've been successful and at supermarkets. All -- brand name but more so what's he -- with restaurant chains around the country they're seeing the same thing to the more these new ideas we can give them like Kimmel went like some of the other things that we're doing. That's really the way of growing our business outside the area we're here with rob trade -- stanza was bakery. And that it is error kick off the summer show here -- news radio 930 WB handed buffalo means business. There you are obviously senator here in Western New York there is being near that big flower milled around town is that is that help in anyway she performed. It does come -- visit there's a couple ways to look at it. The we're blessed here because I'm free -- are very expensive. So for the major things that we purchase to produce their products you have flower is the biggest ingredient. And you have about corrugated boxes and bags. All of those hum raw materials are within. Literally. Ten or fifteen minutes. From our plant so we're helps us is from a just in time inventory basis were able to bring materials in as needed. And not have to carry large inventories and that's a huge advantage for us the fact that the flour mills close helps us with the just in time. That this has been ages you still have to get it from the midwest to buffalo. Mostly over the lake so there's a little bit of extra free cost there. But in our world here running 24 hours a day the ability to call up and in fifteen or twenty minutes get whatever you need is a huge advantage for us. So it's recovering well and location Cheektowaga. -- -- to a degree place if it's clearly right the senator period counting. So we -- eleven trucks that are out every day it's a very efficient way to distribute products as well you also have a new jingle. In fact let's play a little bit of this great -- go right now. Don't make the same kind of Kansas makes their -- -- don't take advantage thanks. Kansas makes all of this. What a great jingle. Amendment that -- -- loses of summertime and everything else but if you wanna hear it you can go to stances website and you can hear the full version and there. As well good stuff the thinking here we liken it to somehow with the process of creating that Korea well it was very interesting is the first time we've done it in the in a long time and you know just. The the bill hole. Concept from soup to nuts of walking through. Working with. Ken Coughlin in the folks locally that helped us with this it was a great process because. You know we had this concept. And you need to be able to take it and just have someone -- with that in turn into some thing. That consumers would resonate within its easy -- -- -- everything that you want and create. Jingle but he really goes speaks from the heart of what we believe that core of our businesses and and what our brand equity is is the fact that. Our bread makes whatever you're eating better. And that's a message that we can take all -- the country and that's where businesses growing and and the way to jingle came out it's on our website even ahead. We get a competitor of ours from Boston who sent us an email our website to say hey. You know I'm that we knew where lies they systemic competitor years and that's a great -- So that's you know that's that grief a great testament we bring in Paul -- our chairman and every tree Western New York you were involved and -- -- action. You on its I didn't know that story that's usually story about that but you know what what we did was we actually went with -- Kaufman and and done Thomas who lower sales manager. And now we went to instruct review your location is -- of the union and we put our white coats on and special. Caps to you know into the when he when he calls captures it that they're necessarily clear that I we -- -- by the way it's very very fashionable and put some of those I think we cover fashion plate there. So we went through and we actually. We're able to look at the roles be produced and take one off the line and when you take it right fresh out of the oven me and my of my mouth is -- now there's talk about. That helped a lot for Ken Kaufman. To really get more of the gist of how important this role -- to you know that it's not like. And you know the reliever had honestly in -- -- this is story for you. My nephew was up from New Orleans. A couple weeks ago. To move his hands down with him so he -- appeared he had to make sure one of his stops was going to be. You're -- location to get a sub he looked my brother wanna listen. New Orleans and their kids have always been because stand. Themselves snack -- and effort as opposed it was -- could -- a lot of people leave buffalo they go to the Euro itself. But they want their fix of the stances -- roles had had a vague and do you do you see that a lot where a lot of -- with transplants. Who have left the area they're like we can't have anything withers it was but Pakistan's world. Yet suggesting their biggest single customers and expo Polonia and who -- a chain of sub shops in Jacksonville. And worrying -- stores now really in -- website and everything -- we get that we get a lot of social media has. Amplified that because in the old age get a lot of handwritten letters from folks saying you know I wish I could find your products here there would now it's on real time. We give more time again for transplants because their mom. I was going through some of the things on FaceBook and our customer service we've had people on ships that have taken in the in the military that have taken rules with them. And so what did that the difference today is we don't shipped direct to consumer mail order but we have distributors. On that we sell to all over the country. And so were able to direct people and our website we just it's an enhancements to our website where. People can going to find distributors and their carrier brokers so it's more is a lot more accessible than people realize so a lot of folks will call and say geez I'm in. Florida and I really wish I could get your stuff and NBC he can't you just go to Cisco here or go to this cashing -- there. And so armed. It's really yum it's really needed the product more accessible for people were listening online continue pretty much -- it stands -- rules in -- in any state or -- is where our strength this from the Mississippi east and it primary reason his freight is very expensive to ship. A very light product like spread across the country. But we're very strong enough up and down the East Coast so if you think of our base here. We do extremely well in the midwest we have a lot of rich quick great customers -- shooters Indiana Michigan Ohio that area Florida's huge market for -- for. Up and down Florida. Our brand in and private label. We to a lot of the mid Atlantic. Virginia Washington DC. We're pushing very heavy now want to match or new York and Boston that's a growth area so over doing -- growth plan moving forward as we now we have some gaps to fill. So between Florida and Virginia we have -- land now the Carolinas a lot of people from buffalo in Charlotte area and whatnot. So now we're building sales team and a broker network fair and we'll start to plug some of this year graphic gaps. And so really are are a Hillary can't as well we started their buddy you're going we're starting to build a base there but already. Our brand and our quality is resonating we're starting to build we're starting to fill some awareness Ontario so we all that stuff well. This is Memorial Day weekend if you're grilling you to want anything to connect growing inside make sure whatever you're eating you know -- -- our government make sure everything comes with Pakistan's and his role because everything's better what's the single again call the the role makes a sandwich went to stands -- makes the -- Saying it but we're not -- -- -- we we we leave that up can I leave effort Kelly gets -- his his folks so. It was great having and the show and enjoy your weekend and again and have their website is stances bakery. Debt counts and make sure to do that. Have a great summer -- and it was a good giving the -- He thanks for having me thanks for your support control such as well rob Drake to a CEO of the stanza as they -- my name is forty Shula. Will be back with our index segment of buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB. -- you're listening to buffalo means is this with -- -- a -- powered by -- blue rock energy stop. 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Cheeseburger cheeseburger is giving away free hamburger story here holy cow free hamburgers for a year from achieve energy murder it's good cheeseburger cheeseburger ultimate counter eating contest -- your nearest Jay -- cheaper location for details about -- register to win or go to cheaper energy -- on FaceBook win free burgers for a year end. Only achieve energy -- home of the 100% all natural Angus beef burger Niagara Falls boulevard Amherst and in the McKinley and all boys Dell. We're back to buffalo means this this with buddy Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by a Little Rock energy south thinks which can say -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business my name is what he surely you're listening to news radio 930 WB EN and our kickoff to summer show. Now maybe dole like grilling OK maybe you don't like doing that may be just like going someplace having everything done for you haven't an ice she Berger of the reason they say that is because as a great restaurant two of them. In Western New York called cheeseburger cheeseburger I know you have heard of them but you gotta go rule where herewith stock Christine hinder lighter. Who owns cheeseburger. How -- cheeseburger. You don't get settled all right we look at that I it Emerson plays -- the cheaper locations. Now first of all tell me about cheaper cheaper. Cheever Cheever is an old fashioned diner -- -- and the act the people of Santa. -- it's you know birders milk shakes Fries onion rings good atmosphere you know in the -- kind of makes it. So basically all the good stuff yeah. You guys so all the good stuff hey if we're gonna talk about the rains in the Fries in and and the food in just a little bit because it's fabulous but. Tell me more from a business input -- did you -- that the franchise here -- New York. We opened the Amherst store in September 2006. So that stars the eight years old -- -- -- Reynolds wolf are apt to want to -- plaza. -- of ways they'll store it was three years in December. While on and things are going good yes and it's kind of like a family if -- two year to have security mother when I walk in there and -- I have found is the best host we have ever read what is your role. I oversee everything and protect your actually cook in the food when I go in there you do and everything however is being done. I'm in the first -- that's that's it and you know sometimes I think business owners. People don't realize that they do everything yet to be a Jack of all trades are right in. I tell people leave pretty much running out of business bureau -- -- Tony first avenue and you're gonna get out of it which put into that and my philosophy is kind of you know. Be an example itself for my employees I need to be the Bus Cook I need to be the best server need to be the bass and everything's that I can teach them train them so that. You know my a level of expectation of you know being. Great is achieved because I can teach people to do that. And a whole concept of cheeseburger cheeseburger is to infringe your own merits. That's all over your web -- and you know when you go in and and look at the menu we tell about inventing your own. So tell me about that concept when people walk in there how what what can they invent their own off. Pretty much anything and the many. -- -- five different size of burgers obviously Cheever -- is on the front -- so that's not what we figure cumin and part of the you know we had chicken we have salads we have perhaps we have. Veggie burgers Turkey burgers chicken finger -- mean there's a lot of other things that we have. On but the invent your -- is and there's nine cheeses and over twenty topics I mean. It's just analysts in Arian a -- for some spice theory the mood for something -- we'll throw pineapple and teriyaki out -- it's just. What's different ways in terms of combinations how many combinations of burgers do you think that people could make. I haven't done the math myself but there has to be. Doesn't it say on the website there's a number or something I was like eight million. Probably earnings is 700000 -- And I would doubt it because we have different -- now we have wraps. The other is just somebody thinks plus milk shakes. I mean the milk shakes and Cheever Cheever are to die before and there's over a million combination of those still what's the weirdest nomination I'll see somebody's ever asked for. When people start ordering five or six of the different flavors that we have was that because there's about 87 listed on the manual. And then we say okay go for written combine you know whatever you wanna combine together and some of the younger kids just like to go to town index now apple pie with. Blueberry pie and teach in -- going to throw some Mario's and he is an area we've had people ask the attic get -- and their milk shakes out to. And it's just yet go -- it now if that's what you like so -- and what's. What's so good what's a good combination of a burger that people what's what's the newest craze in -- nominations. And we get so many it really depends I tell people they could eat there every day during the week and get a different. Taste with their burger 'cause you know like everything and pineapple and teriyaki has become pretty -- Popular some people like to stick with displaced -- is that franks hot bath and levers mustard and how PO cheese and helping -- peppers to go that route you know it just depends what they're in the vote for. A task -- the app portabella salad there phenomenal probably the best seller and I've ever had as a cheeseburger cheeseburger. Because you know again the name the name says one thing obviously you know for achievers. But but the menu is extensive you can go to the website with news that she burger. -- com and you'll see the different things you can invent infect me is burger month which is another great reason -- and it's a kickoff to summer here. In burger -- give you were great -- has gone -- here are your stores. -- had this year we decided it's national burger month and again says cheeseburger cheeseburger on the -- let's go with that. And so word during the ultimate pounder challenged. We have a pounder burger that people coming anytime an. So we kind of took that and that are right let's do kind of an eating contest. So at the end of the month we're gonna -- you know pick a random people from who entered and they're gonna come end and we try to make a little tougher so they're actually eat the pounder in between. Two of our grilled cheese sandwich this. -- -- Really get under that they invited Al. And lift the eight pounder burger death. In in the middle of two -- grilled cheese sandwich have four pieces that she's eight pieces there it is that she's four -- that Brad. And whoever does that first is that away and free burgers for there has anyone Donnie. We have it now this is the first time we're doing that obviously people -- -- -- the regular -- it's just one of our finance rolls out. The one thing to mention too about your burgers these and I know you're very -- this isn't there 100%. All natural Angus beef. We're talking top notch stuff here are beef comes and fresh it's never frozen. We can't roll everything way out to meet. You know put on the grow by hand and everything it's not done. You know patties made premier anything like that we cook it that's why it takes ten to fifteen mr. cook -- again fresh fresh product there. Again we're here with Christine hinder -- of five cheeseburger cheeseburger locations in Amherst road on -- falls boulevard. And in play is still inside the McKinley Molly of patios to with the restaurants aren't. Once south buffalo weather cooperates with us we have patios outside so people can enjoy that. Couple months of sunshine a nice weather get current. What do you think the difference. Between you restaurant locations and and the -- worker concept. He what what what's the difference between you and some other burger places is that they equality that you offer is -- that invent your own. It's all of that together on were very unique. I think to other places on word. You know mainly focused on our burgers and things like that but we offer. Tons of other things for other. The -- -- the are beyond its just that. All type a fifties Dieter atmosphere at the news day -- -- people tapping their toes Elvis and -- out things like that and enjoying themselves were very very family oriented we have -- fun night and Wednesday from 530 to 730 at both locations and every Wednesday is something different. The inside the core of your right is reminiscent of the fifties and sixties it's like one of those you know things seem happy days. You know with aren't seeing stuff like that you even have soda fountains. Their their attention of a soda fountain or some kind of worries. Don't we have best -- buyer -- so -- -- follow that up Indiana with a glass box wearing make up the milk shakes and -- screens and -- you -- fifties music's playing your radio Elvis pictures and everything all over the place so again if you snapped into. Cheeseburger cheeseburger you really have to do that if you just don't feel like grilling yourself than and you want. Some summertime food. We Damon talked about the rings and and the Fries which are those are all fresh we did the rings in the batter right before they go on the Fryer we kind of every day. Yeah I mean these these things this is a relief. Eaten the Internet so that is good summertime Ferrero in timing. One thing you have I noticed that on your website you have deep fried artichoke hearts. And the Italian sauces burger. Yes that's a limited time offer thing. We've been doing a few of those this year just to get -- you know idea what people like people are loving the Italian sausage burger now it's an event -- -- -- that any cheese or cheese and trappings. Com -- and mouth is watering can comedian norm Gordon after the show. Let me ask -- of this from a business standpoint how do you like being a business owner because you know -- you're young woman then and just you can tell you very vibrant. -- we are excited about it you have that the shirt -- and -- proud what what is it like to be an owner of two restaurants. I'm at least it has its challenges and has its rewards. -- to have the passion for it and you know I get up every day and do my best to make it successful I enjoyed my employees in return at. Have what you know be a little light -- networks that people enjoy their job and I enjoy the customers to him. You know it's going to be a big part of that the customers as a kind of fulfilling to see people with a smile on their -- haven't agreed. Meal only absolutely it it really has found. I guess that people come in now you know those hi I do land this and Maggie -- you have your regulars that come in weekly or monthly and they don't use you know mad man die in -- you know their order sometimes it further even sit down and it's just nice seeing -- with the consistency and stuff people out and they come back and yeah I get to interact with to for people all day. By the way your staff again compliment for staff. Everybody -- in there is working the Cheever Cheever. They're happy either singing and there are talking to people there I mean it's it's that's got to be good environment happy employees make -- customer access the audio eighteen year old boss do you think you wanna do it at this point any other way because you have a background. That's a teaching. Yes. And I use a lot teaching to you know -- the kids and teaching them that actually I tell my employees that are still kind of a teacher every day. And teaching them how to be their best as. And again -- a little bit more my philosophy is not just. Do your best for my business but do your best here. And -- -- -- life kind of things and sometimes they look at me like -- you know you're not my mother but I tell them sometimes here in school. If you can be on time every day here you'll be anti and every job that you have after you leave me type thing so. Most of them get that may you know appreciate baton. You know the things that I just I try to lead by example -- -- growing up did you ever think you don't to restaurants. Never. But I had a callous to be a teacher as Summers. It -- to work things levity on the third teaching the kids -- a good time but time. I don't think I'd trade it for the world. You know it's it's they're buying you know I take a lot of pride in themselves and do you see yourself may be getting more locations some dinner. We always talked about it alone again it just depends you know market lies an academy and all the good stuff and you know that's the whole business expect numbers on it for people who. Are thinking of buying a franchise because again there are some there are some benefits to franchises and that the franchise hopes you have a lot of ways. You know with the branding of the team and with the certain things like that. Is it hard to get a franchise. You know could have long hospitals. It depends sometimes. Again you know. Years ago. Loans and suffer easier to get the hard to get tech that are a little harder so it just depends it every franchise has different rules different regulations different. On cost to get into it cost to build out on how many they want you open and a certain period of time so it's. It depends what franchise you're looking to get into -- to do something like that. So you would pray you probably not do over again right you would I mean in terms of you're you're glad you have cheeseburger cheeseburger. And it's gonna serve her well for -- ranked just it just seems like a lot of it seems like a lot of work and hit. I I can't explain to people enough that you know being the owner. You're just not sitting back in some. You know cruise ship in Tahiti. Collected money you're you're used to put a lot of things this past Saturday I was the girl girl from 1030 to four. If you. Like your burger. Like you know might my partner in crime here Paul -- hour. Paul. Great example here of a local a local you know franchise owner of cheeseburger cheeseburger. I think it's -- I think is kind of interesting -- -- there. All we I was just arm of the former and brewer in the green room before before we came on that I loser couple weeks ago -- -- the -- -- my wife was out of town I I wanted to treat myself so I went over there and I had a cheeseburger platters. And it was extremely good. And the thing is I don't know if you go to that they don't just ducked out for measures so -- -- may have missed -- -- we're talking -- that the ingredients that you have to be able put. On a hamburger is astounding. Does that never -- a -- did you go over that there's -- -- -- irritated or might go all the possibilities and I -- fret about peanut butter because my son likes that I and burgers it's peanut butter and it you know he swears by I didn't try it myself. But when I was there the milk shakes or what I mean to this who taxable value of the Internet here and other real deal -- they don't it's like I've I had -- good -- they're really good if you're. Well -- bug and we want to thank you Christine for being on the show Christine hinder lighter cheeseburger cheeseburger Amherst down Niagara Falls boulevard in blazed already in the McKinley mall also on the nice days they have a -- -- let someone else do the cooking for you once in awhile. And like Paul said when you when you have this food from cheaper you won't believe. The menu. That they have it I mean it's it's the cheap burgers are great but they have everything else is well also check it out. When you get a chance six offer being on the show -- you for having me really appreciated and we will -- carry on with our kickoff to summer show. Here in buffalo means business on news radio 930 WDN. You've been listening to buffalo means business -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WB CN. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen -- brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. The health insurance resource for small business and vice deep ball go forward and Steve -- should be. -- Buick Cadillac. Drive a sure -- that this team follow umbrella. And the law office of Ralph C will rebuild the team that's on your side -- -- New -- court. Tune in every Saturday at 6 PM only. On news radio 930 WB --