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Jun 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Double the -- and -- your home improvement typical weekly meet Dominique Ortiz brought to you I've -- in -- shop easy shot value. During cold spells in the love likes to keep his San Jose California house warm and toasty. Which used to be a problem whenever the 29 year old Yahoo! mobile app designer travel out of town. He sometimes forget to turn down the thermostat and run up a nasty heating -- by the time he returned. But he hasn't had to worry about that since buying one of Google's. Next thermostats. Typically selling for 249. Dollars. Device learned its users daily heating and cooling preferences including when they're away. Then in mimics those temperature variations on its own. Which was just what law was looking for -- there -- things that I'd much rather do with my time and be worrying about my thermostat he says it's kind of a cliche but I like the idea of setting yet and forgetting it it's more of the product in my life that could do that. Then would be great impact companies are developing a wide array of Smart devices from refrigerators to coffee -- That will tailor their functions to what they learned. What about pollute the user's needs. It's not all part of the so called Internet of things. Many of these gadgets are still on the drawing board. So the nest thermostat provides an intriguing sample. Of what is fast coming down the road officials think Google would spot the Palo Alto, California based nest labs for 3.2 billion earlier this year. Says the gadgets prepare Terry -- algorithms and centers. Give it the brain power to understand what its owners want. The first three or four days is when it's most eager to learn. Says Maxine -- she's the director of product marketing for -- It's going to start looking for patterns it gathers data temperature and the time it was set. Also occupancy. Whether someone was home are not in it crunches this information amazing how after four days. NASA learned enough about its human user to keep the house is COLT. Or as hot as the person generally prefer is it different times during the day. The temperatures can still be adjusted manually or with the Smartphone. But by then the device has learned a schedule and it's slows to modify it. Fascinating missing the support. We'll check it out on line at WB and dot com hey wanna become a member of my double B and home improvement typically -- simply tax tip. The 309 trio that's tipped the 30930. Text and data rates may apply to and at 10 AM camera time comes your way. We'll take two hours to tear apart your home improvement problems right here and WB --

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