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Jun 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBM present your whole improvement tip of the week with the Democrats he's brought to you but I value on Sanders shopping easy. Shock value well wanna save some money and help the planet at the same time. Then take a look at some of the gadgets and appliances in your home. By turning off adjusting or swapping out some of your devices you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year. While reducing your carbon footprint. Now there's a couple things that are involved cancer conservation and energy efficiency. A sixty year old house with some fairly old appliances. And including on that list how about your toilet is probably as old as the house the water heater while maybe that's about 25 years old. And clothes washer. And to those generally aged well too but unfortunately if you can afford to replace everything. How about trying to figure out what changes might provide the most bang for your buck. Energy experts. Offered some good suggestions that save lots of money off them without big upfront costs in fact. You can save a good deal of money without spending a cent by adjusting the settings and some of your gadgets and other electronic equipment. Television for example are often set to look extra bright so they stand out in showrooms right. By turning down the brightness you can save significant power and money. The same is true with computers desktop computers in particular often use sixty watts or more and that that may not sound like a lot. But it can add up. If the computer is left and and inactive. For all day long. By allowing your computer to go to sleep when it's not being used it power consumption can drop to as little as to what -- less. Game console like computers are often left down. Sometimes inadvertently they tend to even -- be hungrier for power than desktops but can be set to automatically shut down. When not in use. Consumer reports estimates that console owners. Can save more than a hundred hours a year by just turning off the device. When they're not being used in some cases though you'll need to buy new equipment deceased aiming to power and money. The best place to start. Is with like -- cup although power sipping compact fluorescent bulbs have been on the market for decades LEDs have become more popular recent. Recently about 70% of US light -- still have. Power hogging incandescent bulbs in the EPA. That's a huge target for savings because lighting accounts for about 12%. Of the average consumers electrical bill. And the newer bulbs use less than 30% of the energy consumed by incandescent. Hey mister in this report where you can hear it again. At W the -- that -- or better yet become a member of my WB and home improvement tip of the week club by simply texting tip. To 30930. That's tipped the 309 Rio text and data rates may apply. Two and at 10 AM camera time comes your way we'll take all of your home -- the questions here on WB yet.

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