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May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Father's Day WB and present your home improvement tip of the week with lead on the court he's brought to you by value -- senators -- easy. Shock value so I thought we'd spend Father's Day weekend. Taking some advice. From fathers who -- happen to work around this old house magazine now with Father's Day. Tomorrow that they -- of this old house share some of their hard one who hard won wisdom. With the next generation. A couple of them really caught my guy like Kevin O'Connor who's the hopes he is the father of Luke who's nine and -- him. And Caitlin which are twins. Who are five. Here's what I know he says. Anything you don't fix isn't gonna fix itself. I like that. The leaks gonna keep leaking the -- gonna keep rotting and nothing's gonna get better and -- lay hands and it and do something about it. And so I encourage my kids to try to fix those things themselves first. You get a free swing. And the pits that swing is a mess doesn't work well. Then you can call in a pro that's great advice -- and how about this one from Tom baker he's the technology editor for. The building -- for this old house he's -- father of high 25 and I'm a 21 times says. I like to tell my kids how important it is to preserve the original fabric of a vintage home the windows that trimmed the plaster the floors. Resistant urged to immediately update or improve go slow live in a place become aware of the details that make it special. When you respect what the original it means you have to take care of it. But that's not a burden it's a gift because then you experience the joy of working with your hands of acquiring new skills -- becoming confident in yourself. I like these so far Wesley Richard -- who week -- the plumbing and heating expert on the photo. He's the father of Ross 291127. Richard says. My kids are now homeowners. And they do some of so much on their -- but they didn't come without learning first on the -- when the boys were babies. We did a full house renovation later on we built the house down by the beach and that's when they really rolled up their sleeves working -- right alongside me. I had infected them with the mechanical virus. And that's the thing if he's here if you know how stuff works. When you still no matter what the problem is you can always break it down and work backwards to find a solution. If you are meant that a methodical about that there isn't much you can't figure out I've always told them just clear the decks. And put some logic into it like I always say what can be hard by the yard the by the inch. -- -- Hate the things report will check it out online at WB EN dot com and if you like he's enjoying my home improvement tip of the week club. Simply text tip to 309 trio that's tipped the 3093. Text and data rates may apply and the triple -- sent to you every week. -- and at 10 -- hammer time comes your way will take home improvement questions in tournament answers here I'm WB yet.

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