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Jun 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB ENN presents your home improvement tip of the week with me Dominique Archie is brought to you by their homes -- shop easy. Shot value -- become a member of my home improvement tip of the week club. By texting tip to 309 trio that's tip to 309 trio text and data rates may apply and my temple come -- Once a week. Just our technology can perform all sorts of tasks in our homes turn our lights and lock our doors crank up thermostats. And quite possibly. Give someone access. To our valuables or. Our bank accounts yet. The rise of Smart technology. Worries -- security expert Gerri Irvine. Who believes many homeowners are unknowingly trading security. For convenience. When the install Smart gadgets or systems in their homes. Now you should be concerned enough not to do it he says or to pay somebody to do it for you correctly. He's also. Chief information officer and a partner with -- since solutions there and information technology company. Located in Chicago. He goes on to say it's not the technology that's the problem. It's the way people are using it. Smart technology lets users control a number of functions remotely from a computer tablet or Smartphone. Typically the users connect to those systems via the Internet. And almost always the systems can be controlled wirelessly. Unfortunately. Those systems are often insecure. And that vulnerability can open the door literally or figuratively. To people who are looking to steal. So let's say you have a Smart thermostat in operated by a chip. That has no security protection Irvine says as a hacker could use that as an entry point to get access to your computer. If that computer isn't adequately protected with anti virus software in its operating system is an updated regularly. The hacker can get in fairly easily and find information that will lead him or her to withdraw money from your bank account. Charged items your credit cards and otherwise disrupt your finances now if you think that can happen consider this. It appears the hacker -- who ransacked targets computer system got in via the heating ventilation air conditioning system. Irvine who serves as the on the national cyber security task force a body that advises federal decision makers on cyber security policies said that. Hacking into a Smart system can give some someone physical access to your home. And a thief could disable your security arm. Turn off for your security cameras and even unlock the Smart box on your doors so be aware of the security of how you access through the Internet. Missed any of this report. We'll check it out online a double BM dot com or become a member of might double B and home improvement tip of the week club by texting tip. The 309. Trio text and data rates may apply. Two and -- 10 AM camera time comes your way were here till noon taking your home improvement questions right here and WB yet.

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