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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Camp Good Days In Need of Repairs - Lisa Booz

Camp Good Days In Need of Repairs - Lisa Booz

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB and lifeline is Lisa boost director of camp good days and special times Lisa good morning. Good morning thank you amber and thanks for joining us you're going to the public for help because you need to. You need help with problems secure -- telling listeners about it. Sure -- that -- which is -- local nonprofits -- children with cancer we -- You're around a particular cancer we are heart take care facility and he'd go lake which is in the Finger Lakes region. And two weeks ago he suffered devastating damage is cute picture like I'm. Most of our lower camp which is where Kevin. Where image has really we actually had to pick out one of our -- and it was filled with so much -- animal. So we really are making a chill out to the public to help us. Get to camp back in to say that shape. We've never camp the camp session before and we don't remember I think it found missionary and. Inside these cabins that were damaged by the flooding and all this mud. -- there were. Utilities that are the -- the kitchen sink of furniture things like that. There that we not teaching thinks so much it's that haven't fortunately every night we shot hours then -- and thinks. We did have a utility shut that we get it down so a lot of electronics in the -- Things like that were destroyed. A lot of -- bunk beds or mattresses and everything we have. Is the -- many people don't really realize accurate which apparently suppressed immune system. So everything that we had was specialized sports -- with cancer so even -- match it's as. We're on a thousand dollars -- Who we brought dozens of there was that we have to hurry up yet again that the children will be safe and have a good time campus some. What is the best way for the public to help with this. They can go to our website which -- -- there's -- -- experts but at least it was background. This is how big news camp good days and special times these days. You occupy a lot of properly and checking how big is it and the blues club and all the smoke devastated most of them properly. Not most of property good portion up and we -- upper and lower intricate so it takes up about thirteen acres. And that took its 800 plus -- waterfront the entire waterfront was damaged so we lost a lot of stocks boats. I -- actually had to come and bring more fans in and that's where a lot of our damage to take place and he has about 15100 children -- -- -- -- -- -- 500. Of which come from the Western New York area so again they said the campus carry might not see hear and question -- we certainly a couple of them in the street and. Now when this camps start at duke a lake. Can't actually hurting its we didn't have to cancel one fashion for young adults which is agents he flew to 39. Our accession for children starts right after July 4 so we definitely have a sense of urgency that -- -- the place back in shape and. Besides accepting cash donations. Would you be willing to accept a brand new -- utilities like. A brand new mattress -- things like that. You know I would love to say yes but at this said the afford because that included so specialized we really do need to purchase the products themselves a lot for someone out there that specializes. In items that help -- -- pressure and we really need to get more funding that comes and the. Lisa nice to have -- on and I'm glad you could explain everything you need. And that hopefully listened to come through for you thank you very much. That's Lisa -- director of camp good days and special times. We'll have this interview up on WBN dot com shortly if you wanna -- listen to it for the needs and for the exact spot to go to make a donation.

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