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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Overall Jobs Outlook - John Challenger

Overall Jobs Outlook - John Challenger

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have our guests on the live line -- John Challenger with a firm challenger gray and Christmas on our focus continues. The job market this morning John good morning and thank you for joining us Martin -- getting people getting people to work those are focused -- you know. -- folks in the USA with the jobless rate now at seven point 3% that's the extreme. It's under is six for some among some industries but has got to be tough to get back into the job market behavioral employed. -- -- this new college grads. Already flooding their employers who throws a -- of requests for interviews. Well it's true but if you have experience. And then you say your in your thirties or forties or older. You're gonna gonna compete necessary when those college grad I -- it never happens. But you have something the brain which is not just -- knowledge that you have put that. Kind of expertise if you -- to use you could point to examples Pletcher is done. We stand out well. You compete against college -- OK but what about those college -- what is the job market like for -- that are just entering the job market. -- the job market today is much better there was over the last several years continues to improve each year. Companies know they can still afford not to let pipeline to -- Cup ball but not -- grads and putting them into their system. There -- their future measures so the market is much better which a lot of hiring. You know. That could really strong hiring this year are starting about November of the crowds. It's always -- you come out you don't have a job and everybody flooding into the market want. John -- people who have virtually given up. Trying to get back and work force what do day. Need to do to sell themselves. To us prospective employer just to get their foot in the story. Well first I think if you go out for a long time go out there over a year then. Sometimes -- -- have people holding out for too much and given up and -- better to get back to work it may not be. Completely use and which could score but it -- back into the game pitcher working again you can recreate yourself. Companies want people look and our people come and I have the skills could get to work right away. I -- tell you a bit they'll understand. The drop reload and train them and develop them for people who do their jobs. Right away so that's something that you could bring. But let go look for jobs they use what you've been doing you're your expertise over the last five years. But don't look for somebody who can't tell it to off the mark. Because import more real experience. What are you hearing about buffalo does this region showing your radar. And -- thank. Well a -- against buffalo wings. Manufacturing. Brings a strong. Technology. He two. In a market. Good health care system so certainly -- -- and jobs in buffalo. Now available for people. John good to chat -- you this morning thank you we appreciate your time. Thank you John Challenger is with challenger gray and Christmas.

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