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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Best Tips For Buffalo Job Seekers - Bill Naab; Pt IV

Best Tips For Buffalo Job Seekers - Bill Naab; Pt IV

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the job scene in Western New York with so many graduates recently at colleges and he'll be graduating from high schools next month in Western New York. They'll never -- in guest Harry used in studio guest this morning from management worked -- kind of billing here western new Yorker and you've got a good grasp of the job seen how as the -- -- changed around here over the years is this the best ever. Well in -- to triple and this is what I think I think there's opportunities that are operative what you have to go you know. There's a one point eight million college graduates that are going to be entering the job force this year. -- -- it is and another one point you know at one point in after that year after. But the good news is there's four point two million job opportunities that are out there so like this and you have to go get it. If you're currently looking for a job you have to go about it in different ways there's about 30000 different job posting sites available on the Internet today. So just looking at these job -- isn't going to get it done. Yet to research the companies you have to talk to people yet to schedule. Visits to these companies as much as he possibly can. But nothing's a sure fire way you have to do the due due due diligence to find out what their -- -- looking for Nancy if you -- any a unique skill that's gonna get to him. You know. The prospective employer I mean they have to note that almighty god the you know should be locked the door I shouldn't go hide. I mean they're going to be inundated by young guys and -- Looking for work how how patient -- -- Well they're not very because they also has stockholders that they had to answer to our board of directors at his pants that they had deliverables and time lines to. But it is without question an employer's market. They know that they can have the pick anybody that's all there. So they had to be very very particular about what it is that the looking for. They had to define their time ones and their deliverables. And they are willing to negotiate a little bit I'm sorry but to kindness and employer he'd get what you pay if you want to get -- good good high Kwame salary around there you're gonna get a good workers file. Best -- fields. And worst job fields in your opinion on the gosh there's a -- -- get on the -- on that one but right now like it says if you war in science technology engineering and math there. The -- buffalo medical campus. I have there's over 500 jobs renowned just dedicated to those that field or their campus in Western New York. These are the engineering jobs the tech. The technicians the researchers this is the post doctoral work. If you are interested in the medical field buffalo is the place to be. Now think about the IT sector -- and of course the liaisons. IBM is on top of offering 500 jobs the area as well. Those aren't that great jobs to be in. Dead end jobs jobs that you want to avoid jobs will be enough traditionally on the once they're on the chopping block. John Hutchison and the retailers before not a bad start to make sure that those aren't the jobs that -- going to -- -- for the rest your life. There's a reason why they talk about them minimum wage jobs that are out there right now they're not supposed to be a long term solution you're not supposed to be -- and we. I'm that hate. Be careful what you're doing make sure that it's in your long term goal. If you wanna eventually be VP of the company president of the company don't get locked into position where you're making minimum wage for a long period of time it's not gonna get to where -- -- -- Bill you mentioned to us earlier human nature you know being audited job seekers to fabricate the truth. On the resume now that said you know if they -- on terrorism you mentioned they'll probably -- during personal -- -- -- so. It must be immensely important. To be truthful because. You're true talent sooner or later gonna give you away right. Well it so here's the thing Johnny get a lot of people that are nervous about the past experiences that they've had. Maybe they got released from a job and don't really wanna disclose that they -- some point that the truth always comes out. The best that you can do if you're current employee is do the job that you were hired to do don't worry about your past experiences. Companies that are out there today they hired you for that specific position. And they want to see if you can deliver on on what it is that you promising so if you can do that job. If you can do the job he even if your past experiences weren't that good. Just do the job that you are hard to do so if you're on -- line or anything within those things catch up with you be honest in an interview. Be honest when you're doing your Resnick. Like when you buy a house if you walk into a house in the fun house that you look somebody's going to buy that house every single time. You don't have to make things up and say well this house might not have this -- -- habit. Be honest it's always the best thing to do when you're looking for home when your plan for job in the states. -- -- tips for job seekers if someone just graduated let's say with an engineering degree. Do they keep plugging away looking for that job to Andrew that field would you suggest that they wait on tables for awhile as a way to make some money. A company it's gonna wanna see the term basis they're gonna wanna see that you -- there and start to get into the town feel in anyway possible try to make it a related field if you possibly can. On the retail jobs people understand that you have to take something on part time basis that it's waiting tables. That's working in a golf course are doing landscaping work it's admirable because it gets you went the idea of wake up early. Getting to work on time and it's starting to establish yourself from the workplace. Never averages idly sit by and wait for things to happen coop or get those opportunities so if it can be and related to a perfect. But if not to show people that you're ambitious enough to get up in the morning go to work. -- this has been a great hour we've learned a lot and some some good tips for everybody bill nice meeting -- it's my pleasure thank you very much that -- man he's with. Match my work dot com.

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