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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Unique Way to Find Work In Buffalo - Bill Naab; Pt II

Unique Way to Find Work In Buffalo - Bill Naab; Pt II

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get right back to our in studio guest is bill -- with as Susan mentioned match mine work dot com they operate. Right here based on the buffalo area about the spreading out around the country to bill. The your site match why were dot com how does it compare to Linkedin. Or is it completely different and it's unfair to make a comparison. And I can always -- comparison because it's an online environment for employment services on the difference between arsenal linked to end your career builder monster or something like that. Our secret -- were totally confidential. Now if you think about disappear in western new York and you're looking for a job in you don't mind if people know that's fine you go to those sites -- -- he can handle resonance left and right. But if you're currently in a job where you feel so that your under employed. Or maybe you think there's something better but you don't want your boss to know we have a great service because we remove your personal content information and names on email address. Everything's gone -- set for your credentials and that's something that's very unique. You know the underemployed or even the descendants five. How do you even gauge. How big debt market as well there's statistics that are out there right now and it's it's anywhere from eighty to 85% of the current workforce goes -- -- -- -- dead -- job but they are scared to death to look. I have yet to meet that 15% -- as an on on thrilled with where I am. But I think that would then debate can we push or is there is something that her home opener and we can help you find it if you're a little nervous about looking because it is. Thankful that you have a job. We understand -- so we're very very cognizant of -- spears. The belt do you necessarily. Look to hook up prospective employees of the office. Professional feel like that would include medical IT those kinds of jobs as opposed to the guy. Move might be a good fit a lot of money -- the refrigeration feel you know there are talented people who can't push a pencil but. They can fiction -- in -- broken. John if you think not skilled force the -- -- -- force everybody is looking for Johnson is trying to take care of the feminist and -- you know put food on the table so. We have people that are currently looking for temporary work to be on the -- caught monster in the summertime we have people in the medical -- professions right now there looking for. Long term high paying salaries and -- -- -- 2000 dollar range. So we really have a service for absolutely everybody. People always say to us at the beginning -- really wanna have a niche area if you -- specialize in the medical or the the IT sector -- a city now. I think the market's going to tell us where our sweet spot is so we open and not everybody in my cassette. We're getting job seekers in every industry and businesses as well. When it comes to Western New York demand jobs. What are they aware what will AP. If you are high school student are constant rate now you are not taking science technology engineering and math courses. You need to take a good look at what you're doing to volunteer counselors and make sure that you have some of those courses in euros. I'm your repertoire right now because those are behind him and fields when -- because the buffalo medical campus. There's about ten different companies that are in their cluster of John story. We think of everything that's there you have to be paying particular attention to math and sciences and pensioners and that's where we hear nonstop. What does a prospective client. Match by it worked dot com need to know hooking up with. The easiest thing for them to do is just to go to our site. And again we make -- something is very very simple form a company can register with us. And tell us what they're looking for if they need to -- person that's fine tell us how many years experience you're looking for that -- person. If you have a maximum salary that you willing to pay -- want to negotiate or something like that. It's very very simple this is gonna sound crude. But all we do with our system is we can put people on their first date. We don't do background checks or anything like that. But the majority of time that I spent working with HR companies in the past. We're spending 65% of percent of our time just going through stacks of applications going qualified qualified qualified qualified. We've eliminated yet. Analog technology to outline the pre screened for those companies. So -- and send the profiles that you think the person that the employers looking for today employer while we do it under one condition horses and we have to get the authorization from the job -- to release that personal contact information because we don't want giveaway profile. To a company. If that job -- may be already works there or doesn't wanna go to -- company. So we say to the job seeker we have a company whose interest in speaking with your -- interest in speaking with them. In -- they say yes we released the personal contact information to them. Do you do move. Interviews in person and other words you interview. An employer do you -- you interview individual jobs. We have accounted second is that workforce that go through and there's a red flag that pops up yes we do -- that personal interaction but otherwise what you say in management Adam it is it is and we have to trust the people that are put you from regional a lot of times we we had people that say to us what happens -- the -- and the profile. But the fact of the matter is if you profile Republican line to earn an interview he resonate so there is a trust factor here but there's so many. Applicants that are out there it's really a person's best interest to be honest truthful advocate that it's not that they.

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