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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Unique Way to Find Work In Buffalo - Bill Naab; Pt I

Unique Way to Find Work In Buffalo - Bill Naab; Pt I

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have an in studio guest this morning bill -- from match my work dot com -- -- standing here thanks for. Series of time with us this morning to talk about in job prospects in Western New York tell us about your site. Well we're a little bit different if you think of what match dot com Marie harmony did for the dating world we do that for the business world. We try to find people don't match the unique skills and talents of the job seeker with the wants and desires of the hiring company we do now with cutting edge technology. You're getting a lot of hits we are people are always looking for alternatives and other resources and on the tools so how -- you reply to its. The of the -- etc. asking questions not just John we set it up with a profile so people are able to give us their business profiles not resonate. So it's just the high points of past experiences desired on jobs things they really want to be able to do. And they load that in tort system. And then hiring companies are able to go through there with a query based database and Condit told the job seekers what they're looking for some senators replying to a a blanket resonate or blink one it. There's a lot more turn in a lot more interaction with their site and how long have you been around -- this our company just launched in February sort brand new get a nuke arsenal and everything so we're we're really doing well in -- or getting a lot of hits a lot of responses already now is this. Just for buffalo Western New York -- right now we have now we're serving and yet we're serving Western New York but we also have operations in South Florida Central Florida. And -- in Phoenix as well we're looking to grow elsewhere. Very quickly and we'll talk more about who's coming up at 720. Do you hook up -- job. Prospective. Employee. With that well again in I don't wanna I don't get into much detail about this but when you think about what the online dating industry that can do that's what we do. We tell people tell us your industry your area of expertise. And then if there's a company and its -- that it needs that person our technology matches than it does a perfectly every single time.

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